Jan. 17th, 2014

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I completely lost my mind.

You know how there are projects that are well-planned, with clear-cut visions of the end goal? I am in the midst of a project that is nothing at all like that. On a whim Wednesday evening, I ripped the bedding off the queen-sized bed in the sunroom that serves as the room's... I don't know. Play area/lounging place. When we bought our new bed, we moved our old bed out there and I thought, hey, might as well make it useful. So I put a fitted sheet on it and threw some pink furry fabric that my mom gave me on top, like pink grass. Evie has a tent-like Pippi house thing that was in that room, so I tossed it up there and it's been her house on an island ever since. But, it looks.. well, like a bed with a tent on it. E has been going out there every day this week to curl up in this purple netting that I hung from a ceiling beam last weekend, so I thought maybe I could redirect the bed area to a nest instead of an island.

Really, I don't know where this whole idea came from. It just popped into my head and the next thing you know, I have everything off the bed and have located this Enormous pink and white striped fabric and started cutting on it and sewing things. I got this piece of fabric from a yard sale, I think, but it's insane. INSANE. I've never seen anything like it. It was at least six feet wide and maybe fifteen yards long. (You should have seen me trying to fold it.) It's a little sturdier than quilting cotton, but it's not as thick as most home decor fabric, I don't think. The pink stripes are really more mauve, which is a color I don't love, but I am all about using what I have, and this is something that I had no clue what I would ever use it for. It's a lot of pinning things willy nilly, sewing it together and then putting it back on perfectly and pinning another part. It will be a slipcover for the entire bed, which will cover the ugly of the whole area and yet not slide around, and yet, it is completely removable, which is important because we still want to use it as a bed upon rare occasion. I have two sides and two corners done, and it's looking rather great, if I do say so myself. But, E still refuses to let go of the broken Pippi house Of course.

You know what was nice? M woke me up at 5:00 this morning. Doesn't sound too lovely, but he wanted to tell me to turn off my alarm clock, due to it being a snow day. free day off@ Sleeping in! (nUntil eight. hardly counts.) After lunch, we all bundled up and went out to play in the snow. I almost never go out too so it was an unusual event. I even rode the boogie board down the hill in the backyard. Later, we played board games, and tonight we all watched Despicable Me 2. It's one of those days that doesn't happen very often. :) Very nice!


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