Jul. 23rd, 2013

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So I have joined the early 2000s and finally have a smart phone. That means that I am sitting outside of Evie's violin lesson and I am looking for an excuse to play with my phone. Umm.. I mean, I am excited about posting to my journal while I am away from home. Yeah. No, but seriously, I am kinda loving my new phone. It is a Samsung Galaxy S4 and it is my new Life Companion. (At least, that's what it calls itself....) M is a little jealous because he believes that he previously held that position.

Summer is flying by much as usual. Next week we are camping again, next weekend we have Swedes visiting and the Wednesday after that, Evie starts school. First grade! Pretty sure she was just born a few months ago. Or a lifetime ago, I can never decide. The school makes finding out who your teacher is this bigger super secret, for whatever reason, so we won't be even know who it will be until the Monday before it starts. I hate that. Not that it really matters anyway because I don't particularly know any of the 1st grade teachers. You know what else I really dislike? "Community supplies." Don't put your child's name on anything! Ugh. Way to steal all the joy of of school supply shopping. Really, I think that is just code for "buy the cheapest crap you can get by with cause your kid won't use it anyway". Our maybe that's just me. Maybe I should be more zen and consider it an investment in today's youth beyond my own front door. But... No. Fifty cent scissors it is. Her scissors from last year, after all, had her name on them. And also, why on earth does the teacher need 25 pairs of scissors per year in that case? Where do they go? Do they send a random pair home with each kid at the end of the year?

I hear them winding down the lesson so I probably shouldn't write much else since this is taking a while to type as it is. Everything is pretty good here. How are you?


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