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I read somewhere that the average dryer cycle costs about fifty cents in electricity. Using that figure (and not even calculating the potential increase caused by the extra-long, higher cycle that I dry diapers on) and then adding in a little extra for the two washer cycles they go through, plus the laundry detergent used.... it is actually cheaper for me to use disposable diapers. Today, I bought two packs for what amounts to $1.75 each, after rebates and bonuses.


Having said that, I'm still not giving it up, because there are other reasons for using cloth. It's nicer and it's cuter and it's softer and it's better for the environment and it's better for her health and all those things. Etc. But it's pretty cool to not have the financial consideration when throwing the trashies away now. Oh, I really like the diapers from Walgreens. They're similar to Pampers, better than Huggies. I kinda wish they had Elmo on them.

In other news, yesterday was my annual Christmas shopping trip with my parents. Every year, we go and have a great time doing the bonding thing. The shopping is really secondary. We just have fun. Yesterday was also fun except Miss Dorko fell apart in the afternoon from the lack of nap (she woke up at 6:30, for some reason, which didn't help.) She took a little rest on Granny and then she ate and then perked up again for a ride through Target. I had to leave in order to pick up M at work at 6:15, and I am sorry to say that when he called at 6:15, I was still in Lexington. It was 6:40 before I picked him up. :( I felt really really bad, but a string of bad choices and unfortunate circumstances intervened. Of course it was mostly my fault for losing track of time, but then E refused to get into her car seat without nummy nummy and then I was stuck in traffic and then I got distracted by M being ticked off at me and I took the wrong exit. Well, right exit, but the wrong direction. Evelyn fell asleep in the car and we had some concerns about what would happen with that, but she woke up and cried through me changing her clothes and diaper as speedily as humanly possible and then we settled down on the couch for the normal bedtime routine, and she slept all through the night. She woke up at 5:30 this morning in a terrific mood. I actually did not mind in the least because (knowing that there was bound to be trouble) I was in bed by 9:45, so I actually got more sleep last night than usual. Woohoo! The day has felt long, though, I must say.

How's your Christmas shopping going? Are you done? Everything wrapped? I'm almost completely done, liking only one $15 gift for a male person (unspecified person, for a Yankee swap deal) and maybe a little something something for M. I have a bunch of wrapping left to do, but mainly because I am doing a little fun thing with my free junk. Anyone buy someone something really really good?
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My sweet, sweet baby went to sleep at 1:30 today and didn't wake up until 5:00. !! I got so much done. It was lovely. I cut out seven diapers--four pockets and three fitteds for a total of seventeen pieces, and then I cut, sewed and then attached the soaker layers to the hidden pieces for the soakers. I am not a huge fan of working in assembly-line style but it's going to be fantastic to get these done all at once... though adding snaps won't be fun. Snapping is kind of time-consuming. I had some sore belly muscles recently and couldn't figure out what I had done to make myself sore. Then I started snapping again and realized that it was the pressure I was putting on the drill press handle. Seven diapers = 140 snaps.

PSA: Change your rotary blade! It makes things so much nicer.

My husband brought me flowers (living) for Valentine's Day tonight, and donuts. ;) He is so sweet. I hate cheap boxed candy and pretty much everything that they sell for Valentine's Day. If I am going to consume a bunch of calories, I want it to be on something that tastes good. I don't eat much candy anyway--I ate the candy bar Evelyn got for Halloween at the governor's mansion two days ago. It's been on my desk this entire time... and that was something I actually LIKE. However, I sometimes like to have a fried donut. It's completely terrible but yummy--as if donuts are not bad enough for you, re-frying them in a bit of butter turns it all crunchy and gooey and delicious. I can justify it because I do it maybe once a year at most. (Except this year, I think I've done it three times, but I can justify a whole heck of a lot since I'm breastfeeding.) Anyway! I would much rather have a surprise donut than chocolate I will never eat. He also bought the baby a banana for her Valentine's Day present. She doesn't need chocolate either but she should get a treat of some sort! ;) Though we know how she feels about bananas...

I... didn't buy him anything. :( I did take him to Hardee's, though! Boyo loves Hardee's. I don't like it so it's a special treat I give him when he's been particularly good. *grin* I have also agreed to buy him a box fan. It's mandolin/workshop/dust related.. very romantic. He suggested that I buy him an AK47. I declined. Box fan it is!

So, I will leave you with a question. You are at a fast food restaurant. You have eaten your meal and are about to leave when you notice the receipt on the table, and see that they have charged you $5.49 for your fish sandwich combo. The hanging sign under the menu (the only mention of a fish sandwich being available, strangely) clearly states that the meal should cost $4.99. Do you a) do nothing besides maybe complain to your spouse about being overcharged b) demand your fifty cents back or c) other, because there's always an other. ? Does the knowledge that on a previous visit, they overcharged you by $1 factor into your decision? If you decide that $0.50 is not worth going back for, what amount would make you change your mind?
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Still no voice. One would think that having lost the ability to communicate in my real life, I would be brimming with things to say here, but alas, no. M woke up this morning to find that his voice is leaving, too. He can still talk... a little... but he's hoarse and his voice is now deep and also really sexy. I mean. If I noticed things like that, which of course I don't. Evelyn still seems fine (thank goodness) and both M and I are feeling quite a lot better--if not well, then at least not too sick. I will say that it makes talking on the phone rather difficult.

I sold some of Evelyn's newborn diapers yesterday. I originally wanted to hang on to them in case we have another baby, but then practicality won out. First of all, it's a little risky to indefinitely save diapers because the elastic can rot. Second of all, money is nice. Thirdly, though, and most importantly... I'll sew my own newborn diapers next time around anyway, and if I don't want to do that... then I can order more. Still, she was so cute in her little baby diapers that it hurts a little to see them go. :) Also! Benefit of cloth diapers that should not be overlooked: how much do you think I could get out of used disposable diapers in resale? ;)

I have not forgotten the "I Can't Live Like This Anymore" tub of shame! Well, I haven't forgotten about it in that I know that it's still sitting there forlornly in my dining room! Just kidding. Sort of. I have removed a receipt and cleaned up three dolls (everyone makes fun of me but I really do feel the need to clean everything before she plays with it. This sometimes creates a backlog.) At least it's something. The problem, really, is that I am spending all my naptimes, and all of my conducive-to-doing-something-else-baby-play-time sewing or planning or organizing myself to sew. I cut a dozen of her diapers out of usage a couple of weeks ago because they've been too pushing too small for ages, and so I have been doing diaper laundry every day. It is at times like this that I kind of wish I could just go order some stupid diapers like a normal person but I have to make things difficult and sew the damned things myself. Why couldn't I have found a normal hobby?

