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How can it possibly be almost December? Didn't this year just start? I am pretty sure that Evelyn's rainbow birthday party in May was just a few weeks ago, and M's parents--well, I'm pretty sure that we're still waiting for THAT to happen. How time flies when you get old.

I regret to inform you that my beautiful anniversary weekend alone with the boy was somewhat lessened by illness-mine. I came down with a sinus infection, self-diagnosed, and I actually managed to get through it without copious antibiotics, which was swell. It was touch and go there for a while--I was headed to the doctor on Saturday morning, but finally decided against it. We still had fun, if a little less actively than planned. I was feeling good on Friday and got a ton done while M was at work. We had a nice dinner at a steakhouse (Longhorn) but I was feeling pretty tired by the time it was over. Saturday and Sunday were fairly low-key, but it's still fairly fantastic to have the house to the adults only upon occasion. By Monday, I was feeling well enough to actually enjoy myself while shopping. When we were done, we headed up to pick up Evie-Kadevie and have dinner with my parents. As for her, she had a great time. I think she missed us some but she was just fine with my mom. Sometimes I think she'd move in with them if I would let her.

(This is not actually true. She wanted to come home--she just wants to spend more time at Granny's than she gets to now. It probably sounds like she is always gone, but her overnight visits are pretty rare now.)

When we came back home, we only had two days of normal before we headed back up for Thanksgiving, which was nice. I had a pretty serious headache, which wasn't great. The best part of Thanksgiving day at my house is after it's over and the dishes are done, we all hang out around the kitchen table and we pore over the Black Friday ads. We make lists and talk about gift ideas for all the kids. It's... I don't know. It sounds lame, but it's a lot of fun. It was a little less fun this year than in previous years. Not sure why. In any case, we headed out to Walmart at around nine. I really didn't have a single thing on my list, but I was going for the sake of the family bonding. It was CRAZY.

I know some people feel strongly about Black Friday being absurd, but it's something that I participate in mainly because it's a fun thing that the family does together. I usually don't buy much. It's a lot of fun to actually grab a coveted item, even if you're not grabbing it for yourself. Last year, while my mom waited in a line that stretched back to eternity for a DS (for Evie, though she ended up getting one for herself, too), I amused myself with running all over the store to fetch items. I was bringing stuff back for the people next to my mom in line by the end. (Which sounds funnier than it actually was. It happened to be someone that we knew--the ex-step-mother of my best friend in kindergarten. Small towns are fun that way!) Anyway, in previous years, there was a certain camaraderie in the whole thing. We were a bunch of people out shopping at the ass-crack of dawn and it was wild and crazy but we were all in it together. I was never really worried about those trampling stories because... I was going Black Friday shopping in a small town. In the south. As a general rule, we're friendly here. I have never loved the idea of having my kiddo with me at the big five a.m. rush, but I usually have her by about seven and it's been fine. (M has to work on that day, which we all accuse him of doing on purpose--bribing his boss, etc, because he does NOT want to join in with us on this. Anyway, he would get E ready and bring her out to us before he left town.. since it started the night before this time, he didn't have to do that this year.)

black friday

Anyway, this year, it wasn't like it was in previous years. I think that having it be an evening shopping trip instead of an early morning shopping trip brought out a different sort of person. It was CREEPY when 10 p.m. came and people started clawing at the pallets to get their items. Pushing and shoving and the works. Maybe I sound naive, but I've never seen it like that before. We started doing this years ago, but it's become such a big thing now that really, too many people are going and the retailers are putting out worse deals every year. I don't know. I look forward to parts of Black Friday every year, but I am not sure I will want to go next year... although whether or not I can get out of it is another story. Creepy moment at ten aside, we had a good time. I didn't buy much, but I did find a $3 pink t-shirt with Candace from Phineas & Ferb on the front. Evie loves Candace, because she's bossy like her. Yes, well, at least she's aware of her shortcomings? I don't know. Anyway, I'd have paid more for that. Evie will love it. (I also bought her a Perry shirt from the boy's section that's almost like the one M has. She'll loooove having a matching shirt with Daddy.) And, we had fun, especially the next day. As much as I disliked the mood at Walmart that night, I loved what it did for Friday shopping. We went home and slept for a while, and then got up and were ready to leave town by about 7:00. We made it to Lexington before the early bird stuff wore off, and I finally got to go to a store that Iwanted to go to. Kohl's, of course. The stores were kind of busy but not much more so than on any other Saturday in December, and the stock levels were pretty good to boot. I wonder what the outcome of this year's experiment will be.

