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Excitement! We are going to the zoo tomorrow! Some of you talk about dropping in at the zoo on any old day but that is so not the way things are here. The last time I went to a zoo, it was with my niece and parents. I want to say that she was about five or six or seven, so at least seven to nine years ago. (OMG.) Until we lived here, the closest zoo was two hours away. Now there's one an hour from here, which is the one we'll be going to tomorrow. We're so looking forward to it. Ev is big enough now that she is looking forward to it, too, and I am sure she will have fun. She will also probably have some crankiness since it'll be a pretty busy day, but you'll have that.

You know I get a lot of things for free or profit, and sometimes, I must confess that I stand there thinking, "should I really buy this?" Like today, when I realized that I can buy individual servings of ice cream sandwiches for free for another month and a half, unlimited by anything except the amount of ink in my printer. This is not good knowledge for me to have. (Hint: it involves this pdf and the individual novelties in the ice cream section at Walmart. They're $1 each and the coupon is $1 off any.) I provided M with a convincing argument earlier that it would actually be a HEALTHY choice to have a stockpile of these. Yeah, I can pretty much rationalize anything.

M has the day off tomorrow so weekend has started chez yayer. We've been pretty busy lately so we're looking forward to it. I'm hoping to get some sorting and organizing done, and M is sort of hoping that I will take the girl shopping or something so he can have a few miniutes alone at home. Evie is hoping that there will be ice cream, rolled-up fruit and orange juice, and the zoo. Other than that, she doesn't care. I feel like a mean, mean mommy but I have pretty much cut her supply of orange juice off completely. She had started being a royal brat and finally I realized that it was coinciding with her increased consumption of OJ. She loves it and she begs for it but I don't have the patience to deal with a kid that dissolves into hysterics over absolutely nothing. We're not positive yet that it's the OJ that's caused it, but so far, it has seemed to hold as a theory. She seems pretty sensitive to sugar. Maybe it's because she has so little of it (partially because we're mean, but mostly because she's not that interested, except in theory. She wants to want candy but she doesn't much like it.)

Today's Evelyn: I was kissing her all over her face and neck today because it was making her giggle. She was telling me, “I can’t like kisses!” (Kind of ruins the effect when you’re laughing that hard, kiddo!) Finally, she pulled away and looked at me sternly and said, “One at a time!” So, I have officially been put on kiss rations, I guess.

My husband is a dork, but he's a cute one. That is all I need to say about that.


Apr. 7th, 2009 11:30 pm
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My mom came down yesterday to spend the day with her girls. I promptly put her to work in my little storage room. We did a whole lot of organizational stuff, which is something she's also really good at. I have so much free space in there! The only ones of you who have actually seen this room, besides M, is Carrie and Mike. It was so cluttered in there when they were here that you actually could not walk into the room. (Part of that was just shoving things we didn't know what to do with in there while cleaning, I must confess.) They are probably shaking their heads in skepticism now but really. The floor is completely clear and there is bare shelf space. M installed a new shelf for me on Sunday, and will install another one when we time for it. It's lovely! Also, it's lovely to be married to someone as handy as he is. :) Now if only my handy husband model came with the "enough free time" upgrade, we'd be in business.

My husband is funny. He is playing a stupid computer game and he just went into a five minute rant about how the controls are the worst controls he has ever seen on a computer game ever. He has seen a lot of computer games. He has even played Final Fantasy 8! ;) (Nerd joke about bad controls. I thought that one was pretty awful myself.) He was complaining about how the controls made it actually impossible to finish the mission. Ten minutes later, I look over and what is he doing? Still playing the impossible-to-win, un-fun bad controls game. He has been trying to get his little dude to climb up a ravine by jumping from side to side for well longer than the amount of time it's taken me to write this paragraph. Give up, man! It isn't worth it! I think maybe I need to go stage an intervention..
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Evelyn woke up at 2:30 last night, crying for Daddy over and over. We always give it a minute before we go pick her up because sometimes she goes back to sleep, but it was soon clear that this was not going to be one of those times. So we go get her. Usually, M goes to pick her up and change her diaper while I use the bathroom and get ready to take her. (I am always up for at least an hour, usually more--a couple of times, it's been four hours, so it's kind of important that I get as comfortable as possible.) Anyway, M was walking with her when I came in and sat down. Evelyn was crying, and still saying Daddy Daddy Daddy, when he reached her to me. She completely freaked out, stiffening up and reaching for M and crying hysterically for her Daddy.

So, M picks her up again, and stands there patting on her back and talking soothingly to her. She's curled up like a little frog, clinging desperately to him. She seemed really scared about something, so M asked her if she had a bad dream. She nodded, so he asked her what she dreamed about.

And Evelyn said, "BUG--NO." and broke out in a fresh round of tears.

Poor little baby, dreaming about nasty bugs! I must say that she was right, though. Daddy is much better in critical bug situations than Mommy is.
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Oh, M is going to be in serious trouble when he gets home. Here's why: He refinished the top of our dining room table as part of the dining room improvement project. After drying time, he returned the table top to the room this morning before I got up. When Evie and I got up, we came in to look at it, and M (for some reason known only to a man brain) picked Evelyn up and sat her on the table and played a minute.