I had chicken noodle soup at eleven. At one thirty, I was so hungry that I was trembling, so I made a quesadilla. It's now three o'clock and I am starving again. I haven't needed to eat this often since I was pregnant! Maybe ice cream would help this time. Oh, and no. I'm not.
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You know how you become more comfortable with something the longer you're exposed to it, until one day you can't remember what it's like to be apprehensive in the first place? When I was pregnant, you may remember that I wrote several times about deciding to use cloth diapers. There are lots of reasons to do it and yet, most people don't--is it because it really IS as hard and as awful as everyone is telling me? Maybe they just don't know about all the reasons it would be worth it?

Evelyn is nearly eight months old now and so I think it's time to follow up on those tentative cloth posts. We LOVE IT. There is just something wonderful about pulling a load of fresh-smelling cloth out of the dryer and putting soft squishy fabrics on my baby's bum. They smell MUCH less horrible than disposable diapers do--really! I didn't understand this until I smelled it for myself--I thought that was just how baby poo smelled. No, it isn't. They contain poo better than disposables. We're never out of diapers, and if we are, we can throw them in the wash without leaving the house. Trips to the store do not involve forking over insane amounts of money every single time. (We do occasionally buy disposables for when we're away--we wouldn't have to, but we usually do because they take up less space in the diaper bag and she can wear some of her smaller pants when wearing a trashy.) I can change her as often as I want (she has a real problem with being wet--in a disposable or in cloth, doesn't matter) without mentally throwing a quarter into the garbage every time.

I guess I worried, in the beginning, that I would be getting too involved with my baby's bodily wastes because of the cloth diapers. It doesn't matter what kind of diaper you're using, though, you are not going to escape babyhood unscathed.. especially with disposable wipes, but that is another rant/rave altogether. ;) It will get on your hands, and you learn to live with it pretty easily because it's YOUR baby. It comes off! No big deal! The diapers just get thrown in the pail and then dumped without touching again into the washer, so that really has never been a concern for me. Our pocket diapers need unstuffed after use, but even when there's poop right there where you have to stick your hand... it isn't that big of a deal. Really, it isn't. It is about as much of a big deal as getting your hands dirty changing the diaper in the first place. Of course, things change as they begin solids, which she's doing now. I think every stage of diapering involves a different set of techniques, but it's not like you have to start out knowing everything. You learn as you go, so it's not nearly as intimidating as it looks when you first start out.

I don't write about diapers nearly as much as I think about them. I spend most of my non-LJ forum time on a forum for sewing cloth diapers these days. It's kind of my baby-related internet activity, so to speak. Her next diaper stash will be almost exclusively Mama-made. She's outgrowing her medium FuzziBunz and her first batch of homemade fitted pockets by now. I stopped taking pictures of every one that I made, but I did post a couple of new pictures this week to use at that forum because I think they turned out to be pretty cute. M bought me dies to use for his drill press for Christmas so that I can do snaps now! I am really excited by that. ;)

diaper pic

diaper pic diaper pic

You know what the best proof is, though? My husband will still sometimes randomly look over at me and rave about how much he loves these diapers. When is the last time you have raved about a diaper? When's the last time your husband raved about a diaper? :)
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Evelyn is asleep in Farmor's lap. She got that way by being walked in a bouncy fashion while Farmor sang to her. My mom called me and E decided to throw a fit, so G (my mother-in-law) came and got her, which was nice. I'm glad that she gets the napping baby experience. That's the best time to hold her. :) So sweet and snuggly!

I had no idea what to cook for dinner tonight, and flipped through my recipe book to find something that I had all the ingredients for. I settled on a vodka cream pasta. Later, I started thinking that it would be nice to make a pasta salad for M and his parents to eat for lunch tomorrow while at Natural Bridge, and when talking to M on the phone, I asked him to stop at the store on his way home to get the ingredients I needed for the salad--list forthcoming. I headed to the kitchen and threw together the pasta salad, discovering (to my great surprise) that I actually had everything I needed. (pasta salad: rotini plus whatever you have in the kitchen.. onions, peppers, shredded cheese, pepperoni, cubed ham, olives, capers, etc, all covered with Italian dressing. Fancy!) Since Evelyn was playing nicely in the bassinet she's way too big for, I assembled the ingredients for dinner and realized that this story is really boring. I mean. I realized that I actually did not have enough cream, and so he had to stop for ingredients for the dinner I was only fixing because I had everything we needed. Oob! You know what, this all sounded better in my head before I started writing it. Please ignore.

I finished a new diaper today that I am really pleased with. I need to take pictures of it but I can't do it right now. It's (almost) entirely my own design, although inspired by a few others. I hope it fits her. It's a fitted diaper with no sewn-in soaker, but a trifolded soaker sewn in at the back, so that the bottom part will flap open in the wash. Hopefully, it will dry relatively quickly. Most of my diapers are pockets, and you stuff an insert into them after each wash. It doesn't really take that long.. maybe fifteen minutes every other day... but it's still not huge amounts of fun so I'd like to have a larger supply of fitteds. I do kind of enjoy the diaper laundry, actually.

Eh, baby is awake so I may need to go feed her. She was reaching for me across the room earlier today. How many ponies does one little girl need, anyway?!
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Evelyn has been asleep for three hours. She hasn't been napping as well as she usually does this week. I think she thinks she's ready to sleep less during the day, but she is just not quite ready to give up all the naps, either. She gets cranky and worn out if she doesn't sleep much during the day. I guess it caught up with her. I covered her up with a little fleece blankie and it seems like that really helps her sleep. I don't like doing it, though, because I'm afraid she might suffocate, and so I only cover her legs up when I'm able to keep close tabs on her. Yes, I know that generations of babies have slept just fine with a blanket, but now They tell you not to use the stupid things. Even if they help the baby girl sleep. For three hours.