M has decided that he no longer needs to sleep, apparently, and it is now after midnight and we're both awake. I hear that when you get old, you need less sleep. As I am still a spring chicken (never mind what i wrote earlier in this very post) I need my beauty sleep. :)
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I'm supposed to be headed to the library for storytime, but the kiddo is sick. And speaking of sick, am I completely crazy for being annoyed that certain family members bring their sick kids down to visit at my grandfather's house? EVEN THOUGH we all decided years ago, after he had open-heart surgery, that we shouldn't come if we were sick since he is really not in the best of health? I mean, I always followed that rule, but now that I have a kid, it really pisses me off that they continue to do it because what do you know, I am the one that ends up dealing with the sick kid. Usually they'll say something like, "Oh, it's just a sinus/ear infection, it's not contagious!" (which, okay. except, you are a) self-diagnosing, so how do you know it's a sinus infection? and b) stretching the boundaries of believability by saying that someone throwing up all night long is because of an ear infection. Just an example of the kind of nonsense that they come up with, not a specific incident. Or, "you can't protect them from everything!" Or, "she just won't get around Papaw." Or, "let's just do it and not tell them that she's sick." It's really me, my mom, one aunt and one cousin who are pro-staying-home, and the other aunt and two cousins who are pro-INSANITY, so it's kind of an even mix. You know what always really boggles my mind? The other aunt is a relapsed nurse. Surely SHE knows a little something about basic disease prevention? There was a mini Facebook drama going on yesterday over it. Sometimes, though I love them dearly, my family is exhausting. :)

Let's see, how about something that is not directly child-related? We are making really good progress on the bathroom again! The walls are nearly ready for painting (lots of painful sanding/spackling/priming involved on M's part. I am lucky that he is one of those rare folks who can do drywall work. Long family joke about that being the one thing that my very handy dad can't do... with the evidence being clearly visible in my parents house! But even better... we are nearly halfway done with the floor! We went with laminate in a very light maple color and it's looking fantastic. It was driving me crazy last night because M was working on it and I had to stay away most of the time to keep E out of trouble. My parents are supposed to come over tomorrow and spend the night, and then on Saturday, M and my dad will work on getting the tub in and installed, and after that... it should all be downhill. There'll be plenty of work left to do in the painting and replacing the toilet and vanity (and I have to put a clear coat on the painted vanity before that happens, too) and installation of the light, etc, but those tasks are not going to be as hard as the work that was done so far and the work that will hopefully be taken care of this weekend. IF it happens, due to sickness. M woke up sick this morning and I'm not so sure that he'll be well enough on Saturday to get much done, and I'm not sure that my parents should come down and get sick, if they aren't already.

And, best news yet! I finally finished painting the dollhouse bookcase that we've been working since like January. It was done except for the finishing, and apparently we hate that so it just sat and languished. Until now! It's been sitting in the middle of my kitchen floor for over an entire month because I decided that it WAS getting done. The painting took so much longer than I planned, though, when I decided to do all of the rooms in different colors. Each one needed at least two coats, and two rooms had to be redone because the paint I used didn't work out as well as I had hoped, and one room had to be resanded due to an incident with gunky primer. I spent five hours on it the very first night that I started painting, and countless hours since then. (And even more countless hours ignoring the project as best as I could while skirting around the thing taking up the entire kitchen floor, propped up on three Capri-Sun boxes because I am so classy like that.) Seriously, it took SO much longer to paint than it did to build. Isn't that crazy?

You may have seen this on Facebook already, too, and you may see it elsewhere before I'm done because I AM SO HAPPY IT'S DONE!

My PLAN was to use this bookcase as a...well, bookcase. Evie's plan is to use the dollhouse as a dollhouse. This is the first day that she's had it in her room. Guess who won? :) Maybe when she gets bored with it, I can steal a few rooms for books and pretties.

A few notes on the Barbie action in the house. I tried to subtly point out that horses do not usually go IN the house, but Evie not-so-subtly pointed out that PIPPI'S horse is in the house, so that blonde Barbie therefore became Pippi.

I put the couple in the yellow room, but to get them to stand up, I fear that girl is touching her friend inappropriately. I'm sorry for ruining what should be a G-rated photo.

I gave Evie all of my Barbies from when I was little, and therefore, she has a huge collection of them... but unfortunately, most of them look as if they just stepped out of 1985. The Rockers were having a little reunion there in the pink room..

The reindeer? It is apparently a kitchen table. Oh, to be three again!
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Better late than never, right? We have been back a week and a half now, and life has finally settled back into its normal routine. Last week was a little rough, because we were all still jetlagged and waking up at six in the morning. Plus, I felt a little aimless and lost, kind of like you feel after the presents are opened at Christmas. I've been planning this trip for SO. LONG. Now that I'm home I'm not entirely sure what to do with myself. :) I'm glad to report that I am feeling much more myself this week.

