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Tonight, we came home from a full day (and evening last night) with my parents. It was well past Evie's bedtime, and the house was cold because we always turn it down when we're away overnight. I told her to get ready for bed and then I got a phone call, so I sat down at my desk and she came back when I was finished and climbed up into my lap. I finished my phone call while petting on her, rocking a little bit, taking her hair down, rubbing her back, etc. You know. Mom stuff. As I hung up the phone, I was thinking of what E said to my mom recently. She was riding in the car with them and the song, Children Go here I Send Thee came on, and E said, "This song makes me sad like I want to cry, because I remember my mommy used to sing that to me when I was a little. I wish that would happen again." Which, awwww! I don't sing at night anymore because she started preferring reading time. Anyway, I didn't want to just break into song randomly, because she is sensitive and probably wouldn't really have appreciated it since it would have been obvious that Granny had told me. So tonight, I sat here at my desk, rocking my baby girl and I sang that whole song, all the way up to the ten commandments, and she kept her face buried in my neck and her arms tight around my neck, and she relaxed completely and nearly fell asleep. When it was over, her daddy came and carried her off to bed, and I sat here and wondered... will that be the last time that she lets me do that?

I didn't even know that I missed it yet.
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