Anyway, I would like to say that I was super-productive during her nap time, but I was thwarted constantly, and so I didn't get as much done as I would have liked. I tried to sew, and I did get one new diaper finished. Unfortunately, most of it was done last night and I should have almost had time, in the amount of time I was in there, to sew another one. I was amazingly inept, though, when sewing one of the leg elastics in place. I had to take out the first attempt completely and start over, and then I screwed it up again, and then my bobbin ran out of thread, and then when winding a new bobbin, the spool started throwing itself off the holder when it would get caught on something. What was it getting caught on? Who knows? So I finished that, and did a... repair.... on the Hawaiian shirt diaper, and called it an afternoon before I messed up something else. As it turns out, there are a few GOOD REASONS that one should consider not making a diaper out of fabric that is completely worn out. I mean, M tossed it because the fabric was thin and fraying at the folds. Looks like that would have been a clue for me, doesn't it? But no. I am a moron, and when stuffing the diaper yesterday, the whole thing ripped down the back. Oops! So, I sewed it back in order to make it usable again, but it is no longer cute in the slightest. Of course, it is there to collect poop, so it doesn't actually have to be that cute. There's a bonus of sewing diapers right there. :)

Also, I found out today that I am still invited to the IT company picnic next week with my soon-to-be former employer. Yay! :) I'm kidding, of course. Well, I'm not kidding about still being invited. We are, and we're planning on going. I am kidding about finding out that I'm still invited, because I was pretty sure that I would be. It was already on my calendar and everything, since we started planning it before I left for maternity leave. :) I just had to give G a hard time when she called. She also let me know that I do not post enough pictures of my baby. I told her that I was afraid that everyone was getting tired of seeing pictures all the time but she assures me that not everyone is tired of them. So I shall close this post with the picture that is currently my desktop background--this is especially for [ profile] starrflowerr!

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My husband has this thing for Hawaiian shirts. It's especially funny because when he lived in Sweden, he wore all black, all the time, but now he has a fetish for very loud apparel. I have been looking for a Hawaiian shirt for Evelyn because I thought it'd be funny to see her in one, but I haven't had much luck so far. So, I improvised and refashioned one of M's old shirts this afternoon. The seams had started fraying, and so he threw it out.

It used to look like this:

But now it looks like this:

So what if it makes her look like a boy baby (especially with her new bald head)? It has the cute all over it! And my darling husband is beside himself with pride that she is wearing his shirt. (The fact that she is pooping in his old shirt doesn't seem to matter!)


Aug. 24th, 2007 11:15 pm
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Nothing terrible has happened so far this week! Yay! True, the baby has been sick, but even that has not been as dreadful as I had feared her first illness would be. It was a pretty mild cold, and although she was uncomfortable some of the time, she slept through most of it (except that first night.. poor M) and the saline drops helped so much more than I expected them to. I did kind of feel terrible about it last night. Can you imagine being held down by the two people you love the most in the world, who have only ever done NICE things for you, while one of them drops water up your nose and the other uses that HORRIBLE thing to suck it out again? Evelyn normally really likes the suctiony bulb thing used in her mouth, but nose? No. Bad. STOP.

I just transferred a bunch of photos from the camera and really enjoyed looking through them. We have gotten a bit lazy with the transferring of pictures and it has been quite a while since the last time we've done it. In short, we have been like Other People instead of Obsessive Picture Taking People. My mom called me with a sad story yesterday. My dad wanted to have a picture of Evelyn at work, so he went through the stack of photos that they have of the baby and picked out a really cute one from one of our photo shoot sessions. We have turned the sunroom/guest room bed into an occasional staging area for pseudo-studio photos, and occasionally we.. oh, never mind. We're hopeless, I know. We have not yet taken a picture of anything she has produced in her diaper so maybe we are still redeemable? Anyway. They were at lunch, so he set it aside in a napkin, but he forgot to take it with him when they left... and it got thrown away. Poor baby. Her grandparents carelessly allowed her photo to be tossed into the trash at Wendy's. ;) Not that I would give them a hard time about it or anything.

I have spent my free time in the last few days making diapers. I finally found a free pattern that I could follow that is super cute and easy! I made two a while back using [ profile] mayna's tutorial but my basic template (that I drew myself) was off, so they don't fit her quite right, and I got lazy and so I never got around to fine-tuning the template to try again. The two I made are getting too small anyway, so it would have required a whole new template anyway. I have learned so much about sewing this year! I still have a lot to learn, but I have figured out quite a lot of stuff during this diaper business. I don't really know if I'm doing things the accepted way but it's looking better and better, which is neat. It's a quick pattern, though I have changed enough of it that it's not AS fast as it was. The original pattern expected you to use a pin to close it, and.. no, so I had to add velcro. And elastic to the back because I think it's worth some effort to keep the poo in. But they're really, really cute. No, really. Look.

evie diaper

I am pretty excited because I could actually imagine using these regularly, and making enough of them to actually make a difference in our stash. Diapers are expensive--cheaper than disposables in the long run (for most people) but it's still pretty pricey, especially if you get into it and can only buy new instead of used. I am really enjoying the sewing process--or rather, having sewed things that I actually use. Anyway, the second picture has the diaper I made this afternoon, and I am totally in love with the ruffled edges on the legs--I sewed that differently than the other ones I've made. It's adorable... if I do say so myself.

Random note: do you realize that you save five dollars per year for every bill you pay online instead of mailing in a check with a stamp? Considering that I pay at least six bills online monthly, that's thirty bucks a year! Or, one month of cable service. Free! I have been doing it for convenience but it's pretty neat how occasionally, convenient is cheaper. That's pretty unique.
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Just about everyone in the cloth diapering communities talks about how their child is a "super soaker" or a "heavy wetter". I don't doubt that they experience that very thing, but since everyone says it, I can't help but wonder if perhaps it's just that any pee = too much pee. ;) Just kidding. Mostly. I can't talk because we're having absorbency problems here ourselves, but that's just because she has really, really outgrown her diapers and I can't figure out what to order yet, so I keep procrastinating while my child wears the diaper equivalent of a thong. It fits her just fine, but the rise is much too low. I have four diapers that fit her perfectly well but they're getting used only at night these days--we moved away from using disposables at night a couple of weeks ago. I really, really need to make a decision and order some, and make a few more myself, too. I've thought about just throwing a prefold on her instead, but the one time I tried it recently, she screamed like I was beating her. I guess my technique is off, or she is a prissy baby. Or both. In any case, in the time it took me to finish up this post (read: the entire day, because: see next paragraph) I ordered a dozen FuzziBunz seconds because they are $12. I was going to go the fitted route but they're just as expensive as everything else. Most people seem to buy and sell used diapers, but M refuses to budge on that issue and I am a tad squeamish myself so I don't insist. I guess I don't buy used underwear, either. Of course, my underwear doesn't cost ten or twenty bucks each, either.

My child has discovered that she really doesn't need to nap as much as she used to. That means that I don't really have as much free time this week and it's too bad because I have a lot going on and I don't have time to get to everything. M was gone until ten pm last night, making it my longest day yet with her (fourteen hours). I started wondering just how single parents, or even just mothers whose husbands don't help with the kids, as is the case in most of my family, manage. I can't imagine doing all of this on my own. She is also not yet at a stage where she can do much on her own to entertain herself, except for mobile time. She loves the fishies.

