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How can it possibly be almost December? Didn't this year just start? I am pretty sure that Evelyn's rainbow birthday party in May was just a few weeks ago, and M's parents--well, I'm pretty sure that we're still waiting for THAT to happen. How time flies when you get old.

I regret to inform you that my beautiful anniversary weekend alone with the boy was somewhat lessened by illness-mine. I came down with a sinus infection, self-diagnosed, and I actually managed to get through it without copious antibiotics, which was swell. It was touch and go there for a while--I was headed to the doctor on Saturday morning, but finally decided against it. We still had fun, if a little less actively than planned. I was feeling good on Friday and got a ton done while M was at work. We had a nice dinner at a steakhouse (Longhorn) but I was feeling pretty tired by the time it was over. Saturday and Sunday were fairly low-key, but it's still fairly fantastic to have the house to the adults only upon occasion. By Monday, I was feeling well enough to actually enjoy myself while shopping. When we were done, we headed up to pick up Evie-Kadevie and have dinner with my parents. As for her, she had a great time. I think she missed us some but she was just fine with my mom. Sometimes I think she'd move in with them if I would let her.

(This is not actually true. She wanted to come home--she just wants to spend more time at Granny's than she gets to now. It probably sounds like she is always gone, but her overnight visits are pretty rare now.)

When we came back home, we only had two days of normal before we headed back up for Thanksgiving, which was nice. I had a pretty serious headache, which wasn't great. The best part of Thanksgiving day at my house is after it's over and the dishes are done, we all hang out around the kitchen table and we pore over the Black Friday ads. We make lists and talk about gift ideas for all the kids. It's... I don't know. It sounds lame, but it's a lot of fun. It was a little less fun this year than in previous years. Not sure why. In any case, we headed out to Walmart at around nine. I really didn't have a single thing on my list, but I was going for the sake of the family bonding. It was CRAZY.

I know some people feel strongly about Black Friday being absurd, but it's something that I participate in mainly because it's a fun thing that the family does together. I usually don't buy much. It's a lot of fun to actually grab a coveted item, even if you're not grabbing it for yourself. Last year, while my mom waited in a line that stretched back to eternity for a DS (for Evie, though she ended up getting one for herself, too), I amused myself with running all over the store to fetch items. I was bringing stuff back for the people next to my mom in line by the end. (Which sounds funnier than it actually was. It happened to be someone that we knew--the ex-step-mother of my best friend in kindergarten. Small towns are fun that way!) Anyway, in previous years, there was a certain camaraderie in the whole thing. We were a bunch of people out shopping at the ass-crack of dawn and it was wild and crazy but we were all in it together. I was never really worried about those trampling stories because... I was going Black Friday shopping in a small town. In the south. As a general rule, we're friendly here. I have never loved the idea of having my kiddo with me at the big five a.m. rush, but I usually have her by about seven and it's been fine. (M has to work on that day, which we all accuse him of doing on purpose--bribing his boss, etc, because he does NOT want to join in with us on this. Anyway, he would get E ready and bring her out to us before he left town.. since it started the night before this time, he didn't have to do that this year.)

black friday

Anyway, this year, it wasn't like it was in previous years. I think that having it be an evening shopping trip instead of an early morning shopping trip brought out a different sort of person. It was CREEPY when 10 p.m. came and people started clawing at the pallets to get their items. Pushing and shoving and the works. Maybe I sound naive, but I've never seen it like that before. We started doing this years ago, but it's become such a big thing now that really, too many people are going and the retailers are putting out worse deals every year. I don't know. I look forward to parts of Black Friday every year, but I am not sure I will want to go next year... although whether or not I can get out of it is another story. Creepy moment at ten aside, we had a good time. I didn't buy much, but I did find a $3 pink t-shirt with Candace from Phineas & Ferb on the front. Evie loves Candace, because she's bossy like her. Yes, well, at least she's aware of her shortcomings? I don't know. Anyway, I'd have paid more for that. Evie will love it. (I also bought her a Perry shirt from the boy's section that's almost like the one M has. She'll loooove having a matching shirt with Daddy.) And, we had fun, especially the next day. As much as I disliked the mood at Walmart that night, I loved what it did for Friday shopping. We went home and slept for a while, and then got up and were ready to leave town by about 7:00. We made it to Lexington before the early bird stuff wore off, and I finally got to go to a store that Iwanted to go to. Kohl's, of course. The stores were kind of busy but not much more so than on any other Saturday in December, and the stock levels were pretty good to boot. I wonder what the outcome of this year's experiment will be.

M has decided that he no longer needs to sleep, apparently, and it is now after midnight and we're both awake. I hear that when you get old, you need less sleep. As I am still a spring chicken (never mind what i wrote earlier in this very post) I need my beauty sleep. :)

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