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Evelyn is at my parents house tonight. Since my in-laws are arriving on Wednesday, it completely messes up our normal visiting schedule. I was missing them, so we met them for dinner halfway between here and there (About 45 minutes for each of us.) My dad suggested that E bring her clothes if she wanted to come home with them, and of course she did. Staying with Granny and Grandpa is one of her favorite things. Anyway, as we got in the car to head home, we were talking about how it's not like it was, say three, four years ago. We'd get in the car and breathe a little sigh of freedom. Of course you love them dearly but a chance to pee alone for a day or two is pretty fabulous, you know. Now it was just sort of.. meh. Seven-year-old kids are not a lot of trouble and grief. I will hopefully be able to get a little more done while she's gone, though. I am so way behind on job stuff.

I am typing this while standing up. Yesterday, it hit me that I could move the printer on my desk to a little side table, and then stick my monitor and keyboard up there. I have an overturned plastic storage tub with a mousemat on top for the mouse. Unfortunately, my feet started off the standing desk experiment kind of hurting.. we've been busy with housework this weekend. It's actually a great height for it, even. I can't believe I never thought of doing this earlier.

We did have a little bit of excitement yesterday, when M went to open the windows to remove the outside panes and shattered one of the smaller inside panes in Evie's room. But, he went to Lowe's and bought glass and came home and replaced it, pronto. I think it may have been our fastest home repair ever. He also replaced brake parts on his car this weekend. I like being married to a handy person.

I am not sure I am going to be able to get over the weirdness of standing up. It has made me spend less time with my computer, though. I suspect that will be valuable on its own--I do tend to get sucked into reading stupid stuff that I don't even care about when I am just sitting at my desk. It is fairly easy to put it back, but I'm going to try to spend a majority of my time standing for a few days, at least. My tailbone is still sore.

I have started watching Orange is the New Black this weekend on Netflix and I am kind of fascinated by it. I have never had HBO or any of the other un-rated type of cable channel so I am totally not used to naked people walking around. Or people peeing on-screen. Or..other things. I have always been boring and law-abiding, so the idea of carrying drug money for my girlfriend just out of college and then going to prison for it ten years later is completely out of my realm of imagination. Am not very far into it yet but I like it so far.

I got dressed before we left for dinner and was feeling oddly constricted and uncomfortable. That is when I realized that I have not had on a bra since Monday. That is awesome.
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I completely forgot that I didn't finish my story about The Sims yesterday. Evie came into the kitchen, looking very concerned. M and I were both sitting at the table, and she said, "My guy didn't turn white."

Knowing that she was talking about the male half of her Sims household, we still turned to her in confusion. "What do you mean?" we asked.

"My guy. They got married but he still didn't turn white."

"Well, was he white before?" I asked, stupidly.

"No! And they got married, and he still isn't white."

At this point, M and I are looking at each other with great trepidation. "Well, that's okay," I told her. "They don't both have to be white." I am surprised at this conversation because she has previously not paid the slightest bit of attention to skin color. In fact, if we ask her what a classmate looks like, she will describe them for several minutes before thinking to add that they have brown skin. "Did you think he would turn white because they got married?"

"YES! She is white, so he should be white too!"

Seriously. No clue that my child had such strong feelings about skin color?? A bit panicked now. We have failed as parents.

"Well, skin color doesn't matter..." I began, and she cut me off, giving me a disgusted look.

"NOT his skin color. His MOOD. When they got married, her mood turned white but his didn't! He should be white, too!"

Umm. Oh.

The mood meter. It's green when they're just an everyday level of happy, but it's white when they're super-fab happy. Her woman was super-duper happy when she got married but the man was really not that thrilled, apparently, because he didn't... turn... white.

She didn't say that she thought we were morons, but I think we're supposed to infer it from the eye rolling.


Jul. 13th, 2010 12:12 pm
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We're finally home! That day of traveling is so rough but we had a great time while we were gone, so it was all worth it. I still can't believe that it had been five years since we were there. I really want that to not happen again. It was just too much time. It's also a little hard to believe that M has lived here almost ten years now, in October, and ten years ago this summer was the year I was in Sweden for the full summer. That was an amazing life experience sort of summer, and while I was sitting on the plane Sunday, I thought of all the other return trips I've made, including that first one where I was alone. I still had a year of college left to go and plans for M to move that fall, but if he had asked me to stay right then, I would have. I had enough self-control not to suggest it myself because it was so not the path we had chosen, but I could so easily see myself settling into life there for a while. And... where would we be now? I would have eventually found myself a job (one would hope) and then.. would we have ever gotten around to moving back here? Or would we have put down strong enough roots that we didn't want to change our whole life? And if we HAD moved back after a couple of years, as was our other plan (we considered me living there first and then moving here, but we always knew we wanted to stay here in the end) what kind of job situation would we have ended up with? And it goes without saying that we wouldn't have this house or THIS child... if we'd have had either one of those at all. It's just so freaky to think about how one decision could have changed so much.

It was interesting, though. Last time we were there, it felt completely natural, like we should be going home to our own house at the end of every day, like we were living there all along. It made us both kind of wish we COULD do the living in Sweden thing. This time, it did not feel like anything other than a vacation, and it made me feel less like I wanted to actually live there than before. It's not that there was anything BAD or WRONG that would make me say that. I think it's just that we're so settled now, here, in our own little life, that starting over sounds miserable. I know I'm just 31 but I feel too OLD for that sort of lifestyle change. So yeah. I don't want to move back, but I really want us to not go so long without visiting that it feels like everything is unfamiliar.

I don't know. It's just difficult sometimes, to be away from the other side of your family. It matters even more to me now that I have Evie, and I want her to have a close relationship with M's family, and to be familiar with her full cultural heritage.. not just the American part. As far as my inlaws go, we still don't know each other really well, because we don't get to spend that much time together, but we're much closer now than we were before say, the last time they came over to visit. I have been putting some effort into that for the last couple of years. Plus, there is still the language issue. Their English was pretty good to start with, and it's gotten better in the last ten years, with practice, but it's still not something they're totally comfortable with.