sweden picturess
This is my desktop background right now. Isn't M a cute Viking? We took a day trip to Sigtuna, which is one of my favorite places. It's a manageable drive outside of the city and yet it's a small town. I have always said that's where I'd want to live if we moved to Sweden. We wouldn't, of course, but it's a nice daydream. Anyway! We went on a Viking boat. It was touristy and silly but a lot of fun. M was the official steering dude. Is there a word for a Viking boat steering dude?
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Jul. 13th, 2010 12:12 pm
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We're finally home! That day of traveling is so rough but we had a great time while we were gone, so it was all worth it. I still can't believe that it had been five years since we were there. I really want that to not happen again. It was just too much time. It's also a little hard to believe that M has lived here almost ten years now, in October, and ten years ago this summer was the year I was in Sweden for the full summer. That was an amazing life experience sort of summer, and while I was sitting on the plane Sunday, I thought of all the other return trips I've made, including that first one where I was alone. I still had a year of college left to go and plans for M to move that fall, but if he had asked me to stay right then, I would have. I had enough self-control not to suggest it myself because it was so not the path we had chosen, but I could so easily see myself settling into life there for a while. And... where would we be now? I would have eventually found myself a job (one would hope) and then.. would we have ever gotten around to moving back here? Or would we have put down strong enough roots that we didn't want to change our whole life? And if we HAD moved back after a couple of years, as was our other plan (we considered me living there first and then moving here, but we always knew we wanted to stay here in the end) what kind of job situation would we have ended up with? And it goes without saying that we wouldn't have this house or THIS child... if we'd have had either one of those at all. It's just so freaky to think about how one decision could have changed so much.

It was interesting, though. Last time we were there, it felt completely natural, like we should be going home to our own house at the end of every day, like we were living there all along. It made us both kind of wish we COULD do the living in Sweden thing. This time, it did not feel like anything other than a vacation, and it made me feel less like I wanted to actually live there than before. It's not that there was anything BAD or WRONG that would make me say that. I think it's just that we're so settled now, here, in our own little life, that starting over sounds miserable. I know I'm just 31 but I feel too OLD for that sort of lifestyle change. So yeah. I don't want to move back, but I really want us to not go so long without visiting that it feels like everything is unfamiliar.

I don't know. It's just difficult sometimes, to be away from the other side of your family. It matters even more to me now that I have Evie, and I want her to have a close relationship with M's family, and to be familiar with her full cultural heritage.. not just the American part. As far as my inlaws go, we still don't know each other really well, because we don't get to spend that much time together, but we're much closer now than we were before say, the last time they came over to visit. I have been putting some effort into that for the last couple of years. Plus, there is still the language issue. Their English was pretty good to start with, and it's gotten better in the last ten years, with practice, but it's still not something they're totally comfortable with.

Speaking of language, my Swedish had passively improved a lot in the last five years. I'd mostly stopped trying, and had forgotten a lot of words that I knew. It was almost freaky to feel them coming back, plus some. I was at the point last time of sort of being able to hear what someone was talking about, but not necessarily what they were saying about it. This time, it was the same, except I was able to understand much larger portions of what was being said, and some entire conversations were fully processed. My biggest problem is that I am seriously shy about speaking and getting something wrong, so I get no practice with pronunciation or with stringing words together. So yeah, we're back on the bandwagon re: language. I always say this but I have a renewed determination this time, and hopefully it will stick because even before we went, I was trying hard to work on Evie's Swedish. It's dismal, to be perfectly frank. She clearly understands more than we think so does, based on a few things we noticed while there. This is the best example: M's mom told him, in Swedish, that there were nectarines in the refrigerator. She was standing across the room at the sink and not motioning at the fridge or anything. Evie looked up from her breakfast and said, "There's WHAT in the fridge, Daddy?" Completely didn't know she knew that word before. So, I think that's a promising sign. It's just daunting to consider teaching a second language to a three-year-old, but it's too late to do anything other than regret that we didn't stick with it in the beginning. I do have some pretty good ideas on where to go from here (I think) and we WILL be increasing her exposure, effective immediately. (Actually, effective three months ago to some degree, but especially now.)

Also, we may or may not have brought home thirty kids books in Swedish. Literally. They weren't all purchased by us, and some were bought used at a flea market, and the rest were bought on sale, but STILL. That is INSANE. Added to M's desire to bring home three LOGS (no kidding), we used every bit of weight we had available to us. You can have fifty pounds per suitcase. We had three of them filled up to within about a quarter of a pound each, which rather impressed the airline agent. The other was over by like two pounds--Whitley had a few pounds to spare so we threw some of our crap in there. They didn't charge us for it, at least.

We had several cameras going this time--ours, Whitley's, his mom's, and his sister's. There around something like 1,100 pictures all together (we exchanged pictures there at the end so we'd all have them.) and I still haven't seen all of them yet. So... I will post pictures after I can actually look at them myself. I'm way behind on the rest of my life so unpacking and laundry has had to come first. Also, sleeping.