And that is why I keep looking up repeatedly this morning to see my kid sitting in the middle of the dining room table, saying "table!" with a super-pleased look on her face. Shouldn't parents discourage bad behavior instead of actually teaching it to them?? :)
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I went to bed last night kind of worrying about keeping Evelyn out of the dining room in the morning until we could get her down for her nap and finish the painting up. I knew it would be a huge pain, especially since we had moved two large pieces of furniture to the middle of the room, and one of them was tall and wobbly so I was terrified it would fall over on her. M, however, had no such worries when he went to bed because he stayed up until 3:30 to put another coat of paint on both sections, AND he pulled the masking tape off, and put the outlet covers back on and rehung the dorky sconces and picked up the plastic from the floor. (He had other worries, namely: how long he would get to sleep. Answer: not much.) Isn't he wonderful? (He also did the dishes later in the day. Bonus!)

Anyway, we really love how it turned out.

dining room paint dining room paint

That table was given to us by one of M's ex-coworkers. It's a cheap table but it helped fill the space so it's fine. Anyway, this evening, we had another wild hair and disassembled it and took the top to the basement, where M put a darker stain on it. It needs another coat but I think it's going to look great. It'll be much closer to matching the room.

Our next project will be to do the living room and hallway, and if we're still feeling motivated, we might slap a coat of paint on in the kitchen, too. We're going to stay with the same two colors in the living room--it will mostly all be the lighter color, except the wall with the fireplace.

It feels good to be getting things done again!
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For Valentine's Day, my parents gave me a pair of jeans that fit, five bucks and a few hours of babysitting so that I could go on a date with my husband. (The five bucks was not to finance the date, but to even out the money on what they gave M. They are sticklers on evening out the money, and I scored a 30% off card at the register at Kohl's when the jeans were being bought, and so they cost less than they were "supposed" to. Not that you care.) Oh, also, a whisk. Anyway, that is not the point at all. The point is... M and I got to go on a date! Without the baby! It was fun!

This weekend was crazy busy, particularly on Saturday. One of my cousins turned eighteen (today) and had a party scheduled for yesterday. Another cousin (his aunt) flew in for the occasion. Her plane arrived in Louisville at nine Saturday morning. Her sister was going to come pick her up, and had asked if she could spend the night with us, because we are two hours closer to the airport than she is (just about an hour for us). I told her that she was welcome, but also told her that if she could get the spare car seat to us, we would go pick her up. We were heading up for the weekend anyway so we might as well go two hours out of our way than one of them go six hours out of their way. So, we did our part for familial duty this weekend. Sidenote: turns out that our car is really not designed for two carseats and a person sitting in the middle. It was more than a tight squeeze but we managed. I'm just glad that I am not the one that had to ride back there for an hour and a half.

So, lunch with a thousand people before we adjourned to my parents house for a while. In addition to our date, there was a college basketball game, and we had all been talking about taking Evelyn to see one. We were planning on going to the game with my parents and aunt and uncle, and then leaving after a few minutes and going on our date. I had maybe had some brief thoughts about how she might not like it, but we were pretty much thinking she'd be excited by all the people and the mascot and the ball and the commotion. HAHA HA HAHAHAHAHA. In retrospect.. duh. Evelyn does NOT like loud or echoey noises. This is the child who was terrified of public bathrooms and will still sometimes come running to us when we yell something to someone in another room. So... she cried, and clung to me or my mom or my aunt while we found a seat. We were hoping she would warm up to the whole thing after a few minutes, but just when we would coax a smile out of her, they would start buzzing about something and people would yell and cheer and she would cry again and bury her head in someone's neck. It was really pitiful. M and I were thinking that there was no way in hell we were going to make her sit there any longer but were trying to figure out exactly how to accomplish this because we were supposed to be leaving for our date without our kid in tow, and yet, we hated to say that they had to leave the game too. My mom and aunt ended up taking her back to the house. We stayed with her for a few minutes before they left, and she was fine, and so all was well, but it was so pitiful. She is not much of a crybaby, my little girl, so it really stings when she's sobbing hysterically because she's so afraid of something, you know?

Anyway, after that sour note in the day, M and I headed off to our date. We were kind of without plans, and also, in a small town with limited options. It was too early for dinner and we had missed the time slot for a matinee, and there were no movies we wanted to see anyway. (We have a raincheck with my parents for a movie in the future... that was supposed to be part of our date.) That pretty much leaves you with Walmart, but my smart, smart husband came up with a really sweet lovely idea, and we drove out to the lake and walked around "our" spot. When he came over to visit the first time, we drove out there on that first day, when it was still really awkward and new, and we walked around one of the picnic areas/trails, and we talked and held hands and all that, and M gave me a brief history of European wars. (Don't ask. I never did. I think maybe we were both a little nervous that first day.) It was kind of cold and windy so we were the only ones out there, and it was so quiet and lovely and pretty. Smart boy! And romantic! He even started talking about European wars as we headed down the trail! Awww.. ;) So, we had a little reminiscing time. We followed that up with a quick stop at Kroger and then to dinner, and then we walked over to the bookstore and had coffee. It was so, so fantastic. Really. It was also more Valentiney than I think we have ever been in the past decade. Decade. I sometimes can't believe I can use that term about our relationship.