Speaking of language, my Swedish had passively improved a lot in the last five years. I'd mostly stopped trying, and had forgotten a lot of words that I knew. It was almost freaky to feel them coming back, plus some. I was at the point last time of sort of being able to hear what someone was talking about, but not necessarily what they were saying about it. This time, it was the same, except I was able to understand much larger portions of what was being said, and some entire conversations were fully processed. My biggest problem is that I am seriously shy about speaking and getting something wrong, so I get no practice with pronunciation or with stringing words together. So yeah, we're back on the bandwagon re: language. I always say this but I have a renewed determination this time, and hopefully it will stick because even before we went, I was trying hard to work on Evie's Swedish. It's dismal, to be perfectly frank. She clearly understands more than we think so does, based on a few things we noticed while there. This is the best example: M's mom told him, in Swedish, that there were nectarines in the refrigerator. She was standing across the room at the sink and not motioning at the fridge or anything. Evie looked up from her breakfast and said, "There's WHAT in the fridge, Daddy?" Completely didn't know she knew that word before. So, I think that's a promising sign. It's just daunting to consider teaching a second language to a three-year-old, but it's too late to do anything other than regret that we didn't stick with it in the beginning. I do have some pretty good ideas on where to go from here (I think) and we WILL be increasing her exposure, effective immediately. (Actually, effective three months ago to some degree, but especially now.)

Also, we may or may not have brought home thirty kids books in Swedish. Literally. They weren't all purchased by us, and some were bought used at a flea market, and the rest were bought on sale, but STILL. That is INSANE. Added to M's desire to bring home three LOGS (no kidding), we used every bit of weight we had available to us. You can have fifty pounds per suitcase. We had three of them filled up to within about a quarter of a pound each, which rather impressed the airline agent. The other was over by like two pounds--Whitley had a few pounds to spare so we threw some of our crap in there. They didn't charge us for it, at least.

We had several cameras going this time--ours, Whitley's, his mom's, and his sister's. There around something like 1,100 pictures all together (we exchanged pictures there at the end so we'd all have them.) and I still haven't seen all of them yet. So... I will post pictures after I can actually look at them myself. I'm way behind on the rest of my life so unpacking and laundry has had to come first. Also, sleeping.

Oh, just so I'll remember.. we went to Drottningholm (royal castle) and IKEA on Thursday, shopping on Friday (while Evie stayed with Farmor and Farfar again) and a bit more of Gamla Stan and lunch with M's sister on Saturday, and then we left on Sunday morning. I had to share one crappy internet connection with M and with Whitley, so I didn't really have much time to sit down a post at the end.


Jun. 14th, 2010 02:46 pm
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I just got back from lunch with my daddy--what a lovely start to the week! He had to go pick up a vehicle that had been serviced (for his job) in a location far far away (225 miles from his job, so... a lot of driving today!) and the road he was on goes by a town about fifteen minutes from my house, AND he happened to be driving by at noon... so it worked out perfectly. :) Evie and I drove down and had a nice lunch with Grandpa, and then we tried to go coupon shopping at the really nice Rite Aid in that town, but I forgot my coupons at home and so we just came home. It's funny because last night I went out shopping and walked into Rite Aid at 5:54 and saw that they closed at 6:00 so walked right back out. Then today I walked in and saw that I couldn't buy anything and walked out again. Maybe tomorrow I might go again and see if I can find another reason why I can't shop?

Yesterday was such a great day. Evie was soooo good. She started out kind of rough, with unexplained crying and whining, but then we fed and dressed and watered her, and she perked up and played so nicely. M and I spent almost the entire day cleaning the computer room up. It was a disgusting pig sty and I am ashamed to even talk about how bad it was. It's a really hard room for us because it's where we spend most of our awake time that isn't full of childcare, and we're really bad about just taking stuff in there and dumping it because we don't know where it actually goes. Plus, all the electronics and office supplies and stuff. Anyway, we removed her plastic art desk thing that she didn't ever use and moved some furniture around until we could put a card table over in the corner with her computer set up on it. Now she has room to draw and write, and the computer is there so she can watch the Netflix (what she calls it, "the Netflix".. so funny) streaming, and eventually play her own computer games. She is not so great with the mouse, though, so I took some of her birthday money from Granny and Grandpa and bought her a kids mouse this morning. It only has one button, which will help immensely, I think. She has the basics of moving it, but she always hits the right button or tries to scroll with the wheel. Coordination is not her strongest suit, I fear. I mean, she's not openly clumsy, but those fine motions are a little hard for her still. Anyway, the computer room looks great! Still needs work but it looks fantastic already.

Now that I have been assured that it is okay to talk about my various obsessions, I... pretty much don't have anything more to add. haha. The thing with the car seat on the plane is that.. I have always thought it was a little silly when people talked about safety on a plane because seriously, if we crash, we're screwed anyway, right? It just kind of clicked recently that it was more about the turbulence while in air that can knock kids around, and for instance, if you lose altitude suddenly, the kid is gonna hit the ceiling. With that in mind, I started worrying that if that happened and she was just wearing the lapbelt, she might just slide out, given that it'd be loose over a child. I don't know. She's pretty much a giant anyway so she probably wouldn't have a problem without it but worrying about safety issues is, I guess, pretty much what I do. I'll let you know what I think about the harness I bought.

My child has stolen my left arm so I guess my typing time is over. Am not so good at the hunt and peck system. :)
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I just do not understand where all this time is going. I was just grumbling to myself about how no one posts very often anymore and then I realized that it's been like two weeks since I've had anything to say. Mostly I have been at home feeling somewhat ill, but still. Couldn't I have come up with SOMETHING to say?

Today was Evie's birthday party and I so wish I could show you a picture of her cake but we forgot our camera at home. We took plenty of pictures with my mom's camera, but they're not here so I can't. Evie had her heart set on a princess castle cake. Pink, please. We baked the two cakes that I needed for it last night, after working myself silly at our first yard sale of the season, and they BOTH fell apart. It wasn't just me and my terrible baking skillz, either--I didn't make the first one. The second cake was crumbly beyond edibility, but the first ended up being used. I had to bake a third cake this morning, though, and then cut and decorate and layer and all that. It took a good long while and did not look quite like a professional cake or anything, but it was inordinately cute and I was really happy with it, and my family was impressed. The best part, though, was how excited the munchkin was about it.

And, we aren't going to talk about how the damned thing started melting and the icing started sliding off, and then ultimately falling apart, after an hour or two. Instead, let's just say that it's a good thing after all that I didn't make it last night. It lasted exactly as long as I needed it to. Considering what I had to work with, I say it turned out pretty well.

