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You guys, I have unearthed a piece of our internet history. I went looking for a specific post and found this: post about Facebook in November 2007. I wrote some funny things and then received funny replies from [ profile] carrieb and [ profile] lizardek and [ profile] reebert and [ profile] e11en and [ profile] ms_jacket and [ profile] ozswede and [ profile] ellyll and [ profile] geeklibrarian. We seem to feel a little differently, five years later.

I have had a long, long day. I went to the eye doctor, which is always just loads of fun. I took Evelyn to this doctor for her kindergarten exam and liked her, so I made an appointment. When I was looking up her phone number, I stumbled upon some reviews of her online and one of them said something along the lines that they felt like they were being examined by Alanis Morrissette and they actually still wasn't sure that it wasn't her. And, it's funny because... yeah. She really does look like Alanis. I had a hard time keeping a straight face when I looked at her, sometimes, because I kept thinking about that review. Anyway, she was nicer than Alanis probably would have been. I had been thinking that it was vaguely odd that it was a rainy miserable day both when I took Evelyn and when I took myself, and then I realized that rainy miserable days are the absolute best time to go for an eye exam because you don't have to worry about walking outside into bight sunlight with dilated eyes. Lemons, lemonade.

Internet ratings seem to suggest that Spy Kids 2 is comparable in enjoyment ratings as Spy Kids. This is a vicious lie. It is also six hours long, I am pretty sure. It also kept breaking up when trying to watch it via Netflix. It wasn't the most enthralling Family Movie Night that we've ever had. We do FMN every Friday night, on a fuzzy hot pink blanket on the living room floor, and we eat dinner while watching the movie. Almost every week, anyway... unless something special comes up. It's a good tradition. We like it. Running out of movies that we all can agree on, though. We started out eating finger foods for dinner. Cheese, crackers, grapes, ham, apples, strawberries, pepperoni, carrots/celery with ranch, wthaver I had in the fridge that week. I hit upon a peperjack cheese and cracker and fiery-spicy-death potato chip combo that I started focusing on, and M started wrapping things in tortillas, and that was the next stage of movie night dinner. I started making a Thing most weeks, just for fun. I made pizza muffin type things one week, and zucchini "tater tots" in the oven, and then I made mini-calzones. I got the idea online but I'm not sure where. You take Rhodes frozen rolls and defrost them and then roll each one out and fill with pizza stuff. In our case, shredded mozzarrella cheese, a tiny dollop of tomato sauce and three pepperoni. (We also did ham and swiss, once, which was also good.) They're really good. However, there's really good and then there is obsessive. My husband is completely obsessed witht hese mini-pizzas, as he calls them. It made me realize that I honestly don't remember the last time that he specifically requested that I cook something. These, he nags me every week about until I start defrostin. Remembe! Deforost the bread!It's strangely endearng. Such a smilye thing.

Apparently I am tired because I started falling asleeo there. Good night!
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