And when we came home, our baby girl was happy to see us (in moderation; Granny was still there, after all) and she went to bed without much fuss. Score!

Yesterday was kind of a mess, what with the birthday party. It was supposed to be at three, but when we arrived at three, turns out that the doors didn't even open until four. (It was at a bowling alley on campus.) None of the party people were there. We went back to my parents and complained about the disorganization of those particular family members, until they called and were all "oh, we're here. Come in the back door. No, come in the front, we'll unlock it for you!" So we went, and of course, they did not come unlock the door but it worked out. It was actually the second failed outing of the day. Some of them also got baptized yesterday morning but failed to invite the family. Long story, not interesting, all's well that ends well, but still incredible that the whole day was so screwed up.

We were pretty apprehensive about the bowling plan, since we had just had a pretty adverse reaction to another loud event with lots of people, but Evie thought it was grand. We let her play a little bit with rolling the balls down the lanes, but she spent most of her time in the room with the pizza and cake. She normally will not eat pizza but she was loving it yesterday. (She wants to like cake, but sadly for her, she does not.) We were afraid that she would get smacked by someone with a ball, or run down the lane to get the pins, or something like that, so she got held or otherwise restrained through most of the event.

We left well before she was done, and she was devestated to be leaving her Granny, but she had fun while it lasted. We also learned that while yes, we could take her bowling, it would be a giant pain in the tushy and we might as well wait until she's a little bigger. We go bowling once every five years or so anyway, so it's not like she's really crimping our lifestyle much in that regard anyway. By 2014 she'll be plenty old enough to bowl! ;)

And I have officially used all my babynap to write this monster post. I had other ideas in mind on what to do today but I guess they'll have to wait.. it's now past time to go wake up the munchkin.
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a) It should be illegal to get up at six a.m. on a Sunday morning.
b) My daughter is wearing Elmo panties over her diaper and pants.
c) My husband is still in bed, because he hates America.
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I have had two pen cups on my desk since I brought my stuff home from work, September 2007, because I have been too lazy to consolidate them. It took me until today to do something about it. Better late than never?

I just did something sneaky with my Walgreens receipt that earned me $4.20. I makes me feel giddy and a tiny touch guilty, but it is not worth the trouble of explaining. I didn't break any laws or anything but I did do something that was Not Intended by Walgreens.

On a similar note, M and I taught E to do the evil laughter thing this morning. Muahahahahaha. It was so funny.

We have spent the weekend working on a computer room cleanup project. I started it a while back but this room was piled high with stuff that I couldn't decide what to do with on my own so it didn't get anywhere near done. Plus, M's desk is always the worst part of the room, so I definitely needed his help there. (That post is still one of my favorites.) Inconceivably, my desk is now the worst looking part of the room. Good thing I got started on the pencil consolidation project this afternoon!

Even though I make homemade pizza from the same simple recipe at least twice a month, I always have to have the recipe out, hanging on the fridge. I always check the measurements, too, even though I know them. I don't know why I do this but it's very important to me, apparently. I don't like to cook things without access to the recipe if it's a dish that I first made from a recipe... even though I completely know them and have made so many changes to them that the original recipe barely applies. If I make something up or learned it from someone else without a recipe, it doesn't bug me at all. I just realized that. Yay for self-awareness!

I looked back at all of my old journal entries from May 12, 2006 and before (2007 being Evelyn's birthday) and tried to imagine myself writing those entries with absolutely no clue that two, three, four, five, years from then, I would be having a wee little baby yanked from my abdomen. It feels so strange that a day that is so emblazoned on my mind now meant nothing special then. It makes me wonder if today will be something amazing (or awful but let's so not go there) in future years.

We are teaching E to play in the computer room while we do other things. It is F A N T A S T I C. Occasionally stressful but fun. The cleanup project is helping a lot, too. Also, sometimes I turn M's computer on and let her watch YouTube videos in Swedish. She likes that for up to four minutes at a time! ;)

There is pretty much nothing better than strawberries and ice cream. *nod* I just told M that since I fixed them last night, I thought he should fix them tonight. He decided that he didn't think we should eat any tonight, in that case. He is such a guy sometimes. He did actually follow through and bring me ice cream. I used to have something to the nature of "True love arrives with Ben & Jerry's" as my 'title' on the muds... also M-inspired. I do believe I will keep him.