The yard sale went well except it was a little bit miserable. It was windy. I had seen that there was a wind advisory in the forecast and stupidly, I thought... oh, even with that it will be a nice day! Except, not so much. The temperate (low 60s) was fine for a sale.. cool without being cold, but the wind was BITING and HARD and felt like it was being blown off of ice somewhere. It was crazy, especially since the day before it had been 84 degrees at 9:00 at night. M had only packed shorts and sandals, and he ended up the day wearing my grandfather's old-man pants and my dad's shoes with his new teenager-style Aeropostale shirt. He was SO HOT. I wasn't cold much in the areas where I was covered, but it was sure cold on my hands and face. I think I actually got windburned. We brought in approximately one summer plane ticket to Sweden. :) My niece was also there, and selling stuff that had been donated to her by her family and some friends, and she made a couple of hundred, too. Her mom has said that she will pay for the plane ticket and passport if W supplies spending money, and I think she already has saved more than she really needs so she should be fine. I mean, not that she's rolling in the dough or anything but it's definitely more than one teenager needs to spend in two weeks. *laugh* It was a good sale despite the weather, We'll probably have one more sale before we go.. maybe in four weeks. I think that people stayed out of the wind some, and also the recent flooding in town kept people away. Still a good return on investment. ;)

Anyway, that's about all I have time for. Nightie night!
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My daughter told me that she loves me "in a certain way". No further updates on what way that is. A casual, "maybe we'd be better off as just friends" sort of way? A "don't call me, I'll call you" sort of way? I don't know. Poor kid. She's odd and she doesn't have a single chance to outgrow her oddness, given that she lives with us.

It is a house of halfhearted sickness here. M and I both have... something. Allergies? It started with a scratchy throat and then we've had scratchy voices, and then I developed the worst cough that I've had since I was pregnant and you know, broke a rib from it.. but strangely, otherwise we're mostly not sick. No congestion, runny nose, foggy brain, body aches. It's bizarre. Evelyn is unaffected, at least, which is fantastic. We think we're improving. Maybe.

My grandfather is out of the hospital and staying with my mom while he recovers. Actually, not sure I posted about that here. They removed his pacemaker due to it getting infected.. originally, they thought it was MRSA but it turned out to be just your run-of-the-mill staph infection, which was good news, of course. Pacemakers, it turns out, are not really meant to be removed, and it was pretty scary there for a while, but it's been a couple of weeks now and he's still doing well.

Meanwhile, my niece has not applied for her passport yet and it's stressing us out. hehe. She did, however, go completely insane last week, and pierce her own ears. Twice. She added a total of four new holes in her ears. By herself. Isn't this like 2010 or something? :) The funny thing is that she told me she was going to do it when I saw her on Easter. I just didn't believe her. She said she wanted to get them done but she's not spending any money at all because she's saving up for Sweden, so she was just going to pierce them herself. I underestimated her commitment, I must say.

I have a question for my smart friends. M's best friend in Sweden is having his first baby next month. I'm making them a baby quilt, because apparently I can do that for gifts but not for my own child. (Total quilts made by me, including this one: 2. Total quilts kept by me: 0.) Should I mail it to Sweden when I'm done with it so it can get there before the baby is born or soon thereafter, or should I bring it with us when we come over at the end of June? On one hand, I'd prefer that they had it closer to the time of the baby's arrival, but on the other hand... it's just a month or two (M, being male, just knows it's sometime in May, not when.) and then I wouldn't have to box it up and spend a fortune to ship it. What would you do? I think I will just bring it, but curious what someone else would do.
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I have recently started playing school with Evie. I haven't been pushing her or anything, but we spend a few minutes a day doing something deemed semi-educational. I started with the letter A, and we talked about words that start with A, and we talked about how to make an A, but she refused to even try to do it herself. This is also when her right hand / left hand thing was resolved into her really being more comfortable with her right hand, she just didn't know she was supposed to use one hand over the other. Her writing and drawing has improved dramatically since then.. but she generally doesn't like to try something if she doesn't think she can be perfect at it. Wouldn't know where she got that from. So anyway, last night in the bathtub, she drew this, completely unprompted:

As she was drawing the center line I asked her casually what she was drawing (in case it was a fluke), and she said, "I MADE AN A!"

I nearly died of the sheer awesomeness of the moment.

So, naturally, being proud parents, we decided to reward her for her awesomeness by giving her our bedroom.

Okay, well, no. Yes. No. We DID decide to switch rooms with her but we did not do it because she drew an A. Can you imagine what her teen years would be like if we were THAT easy? I don't even want to think about it. We had already decided to do this particular project because Evie wants her own bathroom it makes sense from a room management standpoint. Our bedroom has/had a small bathroom attached. We think that the room was previously the largest, master bedroom and they added the bathroom later.. in any case, it's the smallest of our bedrooms but it has the bathroom. We turned it into our bedroom when I was pregnant (it had been a guest room before.) It is perfectly true that Evie wants that little bathroom for her own, but it's not the whole reason we're doing the switch.. it just makes sense in the long run. We barely use that bathroom.. or at least, we used to barely use it. Evie has decided that it is the only bathroom she will deign to sit her little but upon lately. ("I want to use Mommy's little potty! Because it fits my butt!" She has to say that almost every time she goes. Also, not sure why it is MY potty and not Daddy's or someone's. It's a standard size and the big bathroom has an elongated seat, which is what she's talking about when she says it fits her butt.) Anyway. Ignoring the fact that we are all three in various stages of a cold, we started moving furniture around this morning and there's pink paint drying in our ex-room right now. It's kind of sad because it's the only room we were really happy with it being DONE and COORDINATING. Now we're moving into her room, which we originally used as the computer room and which is painted the color of masking tape, approximately, and I really really like the way it looks but I have now painted TWO rooms for that bedroom and not currently using either one--this is the third (out of three) bedroom we've been in since we moved in four years ago. There is just something not right about that. There's also something not right about saying we moved in four years ago, because Jiminy Christmas, where does time go?

(I have been hanging out with M too much, that is one of his expressions.)

Anyway. There is my weekend in a nutshell. Although, why I would want to put something in a nutshell, particularly something like a weekend, is beyond me. I am much too tired to ponder the intricasies of nutshells at the moment so I am just going to let that one go.


Feb. 26th, 2010 03:43 pm
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After dispatching a particularly vile bug in my laundry room the other day, Evie was standing there going, "You have to kill it!"

So, out of curiousity, I asked her what killing meant. I kind of wish I hadn't. *giggle*

"Umm... when something gets in your way, you have to KILL IT."

Parenting is the most disturbing job EVER.