I think we should make a list of all the required posts that all parents seem to make at one time or another (or every day) and keep score. The "when will this child sleep?" post, the "oh, funny poop story" post, the "how do single parents do it?" post, the "my kid is so cute" posts, the "someone did something mean to my kid" post, the "should we have another baby?" post, the "my kid is so smart" post, the "i was so embarrassed by my child" post, the "I don't have time to do..." posts. What other posts do you read over and over in the blog world? There are plenty more non-kid related ones. "This is what I had for dinner" probably tops the list. For what it's worth, I kind of like reading about what people had for dinner. I guess that's why I am not a good blogger.

I am feeling really good about my evening's work because M's hair finally got cut. The baby (who is now taking a long nap because I have been telling people today how she doesn't nap that well anymore, but I won't knock it) tends to not give us that much time in the evenings, so M has been looking sort of hairy. Which is unlike Harry, because if he suddenly spotted a fake lightning-shaped scar on his forehead, I would seriously think he is taking things too far. Oh, never mind. Bad joke.
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I did it! I finally did it! I sewed my very first diaper, using [ profile] mayna's tutorial and a template that I knocked off from a FuzziBunz diaper. It was pretty easy, even for someone with my limited sewing skills. It even fits her, sorta! I started to make one before she was born and I actually had free time on my hands, but I got stuck on the template and left it all lying on the table for a month. Another tutorial I saw recently inspired me to use the FuzziBunz as a basic shape. There are several things I don't like about the shape (too pointy) but I know what to change in my template now, which I didn't before. I put it on her this afternoon--it doesn't fit super well, but she wore it and it didn't leak. What more can you ask for?

Mine is the multi-colored one on the right. It's pictured with the diaper I copied the template from. The fabric is mostly flannel from the $1/yard table at WalMart.

I also took a picture of our little changing table basket in the bathroom, because I think it's kind of nice. You really don't have to be so fiddly with putting diaper laundry away, but I enjoy it because it's so cute. I rearranged the stack of wipes to feature the recycled Hawaiian-shirt wipes I mentioned yesterday. Usually, by the way, we just wet them from the faucet before we use them--there was a discussion before she was born on how the wipes would be used. Sometimes I fold a few and put them in a disposable wipes container wet. I made a water/witch hazel solution today. I need to keep wet ones ready more than I do, because I would like to limit how many times per day I get my hands wet--they've dried out and are cracked and bleeding just like it was winter.

The ones on the bottom left are the ones we use the most, Kissaluvs 0s. M loves them, which I think is cute. I expected him to like the ones that are most like disposables, but he likes the ones that require extra covers.

I was extra tired tonight, so what did I do? Bonus points to whoever answered "stay up later than usual"! Why am I such a dork about going to sleep? I need to wrap this up, so much as usual, I would like you to insert your own brilliant conclusionary paragraph here. I have always been bad at tying it all together at the end.
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1. My mom has an appointment today to discuss "abnormalities" that they found on Wednesday during an ultrasound of her heart. They called her yesterday as she was leaving my house to schedule her appointment for Monday, and then called her back five minutes later to reschedule it for today at one, citing a "cancellation". Someone canceled in five minutes? I can't help but worry about this, of course, and then again even more so that they think she needs to come in so very immediately. I told her that it would all be fine but to be honest, I'm not so sure and I hate it when I have something that's actually valid for me to worry about. Update (since it took me all day to write this): there is apparently fluid around her heart. More tests to follow, but I got the feeling that the doctor wasn't terribly concerned quite yet, and said that some people just have some fluid there. He is, however, concerned about a vitamin D deficiency. That's at least the impression that I got.. I just talked to her for a few minutes while she was waiting to have more bloodwork done. Blah.

2. M finally got his American passport last week. He only applied for it at the beginning of March or so. I'm glad we didn't have a trip scheduled. Our local news show (which I have watched a little bit now that I am not working and I must say, I find extremely amusing at times) has done at least two segments in the last few weeks about how much of a delay the passport office is on. We were getting a little antsy about it, though, since of course they make you send in your original certificate of naturalization, and we are rather more comfortable having that one in our fire-safe box. You never know.

3. Lots and lots of people in the cloth diapering communities rave about tea tree oil. It's a natural disinfectant (added to laundry a few drops at a time) and also used for odor control, apparently. They talked about it so much that I finally figured out where to buy it locally (WalMart has it, in the vitamin section) and made sure that I had some before the baby came. It's been sitting on my kitchen table for literally months now, in a small little brown bottle that has prompted questions from people. After I actually started doing diaper laundry--you would not really believe how little trouble the laundry is, by the way--I just didn't feel the need for it so I never bothered using it. I happened to see it today and added a few drops to the little fabric flap on my diaper pail liner (made for odor eliminating stuff) and.. oh geez. No one ever mentioned how much the tea tree oil itself stinks. The hallway around my bathroom now smells like something exploded in the back room of an old-time pharmacy... or I guess how I imagine that would smell. By the way, have I ever told you that I have a bit of a gift for describing smells? Though this one is not all that terrific, come to think of it. Anyway, I can safely say that I would rather smell poo than this stuff--I've thrown it all into the wash again in hopes of getting rid of the smell. Also, I think I engaged in a discussion last weekend about how my daughter's shit does not stink. It made me laugh, later, because of that old expression about people who think their shit doesn't stink and all. That wasn't what I meant. I didn't even really mean that it doesn't stink, because it certainly does. The point I was trying to make was that the smell does not tend to linger... except when it's a disposable diaper. I imagine people think it's an acceptable trade-off, but the smell that comes from disposable diapers is vicious in comparison to the smell of cloth diapers. Ironic, really, since that's the first thing everyone asks us about when they hear we're using cloth--how we stand the smell. Well. Second thing. I guess the first is about laundry, or maybe our sanity.

4. Sadly, caffeine seems to make Evelyn a bit cranky. I had honestly not given much thought to the food/breastfeeding relationship. I tried not to think about or plan for breastfeeding much at all, to be honest, because I was afraid that I would be even more disappointed if I couldn't make it work. That was kind of dumb, really, but it worked out, so it's okay. Do you have any idea how much I am missing Pepsi right now? It was almost a craving, during pregnancy. It tasted better than any beverage has ever tasted in my life. I tried to keep it to one a day, or maybe two on special days, and all the while I was just kind of assuming I would be able to drink it again with abandon after she was born. However, I have been given lots of familial advice on what will hurt her belly--onions, for the biggest example, followed by spicy foods in general and also broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. I had read that most women don't really have to avoid any foods, so I finally asked one of the breastfeeding cousins if she had actually tried any of those things and found that it hurt the baby's belly. She looked at me like I was on crack. Of course she hadn't tried it, everyone knows that it will. So, you will be happy to know that onions, in moderation, do not seem to hurt the baby's stomach, because I had to try it for myself. It's not that I want to eat a diet consisting solely of foods that hurt my baby, but it is REALLY hard for me to cook without onions. It's just kind of what I do. So I'm glad to find that it doesn't seem to hurt her so far. Maybe caffeine will stop affecting her with time, too. I am so freaking sick of 7-UP.