I just informed him of my plans to buy another twenty bags of frozen vegetables. He informed me that the basement freezer is getting really full by now. I think I shall have to plan some vegetable-type meals again. I just bought twenty .50 coupons that will double and make them free this week at Kroger. Spending three bucks for the coupons equals fifteen cents per bag. I love my new coupon hobby, really I do.

mr beer

Jan. 22nd, 2009 11:03 pm
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My husband is in the kitchen bottling his own beer. I bought him a kit on clearance at CVS, which he has been pretty excited about. He tasted the fermented mixture last night and declared it ready to bottle tonight, so he's in there sterilizing and filling and such. I had a moment of brilliance when he started this project. After you mix everything together, you have to let it sit for at least a week, and then it has to sit for a few more weeks. I suggested that he put it in the shower in our bathroom. It's dark, it's undisturbed by small chidlren, and if something were to go wrong and the whole thing exploded or leaked or something, it would all go down the drain instead of into my carpet, and yet, it's conveniently located. Very pleased with myself for that one. M is very pleased with myself, too, but less for that than buying the thing to begin with. He's wanted to make his own beer for years. I can see him getting into this big time, unfortunately. It's not like he needs a new project.

There was a heat wave (almost 45 degrees.. geez) today so the girl and I headed out for a round of errands this afternoon.

Theoretically, I'd like to write more, but honestly, I would really rather be curled up in bed with my book, so forget all that I was about to say, alright? Good.
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The other night, M came in to put me to bed, and we had this conversation about... something. It was funny and interesting and cute and very, very us. If you're lucky, you know what kind of conversation that I mean because you have those moments with your significant other where it reminds you of just why you click with that person even though in the general scheme of things, it will not rank as even one of your top one thousand conversations. Anyway, at the end, we came up with a summary of the conversation and I asked M to write it down and put it on my desk so I could think about it again later. I especially liked it because M said that the whole thing was really like a line from a Counting Crows CD--which is to say, completely meaningless on one level but incredibly profound at the same time. (I added that meaningless/profound thing, not him. He does not wax poetic about much CC-related.) Anyway, here is the direct transcription of that conversation, as found on a post-it on my desk:

And... it is less than a week later, and I have no flipping clue what that is supposed to mean, but it makes me smile anyway... and I haven't yet asked M if he remembers what it meant because I kind of like not knowing. It reminds me I think I'm going to stick it up on my desk so I can continue to ponder what sort of toothpaste excess leads to the origin of the rain.
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January 3 already?

Since I was sick, I did the responsible thing and went to bed instead of staying up to watch the ball drop. M pretend that he was going to bed, too, but he conveniently couldn't sleep and had to get up and ring in the new year all alone. Isn't that sad? M even got up with the munchkin the next day and let me sleep for another couple of hours--very much appreciated. I never get to sleep in. My parents had said that if we wanted to spend the night with them that night, they would bring me home the next day (yesterday) and we could do a little shopping. Being sick, I didn't really know if that was a good idea but it sounded fun so we ended up doing just that. It worked out fine, except my energy gave out yesterday afternoon and I was coughing like mad and had to cut the day short.

And then... it turns out that I have a stomach virus instead! I went to bed early last night, but was awaked at midnight with teh serious queasy! Just when I had finished with round one, and was thinking of heading back to bed, we heard an alarming cry from my sweet baby's room, too. When M went in to get her, he was greeted by significant pukage. (And E, girly girl that she is, was highly distressed, looking around going "Ewww! Ewww! Ewww!" She has very little experience with puking.) I will spare you the play-by-play, both because it is gross and uninteresting but also because I am more than ready to be done with the whole experience, but my wonderful, wonderful husband ended up staying up with her until after five so I could go back to bed, and then he got up with her for just a few minutes again at 6:30. I also got up several times, and had a terrible time going back to sleep in the later part of the night, so I am pretty sure that last night lasted several years of real time.

Evelyn hasn't thrown up since 6:30 and is currently napping, on schedule, and I have been keeping the contents of my stomach where they belong since probably 1:30, so I am hoping hoping hoping that we aremoving into the clear. M... is tired and a little unsteady, and unusually sensitive to certain lingering smells, so... we're keeping our fingers crossed that he doesn't ge tit but really, I'm afraid it's only a dream (Arwen), only a dream.

But I think that our plans of getting the Christmas stuff put away and getting some shopping done will not be happening, somehow. :) Here's to a lazy weekend, at least..
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My husband is teh awesome!

Our living room had this extremely ugly light fixture over the doorway, which is in front of a closet so is sort of a hallway in itself, and no other source of light. We had a standing lamp with five bulbs and an uplight, and then we would always turn on the lights in the connected dining room. It drove us crazy because there was no actual source of light in the room. We have talked many, many times about putting ceiling lights in there but honestly, it was just one of those things I knew would never get done.

Enter Evelyn, who finally broke that lamp she's been working on for so long. It was the main source of light in the room, but after a year of her pulling on it, she worked the wires free inside it and it was deemed unsafe for further usage by the resident electrical specialist (ie, M.) So, when our choices became buying another light or getting around to actually putting in a lamp.... M decided he was going to Get It Done. I must confess that I was skeptical, and also initiated a trip down the lamp aisle at Walmart while plans were still being made, but he stuck with it. He was up in the attic first thing this morning for a recon mission, and then went off to pick up supplies in the afternoon. He didn't get started on the actual installation until five, and he finished it up at about eleven, taking a break for dinner and then again while I put the baby to bed. We have a pretty new light over the door, and a ceiling fan with light in the living room. All by himself! (Or, with minimal assistance from me, mostly consisting of entertaining the wee one and adding input now and then. However, I had to keep Evie out of the living room most of that time, and she was both sick and immensely sleepy and therefore high maintenance, so I think I worked at least as hard as he did..hehe.)