(I was going to post that on Facebook instead of here, but then it occurred to me that people without small children might think my kid was creepy. Not the way you want those random high school people to remember you...)
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I haven't had time to post much at night lately so am trying this afternoon posting thing out. I discovered this blog, Knock Off Wood, and it made me think that surely I could build my own furniture. She makes it look so easy! And I'm not completely dim. I know it's not as easy as it looks... but it suddenly looked attainably easy. So I thought about it a while and then decided that I was obviously going to try it out. I started with something that I thought looked cute AND easy, which was a Pottery Barn inspired magnetic chalkboard tree. I'm working on redecorating Evie's big girl bedroom, so it would be a good addition.

This is a bad picture, but here's what I came up with.

tree art

It is not, however, magnetic or chalkboardy. It was going to be, but for a few problems. First, they were out of magnetic paint. Second, they only had black chalkboard paint, not green. Third, they were about twenty bucks each--way out of budget for such a little project. We had already talked about the uselessness of both of those features. The tree, as planned, would stand taller than me. Evie wouldn't be able to reach the green part at all. So it wasn't much of a stretch to just make it a cute, non-functional tree. It's also 20% smaller than the original... it was just more lumber-efficient to do it that way. It's still plenty tall, obviously. Anyway, we finally hung it up last night and I took this picture just before bedtime. It would have probably been wiser to wait until I had enough time to clean up her room enough to take a photo with context instead of just clearing the space directly in front of it. ;)

So, emboldened by my tree success, we purchased the wood to make a Pottery Barn inspired dollhouse bookcase. I'm still in the cutting stage--I've just got three more pieces to cut (not counting the back, which I will do last), and then I'll be able to start assembly. I'm pretty excited and you wouldn't believe how excited Evelyn is. I showed her the littlest pieces of wood last night. They were for the trim for the doors and windows, so they were small enough to stack up and knock over repeatedly.. not that that is what I personally would have chosen to do with them but kids are weird. The first thing she said when she woke up this morning was, "I can't see my dollhouse!" Maybe she thought it would be finished and waiting for her in her room when she woke up this morning. I don't know. It'll be a while, kid, especially if you fall asleep as badly as you've been doing lately.

Anyway. M and I have been spending our time after Evie is asleep working in the garage. He is assisting me in the way that he tells me how to use the machinery and helps with specific things as they crop up, but it is my project and I am doing the work. He's just working on some of his own projects. It's really nice to be out there puttering together. :)

(Will it stick, as a hobby? Dunno. It's a bit messy and time consuming and expensive. I'm pretty sure it'll stick long enough to get the dollhouse bookcase done and then we'll see. Next project planned is a big girl bed.)

I have a lot of plans for her room.. this is just the first step. I'm super-excited about it though.

Other than that, nothing much is going on. I have another online offer in progress, for a $500 gift card. I have everything approved and just need to assemble some documentation and mail it in. I'm going to try to get that done tonight. (Woodworking has also cut into our sleeping time, so I'm planning on finishing my last cuts and calling it a night.) My mom has been talking about coming down to visit one day this week but has also hinted that she wants to take Evie with her when she leaves. That'll give us some time to do our own thing but it will require us to go to my parents and pick her up, when we weren't planning on leaving town this weekend. Evie loves to go spend the night with my parents so much that it almost hurts my feelings. I want her to have fun with them but geez, can't she enjoy being with us too???

Apparently not.

Anyway, that's about all I've got. Better go check the mail and also feed my kid. She eats all day long. You'd kind of expect her to have a roly poly little belly but she's pretty skinny. She must get that from her daddy and not her mommy. I wish you could pick up traits like that from your kids so I could be that way too. ;)
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I fear that I let my kid watch far too much television. I mean, she generally watches stuff that's pseudo-educational or at least not violent or anti-establishment, but the internets say that I should keep the TV remote under lock and key and so I feel a wee bit guilty and then I vow to do more STUFF with her. Today, she was watching an episode of Little Einsteins in which they were all wearing pirate hats, and I was Inspired. I grabbed a piece of posterboard, some crayons and a pair of scissors, and we turned out a passable pirate hat while lunch was in the oven.

Pirate Evie prefers a heart to a skull and crossbones. She was also a little annoyed with me for coloring in all of the background. I don't care much for unintentional white spaces. See, here is the reason I am bad at kids crafts. I can't seem to get a grip on it being a project that will be enjoyed by a small child and then tossed in the trash after a few days of abuse. This isn't a great picture of the hat itself but she is really REALLY hard to take pictures of right now. All she will do is squint at the camera. I think she believes she's being helpful in some way by doing this. She isn't.

After she had the hat, it was time for lunch and she spent the whole time talking about needing a ship. This made sense to me. She's a pirate! What kind of pirate is she without a ship? (Captain Jack Sparrow, actually, but I think that he might not ought to be her primary role model.)

So, I printed out a few coloring pages from the internet and set her to coloring the first one while I did some ocean construction. She was bored by the time I started glueing colored boats to posterboard (for sturdiness) and she ran off, saying, "YOU play crafts. I play something else."

I am completely unable to let something like this go, so I ended up doing the rest of this (including the coloring of three more ships--I fancy that you'll be able to tell which I did and which Evie did, but please don't hold my poor coloring skills against me) and I must also admit that I turned freaking Dora on for the last fifteen minutes just so I could keep her in the room. Parenting Fail.

She did think it was mildly cool once it was done, at least. She played with it for at least 45 seconds.

I thought it was kind of neat to have slots for the boats to go into so they could actually be moved around and played with. They were going to be pockets at first, but I ended up just adding a strip of waves to the top, and then cutting a slit all the way across so there'd be two levels of boat slots. That's when I realized that I should have saved myself a lot of trouble and just cut a few slits directly into the ocean, without bothering with the pocket thing at all, so I did some of those too. I also had planned to get a second piece of posterboard to attach everything to, and then cut out some accessory pieces--a sun, maybe an island, some birds, fish, etc. I thought Evie would dig that. By the time I had finished this part, though, and had lost her interest so thoroughly, I figured that any additional crafting would have been a waste of time. I guess I might add to it another day. She really does get excited about crafts at first, but they don't keep her engaged as long as it takes to finish something.
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I am feeling disgruntled because tonight it is Friday, but M has to work tomorrow so it is not WEEKEND yet. They're doing inventory. I shouldn't complain because it's been like a year and a half since the last Saturday inventory (they're supposed to do about four a year, I think) but it is stinky. When he has to work on a weekend or stay out late for some other reason, I tend to like to do something fun to distract myself from it, but I don't even have any plans for tomorrow. I had thought about driving up to see my parents but the weather isn't terribly nice so I think I'll pass on three hours in the car. My grandfather is staying tonight with my parents (he had a new battery put in his pacemaker today) so I don't think they'll come down here, either, though it was mentioned. I guess I might do some shopping to get out of the house. i am feeling a bit stir crazy. Until this afternoon, I hadn't been anywhere since Sunday. I so hate dragging Evelyn out in weather like this. I don't mean that I fear for her getting cold. I mean the indignities of sloshing through a parking lot with slushy muck soaking into my shoes while carrying a 36-pound child in a bulky jacket. (Carrying, so as to HURRY INSIDE ALREADY, for she does not believe in hurrying.)

