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"I am sick" posts are the second worst posts ever (the first being "Let me tell you about the dream I had last night...") so I have been trying to spare everyone from hearing it. Yes. That's why I haven't posted anything in a month. I am THAT generous, people. And now we are segueing neatly into the third worst posts, which are, "It's been so long since I last posted! Here are all my excuses...."

(But seriously, the sick has been obnoxious because it's lasted SO LONG, and keeps getting better and then getting worse and after the first few days, it's never been completely terrible, just annoying to have no energy, so I keep not going to the doctor because I'm never THAT sick. I thought I really was getting better this weekend because my cough is finally mostly gone. Now I am getting a cold, I think. I'm close to five weeks into this. Lots of fun, and what do you know, there we are back at the second worst kind of post. Moving right along.)

Last week was fall break, which was pretty fun. Evie went to my parents on Thursday and got to spend a few nights with them, the last of which we were there too. She used to get to spend the night with Granny and Grandpa relatively often, but school pretty much put an end to that, so I think they were all pretty ready for a little time together. We also spent a day shopping, and Evie had a "date" with her daddy one night, and there were two days of lazing around the house. I bought a bunch of pairs of free jeans at Meijer's with a fun little promotion they had running. I now have two partial Christmas gifts, two pairs of jeans in E's current size and next size, and one pair in the size after that. I love free, as you are perfectly well aware.

The PTA is begging for money so they've been doing lots of STUFF..last night was dinner at McDonald's (they got 25% of the profit) and it was a freaking madhouse with no tables available and people in line five deep at four or five registers plus the two drive-through lanes being full. I wasn't going to go, but Evelyn and I had such a fantastic afternoon and she asked about it without me mentioning it when we were on our way home from violin, so we stopped in but alas, won no door prizes. There's a fall festival on Friday (which they are soliciting donations for both a basket that will be auctioned off AND either cupcakes or cookies for the cakewalk) and of course, a fundraiser package came home yesterday. I am not totally opposed to fundraisers, except I dislike feeling like I need to buy things I don't want when others are selling. I had decided that I'd put up with enough of them from others that I would at least take them up to my grandfather's house one day and see if anyone was interested. Baby's first school fundraiser is the absolute dumbest fundraiser that I have ever seen. Seriously. SpiritCups. For only $15, you can get four ugly cheap plastic cups with your favorite sports team/military branch on them! Some or all of them have exclusive 3D animations! Graphics change when the cup moves! HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Seriously. $15 worth of plastic cups? Who is going to buy this? Who is the target audience? Preteen boys? Who don't have $15 or the desire to buy drinkware?

You all want one, don't you? If you can't resist, I guess I will take your money and order it for you, but I will ridicule you behind your back. Sorry. This reminds me so much of the time that I made fun, on LJ, of a certain style of purse that was really popular one fall.The phrase "diseased testicle" was used. The next day, [ profile] queen_b980 showed me her diseased testicle purse at work. You're all going to love the Spirit Cups, aren't you? It would be my luck.

I... am not sure that this subject warranted QUITE as much venom as it received.

I spent all day yesterday working on a pumpkin for Evelyn's school's pumpkin contest. The little kids were allowed to submit "family" pumpkins, and they're supposed to be about book characters. Evie is going to be Pippi for Halloween, so it was a natural choice. We ended up doing a pumpkin that turned out really well, if I do say so myself. M constructed the wooden parts and I did the detailed drawing and painting and hair, but Evelyn did her part in the pumpkin face and coloring in most of the clothes and other parts--I did the face and hair. Most of you have seen this on Facebook, but if you haven't:

(I made the FB album public but am linking from there, so I hope that it worked and the image shows up for you. If we're not Facebook friends and you want to be.. I am here: FB. All LJ friends welcome. :) )

I am so happy with how it turned out. And, to copy/paste part of what I wrote on Facebook about it today:

I'm so happy we followed through on this idea. The extra parental involvement could very well be a strike against her in the contest, but mostly, I just don't care. Evie was our creative supervisor and made several decisions about how she wanted it done, plus she did the pumpkin itself (minus the hair) and some of the painting and drawing on the girl--she's excellent at things like that when she chooses to be. I don't know how much of her involvement will be obvious, but that's okay. We know how much she helped, and I made sure she knew that chances of winning were slim (competing against four grades as she is) but the joy of the project was just that--the joy of putting something like this together. She was absolutely thrilled with all parts of it--from the creative aspect of doing something a little different than the other kids to the built-by-Daddy pedestal and the drawn-by-Mommy Pippi, but the best part was the hours we spent working together yesterday afternoon on it and the spontaneous kisses she kept giving me because she knew we had done far more than we had to on this.

And she thinks we're just fishin'.
That last part is a line from a country song that I heard for the first time last year in the middle of a sermon. (Youtube or lyrics if you're not familiar with it.) The pastor stopped what he was saying, picked up his guitar and sang the whole thing. He has given many sermons that we have greatly enjoyed but this one was my personal favorite. I condensed the point down into a couple of sentences but I think it lost the elegance of what he was saying so I'm erasing it. He is brilliant at tying things together. I'll just say that it means something to me, that song, beyond just the sheer truth to parents. The joy of life with kids is in the little moments with them, where you know that they are happy, and that they are likely to remember this moment *rightnow* forever.

Anyway. I have procrastinated on the two quilts that I wanted to make for my friend's babies, of course, and now the shower is next Saturday and I had pretty much nothing done. I spent the afternoon cutting fabric, and the first quilt is now fully laid out on my sunroom floor. The first of seven rows have been sewn. I chose the pattern based on my assumption that it would go together quickly, and so far so good. As long as I keep moving, I don't really see a problem finishing it. The second quilt, though...probably not going to happen, sadly. I did buy fabric for it. We'll see how it goes but most likely, it'll be just the one quilt, plus maybe a couple bibs that use fabric from the quilt. If only they didn't require quilting, these quilts, I'd be set. I mentioned the concept before. I ended up deciding to use the same pattern for both quilts but different color combinations. The one in progress is purple and orange/yellow (with white) and the other one was going to be pink and yellow/green (and white). I have a few minutes right now..maybe I'll head out and sew another row. Or maybe I'll have a snack. It occurs to me that I have not had dinner, although I did make M some pinteresty BLTs. (Cut bacon in half. Create a 3x3 woven grid of bacon on wire rack on a baking tray and bake. You get flat, perfectly even bacon squares. It was cool.)

Oh wait. I think maybe "what I had for dinner" might be somewhere on that list of "worst posts ever". Fourth? :) Better stop writing before I hit another snoozer topic.
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