Jan. 12th, 2014

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I missed a day. Darn it. I was just beyond exhausted last night, and I don't even know why. I slept late, and then we were home cleaning house and stuff, and my parents and aunt and uncle came for dinner, but it wasn't like I worked myself to death for that. I fell asleep at nine, and thus didn't get to post last night, breaking my longest journal-writing streak in years. Oh, well. My plan is to post (almost) every day in January. They say that it takes three weeks to form a habit. I am trying to reform a habit. Anyway, after going to bed at nine, I slept until after eight and got up when E did...and then fell asleep again. Then I went to wake M up so we could get ready for church, and made the tactical error of climbing back into bed. And that is why we did not make it to church. Zzzzzzz. I am afraid I am getting sick because that is just not normal. I have had a hard time staying awake all day, on top of it all.

Thanks for your input on Harry Potter. I felt sorry for her when Harry met Snape and kept going on about how he felt like Snape didn't like him and wondering WHY. Thinking that it would be years before she found out the real reason why Snape didn't like Harry, I was going to go ahead and tell her. I mean, she probably won't remember by the time she finds out the real way, so I didn't see a problem with doing it. (And I always thought it was kind of obvious, anyway.) M jumped in and totally stopped me from telling it. Hmph. Then again, I don't necessarily need to watch something unspoiled by knowing what happens. I have been known to jump to the end of the book to see what happens, or to read storyline spoilers of television shows I'm watching. (I did almost stop watching Downton Abbey when I did that, though. It killed a little joy, knowing who was going to meet a horrible fate.)

Ha! I finally remembered to search for and find a pair of earbuds for Miss E. They use them at school and she's been (*gag*) borrowing them from another kid. I'm not sure where hers went, but she told me a delightful story about this one kid in the class who recently grabbed another girl's earbuds and snipped the cord with his scissors. This is the boy who asked her repeatedly at the beginning of the year to be his girlfriend. She kept telling him no. Apparently she is a good judge of character.

Naturally, we are attempting to eat a little healthier this year. So, that is why I made a bacon and chicken cheddar beer soup tonight, with a loaf of homemade beer bread. Health food, right there. I don't generally love beer-based food, or, beer, at that, but it was a theme night, and that theme was that I do love my hubby, and he is quite fond of beer. Also, cheese, and bacon, and chicken. And bread. A lady at work brought in a loaf of beer bread for a potluck once and it was really good. She had used a mix, though, from the grocery, which doesn't appeal to me. If I'm going to bake bread, I am not going to pay five bucks for a mix first. Anyway, a little googling led me to this recipe, which actually turned out pretty well. Three cups of self-rising flour, two tablespoons of sugar and a bottle of beer. Mix. Bake. (375 for an hour.) I like things that are simple enough to remember without a recipe.

Last night when my family was down, I rolled out seven individual pizza doughs into rectangles on my baking sheets and laid out all the pizza toppings and had people fix their own pizzas. I think that went over pretty well, and it's the sort of thing that my family never does. Rolling out the dough for seven pizzas was time consuming but other than that, it wasn't too bad. Especially since I made M fry the bacon and sausage. M is a master of bacon, by the way. His bacon turns out perfectly crisp and delicious, and it even lays flat. My mom volunteered to cut my green pepper and I swear, I have never seen a more beautiful mound of tiny, uniformly chopped peppers. It took her 45 minutes but they sure were pretty. ;) We were teasing her about how long it was taking. She was just doing it because she didn't have anything else to do, i think. I made pizzas for M's parents last time and they went over really well, so I think I will add individual pizzas to the vacation meal schedule. Last night was a good trial run on that. I sent the leftovers home with each of them, in plastic baggies with their names on them, which they seemed happy enough about. Plus, I don't have a mountain of random pizza in the fridge.


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