After we got home this evening, I told her that she could play in the snow long enough for me to carry all of our stuff in. I knew it would take a bunch of trips because I bought heavy stuff. She really wasn't dressed for playing in the snow, so the bargain was that she would come in when I was done. Is that what happened? No, of course not. She kept saying that she wasn't ready yet, and then she ran away from me in a direction toward the road. So, I promptly marched out there to collect her because she is NOT allowed to run from Mommy. Anyway, she was mad as I was carrying her under my arm into the house but as we hit the doorway, it suddenly hit her that she was COLD. I was trying to shut the door when she really realized her situation and she broke down into panicked, pained tears because she was so cold. I immediately started stripping off the coat and gloves (now wet, of course) and she was quite irritated at first, because MOM, did you not HEAR me, I am COLD, STOP UNDRESSING ME. When I started on her pants, she figured out that they were all really wet and cold so getting them off would be good. She was icy cold, so I ended up stripping us both down and climbing into my bed with her so my body heat could warm her up. Folks, let me tell you that when you allow another human being to put just-taken-out-of-snowy-gloved hands on your bare belly, it is LOVE. It was so sweet, though, because she was just truly upset about getting so cold, and that she hadn't realized it until she came inside. It was a great teachable moment, as though these moments sink in with a child this age, but anyway. I snuggled her closer and explained that Mommy knew that she was cold, and that's why she has a Mommy to take care of her. She was so pleased and even seemed grateful. Of course she won't remember this next time, but at least I had a pretty nice end to my day. It can be much worse than snuggles with a sweet baby, frozen or not.
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Today so did not end the way I thought it would! My parents were coming down to visit, which I was looking forward to. While we were out to lunch, the subject came up that perhaps Evie would like to go home with Granny and Grandpa and we will come up on THURSDAY to get her.. or rather, to spend the night since in my family, New Years is a family event. We have cabbage rolls. Yum! We actually eat them on New Year's Day but the evening before is spent making the things, for those unlikely souls with that duty... not that this is relevant to this story except that we are going up there for New Years anyway, so we could pick her up.

So... one thing led to another and I have nearly two full days sans sweet baby girl. My biggest worry is really that the potty training will not be enforced as well as I have been doing. (Today? ONE tiny tiny accident, and a LOT of success. Making progress!) I am just hoping that even if some progress is lost, it at least won't be back to square one when we get her back cause I don't want to live through that first couple of days again. It feels like quitting smoking, this potty-training. The first couple of days is the worst, right? Anyway, she will have a great time with my mom and dad, and I will have a great time at home, trying to get those things done that I never have time for. So excited! She's spent the night before but usually, I have pretty specific tasks that I have to do, like... get ready for a yard sale, or go shopping, or something like that. This time, I don't, and I have nearly twice as much time. I feel really bad, actually, because I am so excited about this. In all truth, I tried to talk her out of going because I would miss her.

Funny Evie story: on their way home tonight, Evie and Mom are talking about going camping this summer. Mom is telling her about the things they'll do, like swimming. Evie says, "I don't like swimming!" Mom reminds her that she liked the kiddie pool, though, and Evie agreed that yeah, it was alright. So they talk a few minutes more and Evie asks, "Why they like to go swimming for?" Mom tells her that she guesses we like it, because it's fun. Evie's response: "I like the cat pool."

.... get it?

KITTY POOL! Kiddie pool --> kitty pool --> CAT POOL.

My kid is awesome.

So anyway, that's about all of the exciting news that I've got. Very excited to try to get my paperwork caught up, and get a little light shopping done, and perhaps some organizational work.

OH! But one more thing! Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy birthday to KIRSTY! Kirsty is awesome too. Kirsty writes the absolute best cards ever. I had to stop even trying because it made me feel so inadequate. (I don't know if I have ever listed "makes me feel inadequate" as a reason to like someone before..? That is perhaps strange. Need to think more about this.) I can't be sweet in greeting cards like she can, but I CAN USE A LOT OF FONT THINGS INSTEAD!.

Happy birthday [ profile] courtesy!!!
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I have just plain old gotten out of the habit of posting. Am think of making a New Year's Resolution about it. Or rather, a resolution. For some reason, ti seems like the ones that are made in January have less of a hope of sticking.

Christmas was so fantastic. Really, really great. My parents came down to pick me up on Tuesday, and we did a little shopping in the city nearby with my niece. None of us really had that much actual Christmas shopping to do. We were just out having a good time. At the end of the day, we met up with M, who works between our town and the city we were in, and we went to see the Christmas lights at the horse park. It was so much fun. The lights were neat and all, but the real winner was the free petting zoo and stuff going on at the end. It was all largely outdoors, so we were all bundled up against the cold--don't know if I've ever spent so much time outdoors after dark in December--but it was still great. Evelyn loved the petting zoo part SO MUCH. She was feeding them carrot sticks and petting everything. There were goats and antelopes and ostriches and buffalo and even a kangaroo. (Evie liked the goats the best.) It was all magical and stuff.

While all the shopping was going on, I was also talking to M on the phone occasionally, as we are wont to do, and I suggested to him that he take Wednesday off work instead of the following Monday. He had one more day of vacation left to use, and originally, Wednesday was out because someone else was taking it off. But, her plans changed so... anyway, M decided not to work Wednesday, and so we called Santa up and asked him to come to our house early so we could leave town on Wednesday evening without missing him. Santa is so considerate that he immediately agreed. ;) I don't know if we'll be able to do that kind of rearranging much longer, since Evelyn may begin to question it after a while, but it's so inconvenient to be out of town over Christmas. We do the family gift thing on Christmas Eve in my family, but we do a holiday dinner on Christmas Day, so it doesn't make sense to drive home at midnight on Christmas Eve (hour and a half from my parents, or two if we left from my grandfather's house.) But... we also don't want to drag all of the presents we have for each other to my parents house, since we want to have a little bit of family time to ourselves, too. Anyway, it worked out fine this year. Evelyn was thrilled when Santa came and I was thrilled to watch her, and M and I got great gifts for each other. Then we went to do the family thing and there was nothing terribly dramatic going on, so all in all--great Christmas.

