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And the weather watching begins anew. When the superintendent of schools called with her recorded message on Friday morning, she sounded...terse. We've had four snow days (maybe five?) so far, which is four (maybe five?) days more than she would prefer. It's a thankless job, to be sure. No matter what they do, someone is going to be unhappy and complain about it on the internets. I can only imagine how ticked off she's going to be if she has to call in the morning. Teehee! The joys of a parent are occasionally quite dumb, did you know that?

And there went the salt truck.

Since I had the day off, I made myself a big-time shopping list and went to Kroger and Joann's, where I spent a small fortune. I also realized that although I did save quite a bit of money doing my coupon magic* again, I... would have been better off paying full price and going to work. So that is kind of a downer. ;)

I made it back from shopping just in time to pick up E for dance class. The nice part about dance is that I have friends to chat with there. The bad part about dance is that I don't get home until 6:45 and that is pretty late to start on dinner. I made a pinterest recipe tonight, skillet lasagna. It was pretty good. M loved it. Evie didn't like it at all. I had mixed feelings, but that is largely because I don't prefer that strong sausage flavor. However, in addition the four-cheese ravioli, a pound of italian sausage and two kinds of cheese being kind of high on calories and fat, it also cost a million bucks to make it.

And speaking of a million bucks, I guess I lost my chance to cash in on some serious lottery winnings. I occasionally (rarely) buy all three of us an instant=win lottery ticket from a vending machine. I have been carrying around my extreme winnings for AGES and finally tried to stop and cash them in today, only to be told that the register said "No such game." when she tried to process it. Oh well. Procrastination doesn't always pay, I guess.

*Yeah. I don't do that much anymore. I miss it sometimes, like when I go out to my little storage room and THERE'S NO MORE BOY SHAMPOO, but I am also happy to have those ten or fifteen hours per week back and to not abuse my brain quite so much. Regardless of what that expletive-deleted show portrays, it is hard work to shop like that. Right now, most weeks, M even does the grocery shopping so my shopping time is drastically reduced.

Date: 2014-01-21 02:56 pm (UTC)
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It's so funny that you guys are having such a challenging winter. I wonder if it will cause them to bump the last day of school later? Here there is a state mandate that you MUST have at least 180 days of school, no two ways about it. If you don't get them in during the regularly scheduled school calendar, you either have tack days on the end or take back vacation days. Some years around here they've done both. They have finally wised up and left a week and a half between the last scheduled day of school and high school graduation so they can stop worrying about whether or not they need to move the graduation date.

Up in Maine, they used to just let the seniors graduate while the rest of us kept going to school. Whatever works, I guess. One recent year, they had so many snow days up there that my brother's kids had to go to school on Saturdays for three weekends in June to make it up, plus having the last day on the last possible Friday in June.

Date: 2014-01-21 03:37 pm (UTC)
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In this county, they have a lot of random days off during the school year. It's kind of cool, because it gives the students a break. It's irritating for working parents, of course, but it has already been firmly established that schools do not care about working parents, right? Anyway, I think they use up a lot of their margin that way. As soon as you miss one day, they start taking those random days back.

Today was actually already a regularly scheduled day off. It's cool because someone with brains actually distributes those random days and they try to put them at least on a weekend, and preferably on a three-day weekend so you get longer stretches of mini vacations through the year, which I think is good I think it's the first one that they took back, but now we have to make it up anyway. We've lost three random days, I think, and a friend who is a sub at school says that they've already tacked two days onto the end of the year--this is not official though. Since the last day was originally scheduled at May 23, I'm not too stressed about it yet. (Remember that we start near the beginning of August though!)

I can't imagine having to go to school on the weekends!!

Part of the challenge of our winter is, of course, that no one here is prepared for driving in the snow, and the geography is poor for buses to run on the many, many rural roads. Frankfort is cut in half by a river, and there are cliffs and hills by that river that would be unsafe to traverse with a school bus (in particular) Actually, we looked at a couple of houses that we decided not to pursue for that very reason--you wouldn't be able to leave if it snowed. There was no river in my hometown but it's all hills, so it's the same thing. When we lived in Georgia, we got half an inch of slush once and the whole area panicked, called off school early (so that we got to drive IN it rather than let it melt) and then all the neighborhood kids were out in the streets, trying to make snowballs and snowmen and snow angels. I was the northerner then, looking on in complete and utter disbelief at the wise age of... oh, nine, ten, something like that. ;)

Date: 2014-01-21 03:38 pm (UTC)
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That is, today we were supposed to be off school, but then they said we had to go to make up a previous snow day, and then it was canceled again. I think I made a mess of that in the first comment.


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