Aug. 21st, 2013

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I don't want my kid to spout off with offensive language, but I also haven't been too vigilant about protecting her from ever hearing it. I kinda figure she's got to be a resident in the world the way it is, to some degree, and she needs to know that some words are not for children. How will she learn what those words are if she never heard them?

So, yeah. On the way to violin last night, we are listening to music and she says, "what does that mean? Four more years til my girl's all grown and the bitch gonna have to leave me alone"?

So, yes, that is how I ended up explaining bad words, where not to use them in particular (not that she can use them anywhere but especially not church and school, you know?) because they're not for kids. Then I had to explain what exactly a bitch is, and then where the word came from. Then I got back to the original question and realized... She doesn't know what divorce is. I made an executive decision not to go into the whole idea that they may not have been married at all. Then I had to explain how the children of divorced parents usually live most of the time with one parent or another and how they still need to discuss things and interact with the other parent since they still have a child together. And child support. And how when the child is an adult, he is hoping that he won't have to deal with her anymore.

That is... Kind of a big conversation for a six year old. Lol. Bless her lucky little heart, that she is as old as she is and not even aware of the possibility that parents can decide not to live together anymore.

In related news, the girl can read now so M and I were very excited to let her play The Sims (2) finally. She is loving it. Too bad we didn't remember that they want things in this game--things like having a baby. Adopting did not satisfy. To get pregnant, you have to get them relaxing in bed and then choose to try for baby. There's a cut scene and everything. Awkward. I sent her off to play her violin while I "tried to fix it" without telling her what I was doing. I think she missed most of it.

And now it's about time to leave for a library program. The child had not stopped talking in the hour she's been home from school so I'm not sure the library is really the BEST place for her today, but oh well.

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