5. Geeks of more experience than me... do I actually need to pre-order the last Harry Potter book? There was a sign with a pre-registration form at WalMart. I was really just planning on popping in the next day to pick one up. I would just order it from Amazon in advance but they won't ship it until the day it's officially available, right? Also, I must confess that for some unknown reason I called Evelyn my little Muggle baby the other day. I am not so sure why but I think it's because I'm a dork.
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I don't even know why I am bothering to start writing this because I can hear a baby beginning to squawk in the other room. There is just no other word for what she does. I think all that time calling her "Ducky" has affected her somehow. She squawks and she says "äääh". M is very proud of her for starting off with a Swedish letter.

I buckled under intense pressure by my mom and my husband, and we let her try a pacifier this weekend. I insisted on waiting at least two weeks to make sure the whole breastfeeding thing would work out--they say to wait two weeks to a month. Did I ever mention that I have a pacifier aversion? I can't remember. It is not that I have a problem with them as a concept, and I recognize that they are wonderfully functional and useful. I just think they're horribly ugly, and I didn't want to have a stack of baby photos where you can't even see her face for the great big old piece of plastic. She did not care for it the first time, which I confess made me smirk a bit, and then she finally got the hang of it the second time. We've given it to her a couple of times since then, and she will suck on it industriously for a few minutes before getting tired of it. The reason I gave in really is that there is a slight SIDS reduction benefit, supposedly, so not letting her try it because of my own vanity is just not something I would do. I hate how it looks even more than I thought I would, though. I worry about the stupidest things sometimes.

Then, the cloth diapers. We are still doing that, part-time. I have nine fancy diapers and a stack of prefolds. Three of the fancies are too big yet, and so we have only six to play with besides the prefolds. We haven't quite figured the prefold thing out yet--I know the theory of how to fold the stupid things, but yet, attempting to do it is another matter. I'm going to order more fancy ones, which I hate to do because she won't be wearing these tiny diapers for that much longer. We are now using the cloth wipes almost full-time (not for traveling) after a very slow start. M is totally on board with the cloth diapers, and is actually the one requesting that I order more of the diapers. He is so on board that he's all for it even though I'm not really allowed to do laundry, so he's been doing most of the diaper laundry. (I am cheating somewhat with baby clothes and diaper laundry, but they don't weigh much so it barely counts.) His own particular sticking point has been how soft and lovely they are, and how good you feel about putting them on her because they look so comfortable. I knew he agreed with the cloth diapers in theory--it was basically his idea--but I wondered how it would go over once we were actually changing diapers.

I think there was one more thing that I thought I should mention since I talked about it before I actually had a baby, but I can't remember what it is. She is making even more wake-up noises so I don't have time to think about it any more, though. Must run!
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There is this cloth diaper hunt thing going on in May. I sat down to play a minute and suddenly lost an entire hour mindlessly clicking around looking for a blue diaper icon. It is so, so addicting. They're giving away prizes to the winners (randomly) and apparently I am a sucker because I couldn't stop myself from playing. I've found eleven so far. Apparently I thought i needed another time-waster right now. Brilliant.

We made an emergency trip to WalMart tonight to buy some compression hose for my poor, poor feet. Sexy! I can't wait.

After waiting eight weeks or something absurd like that for this night, I managed to not watch Veronica Mars after all. My mom had called before it came on, so I would have missed the first few minutes at least. I rather prefer watching them without commercials anyway, and it takes twenty minutes less time.

I was the target of stealth photography today. I looked up to find [ profile] starrflowerr taking a picture of my ginormous belly. I feel like a tourist attraction. Yes, we work sometimes, why do you ask?

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Apr. 20th, 2007 09:33 pm
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M's computer is well on its way to recovery tonight, and I am happy to say that it is largely because of me. I knew absolutely nothing about hardware when we first got married, but I had two or three rather brilliant suggestions that led to him a) not losing any of his files, as opposed to all of them and b) fixing his alarming partition problem that rendered upwards of 400 GB of his new hard drive unpartitionable. (Not the big hard drive issue, this was something else.) He is rewarding me by forcing me to play Swedish big band jazz from the 30s. It is a hard life.

I have been on my feet too much this evening and they are really showing it, which is frustrating because I still have a bit of energy left for doing things but I am going to have to go lay down so my feet are still operable. I doubt there's much chance I'll get up from the couch still in the mood to work. I am nesting hard-core the last few days, except for yesterday, when I was just too tired to do anything. Today involved sorting, hanging and storing the rest of the duckling's clothes, except for the things that need to go in a drawer, and all of that is stacked neatly in the closet. I have a load of baby stuff going now, and the last of the diaper pre-washing loads are drying now. All of the prefolds and the fitteds that I bought require a gazillion washes with hot water before use to increase absorbency. And, just when I finished up the first batch, in probably seven cycles of washing-drying.. I found two that hadn't been done. Ouch. I have done a lot of laundry in the last few weeks. Practice, I guess. :) Now all that's left to do is all the stuff on all nine lists! Argh. M keeps telling me that it'll be okay if we don't have everything done before she gets here but that is just not how I operate. I do have Monday off, so hopefully I'll be able to knock some of the smaller stuff off my list. Eighteen more work days (or less!) until maternity leave starts. Gah. That sounds soon.
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M and I took today off work in order to get some real-life workday baby stuff done. Namely, I had a doctor appointment (34 weeks tomorrow, btw) and then we had plans to visit some daycares, and then my parents were coming by on their way back from a funeral in the more-western part of the state. I wanted to go to this funeral, but it was three hours from here and I had things scheduled... but mainly, I just didn't want to be three hours away from the hospital at this point. I might go to visit family one more time (two hours) before the baby is born but that's about my limit, I think. The funeral was for a man who used to work with my dad when we lived away. That sounds inadequate as a description--we traveled around together with a group of people for all those years, and we were always away from our family/friends so we spent a lot of time together. I was a construction brat as opposed to a military brat. :)

We met a new doctor today, and we now only have one more to go and then we'll have met them all. He was totally unconcerned with the anemia topic. As a matter of fact, he was not terribly concerned with anything other than how very Swedish M is. Kidding. Sorta. He really was interested--the first thing he asked about when he walked in was the name and where we were from. He was thinking of Magnus Samuelson, the guy who won the world's strongest man competition a few times. He did do the doctor thing appropriately as well, though. Anyway, he basically said that different doctors interpret the numbers differently, and he wouldn't have said anything much about my results, so it's not dangerously low or anything. Heartbeat was good, and he poked at my swollen legs and told me to lay off the bad carbs and drink plenty of water. There was also a trace of protein in the urine, so here's hoping that was a fluke. Didn't you want to read all about my urine? They measured my belly and it was right on target. Most astonishingly of all, we were out of there in half an hour, total, including waiting times. That has basically never happened.