From M, I got a pair of pearl earrings, a book, a game and a new old cell phone. ;) Last year, I accidentally put my phone in the washer, where it died a painful death. It wasn't a fancy phone, and the replacement phone that I've been using off and on since then was actually a slightly newer, but similar, phone. However, I liked it because the sound quality was very good and I use my cell phone as my primary house phone, and I don't text and I refuse to pay for internet service when I am at home most of the time anyway, so it makes a lot more sense for me to focus on sound quality than all those fancy things that I would dearly love to play with but don't need. So... he bought me a replacement phone like the one I used to have.:) I thought that was very thoughtful of him. :) AND, the best part was that he made me a set of three wooden candleholders. He does a lot of woodworking/instrument building, but he has never really made anything for me so it was a lovely present. :) I mainly got him a bunch of Xbox stuff, and a shirt that says "Shop smart, shop S-Mart" with accompanying illustrations. (Anyone know? hehe.) From the parents, I got a bunch of shirts and a new printer and hair straightener and a cooking pot, and a bunch of other things that I can't remember. Makeup.

I told Evie recently that after Christmas, she was going to have to learn to use the potty every time. I didn't actually intend to start with this project until after New Years, but somehow we ended up going for it today. I put her in panties all day and nagged her relentlessly about using the potty. On the bright side, she got ten stickers on her potty chart--definitely a record. On the down side, she also peed all over the damned place. I don't know what her deal is because I wouldn't have thought she peed ten times in one day normally, much less all the other random peeing. I know that I am probably making it harder by putting panties on her instead of leaving her bottom bare, but it has never really worked out well for her when we've tried it in the past. She usually ends up crying and begging for her diaper. I think it feels strange to her, extended nakedness. Besides, I don't want to have trouble when we go from bare bottom to wearing panties.. I'd rather get it all over with at once, if I can. Soo... yeah, it was kind of a rough day, especially since we also took the Christmas tree down and have been trying desperately to pick up all the chaos and gifts left over from Christmas. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

And on that note, I have to go do more laundry before we end up with a panty shortage. :) Also, I think that a snack would be appropriate..
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Tentatively speaking, it seems that Evelyn's weekend at Granny's house has restored her to her usual good-natured self. I am so relieved, and just hoping it lasts.

I am a mini-blind person. Both M and I like having blinds to cover the windows so people can't see inside at night. However, mini-blinds are exceptionally dangerous to small children--they can get the cords (which are knotted together, forming a sort of convenient hangnoose) wrapped around their necks and basically hang themselves from them. This has never been something that seriously worried me in our house because she was never able to reach the blinds, since I loop them up very carefully every morning. Lately, she has started climbing up there to play with the twisty thing and/or the cord, and also sit on the windowsill...which she can only do because she's propped up on the arm of her chair. It's driving me crazy because there's only so much I can do with the cords to keep them out of her reach. And, I was going to ask for advice that did not entail spending a fortune, but now that I type it all out, the answer is pretty simple. I shall move the chairs. Thus, she cannot climb on them and the cords will be out of her reach. Tada!

Right now, E and I are compromising. We had a bit of a fight a few minutes ago because she wanted to watch Caillou on youtube on the laptop, which I am currently using to type this post. She was kicking and hitting and generally proving that it is a bad idea to write something like "her usual good-natured self". That was pretty moronic, if I do say so myself. Anyway, I wouldn't let her watch it both because I was using said laptop and because it is SO not the way you ask for things, that kicking and hitting thing. But, she calmed down and after a few minutes, came over and gave me a ton of hugs and kisses (pretty sure she felt bad for being mean to me) and then asked nicely. So, she's watching Caillou is one window and I am typing this in another one. It's pretty sweet to sit here typing away while she is snuggled up on my arm. :) YouTube is my hero.

Okay, enough of that. My posts are very Evie-focused these days and I apologize for that.. it's just that I spend all day every day with her. I can write about other stuff occasionally though! Let's give it a try.

I am planning on a big shopping trip with the girls in the family tomorrow. E and I will meet the rest of them in the city we shop in and it will hopefully be fun. HOWEVER, geez, Louise, why can they not stick with a plan? This trip was scheduled for Thursday. I am the one who suggested we go shopping this week, while my cousin is in visiting from North Carolina. I said that the one day I really didn't want to go was Wednesday, and because there were other things going on with other people on other days (including Wednesday), we settled on Thursday. The next day, they decided to switch it to Wednesday because my aunt has a dr appointment that day (in that city) and so she could go with us. That appointment was one of the reasons we settled AGAINST Wednesday...that and the aunt said she didn't want to go. I know it's not really a big deal, it's just that tomorrow is my anniversary and I have dinner plans, so I didn't want to have to rush to get home in time and I also didn't want to be exhausted by the time I get there. Families! My dad had a cold this weekend, though, and today I am feeling a little off, so we'll see if I get to go anyway, I guess.

I have so much of my Christmas shopping done already that I am seriously worried that it's going to ruin the Christmas preparations experience for me. I enjoy shopping when it's like this.. finding the right things for very very little money. I am really looking forward to all the decorating and baking and wrapping and Christmas cheer this year. Something about having a 2.5 year old really brings it out. :)

Okay, time to find something else to do. Maybe I will fold laundry, or prepare a healthy nourishing lunch. ;) Or maybe i will exercise! I embarked upon a Wii fitness program last week and have now worked out a whole once! Probably should get back on that if I want it to stick, huh?
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  1. Today being the second/third day of Evelyn's raging ear infection, and the day following the night in which there was no sleep for any of us worth speaking of, I got up this morning and made an appointment for her first sick baby doctor visit. Sometime around three this morning, M decided not to go to work today, due to scheduling conflicts with getting her to the doctor and [see point three]. So, we slept for two hours, and then I was up with her for 2.5 hours and then M was with her for 2.5 hours and.. it was not terribly pleasant. She was just crying with her ear for the first part of it, her Tylenol kicking in after a while. She just didn't particularly want to sleep anymore.