The second best part was that he took Evie with him to Lowe's, leaving me home alone to get some things done in blessed solitude. Heaven!

Of course, we didn't have the type of light bulbs that the stupid thing required, so we still actually don't have any light in the room, but those should be easily obtained. :) We were able to test it with borrowed-from-another-place bulbs, at least. I can't believe that we finally have a ceiling light in that room! It's so great. I hate sitting in the dark.

Now it is past our bedtime but we are ignoring the clocks in favor of some blissful lounging time. Random story here.. I showed E a picture of the [ profile] helloheater family the other day and named all the people in it. Today, she saw the picture again and so we were looking at it together again and I asked her, "Where's Nathan?" and she pointed right at him. And I am all, "oooh, my kid is so smart!!" So I asked her where Heather was...... and she pointed right at Nathan again, and said, "Baby." So, umm, maybe sometimes it is just a coincidence, when she does something amazing and clever. Rarely, to be sure.

Cute and clever and non-coincidental happenings of late: pointing at the chimney in her little house and saying "HO HO HO!", sitting down with a bottle of play nail polish a few minutes after being shown how to "paint' her fingernails and ripping her socks off to paint her toenails and... why is it so hard to think of these things on demand? She is cute a lot, that's all I'm saying. Oh, and she finally has enough hair and enough patience for me to put it up in a ponytail or even pigtails! Super Girly Girl Mommy is happy about that.

Okay. I guess I should give up and go to bed. I let M spend an exorbitant amount of money in a home store today and I see him shopping online right now so I'd better hustle him into bed before he does more damage to the checkbook. :)
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M told me tonight that he had figured out my Christmas present finally, and when I asked if I would like it, he cheerfully said no, he didn't think so. He said that he had originally thought so, before the purchasing started, but since then, I had on three separate occasions, made derisive indirect comments about the item or items that the gift involved. He likened it to him purchasing Friends television season DVDs, had that been the gift (it's not) and not knowing that's what it was, I had casually mentioned that a) I don't enjoy television these days and b) Monica is really a bitch and I just cannot stand the sight of her and c) sitcoms are dead to me. I was trying desperately to think of some sort of comments that I had made about anything in the last few days that could potentially be related to a gift idea and couldn't think of a single thing.

And, for good reason, of course. He made the whole thing up. He is so silly.

E and I had a huge fight today, about (what else?) her need for a nap. She will be in my lap, signing "sleepy" furiously and repeatedly, eyes half-closed, and still she fights me. What the heck? I am perfectly aware that at a certain point, she will stop with the naps, but she is just really, really not ready. Most days she is still ready to nap in a relatively calm fashion, and when she doesn't nap at all for some reason, she is usually falling over by the end of the day from exhaustion. She is a happier baby when she takes a nap. I know that getting her to sleep is for her own good, but I feel like the worst mother in the world when she is crying and fighting and I am getting angry and frustrated too. I actually lost the battle today, but I think that she was not feeling very well... perhaps the beginnings of my cold. *sigh* We'll see.

Sunday, I was thinking about some old online friends that I don't really talk to (many of) anymore, and wondering about what they were all up to these days. Then... just the next day, out of the blue, one of them added me as a friend on Facebook. It was awesome, as far as timing goes. It is disturbing in a way, how people drift in and out and in of your life, isn't it? I think that's the appeal of Facebook--collecting them all (much like pogs or stamps or teapots or AK47s) in a set, so that you don't lose touch again... at least not superficially. I mean, there is some really quality interaction in throwing gumdrops or leprachauns at the girl who sat behind you in physics class sophomore year.... but I digress.
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Oh! Bonus LJ time! I forgot about it being 8 am PST, not EST! Excellent. LJ is an important part of checking my internety stuff in the mornings!

Now I feel pressured to write a real update. E is sitting on M's lap, pestering him while he tries to play some dorky online game that I have never really figured out the point of. He is home sick from work for the second day, but he is feeling much better today and his fever finally broke. Over three full days of fever. When he went to the doctor on Saturday morning, they gave him an antibiotic prescription and told him not to bother filling it because it was viral, most likely. We decided to be antibiotically responsible and follow those instructions, but it seems it was not viral at all and he is now taking his medicine like a good boy. He is not so keen on taking meds so I usually have to pester him. I made him take cough syrup this morning and he looked at me in utter shock and said, "that feels so much better!" I am corrupting him slowly to the ways of self-medication. I am feeling much better myself, except for a lingering cough/sore throat.

Oh, that explains it. He is feeding her potato chip fragments. He is so soft, not like Mama, who makes her eat stuff like applesauce and pasta.