Oh, just so I'll remember.. we went to Drottningholm (royal castle) and IKEA on Thursday, shopping on Friday (while Evie stayed with Farmor and Farfar again) and a bit more of Gamla Stan and lunch with M's sister on Saturday, and then we left on Sunday morning. I had to share one crappy internet connection with M and with Whitley, so I didn't really have much time to sit down a post at the end.
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We have three days left here in Stockholm and we're trying to figure out what exactly we want to do with them. We've done a lot of shopping, we've done some touristing, but we have sort of decided against going to see Vasa tomorrow due to lack of supreme interest. Everyone has seen it except Whitley and no one really wants to see it again, and Whitley isn't like falling over herself to see it herself, so... it seems kind of silly to trek out there. It's a boat, guys. It sank, and then major amounts of money was pent to pick it back up. It is actually cool; I'm not trying to minimize it, but it's also pretty much something you can just hear the story and see the pictures, if one is fifteen and not personally interested in Swedish history. Anyway, Vasa has been scrapped and we did spend a bunch of time in Gamla Stan today, so.. not sure what we're gonna do tomorrow.

Evie spent the day with Farfar and Farmor today for the first time, which was kind of cool. We went out shopping (and walking!) in the city and then made our way over to M's sister's house. Evie would have H.A.T.E.D. today's trip so it was good timing. I was sort of dreading the whole day, actually, until they asked if she would want to stay with them this morning. We bought a lot of junk. Even Whitley got into the spirit of things and purchased a few items. She's mainly been walking around trying to figure out something to buy, and then falling over in despair at the prices. :)

Yesterday was all about Skansen, which was fun. Skansen is a zoo/open air museum (as they seem fond of pointing out). Evie had fun but she got way too tired. M abandoned us when we left there, heading off to spend a little time with his BFF.

Sometime on Monday, we took enough pictures that they no longer show up on this computer when I try to transfer them. Never saw anything like it, but the computer recognizes the camera but refuses to list the remaining photos. So... I have a great excuse for not posting pictures... at least of the last two days. :) Pictures when we get home, probably more than you really care about seeing.
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My child is ”doing Arts & Crafts”… her words, not mine. What she is actually doing is trying to put off going to bed for a little bit longer. She slept late this morning, as did we, so no one is nagging yet.

I am glad to report that she has taken up quite well with Farfar and especially with Farmor. They go outside and look at flowers and play with kitty cats, and there is always ice cream and Swedish strawberries at this house, so they are doing well together. I bet this is the first time that Farfar and Farmor will need to have ”strawberries” written in their budgets, because we have been to the store just about every day, or every other day at least, to buy strawberries.

Whitley is also having a good time. She has become addicted to Swedish coffee, or what my in-laws might refer to more aptly as ”sugar”. ,) Yeah, it’s a bit sweeter than common.. hehe. Unfortunately, we all have a cold or something, so she’s not feeling that great, which puts a damper on things.

We have strangely not spent time with anyone other than M’s family. Usually we’re running from place to place, but this time has been much more relaxed and visiting-focused. I think that having a kid has been the reason for that. I kind of wish we’d brought her stroller..though if we had, I don’t think we’d have made our plane, so I guess it’s just as well. At home, she insists on walking everywhere we go, but she’s made us carry her most of the time we’ve been here. I guess she’s just not caught up on her rest, and of course, we are expecting quite a lot of her.

So far, we’ve been shopping several times and we’ve been to Sigtuna (one of my favorite places to be a tourist), where we rode out on a Viking boat, and to the cathedral in Uppsala, and we’ve walked around in Stockholm a bit, We’ve also been trying to get some official Swedish business done while we’re here. So far we’ve applied for and received M’s Swedish passport, which was really fast. We have some Evie stuff going but I won’t go into details about it until we see how it turns out.

I bought Evie a bunch of books and some clothes at a flea market that we went to today, and some more books at a store. I figure that I can justify spending a little more since I can’t exactly buy them at home. I want to find some cute Swedish-looking clothing, but I am having terrible sticker shock on the prices.  Whitley has bought a bunch of jewelry and a Dalahäst (purchased for 80 kronor at the flea market and not 28727 kronor at the store.

E has crawled up in a rocking chair and covered herself up with a blanket so perhaps she is a little ready for bedtime. I guess I should go check on that situation and stop rambling.
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Have you ever been sitting on a plane, ages past boarding, and you’re waiting for the thing to actually move, and then suddenly someone bursts onto the plane looking disheveled and anxious, and you think smugly to yourself that these people should really plan better so that they don’t show up at the airport so close to their departure time?

Yeah. Welcome to our world yesterday.

Let’s put everything into perspective, though, and start on Saturday. We met my parents and niece for lunch, and then we brought my niece with us to the hotel near the airport, where we were spending the night. Both the girls fell asleep in the car on the way there. When they woke up at the hotel, Evie’s eyes were gunked up. YAY PINK EYE. We’re two hours from her doctor with an international flight going out the next day. I asked at the desk and found an Urgent Care center nearby, so we took off to the doctor. It was easily confirmed as pink eye—this is our first parenting experience with pink eye. It is not fun. So we pick up her medicine and drive around in circles for an hour looking for somewhere to eat. I finally gave up and picked the closest McDonald’s on the GPS. We drove for ten minutes and guess where it led us? To the ValuPark lot at the airport. Yes, the GPS was sending us INTO THE AIRPORT FOR DINNER. No thank you. That was really just a sidenote though because we finally ate and made it back to the hotel and the freezing ”heated” pool, where fun was had by all. When we get back, I am going to look into swimming lessons for Evie. She loved it.

