Jan. 23rd, 2014

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I completely forgot that I didn't finish my story about The Sims yesterday. Evie came into the kitchen, looking very concerned. M and I were both sitting at the table, and she said, "My guy didn't turn white."

Knowing that she was talking about the male half of her Sims household, we still turned to her in confusion. "What do you mean?" we asked.

"My guy. They got married but he still didn't turn white."

"Well, was he white before?" I asked, stupidly.

"No! And they got married, and he still isn't white."

At this point, M and I are looking at each other with great trepidation. "Well, that's okay," I told her. "They don't both have to be white." I am surprised at this conversation because she has previously not paid the slightest bit of attention to skin color. In fact, if we ask her what a classmate looks like, she will describe them for several minutes before thinking to add that they have brown skin. "Did you think he would turn white because they got married?"

"YES! She is white, so he should be white too!"

Seriously. No clue that my child had such strong feelings about skin color?? A bit panicked now. We have failed as parents.

"Well, skin color doesn't matter..." I began, and she cut me off, giving me a disgusted look.

"NOT his skin color. His MOOD. When they got married, her mood turned white but his didn't! He should be white, too!"

Umm. Oh.

The mood meter. It's green when they're just an everyday level of happy, but it's white when they're super-fab happy. Her woman was super-duper happy when she got married but the man was really not that thrilled, apparently, because he didn't... turn... white.

She didn't say that she thought we were morons, but I think we're supposed to infer it from the eye rolling.


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