In other news, today is our anniversary! We have been married eight years today. I made M promise last night that if we ever get divorced, we will get back together and remarry. He just sort of sputtered a minute and then agreed that sure, fine, whatever. Sometimes he just agrees with me because it's easier than arguing. We got married on what would have been my grandparent's 50th anniversary, so that makes it just a touch more special. I sure wish I could call and wish them a happy anniversary today.

I asked M what else I should post about, seeing as how I covered the sickness and the anniversary already, and he sounded insulted that I had not posted about the baby. I guess I did mention her anyway, but here's an Evelyn story to appease her daddy. The other night, we were watching MASH when she suddenly cried out in alarm. We looked over to find that she had gotten herself into quite the predicament. We have an end table beside our couch that has two layers to it. The second shelf is maybe eight inches below the first one and a foot and a half off the ground. Somehow, she had managed to stick BOTH of her feet into the second shelf and scoot her bottom down so that she was actually laying on that shelf, with her head popping up over the top. She was completely stuck because if she let go to try to get herself out, she would fall. I wanted a picture so bad that I could hardly stand myself but it was a bit of an urgent situation for her so it was out of the question. It was so funny. We still can't figure out exactly how she did it.

Anyway, I guess it's time to post this before LJ ceases to exist for a while. The kids are playing in the living room now and I'd better go supervise them so they don't get into too much trouble. ;)
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When I worked at the produce market, there was an old man who came in a few times per week. We called him Grumpy Old Man. He liked to squeeze the tomatoes and complain about the way I bagged the groceries and the price of green beans. He was so unpleasant to be around, and I would get mad just seeing his car pull into the parking lot. One day, I decided that I had had enough out of him, and I started being outrageously nice to him instead of just civil. When he complained about the price, I apologized profusely and explained to him about the drought. When he complained about the bananas not being to his exact shade of green, I rushed to the back to find him a bunch from the other box. I talked about the weather, I smiled and made every effort to hide my feelings for him. He was not easily won, Grumpy Old Man, but the day soon came that he would grin when he saw me and he would talk to me as he paid his bill, and he stopped complaining about the green beans. It's hard to hate someone who is unfailingly pleasant and helpful, you know?

The thing is, being that kind to people who are constantly rude to you can be almost an insult to them. I think it reminds them that they are being petty and small. In any case, it's no secret that being nice gets you farther than being a jerk, and I've often found that to be the case when it comes to dealing with customer service folk. I used to be more inclined to let it go if I was overcharged by a small amount, but I have come to realize that showing a backbone may help bring about a little change, and also, I just don't have enough money to give it away. I suppose that my new couponing habit has really taught me how quickly it all adds up, and that makes it feel more worthwhile to go after these things. Like tonight, when I sat down with my Kmart receipt and honestly could not figure out how they arrived at a total of $12.77 when I should have only been charged somewhere around four dollars plus tax. So I went back after dinner (a solitary trip! The YAY!) and politely inquired. The response was not so polite. Actually, the witch was downright rude to me, throwing her hands around talking about how "this woman THINKS she was overcharged" in that way that made it clear that she knew I hadn't been. [Sidenote: I wonder if programmers are more likely than non-programmers to accept that the computer actually CAN make mistakes?] I was ever-so-polite in response, apologized more than once for the trouble, and then I kept my mouth shut. I had a hard time with that, but I kept a smile on my face and stopped trying to explain what the problem was when it was clear that no one wanted to believe me until they figured it out for themselves. Silence works even better than Politeness sometimes. Twenty minutes later, the woman was no longer seething with frustration, and she gave up on trying to do the math and just credited my card nine dollars, and she was fairly friendly while she did it. Yay! I hacked Kmart using the rare but formidable weapons of common human courtesy! Awesome. So I would like to tell you that for a whopping total of $3.68, I bought three bottles of Dove body wash, two bottles of Gilette men's shampoo, one bottle of Head & Shoulders shampoo, one bottle of Pert shampoo, a Pantene styling product, three L'Oreal eyeshadows, six nail art decal things, three tubes of Colgate, one Crest kids toothpaste, two Easy Macs and one no-spill bubbles bottle that was on clearance for $0.75. Muahahahahahaaa!!!!! One bottle of bodywash? Regular price $4.29, plus tax. You know what's even better? I found the coupons for several of those items inside a booklet in the store.

When I got home, I found out that my baby cried for Mama for twenty minutes of the forty that I was gone. I sold my baby's tears for nine dollars, apparently. The mommy guilt, it will get you every time.

My husband just said I had a big ass.

Okay, he SAID that he had to plug in my new hard drive (oh, yeah! I didn't mention that my sweetie woobles love bug bought me a new external 500G hard drive! He is awesome. Yay!) in the front because I am "full in the back". I think we all know what that means. Boyo will be sleeping on the couch henceforth! hehe.