After a restless night’s sleep, we get up and get our stuff ready to go. (This includes twenty minutes of trying to get Evie’s matted and puffy swollen eyes open and then medicated. Is this a good time to apologize to the flying peoples of the world for bringing pink eye onto a plane” Yeah, sorry about that.) We get to the airport, check in with minimal problems—although we did have go to through the security line twice because when we got up there, we found an issue with our boarding passes. Evie is grumpy, and none of us can blame her because HELLO, PINK EYE. We go through security, where I beep like mad. I was carrying all four passports and presumably they have a metal strip in them… according to the security people but I beeped several times later on so I have no idea.

After security, we have a couple of hours to kill and then I remember lunch. There’s only one place past security to eat in our general vicinity, so Whitley and I stood in line for 35 minutes. (Incidentally: after those 35 minutes, I waited an additional five minutes and then paid 22 bucks for two paninis, two bags of chips, two drinks, a one dollar orange that Evie wouldn’t touch after all and a bottle of milk. Whitley got a bottle of juice and a club sandwich for twelve, so I guess I can’t complain in comparison. The food sucked, too.) When we got back to the place, it was time to board.. or it would have been time to board if our flight wasn’t delayed. We had a few tense moments with thinking we were only going to have forty minutes to make it to our next flight, but eventually, a really nice gate agent really helped us. We decided to go to Newark and he put us in as backup on a flight that went out the next day. He even drew the route on a map of the Newark airport and told us how to get to the C terminal from A. We left before originally scheduled, so we had an hour and twenty minutes before the flight departed. We were GOLDEN.

HAHAHA. That is when this story takes a turn for the AWFUL. We get there and we are still rushing like mad because it’s a big place and we want to get to where we need to go as soon as possible, just in case. We ride the shuttle, we walk aaalllll the way through the C terminal to the gate, where we….. are told that we need to be in Terminal B. We’re not on that flight. We have 45 minutes at this point. M is pissed because he knew we wouldn’t have time to make it because of a Continental employee’s directions. The woman directs us to the Continental Customer Service, where we had to wait in line again. There, the woman ridiculed us for waiting at line (at yet another Continental employee’s direction) and basically just told us to run, knowing full well we wouldn’t make it. Yet, we had to try, so we ran. I mean, RAN. Two adults, one teen and one carried three-year-old, running like mad through a crowded airport. We get to the shuttle and we ride to the next terminal and can’t find the gate on the signs, so my brilliant husband heads to the SAS check-in counter. We were second-guessing that decision at the time, thinking that we might be killing precious minutes, but it was the only thing that saved us. They started messing with boarding passes and passports and affixed a beautiful green dot on our boarding passes that let us go through priority security lines, called the gate to let them know, and told us basically to run. I sent M on ahead at first, but we got back together at security, where we got to skip the mile-long lines. Then there was more running, still with the carry-ons and the Evie being carried. (We all took a turn, with M doing most of the worst of it, Whitley taking over in the middle and me finishing up. She weighs 40 pounds, by the way, and we stupidly decided against the mei tai, even though I was going to bring it for just this very sort of thing.)

And… we made it. After Security, M ran on the last few minutes to the gate—yes, the farthest one in the terminal--by himself, while we were struggling with the girl and the stuff, so that he could alert them that we were there.


We burst onto the plane with everyone staring. We were red-faced, hot, sweaty, exhausted and really just operating in a state of shock, but we made it. Our reserved seats were apparently reassigned, but since there were two together for Evie and someone, and then someone behind that seat, we didn’t say a word about it. I got to sit in a window seat on the other side of the plane in the aisle behind them by myself, so M got to do baby duty for the entire flight. She was pretty good, he said, and she managed to sleep three and a half hours. The rest of us… not so much. But we made it, and that is all that matters.

I’m finishing this up at two in the morning (eight EST) because we woke up in the middle of the night with Evie, who woke up confused, and neither of us could go back to sleep because our bodies were thinking it was time to be awake. I think it’s time to go give it another try, though, because I have a feeling we’ll be up with her again pretty early.

We’re here… by the skin of our teeth. :)

(p.s. going to try to double-post while I'm gone.. sorry if it bothers you if you have the feed.)


Jun. 14th, 2010 02:46 pm
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I just got back from lunch with my daddy--what a lovely start to the week! He had to go pick up a vehicle that had been serviced (for his job) in a location far far away (225 miles from his job, so... a lot of driving today!) and the road he was on goes by a town about fifteen minutes from my house, AND he happened to be driving by at noon... so it worked out perfectly. :) Evie and I drove down and had a nice lunch with Grandpa, and then we tried to go coupon shopping at the really nice Rite Aid in that town, but I forgot my coupons at home and so we just came home. It's funny because last night I went out shopping and walked into Rite Aid at 5:54 and saw that they closed at 6:00 so walked right back out. Then today I walked in and saw that I couldn't buy anything and walked out again. Maybe tomorrow I might go again and see if I can find another reason why I can't shop?