  2. Doctor thinks she has swine flu, and definitely has ear infections (as a result of said swine flu). He didn't test her to find out for sure since he said that there was a high false positive result on that test, and besides, it wasn't really medically valid information to have. a) She is two/three days into this, and if Tamiflu were to be prescribed, it would have to be done in the first day or two, and b) she is not eligible to have that drug prescribed anyway, since she has no risk factors and is over two and c) many of the complications that the swine flu might cause would also be treated with the antibiotic he prescribed for her ears anyway. I kind of found that interesting. However, he made that diagnosis based on her symptoms and also her general miserableness this morning. She was tired and clinging to both M and me, and crying and nose running and splotchy skin color and she really looked pathetic. HOWEVER, she had also gotten four hours of sleep--two hours at the beginning and two hours at the end, when she is accustomed to getting ten or twelve. She had been less sick yesterday than the day before, but she acted worse this morning than ever. I wonder seriously if he would have dreamed of calling it that if he'd seen her yesterday, or especially if he saw her after she woke up from a 4.5 hour nap this afternoon. She acts all but well right now. Slight runny nose, occasional cough, but her skin color is back to its normal fair, even self, her listlessness is completely gone. I was undecided throughout the afternoon but after she woke up.... I no longer truly believe that she actually does have swine flu. I think she was just sleep-deprived from her ear infection, caused by a regular old cold or virus of some sort. But then, they pay him the big bucks and not me so what do I know?
  3. After being unable to justify the costs associated with getting DVR in our life ($20! which is just beyond crazy) for years, we finally decided to switch to satellite, pay about the same and then finally I too would know the pleasures of on-demand Caillou and Iron Chef America. The more I thought about it, the more excited I was. And thus, when the guy arrived at 8:15 this morning (for an 8-12 time slot.. not sure I've ever had technicians arriving so promptly) and promptly told us that it wasn't likely to work because of all the freaking trees in our yard and surrounding area... I was very, very disappointed. I mean, ridiculously upset about it. It shouldn't matter. I mean, I still have cable but it is just so not the same.

  4. And now it is midnight and she is still not asleep. M and I are barely functioning. There eis a chance that she wants me to put her to sleep and so I am going to give it a try... must run.

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I have a lot of stuff to write about and not enough time to do justice to any of them so I think I shall try to just tackle one thing at a time. This probably means that I will lose focus sometime tomorrow and really only post this first thing, but... such is the price one pays.

Thursday afternoon, I decided to take Evelyn to the game farm in the afternoon in hopes of snapping some good pictures of her. We used to take an excess of photos of our little darling, but in recent months, we have pretty much stopped. This is because she will not look at the camera, or if she does, she makes cheesey faces at it. I love an artsy photo of little kids looking down, or off into the distance, or engrossed in their own activities as much as the next person, but it begins to get tiresome when those are the only shots you get.

Anyway, I was not really in the mood for it but I figured that the weather would not allow this for much longer, and the trees had nove yet dropped all their leaves, making everything look tremendously depressing, so the backdrop would still be pleasant. I pitched it to her as a trip to take pictures of her, and though she made me promise we would also look at the animals (haha...well, DUH, kiddo) I think it might have helped her cooperate to think that we were there mainly for the pictures. Or, possibly I am delusional. Anyway, it was quite fun, once we got started, and she was good as gold until she decided her main goal in life was to stuff the knot holes on a tree plank bench with leaves and dirt, and she was BY GOLLY going to stand there and work on it until the job was finished. I was not unreasonably impatient, I don't think. I mean, I let her stand there for more than ten minutes, working on her little project. It was when she started putting her hands on an area covered with bird poop that I started prodding her to keep walking.

And that is when the earth trembled and the sky darkened and Displeasure echoed throughout the park. How DARE I make her leave? The injustice was staggering, and she decided it would be an excellent time to protest all such shoddy treatment. I got her to walk a little way down the path and was working the distraction magic ("Look, Evie, the TURKEYS! And the DEER!") but it was just not enough compensation and she dissolved into tears and shrieks again, which culminated in her throwing herself to the ground, face on the asphalt, and crying hysterically. And I was actually pretty cool with that in a way, because it gave me an excellent chance to explain to her that when big girls act like little babies, they would be treated like little babies, and I carried her, cradled like an infant, in my arms, directly back to the car, thus curtailing all of the game park fun and providing a consequence to public tantrums without inconveniencing me in any way except the temporary physical discomfort of carrying her like that for a good distance. I was ready to leave anyway and I would much rather make that point at a time like that then when I have a cart full of groceries or when we have paid money for the privilege of being somewhere. But then again, I'm kind of mean.

You know, I had no intention of telling that story. I really just wanted to post a few pictures of BEFORE the drama started.

She was fine after we got home and she got a chance to rest, have a snack and watch Caillou. Caillou has magical calming properties. I love that show.
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I have been saying for months that Evelyn was going to dress up like my niece for Halloween. Sissy is a rock star in Evelyn's mind. NO ONE compares to Sissy. Also, Sissy is a cheerleader and I found a really nice cheerleader outfit in my cousin's yard sale back in July. (Sadly, not the right colors, but still.) Actually, my cousin gave it to me since it was all stained up, and I used my magic laundry skills and fixed it all up. So, cheerleading outfit hanging in the closet. I will also draw some freckles on her cheeks because my niece has freckles. Other than that... I'm not sure what else to do to make it clear that she is more than just a cheerleader. I was thinking of putting her hair up in pigtails, which seems little-girl-cheerleadery, but it doesn't seem very Sissy. W has gorgeous hair...but not in a way that can be replicated by Evelyn. So... now I am wondering if I should do something else. Except... it would be so cute to have her dress up like Sissy. I'm not sure she'll get to do much in the way of Halloween anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter.

Also, Elmo Live is going to be in Lexington this weekend and it occurs to me that maybe we should take our Elmo-loving child. She isn't AS big of an Elmo fan as she used to be but he is still pretty high up on her list of favorites. He is that favorite pair of jeans that you will never throw out, you know? Sooo... should we take her? Anyone been to one of these kinds of shows and do you think Evelyn (just shy of 2.5 now) would enjoy it? Is it worth the price of admission? ($12-$25, depending on seats, but I'm thinking $16 each...$48! Eek.) I don't know. Is it worth it?

It has now been a full week since I have nursed Evelyn to sleep at night. I think it was Monday and Tuesday nights last week that she woke up in the middle of the night and requested it. I long ago decided to let middle of the night wakings go very last because they really don't happen that often and eventually, they'll be gone by default--I mean, if there's no milk left, it just won't work. She woke up then because she was sick. She's been going to bed for M happily and willingly and relatively quickly and she hasn't even asked for me to be the one putting her to bed and supplying nummy nummy. BUT, the most unbelievable part is that she woke up last night. M was up with her for a long time and then I went to relieve him, and she snuggled in to me and fell asleep immediately and did not even hint that she wanted it. I can't believe it's finally finally seeming to happen for her. She has been so stubborn about this. I am really okay with the concept of extended breastfeeding, and am totally on board with the benefits of doing it... but she is getting to the age where I am just less enthused about it. And honestly, I am more than ready to have my body back for a while. It's belonged to her for over three years by now. Soo... that is a promising, and long-awaited, development.