On that note, I think I'll go snag him away from his computer so we can have a little time together. We didn't have time for it last night after the mammoth LJ meme.. it was a little longer than I thought it was. :)
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I am happy to announce that my manly man husband has repaired the plumbing issue with our bathtub and we now have a fully functional shower and bathtub. It's the oddest thing, you turn the water on and it comes out of the spout at the bottom! On demand! Awesome. Plumbing is completely magical and grown-up and I can't believe that I am married to someone who has enough rudimentary skills to like, apply brute force and purchase a tiny pipe. (It was distressingly simple, this particular repair. It's dreadfully embarrassing that it took us over a year to complete.)

I made another run to K-mart for the coupon doubling event today. It's the last day of said sale, but I got new coupons yesterday so I wanted to give it another go. No picture this time, but I bought free bottles of Aussie shampoo, conditioner and styling gel, more paper towels for $3 (though I meant to buy toilet paper..oops), cereal at $1.33 per box, 96 allergy pills for about $5 (I think I've paid $15 for 60 in the past, as a rough estimate) face cleaner for $1.19 and a free bottle of dishwasher rinse stuff. Also, a new coupon file for me and two Christmas presents. Whee! Fun times. My little hobby had a setback yesterday, though, and I walked out of Walgreens with no fun free stuff after talking to a cashier and two managers. I still think they're doing it wrong, but I might try it at the other store if I go over that way this week. I might just let it go, though. It was a $7 overage purchase, though, so I hate to. Anyway! We'll see.

Evelyn said the absolute funniest thing of her entire life this weekend. It's easy just now as she has thus far not cracked many jokes. ;) We went to the Scandinavian Heritage potluck event on Saturday--it was to celebrate Midsummer, oddly enough. The hosts had some health problems in June so it was postponed until now. A bit of background--she usually calls everything edible (and some things that aren't, like when she opened the box of free pantiliners I bought last week and started pulling them out in the store while talking about them loudly) a cracker. Lately, she has been talking about balls, too--otherwise known as cherry tomatoes. She loves tomatoes and it still cracks me up when she requests balls. Anyway, M was feeding her strawberries, which she enjoyed enough to christen with a brand new name. Strawberry = Crackerball! That still makes me laugh out loud when I think about it. Crackerballs. Also, I suppose that is her first compound word. Aww. I don't recall seeing an entry for "first compound word" in her baby book but then again, I have been failing miserably to update said book, so I guess it's okay.

In other news, there is no other news.


Sep. 2nd, 2008 10:17 pm
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Over a year ago, our bathtub faucet broke. It wouldn't let water come out of the tub spout, just the shower head. We have been running bath water via the shower head all this time. There are many problems with this approach, mainly relating to the speed of water delivery. It gets cold as it travels to the tub, so it's difficult to do water temperature correctly. It's slow slow slow, darn those water saving features! And it's just plain weird. But it's just one of those things we've lived with for so long that we just stopped thinking about trying to fix it, if you know what I mean. Finally, it occurs to us (and by us, I mean M) that you could like, fix it by replacing the spout doohickey. Turns out those are just like seven dollars at Lowe's, so he buys one. After it sits on the bathroom counter for a few weeks, he finally attempts to put it on yesterday to find that it didn't fit the pipe and he didn't have the correct tools. But the good news is that the old one might be fixable because it appears to be related to gunky build-up! So he soaks it in vinegar and after the proper application of a little elbow grease, all is well, and we finally had a working tub last night! We were both watching the thing dispense water from the appropriate spot this evening with glee and fascination. I might have gone so far as to call it sexy. We usually take a bath with Evelyn in the evening and then hand her off to the other parent and stand up for a quickie shower (just in case she has peed in the water, you know.) Tonight was Mommy bath, and as I stood up and flipped the doodad that switches between tub and shower.... the gasket broke.

Now we don't have a working shower at all.

Easy come, easy go.

I hope she didn't pee.

(p.s. We do have a second shower in the house, though I have never actually even used it. I guess it's a good thing that M wouldn't let me turn that tiny little shower into additional closet space last year via the installation of a clothes rod in the shower itself...)
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Should I worry about this? Evelyn was digging around in the cabinet in the computer room, which she is of course not allowed to do, and she pulled out this miniature deck of cards. It was a stocking stuffer thing from my parents several years of those decks with the pictures of terrorists on them. The picture visible in the case was of Saddam Hussein.

Evelyn? Squealed when she saw it and said, "DA DA! Dada. Dada!"

Saddam Hussein.

Uhhh.. I have heard people say that he looks a little like Alan Rickman before, but Saddam Hussein? Poor Dada!
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I have not been good at the posty lately. This is because I am just in a natural dry spell on things to talk about, but also because tonight is the first night since Evelyn got sick a week ago that she has not fought me tooth and nail (literally) over bedtime. She has been up until midnight nearly every night. It hasn't been terribly unpleasant times (except when we are in the middle of it and she is expressing her fond desire to not go to bed) but it has seriously cut into the computer time that I have at my desk. I have my laptop with me on the couch, which is great because I have plenty of time for reading random things on the internet. I don't have the hands free to type, though, except by using an on-screen keyboard. I try to limit that, as you might imagine. (However, keep it in mind, you nursing moms. It's better than the alternative of not being able to type at all!)