Yesterday was such a great day. Evie was soooo good. She started out kind of rough, with unexplained crying and whining, but then we fed and dressed and watered her, and she perked up and played so nicely. M and I spent almost the entire day cleaning the computer room up. It was a disgusting pig sty and I am ashamed to even talk about how bad it was. It's a really hard room for us because it's where we spend most of our awake time that isn't full of childcare, and we're really bad about just taking stuff in there and dumping it because we don't know where it actually goes. Plus, all the electronics and office supplies and stuff. Anyway, we removed her plastic art desk thing that she didn't ever use and moved some furniture around until we could put a card table over in the corner with her computer set up on it. Now she has room to draw and write, and the computer is there so she can watch the Netflix (what she calls it, "the Netflix".. so funny) streaming, and eventually play her own computer games. She is not so great with the mouse, though, so I took some of her birthday money from Granny and Grandpa and bought her a kids mouse this morning. It only has one button, which will help immensely, I think. She has the basics of moving it, but she always hits the right button or tries to scroll with the wheel. Coordination is not her strongest suit, I fear. I mean, she's not openly clumsy, but those fine motions are a little hard for her still. Anyway, the computer room looks great! Still needs work but it looks fantastic already.

Now that I have been assured that it is okay to talk about my various obsessions, I... pretty much don't have anything more to add. haha. The thing with the car seat on the plane is that.. I have always thought it was a little silly when people talked about safety on a plane because seriously, if we crash, we're screwed anyway, right? It just kind of clicked recently that it was more about the turbulence while in air that can knock kids around, and for instance, if you lose altitude suddenly, the kid is gonna hit the ceiling. With that in mind, I started worrying that if that happened and she was just wearing the lapbelt, she might just slide out, given that it'd be loose over a child. I don't know. She's pretty much a giant anyway so she probably wouldn't have a problem without it but worrying about safety issues is, I guess, pretty much what I do. I'll let you know what I think about the harness I bought.

My child has stolen my left arm so I guess my typing time is over. Am not so good at the hunt and peck system. :)
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Like a moron, I left my keys at my parents on Sunday. My mom was taking my grandfather to the doctor in Lexington (which is between us) so I decided to make it a shopping day and went to retrieve them. We met up after they were done at the doctor and my mom asked Evie if she wanted to come with her to Granny's house and... that is how I am sitting here posting at 9:20 a.m. It has been a long time since she went to stay with her Granny. Well, there was one day, about a month ago, but a) it was just one evening and b) it was for a very specific purpose (I had a crappy doctor appt) and c) they called at five a.m. because they were taking my grandfather back to the hospital. Hardly counts. I really think that E has been having a hard time with such a drastic decrease in the amount of Granny time so I hope this reassures her. Also, I had become accustomed to a little time off every so often! I know, I'm spoiled.

My grandfather, by the way, is doing better. Short recap: batteries changed in pacemaker turned into raging staph infection that would have killed him pretty quickly had they not removed it. Pacemaker removed, infection healing but problems that the pacemaker was correcting began returning--specifically, fluid in his lungs. It was well over a month before the pacemaker could be put back in, though, because of the risk of the infection returning. It's been three weeks since it was put back in and he's healing, but it's a slow process and he's fairly depressed about it. Right now, though, it's looking good and he's getting stronger. We're just praying it continues in this direction. The infection showed up two months ago today so it's been a long road.

Anyway! I have an extensive to-do list planned for today. I also have some shopping to do, though I might try to get up tomorrow morning and do it on my way to pick up the girl. My primary goal is going to be to make the binding for a baby quilt and do the machine attaching part. I will hand sew the other side, but I just need to get this part done before Evie gets back. Hopefully that won't take too long but I honestly don't remember from the last one I made. I kind of enjoy quilting but I don't see it ever becoming 'my' hobby, if you know what I mean. I really quite like the piecing part but I HATE the quilting part and I'm not too crazy about the rest of it either. So... yeah. I do have a few that I would like to make though.

We leave for Sweden in just about a month, and, being me, I am spending a bit of time doing organizational tasks. I mean, I always make lists, but I'm being more organized than usual for three reasons. 1) I am a SAHM and I am really looking forward to a change of pace 2) my niece and 3) my three-year-old. I want the traveling to be as peaceful as possible for E's sake, of course, but mainly, I have been stressing over my niece. It's just a slightly odd situation, you know. She's fifteen and she needs some guidance on STUFF. What to pack, what to not pack, what will happen, etc. If she lived with us, we'd just kind of get that info across as we were packing our own stuff. But she doesn't live with us and I don't really get to see her that often, and I almost never see her mom, my former sister-in-law. (Former..ish.) She needs to know this stuff too, since she'll be the one to help W pack. So, I am writing some notes on all that stuff, like how much the baggage can weigh and a list of what she definitely needs to pack and some notes on electrical devices and what to bring in a carryon and all of that good stuff. I guess part of it is just that it means a lot to me to be able to give this experience to her and I want it to go as well as possible.