Why do electronics companies think people want blinking technology? My camera blinks when it's connected to the computer (where it charges) and it's not just a small blink. No, it's a GIANT, BLUE, STEADY blink. My monitor blinks when the computer is off. And most of all, my laptop is just the queen of all blinking. It has three lights blinking at all times. I don't even know why they blink. It makes no sense. I just wish it would stop. I hate gratuitously blinking things.
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The sweetest thing ever just happened to me. I was putting Evelyn to sleep, and all was going well until I went to lay her down. When she hit the mattress, she woke up a little bit, and searched desperately for me and started kissing my arm. I was hoping she would fall back asleep after a moment, so I waited, but she started sitting up and reaching for me again, so I picked her back up. She proceeded to kiss me all over my chest. When I made it back to the couch with her and sat down, she (eyes still mostly closed) leaned up and kissed my mouth before snuggling back into my arms (kissing me a few times on her way) and then fell promptly asleep. EXCEPT! She couldn't stay asleep because she kept rousing herself every few minutes TO KISS MOMMY SOME MORE. I mean, seriously, does it get any sweeter than that? I finally had to call in M to put her down because she just kept waking up because the alluring mother unit was just too kissable to get any real rest done. (Naturally, she fell fully asleep in the time it took him to walk down the hallway and get the sunroom ready (he walks with her out there when he puts her to sleep.) but still.) How sweet. Sometimes I almost think she likes me or something.

It's probably just because I bought her crayons for her bathtub today. She thought those were grand. Well worth sixty cents, they were.

I went shopping today with my couponing friend and we had a really nice time. It's so much fun when we go together. By the end of the day, we tend to have to put some bags in the back seat because the trunk is full..hehe. I am so trying not to think about the fact that they're moving in five or six weeks. It just really stinks that I finally find a local, SAHM friend like her and she's leaving already. Anyway, I completely finished the birthday and Christmas presents for one of my cousins today. That was fun. (Total cost: $.63.) Feeling pretty confident about her liking them, too. Yay Kohl's!

Actually, the weekly shopping plan was supposed to be that I was going to meet the girls in the family tomorrow for a day of fun and visiting with cousin who's in for a visit from North Carolina. Unfortunately, said cousin woke up yesterday morning so ill that when she went to the doctor, they put her in an ambulance and sent her to the ER in the next town. (No hospital in the first town.) Apparently it was a stomach virus of some sort, but they had to give her a number of meds just to get her to stop throwing up continually. Lovely, huh? I figured that a) she is not gonna be in the mood for shopping all day by tomorrow and b) I REALLY don't want to expose any of us to a stomach bug that serious, and by Thursday, she may not be contagious anymore but you know that the rest of the family will be passing it around. So, no thank you. That actually sounds bad enough that I am seriously rethinking our plans to go up to visit this weekend..which will go over like a lead balloon but... one does what one must, I suppose. E has only had one real round of a stomach virus and she took it very hard and so did we. :) I know you can't shield yourself from everything but you CAN shield yourself from known threats, right? (I am pre-rationalizing at this point, preparing for the real event this weekend if I need to.)

And... a partridge in a pear tree.
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We had a lovely day at the zoo! I wish I could say that it was an unwhiny day at the zoo, but at least our moods were high enough that we could look past Miss Crankypants and enjoy the day anyway. She was mostly pretty good but somewhat contrary.
photographic evidence )
The zoo itself was okay. I don't think it was fantastic but it was nice enough--pretty small but that's okay when one has a two-year-old. She couldn't have taken much more as it was. I think it could have been terrible and we'd have still had a great time, though. :)

Now, close your eyes a minute and picture being in the zoo. What zoo are you at, and what are you looking at? When I close my eyes and picture a zoo, I am usually either in Memphis (lions or similar) or Cincinnati (frogs or walking). It's strange, the little moments that stick with us for years.
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Excitement! We are going to the zoo tomorrow! Some of you talk about dropping in at the zoo on any old day but that is so not the way things are here. The last time I went to a zoo, it was with my niece and parents. I want to say that she was about five or six or seven, so at least seven to nine years ago. (OMG.) Until we lived here, the closest zoo was two hours away. Now there's one an hour from here, which is the one we'll be going to tomorrow. We're so looking forward to it. Ev is big enough now that she is looking forward to it, too, and I am sure she will have fun. She will also probably have some crankiness since it'll be a pretty busy day, but you'll have that.

You know I get a lot of things for free or profit, and sometimes, I must confess that I stand there thinking, "should I really buy this?" Like today, when I realized that I can buy individual servings of ice cream sandwiches for free for another month and a half, unlimited by anything except the amount of ink in my printer. This is not good knowledge for me to have. (Hint: it involves this pdf and the individual novelties in the ice cream section at Walmart. They're $1 each and the coupon is $1 off any.) I provided M with a convincing argument earlier that it would actually be a HEALTHY choice to have a stockpile of these. Yeah, I can pretty much rationalize anything.

M has the day off tomorrow so weekend has started chez yayer. We've been pretty busy lately so we're looking forward to it. I'm hoping to get some sorting and organizing done, and M is sort of hoping that I will take the girl shopping or something so he can have a few miniutes alone at home. Evie is hoping that there will be ice cream, rolled-up fruit and orange juice, and the zoo. Other than that, she doesn't care. I feel like a mean, mean mommy but I have pretty much cut her supply of orange juice off completely. She had started being a royal brat and finally I realized that it was coinciding with her increased consumption of OJ. She loves it and she begs for it but I don't have the patience to deal with a kid that dissolves into hysterics over absolutely nothing. We're not positive yet that it's the OJ that's caused it, but so far, it has seemed to hold as a theory. She seems pretty sensitive to sugar. Maybe it's because she has so little of it (partially because we're mean, but mostly because she's not that interested, except in theory. She wants to want candy but she doesn't much like it.)

Today's Evelyn: I was kissing her all over her face and neck today because it was making her giggle. She was telling me, “I can’t like kisses!” (Kind of ruins the effect when you’re laughing that hard, kiddo!) Finally, she pulled away and looked at me sternly and said, “One at a time!” So, I have officially been put on kiss rations, I guess.

My husband is a dork, but he's a cute one. That is all I need to say about that.

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