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I do not care about the Grammys. *yawn*

It does seem that there may be school tomorrow. Lots melted today. It might snow a little overnight but I am still expecting there to be school. I can't say I'm looking forward to returning to work but I can't complain. Well, that's a lie. I CAN complain. I do it all the time!

One time, back in the dinosaur days of the internet, I had a free email account at a small free mail site (that is, not yahoo or anything, and it was way before gmail.) They made some changes to their site and I couldn't log in. I kept waiting for them to fix it but they never did so I finally sent a very polite email to them and explained the problem and that I didn't want to complain about a free service, but could they possibly fix XYZ-whatever was wrong.


Okay, I win. I searched Outlook and found the email. From 2002. I am sure that is soooooo useful for something. Anyway, the guy replied and said:

> hi kisha,
> yes, we will fix it. i will have tech fix and contact you directly.
> please dont be afraid to complain its unamerican not to. happy
> holidays.

Okay, atrocious grammar for customer support and all, but something about it stuck with me and I always think of that reply when I think about complaining. See, I am not afraid of complaining because it is un-American not to!

*whine* Another snow day, please!
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