So, help me? Most of you are the traveling sort. What do you think a fifteen year old girl needs to know about international travel and flying in general that she might not have thought about? She's never flown before. Any hints on what should she pack? What should she not pack? I have already written most of what I can think of telling her but I feel like I'm forgetting stuff so I was hoping you all would give me a few ideas. Imagine bringing a teenager with you next time you go--what would you want them to know in advance. Oh, and while you're at it... we'll be in Stockholm. Any ideas on what we should be doing with her (AND a three-year-old, of course) while we're there? We did a lot of touristy things when I was there for the summer before we got married, but it's a) been ten years and b) not like we did everything there was to do.
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My daughter told me that she loves me "in a certain way". No further updates on what way that is. A casual, "maybe we'd be better off as just friends" sort of way? A "don't call me, I'll call you" sort of way? I don't know. Poor kid. She's odd and she doesn't have a single chance to outgrow her oddness, given that she lives with us.

It is a house of halfhearted sickness here. M and I both have... something. Allergies? It started with a scratchy throat and then we've had scratchy voices, and then I developed the worst cough that I've had since I was pregnant and you know, broke a rib from it.. but strangely, otherwise we're mostly not sick. No congestion, runny nose, foggy brain, body aches. It's bizarre. Evelyn is unaffected, at least, which is fantastic. We think we're improving. Maybe.

My grandfather is out of the hospital and staying with my mom while he recovers. Actually, not sure I posted about that here. They removed his pacemaker due to it getting infected.. originally, they thought it was MRSA but it turned out to be just your run-of-the-mill staph infection, which was good news, of course. Pacemakers, it turns out, are not really meant to be removed, and it was pretty scary there for a while, but it's been a couple of weeks now and he's still doing well.

Meanwhile, my niece has not applied for her passport yet and it's stressing us out. hehe. She did, however, go completely insane last week, and pierce her own ears. Twice. She added a total of four new holes in her ears. By herself. Isn't this like 2010 or something? :) The funny thing is that she told me she was going to do it when I saw her on Easter. I just didn't believe her. She said she wanted to get them done but she's not spending any money at all because she's saving up for Sweden, so she was just going to pierce them herself. I underestimated her commitment, I must say.

I have a question for my smart friends. M's best friend in Sweden is having his first baby next month. I'm making them a baby quilt, because apparently I can do that for gifts but not for my own child. (Total quilts made by me, including this one: 2. Total quilts kept by me: 0.) Should I mail it to Sweden when I'm done with it so it can get there before the baby is born or soon thereafter, or should I bring it with us when we come over at the end of June? On one hand, I'd prefer that they had it closer to the time of the baby's arrival, but on the other hand... it's just a month or two (M, being male, just knows it's sometime in May, not when.) and then I wouldn't have to box it up and spend a fortune to ship it. What would you do? I think I will just bring it, but curious what someone else would do.
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I have just plain old gotten out of the habit of posting. Am think of making a New Year's Resolution about it. Or rather, a resolution. For some reason, ti seems like the ones that are made in January have less of a hope of sticking.

Christmas was so fantastic. Really, really great. My parents came down to pick me up on Tuesday, and we did a little shopping in the city nearby with my niece. None of us really had that much actual Christmas shopping to do. We were just out having a good time. At the end of the day, we met up with M, who works between our town and the city we were in, and we went to see the Christmas lights at the horse park. It was so much fun. The lights were neat and all, but the real winner was the free petting zoo and stuff going on at the end. It was all largely outdoors, so we were all bundled up against the cold--don't know if I've ever spent so much time outdoors after dark in December--but it was still great. Evelyn loved the petting zoo part SO MUCH. She was feeding them carrot sticks and petting everything. There were goats and antelopes and ostriches and buffalo and even a kangaroo. (Evie liked the goats the best.) It was all magical and stuff.

While all the shopping was going on, I was also talking to M on the phone occasionally, as we are wont to do, and I suggested to him that he take Wednesday off work instead of the following Monday. He had one more day of vacation left to use, and originally, Wednesday was out because someone else was taking it off. But, her plans changed so... anyway, M decided not to work Wednesday, and so we called Santa up and asked him to come to our house early so we could leave town on Wednesday evening without missing him. Santa is so considerate that he immediately agreed. ;) I don't know if we'll be able to do that kind of rearranging much longer, since Evelyn may begin to question it after a while, but it's so inconvenient to be out of town over Christmas. We do the family gift thing on Christmas Eve in my family, but we do a holiday dinner on Christmas Day, so it doesn't make sense to drive home at midnight on Christmas Eve (hour and a half from my parents, or two if we left from my grandfather's house.) But... we also don't want to drag all of the presents we have for each other to my parents house, since we want to have a little bit of family time to ourselves, too. Anyway, it worked out fine this year. Evelyn was thrilled when Santa came and I was thrilled to watch her, and M and I got great gifts for each other. Then we went to do the family thing and there was nothing terribly dramatic going on, so all in all--great Christmas.

