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I went in yesterday for a haircut and showed them a picture of me after my last haircut. The girl was very enthusiastic. Within three minutes of getting started, she cut her finger with her scissors and so left to get a band-aid. She returned for a few minutes and then ran off again because she had bled through the first band-aid. "I'm always cutting myself!' she says cheerfully. She returned with gloves because they were out of larger bandages. (FYI, it is really awkward when your hair stylist feels the need to assure you that she is free of infectious diseases.) She then spends a strangely long time giving me a haircut.

When she was finally done, I stood up and walked up front to pay, where my mom promptly intervened due to it being longer on one side than the other. As I started walking back to the station, people started peeling huge clumps of hair off of my back. Two other stylists jumped in with lint rollers and started rubbing them all over my clothes while the girl continued cutting my hair. I am standing in the middle of the salon with four people attending to my hair and clothes. People are staring. My mom kept pointing out yet more places with uneven hair (which I am grateful for). The girl kept cutting. I apologize, because I DON'T KNOW WHY and she says, "Oh, it's not a problem. I just got out of beauty school and I am always happy to learn more things." I am not shocked but I wish I had had this information before the cut began. I tipped her pretty well because I felt sorry for her, and spent the rest of the day itching and trying to get the hair out of my clothes--I don't know how she managed to get that much hair in my clothes since I was wearing a cape. Strangest haircut ever.

I started writing that for Facebook but it got too long and people hate posts that are too long on Facebook. It will be short for here! For me, anyway. It ended up about one very crucial inch shorter than I requested, minus the long layers that made the last one cute. It isn't horrible, I guess, but it isn't what I wanted, and one large chunk doesn't reach back into a ponytail, which was a requirement. It's a fairly classic bob, but my hair is so thick that I am rather sure that it's going to tend towards triangular without the long layers that I had asked for. I don't know, I feel like a little kid dressing up like an adult or something. But M likes it! And I don't have to look at it too much and my hair grows pretty fast. I just don't look like me. I am trying to decide whether to live with it, or go get someone else to fix it, or wait a while for it to grow out and then go get it done. It's short enough that I'm a little afraid to turn someone else loose with the scissors, plus I feel stupid about paying for two haircuts instead of one. I got it cut in my hometown and we won't be back there at a time the salon will be open for another month, so I can't go ask them to fix it. I had hopes that it'd look better today, and it does. It might grow on me. HAHA. Grow on me. Get it?

I know this post is worthless without pictures but I don't have a good picture of it and it's all rumpled now from being out all day. Mainly I just wanted to write about the weird haircut experience because I thought it was funny. :)
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