Since we got out of the doctor so early, we went to Choice B daycare first, and had a look around. I don't mean to imply that it was BAD, but there were a few things about it that we didn't care for. First of all, it was complete chaos. I have honestly never been in a daycare in my life until this morning, but the impression we got was that the building was too small for that many kids. It seemed kind of like a people factory--somewhat impersonal and a bit junky. The biggest complaint we had was that the front doors were open. We walked right in, and there were kids in there. It was pretty close to the road--what's going to stop a kid from running outside, or a stranger from coming in to snatch a baby? We left there and went to lunch, and afterwards, we headed over to Choice A daycare, which is the one just by our house. We arrived during naptime, and the infant teacher took us around the whole place and explained more things than we had any idea we should know about. The woman can talk, let's just say that. The experience was extremely positive. First of all, they keep their doors locked pretty much all day, and you have to talk to an intercom to get in. I liked that a lot. There are only five babies at a time there, and forty kids in total. They've never had anyone ask about cloth diapers, but the teacher just said, "hey, I'll give it a try if you want and we'll see how it goes." We left and returned home to get ready for our next errand (shopping) and decided to go ahead and reserve our slot, since three of five slots were already filled for this fall. The deposit was just $25. I figure that is extremely reasonable. If, for some reason, we decide not to go there (can't really imagine us choosing anywhere else since this one turned out to be so positive) ... that's not much money to lose.. but daycares with infant slots are a bit of a rarity. Anyway, we stopped back in to hand over our money fifteen minutes later, and the director had already heard all about our conversation, and she brought up the cloth diapers again. She basically said the same thing, but added that she did need to check with the state daycare regulation thingie to make sure that there were no restrictions on doing it. That is perfectly fine--I mean, I want them to adhere to state regulations! Also, I don't think there will be a problem... that helps. So, we have a daycare, and they were excited about us coming there--I think it helps that we bought the parsonage. (This also means that we already paid the equivalent of our weekly fee eleven hundred times or something to the church already--or twenty years of daycare services. Cripes, that's a lot of money.) And we were invited to church. ;)

Then my parents came down, and I backed out on cooking dinner (which is why we had gone shopping) and we went out for Mexican. (Bearno's-equivalent.) I hate picking the restaurant because no matter what, someone isn't happy and then I feel guilty. My mom is really picky about certain things. They always make me choose, though, and will never give me anything at all.. even stuff like "not fast food" or "cheap". For once, both of my parents really enjoyed their meal, though, and my mom suggested that it was actually better than our gold-star standard of Mexican food in our hometown. Wow! Or, maybe she was just humoring me because I am hugely pregnant and sick and miserable. It was really good, though. And for once, I didn't have to feel bad about choosing the restaurant poorly.


Mar. 26th, 2007 09:16 pm
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M came in this morning to suggest that I go in to work a few hours late because I'd been tossing and turning all night long. I dragged myself out of bed anyway and headed to work. I looked in the mirror and complained about how I looked like crap, but the boyo assured me that I looked perfectly fine, perhaps a little tired. And then I met my former boss/current boss-on-paper (it's complicated) as I was walking inside, and he looks over and laughs at me. "You look miserable!" he said. Oh, well. It was sweet of M to try lying to me. We're going to change our bed around a bit tonight and hope that I can get a little more sleep. For one thing, we're bringing the fan upstairs, since I am too hot, and taking some covers off the bed. That makes me sad because I love curling up under the covers. It probably makes M happy because he has just tolerated my heavy bedding needs previously.

I received the rest of my diapers today and I have my prefolds in the washer. They need washed/dried a bunch of times before they're absorbent (a quality I very much want in a diaper!) so I guess that will be a week-long project. I intended to boil them (to decrease the number of washings) but I lost my patience. I somehow managed to put every single fun diaper in the shipment that I received last, so I was pretty excited to open up the bag. You know how cute they are? They are so cute that I hold them up and M goes "AWWW!" You know it's extreme cuteness when a man squeals in delight at a diaper.

My ankles have been swollen for a week or two now, and I can't stop looking at them in morbid fascination. I have never, ever had fat legs. I actually have shapely calves that do not exactly fit the rest of my body. I would say that it is too bad M is not a leg man except that the asset he is most interested in is supplied in even more abundance. I don't know if I can blame this on pregnancy but I had a loosening of the tongue this weekend and made several very inappropriate comments to my mom and my cousin regarding quite racy topics. That wouldn't have been too surprising had M not been sitting right there blushing like a little girl. Must work on restraint on these matters.

I'd like to talk about non-pregnancy items, too, but it's pretty hard to think of much else than the fact that I am incubating a small person at this stage, since she seems to enjoy reminding me at every opportunity. Maybe someday soon I will think of something unrelated to gestation. Or not. In any case, one of my parents is on the phone now talking to M (I'm guessing Dad) and I will need to answer the phone here in a minute, and then I'm off to bed, so I have to wrap this up faster than I planned. Toodles.
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I return to you now at the turn of the tide as a Baby Basic expert. Or something. We had a two-hour class tonight on the basics of taking care of a baby, and... well. It wasn't horrible. It was largely a waste of time, with a couple of good pieces of information and a handful of WTF thrown in. We had to buy a doll to take with us to class, because I kept forgetting to borrow one from the small girly creatures in my family. (I think we will return this one because it is kinda creepy.) There were seven couples in the class, and only two of us actually brought a doll. The others claimed not to have been informed, which is plausible, but.. didn't they get a letter? We got a letter. Then again, we weren't told to bring a pillow and blanket to the last class, so maybe not.

