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I used to read Fark a lot, which is a site that lists some of the top interesting news stories of the day. What makes it funny is that there are usually pretty brilliant captions, and each one is categorized with little image labels like "Interesting" or "PSA" or "Cool" or "Ironic" or "Strange". There is also a "Florida" label. If I recall correctly, it came about after the election debacle as an "Only in Florida would something like this happen" sort of joke, and then they started noticing how often it actually applied, so it stayed. In the same vein, I need to point out that this entry has a new tag--"Boyo buys in bulk". Because, he does, and it makes me laugh, and then I post about it. Surprisingly often. We always made fun of my grandfather because he stockpiled toilet paper. He would just say that he had lived through the Depression and when you don't have it, you make sure in the future that you always have it on hand. I think M must also have lived through the Depression.

Also, we have pretty much bought Evelyn's Easter presents.

M bought Evelyn's Easter present.

I suggested that perhaps we should just, you know, pick out a selection of the stuffed toys for her Easter basket. M shoved a hippo at me and said, "How can you say no to this face?" I gave up. The kiddo will have ten stuffed animals in her Easter basket. They're really cute and they were just $1 a piece, so I figured that I should choose my battles. I don't want to buy her candy anyway. ;) He also bought her a pink CD player with jewel-encrusted buttons--that was her Christmas present from his parents that we're late in actually picking up, and a plastic kids book that holds photos. This is the man that usually is quick to point out that she doesn't need whatever it is I'm thinking about buying for her. Now that I think about it, this was just after she snuggled on him in the Baby Björn for an hour. She has him wrapped around her little finger and she doesn't even know it yet. Just wait until she figures out how to exploit it!

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