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I post all the time in my head. Then I look at the calendar and realize that posting on your head is not actually enough. I wish I had started nanoblmo. Is that what the bloggy one is called? Alas, I did not think of it in time and of course you can't start late with some completely arbitrary project like that, you know.

Sitting in my car in the pickup line, as always. I guess I am used to it now but I still don't love it. Evelyn's teacher says it's about child safety in the parking lot. I don't know. What I know is that it's so so much less efficient than last year's methods of walking inside to collect the kids the gym, but I guess if you have too much time in your day, it'd be great. At least it's not 95 degrees anymore.

So, general update. Nothing has changed, really. Evie has a lot fewer teeth. :) she is still doing violin and we are not arguing about it anymore. She's made a lot of progress lately, which is lovely. The thing I love is when she uses her violin skills to pick up M's mandolin and pick out very recognizable songs. She's a very musical kid. She did not get this from me. I am teaching her to sew, which is a lot of fun some days and then others, I tear out her hair in frustration. (Why tear out my own? That would hurt..) (Kidding!) She's just six. We are not getting too advanced, but it's something that we do together, which a big deal to her.

I am still working part time at M's job and he has been at mine for over four months now. He likes it. I am usually pretty happy at work, too. And when I am not... I can go home. Of course I don't get paid if I do that but you can't have everything. I occasionally work from home, too, which is nice.

Seven weeks ago, I woke up with a sore neck. Really super sore. It has lingered off and on since then, but was finally almost better when I woke up with it again today. It sounds a little crazy but I think it was caused by a virus of some kind. Several people have had similar symptoms. I convinced myself once that I had meningitis. I don't knew what it is but I wish it would finally go away. Yes, probably I should go to the doctor but... Meh.

It has taken multiple days to write this, and I am in the car again. The line is moving so I should post this and be done with it. How are you, internets?
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