Anyway. It was a bit.. political, which made me a bit uncomfortable at times. Did you know that babies don't even notice when they're being circumcised except that they dislike being tied down? She spent a good five minutes expounding upon this theme. I really don't feel the need to open a debate or anything, but I'm sorry, I just don't believe that. There are some pro-circ arguments that I can accept, but "it doesn't hurt anyway" has never been one of them. I would never volunteer an unsolicited opinion on anyone else's child's genitalia, but I just can't imagine someone using that as the reason for doing it, so it surprised me to hear an extended lecture about how wonderful it was--and she totally knew what she was saying because she did point out that it wasn't "propaganda" or anything. I think that her phrasing it like that automatically means that it IS propaganda, but I am feeling cynical tonight anyway--I suppose I should think that she was just trying to make sure that the couples planning on doing it wouldn't worry about it, but I think it's a bit dishonest to tell parents that it doesn't hurt just so they won't worry.

I also asked about their policy regarding cloth diapers in the hospital--I don't really plan on starting with that before we get home anyway, but I did want to know in case I change my mind. She said that it would be fine as long as we really let them know what was going on, and then added that I should bring "plenty of pins" and everyone in the nursery would be a bit leery of how to handle her, because I am the last of a dying breed. (On a completely different subject, that's one of the best things to say to annoy a tatter, if you ever feel the need.) It was just odd because I could not be the only person who has EVER broached the subject with them--she is a labor and delivery/nursery nurse, after all! I know for a fact that there are other cloth diaper users in Frankfort, as one of them is helping run a LJ diaper coop. I would have expected the instructor to at least have been familiar with it to some small degree. She just struck me as being pretty anti-crunch, which is fine, really. (She also made fun of La Leche League and the lactation ladies on staff who are "religious" about breastfeeding.) I didn't get the feeling she was a bad nurse, and not even that she was a bad instructor, it was just unexpected. Maybe I am just spoiled from hanging out with my online friends and I forget that we're the minority, not the majority.

The best part of the evening, though, and worth the price of admission (admittedly, free) was a door hanger that was included in the folder they gave us. I went to find it just now so I could scan and post it, but I think we left it in the car. It had a cute picture of a sleeping baby, with a "Shhh, baby sleeping!" message at the top and a printed reminder on the bottom of the card that you should always put baby to sleep on their back to prevent SIDS.

The baby sleeping in the picture? Was on her stomach.

You just can't find quality irony like that every day.
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I finally made myself sit down last night and order diapers and supplies. I spent just under $300, which sounds insane. Some of that cost will be spread over my entire diapering career (which will hopefully include more than just Ducky.) Cloth diapering has a lot of upfront costs, and we didn't, by any means, go the cheapest route that we could have--we should definitely still save money in the long run, but not as much as we would have if we'd stuck with the cheapest stuff. (But then, money is only one of three of our primary objectives, so it evens out--the environment and health benefits being the other two.) Another rule that we have set up is that we are buying only new stuff--at least at this point. I'm not that squeamish about the concept of using diapers that another kid has worn, exactly. I AM squeamish about the concept of bad, bad people who sell their used diapers with resistant staph infections thrown in for free. I read about an incidence of this happening on some forum somewhere, and it kind of made me realize that there's an element of trust in the used diaper game besides just with money. I am absolutely sure that almost all of the people who sell used diapers (do you have any idea how MANY people do this?) are selling their stuff in excellent, disease-free condition. I am also sure that this is something that a worrywart like myself just does not need to participate in right now. Reason #429928 that excessive worrying is inconvenient: it costs a lot of money.

This paragraph will be of interest to almost no one, but here's what I bought: three dozen Indian prefolds, a few Snappis, a pail liner, a wet bag, a total of eight covers (two of which were "free") in a mixture of newborn and small sizes and Bummis/Prorap/Imse Vimse brands, six newborn Kissaluvs, three Bum Genius 2.0 one-size diapers and one small Fuzzi Bunz just because I think they're cute. I intend to try to make a few fitteds myself, but I need to either find or draw a base pattern, and I find that a little daunting without an actual baby to test my finished products on. I ordered from Diaperware and No Pins 4 Baby.

Our day of shopping yesterday was fun, although (as expected) shorter than I really wished. I struck out on the pants, so I guess I'll be without jeans for a while, but I did buy three shirts. I have been in a shirt-catastrophe situation for weeks. We also stopped in at the crunchiest store I have ever seen in my entire life. It was so hippy that we sat in the car for a few minutes trying to work up the nerve to go inside. I found them by searching for cloth diaper sales in Lexington. It came complete with a woman breastfeeding openly in the middle of the store. Not that I have a problem with that by any means, but it sure emphasized what kind of store it was because you get thrown out of WalMart for that sort of thing. ;) I was actually thinking of buying diapers there and supporting a local business, but I just can't handle supporting a local business by paying $4.50 PER ITEM more than the online price... including the online price of THEIR OWN STORE. Not all of their prices were that bad, but that happened to be the one that I was planning on buying. I am glad that they're there, though, and may very well go back sometime for other stuff. My mom looks at me sometimes, when I tell her these things, and I can see the question in her eyes--where did I ever go wrong? ;) (kidding! My mom is generally pretty supportive even when she thinks I'm loony.)

I have been a bit on the defensive lately because I know that all decisions that I make will be judged by countless other parents who have (or whose partner has) squeezed out a baby. Everyone keeps assuring me that I don't have to worry about what other people think. The funny thing is that I don't, exactly. I am not planning on changing my mind on the things that are important to me because someone in my social circle doesn't approve--kind of the reverse. I am fairly contrary, and the more people nag me, the less likely I am to change my mind. I'm a Taurus, we're like that. Why was it so important to everyone that I stop being honest and start using more tact, when apparently no one else is required to play by the same rules? My mom nagged me for years to keep me from saying just what I thought at any time because she was tired of soothing ruffled feathers. No one ever tries to hold anything back when they're telling me what they think.