I am still semi-sickish, but it seems like so far, my immune system is working hard on not giving in. I worked my tushie off today because my house was a disaster, so I am clearly not at death's door. Now let's just hope that it stays that way. My sweet husband made me a cup of green tea with honey to soothe the throat this evening, and I have been slowly cleaning my desk off and playing with coupons and rebates. It's kind of silly, I know, but all the paperwork from that is so stress-relieving for me right now. How long has it been since you cut a bunch of things out? It's nice. I would like to go back to kindergarten, please. I can't wait until Evie is big enough to play with scissors and glue and construction paper. She thinks she's big enough for crayons right now. Why is it that the child who won't eat much actual food will willingly pop crayons into her mouth? (and beetles, I guess. Also, Cheerios off the floor.)

Proof that M is worse off than me, or you: he, in all seriousness, proclaimed an instance of poo "cute" this weekend. No, baby. Just... no. (I will also note that it was not a diaper that he was involved in changing, so easy for him to say in any case. HMPH.)

Evelyn has a doctor's appointment this week to celebrate her fifteenth month (or something like that). She has had a spotty vaccination record. I wouldn't let them start in the hospital with anything. She had some shots at two months and four months (I think) and at six months, she was sick so we declined. Right around then, we got a little freaked out and decided to hold off on giving her any more until we had really figured out what we wanted to do about it. They're not impressed at the pediatrician's office but they're not particularly irate about it. I haven't spent a whole heaping lot of time researching the issue, because when I try, I get really pissed off at some of the people in the non-vaccinating camp who post viciously on certain message boards. (Believe me, if you are reading this, I am NOT talking about you!) I know this is a childish reaction but the judgmental tones and accusatory language and fearmongering they spread around... well, it makes me want to vaccinate everyone I see (twice! just in case!) just so I'm not like they are. ;) I guess no one ever told them about catching more flies with honey because they scare me and not in the way they're trying to. Seriously, though, I have always been a little uncomfortable with my child being relatively safe from disease due to society at large following the mandated vaccination schedules. I don't know what I believe on the links to autism and all of that other stuff. I do know that if she died from something I could have prevented, I would never forgive myself, whereas autism (if there is a link) wouldn't kill her. So much easier to say at this point, when I have a perfectly healthy, normal kid (so far) than it was when she was littler. So I guess we're hopping back on the mainstream bandwagon. I know everyone was sitting on the edge of their seats, hoping I would put forth an opinion on this tired subject so I'm glad to put the question in your minds to rest here.

I just finished reading the first four books in a fantasy series recommended by [ profile] big_bubba (George RR Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire). My life seems strangely incomplete now that I am not lugging around a 1100 page book everywhere I go, reading about really ugly people that die a lot. I hadn't noticed this until M pointed it out (he's on book two) but the characters are mostly all hideously unattractive in their descriptions. I will spare you all any further analysis because a) I'm lazy and b) it's boring for most and c) it would be spoilery for the boyo. And now I am back to waiting, again, for yet another novel. Maybe this is why I usually stick with romance...
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Yesterday, I was musing about how I just couldn't imagine doing the puking baby thing that parents are always talking about. Nighttime wakings, throwing up. I don't mind poo and I can deal with wiping snot but throwing up is just not for me. And.. do you really need to ask where this is going.. last night, I got a heaping dose of baby puke. Twice. All over me. And my glasses. And saints preserve us, but I think my mouth may have been open a little but let's not even go there.

Dear Husband,

I love you dearly, beyond words, but if I shriek and call for you, saying that Evelyn has puked... the appropriate response is not, "I'll be there in a minute, just let me go pee." Because you do not need to go that badly.

I might let him live that one down in a few years.

Anyway, so Evelyn has been sick this week. It came on Tuesday night, and she has been pretty miserable. I was fairly sure that I was going to be up holding her all night long one night, but thankfully, she finally fell asleep and stayed in bed, so I can't complain much. M and I are both exhausted, which is lovely because we also both have sore throats as of this evening. We are living with a miniature germ factory. :) This is just the third time she's been sick, though. Not too bad for being fifteen months old, I think. The first two times were at three and six months (I think) and one big difference this time is that she can talk. It sounds so funny to hear her talk through her stuffy nose. Of course, she sounds funny when she talks most of the time anyway. That's what it's like to be one. ;)

Did I mention that I got called for jury duty? I have sent in my form and letter asking to be excused. I used to kind of wish to be summoned because it sounded sort of fun, but at this point, it would be extremely inconvenient due to my nursing toddler and the lack of childcare. Surprisingly, Kentucky actually does have a specific exclusion for nursing (or pumping) moms, so I am not expecting a whole lot of hassle in getting out of it. I hope. I am just hoping I don't get commentary about her age. Sometimes it is shocking to me that most people have weaned their kids for several months by now. She still gets probably ninety percent of her nutrition from me. Of course, that percentage is not taking her beetle intake into consideration...

M just informed me that my left eye is completely red. I just checked (because I didn't believe him, I guess) and it looks like I have been awake for six days and dead for two of them. Approximately. I guess that's my cue to go take a nap. I fully expect to be up again before morning.

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