Actually, due to a resurgence of interest and discussion at work about the Meyers-Brigg personality type thing, I ran upon an article about INFJs that I think pretty much hits it. The article was claiming that people take things much more personally coming from an INFJ than they do from others, and specifically from INTJs (which M is, which is one reason it was so interesting.) That's pretty true--people are less likely to be offended by something M says than something I say. I believe the theory is because INFJs have a tendency to know what people are thinking, so any criticism feels more personal. I don't know. I just find it exhausting because what it means is that someone asks me a question, I answer them, they tell me that I am crazy for doing that when it's so much easier to do it the way THEY did it, and then they are somehow really offended when I very carefully--because I am now one with the tact--stick to my original plan. I just don't quite think that's fair but that seems to be what happens. I didn't say that their way was wrong, after all! So I have been disclaimering my way through the last few months, and.. well, really, it doesn't help so I guess I might as well stop, and start getting everyone mad at me in preparation for Ducky's actual arrival when my contrary side comes out even further. ;)
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Now I have a cold! Or at least, the cold segment of my illness, because it's so nice to drag it all out for days and days. M is fretting that I did too much yesterday to make myself feel so much worse today, but I'm guessing that it would have happened regardless. I don't think I fully wrote about yesterday. My parents came down, I know I mentioned that. They also brought my niece and her best friend, and we met them for lunch across town. Then when we were all back at the house, M and my dad were off in the bathroom most of the time, and us girls played Scattergories most of the afternoon (after the niece's best friend scared the living daylights out of my mom and me by falling during their jumping around.. flat on her stomach on our hardwood floors.) Then, my aunt and uncle called and were on their way down. They had been invited originally but declined on the basis of there not being much room in the car. My uncle had never been down here, so they ended up shopping halfway here and decided to come on. After the menfolk finished on the bathroom, we watched the ultrasound video and then went out to eat. Didn't really want to go out to eat because it was just after I started feeling sick again, and we had already eaten out once that day and I wasn't that hungry and we don't like to wait half an hour or more to get a table, plus slow service (Saturday night) and issues of time, but I also didn't want to not go because here is my family, eating in my town after driving all the way down here to see us, so we went, of course.

I woke up thinking that I would be able to help M with the cleanup and work on the bedroom today, since there is no longer a toxic chemical smell in there. He won't let me, though, since I'm still sick, and worse than yesterday. So, since I'm sitting here doing nothing much, I've spent most of the morning on the cloth diaper question. I have been researching this frequently for short periods of time since before I mentioned it the first time, but today, I finally realized that I now know enough that it is time to start writing things down, making notes and creating a list. To me, the biggest problem with cloth diapers is not the prospect of nasty laundry or the added inconvenience. The biggest problem is that it's completely overwhelming and I am starting from ground zero, having no baby yet to figure out what kind would likely work for us, and having no previous babies to even help me guess at what it will be like. Also, there are a blue million moms selling cloth diapers in order to work form home, and you can also buy them used, too, at various prices. Disposables? I have no qualms about choosing disposable diapers. You go to WalMart, you buy a package. If there's a problem, next time you buy something different. I am a good consumer. I am familiar with that process. I am not familiar with this terminology, and I have a low tolerance for cutesy--which is kind of a problem with many of these sites.

I have, however, decided that we will giving it a shot, because I have realized that we will not be satisfied if we don't at least try it. It suits us, as a concept. It may very well NOT suit us as a lifestyle, but the concept does. I mean, M makes his own stringed instruments and my big (dormant, sadly) hobby is creating lace from bits of string. We're just not people who must do things because they're easy. We're also cheap (I believe the PC term is "frugal" but let's just be honest about it, okay?) and buying things that we can reuse with a potential second baby is completely our sort of thing. There's an initial cost investment but that's not really an issue--even if we actually spent the same amount of money on cloth as disposables, we would then have them for any future kids, and they can also be sold if we decide we don't like it. I can't foresee whether we will stick with it or not. Random internet reading leads me to believe that once people try it, they love it--but you know, the problem with those sites is that the people who try it and hate it just don't stick around and post glowing reviews, and it's going to be a certain type of person who tries it to begin with. It's terribly one-sided information, so I can't make any predictions. I have also given myself permission to not be too upset about it if it doesn't work out. I don't believe disposable diapers are evil or bad, after all, and to be honest, I think they're kinda cute. So, it will work out. I even have some ideas on what I might need to get started. I got a little bored with it for now, but I think I will make an order fairly soon. The other nice thing about this is that there isn't a single person who will want to buy us cloth diapers, so they're perfectly safe for ordering before the shower. :) Well, unless I change my mind again, but I'm not planning to. I am beginning to feel weirder about having not bought anything than I previously felt weird about buying things, so I guess that answers my question of when I'll be ready to buy stuff for the baby. Speaking of which, I'm 25 weeks now--about two thirds of the way there!
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I am kind of interested in using cloth diapers with Ducky. Maybe. Well, I am thinking that it's our best option, but I'm still not sure that it's the right one for us. I don't know if I* would like it, or if I could stay with it, or if the dirty diaper laundry would drive me crazy. My own reasons for considering it, if anyone is curious, has to do with the amount of money that you literally throw away, the amount of waste (both diaper and human waste) that ends up in landfills and the health benefits. Honestly, the original factor was that disposable diapers have *possibly* been linked to male infertility. That's when M and I started wondering about the ethics of us, as an infertile couple, using a product that we are aware might lead to the same problem in our kid. (By the way, please don't take this wrong. I really have no opinion about how someone else diapers their kids. It's not something we feel strongly about, just something that we have discussed upon occasion and committed to researching more before deciding. I don't have stats handy about what sort of link it is, or how accurate it is--that's part of what I plan to research. It is entirely likely that we will end up using disposables with any and all of our kids, regardless of what said research finds. But, have you met me? I WORRY. And then I Google.)

Anyway, the world of cloth diapering is big and complicated, and I began delving into the researching tonight. There are all these abbreviations and a variety of types and methods and there are a blue million moms selling their own diaper supplies on their websites. It's a completely foreign language to me, but I'm gradually picking up on it. I think Google is pretty adequately prepared with resources to help me decide whether or not I should give it a whirl and how to get started, and I've bookmarked the LJ community, etc. It's the more personal side I was curious about.

1. Have any of you done the cloth diaper thing? Considered it? Tried it? Known people who did it successfully? Decided against it for a practical reason that I'm not thinking about? Had no interest in it?
2. Will you make fun of me if I use cloth diapers?
3. Will you make fun of me if I decide, before actually having a baby, to use cloth diapers and then give it up because it's driving me crazy?
4. Am I too concerned with what people think about the whole diaper deal, as judging from these last three questions? I think I may be worried about the reaction from my family, who I suspect will be ready to see an insult that isn't intended. I love them but I know how they are.
5. Am I just thinking about this because I am contrary and weird and like to make things difficult for myself?
6. How much self-reflection is actually involved in a decision like this, anyway? I think I should have skipped that pop psychology class in college.

*M is also involved in this decision, but he is of the opinion that I am the one who does laundry, and so I get to make the final decision. I think he's generally in the pro-cloth camp, but from a theoretical standpoint rather than a practical one. On a secondary note, this will also probably be a joint cloth/disposable household even if we go that route, because I think that disposables are what daycares require. (Not positive there, but that's my impression.)

There are an embarrassing number of disclaimers in this post. I need to work on that--and I did edit out half of them. You all should know that I think you're good parents, or I wouldn't ask for your opinions, but there are nasty places on the internet called "mommy blogs" where trolls lurk and say mean things about the way one raises their kids, and I have spent too much time in those scary places.

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