From M, I got a pair of pearl earrings, a book, a game and a new old cell phone. ;) Last year, I accidentally put my phone in the washer, where it died a painful death. It wasn't a fancy phone, and the replacement phone that I've been using off and on since then was actually a slightly newer, but similar, phone. However, I liked it because the sound quality was very good and I use my cell phone as my primary house phone, and I don't text and I refuse to pay for internet service when I am at home most of the time anyway, so it makes a lot more sense for me to focus on sound quality than all those fancy things that I would dearly love to play with but don't need. So... he bought me a replacement phone like the one I used to have.:) I thought that was very thoughtful of him. :) AND, the best part was that he made me a set of three wooden candleholders. He does a lot of woodworking/instrument building, but he has never really made anything for me so it was a lovely present. :) I mainly got him a bunch of Xbox stuff, and a shirt that says "Shop smart, shop S-Mart" with accompanying illustrations. (Anyone know? hehe.) From the parents, I got a bunch of shirts and a new printer and hair straightener and a cooking pot, and a bunch of other things that I can't remember. Makeup.

I told Evie recently that after Christmas, she was going to have to learn to use the potty every time. I didn't actually intend to start with this project until after New Years, but somehow we ended up going for it today. I put her in panties all day and nagged her relentlessly about using the potty. On the bright side, she got ten stickers on her potty chart--definitely a record. On the down side, she also peed all over the damned place. I don't know what her deal is because I wouldn't have thought she peed ten times in one day normally, much less all the other random peeing. I know that I am probably making it harder by putting panties on her instead of leaving her bottom bare, but it has never really worked out well for her when we've tried it in the past. She usually ends up crying and begging for her diaper. I think it feels strange to her, extended nakedness. Besides, I don't want to have trouble when we go from bare bottom to wearing panties.. I'd rather get it all over with at once, if I can. Soo... yeah, it was kind of a rough day, especially since we also took the Christmas tree down and have been trying desperately to pick up all the chaos and gifts left over from Christmas. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

And on that note, I have to go do more laundry before we end up with a panty shortage. :) Also, I think that a snack would be appropriate..
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Tentatively speaking, it seems that Evelyn's weekend at Granny's house has restored her to her usual good-natured self. I am so relieved, and just hoping it lasts.

I am a mini-blind person. Both M and I like having blinds to cover the windows so people can't see inside at night. However, mini-blinds are exceptionally dangerous to small children--they can get the cords (which are knotted together, forming a sort of convenient hangnoose) wrapped around their necks and basically hang themselves from them. This has never been something that seriously worried me in our house because she was never able to reach the blinds, since I loop them up very carefully every morning. Lately, she has started climbing up there to play with the twisty thing and/or the cord, and also sit on the windowsill...which she can only do because she's propped up on the arm of her chair. It's driving me crazy because there's only so much I can do with the cords to keep them out of her reach. And, I was going to ask for advice that did not entail spending a fortune, but now that I type it all out, the answer is pretty simple. I shall move the chairs. Thus, she cannot climb on them and the cords will be out of her reach. Tada!

Right now, E and I are compromising. We had a bit of a fight a few minutes ago because she wanted to watch Caillou on youtube on the laptop, which I am currently using to type this post. She was kicking and hitting and generally proving that it is a bad idea to write something like "her usual good-natured self". That was pretty moronic, if I do say so myself. Anyway, I wouldn't let her watch it both because I was using said laptop and because it is SO not the way you ask for things, that kicking and hitting thing. But, she calmed down and after a few minutes, came over and gave me a ton of hugs and kisses (pretty sure she felt bad for being mean to me) and then asked nicely. So, she's watching Caillou is one window and I am typing this in another one. It's pretty sweet to sit here typing away while she is snuggled up on my arm. :) YouTube is my hero.

Okay, enough of that. My posts are very Evie-focused these days and I apologize for that.. it's just that I spend all day every day with her. I can write about other stuff occasionally though! Let's give it a try.

I am planning on a big shopping trip with the girls in the family tomorrow. E and I will meet the rest of them in the city we shop in and it will hopefully be fun. HOWEVER, geez, Louise, why can they not stick with a plan? This trip was scheduled for Thursday. I am the one who suggested we go shopping this week, while my cousin is in visiting from North Carolina. I said that the one day I really didn't want to go was Wednesday, and because there were other things going on with other people on other days (including Wednesday), we settled on Thursday. The next day, they decided to switch it to Wednesday because my aunt has a dr appointment that day (in that city) and so she could go with us. That appointment was one of the reasons we settled AGAINST Wednesday...that and the aunt said she didn't want to go. I know it's not really a big deal, it's just that tomorrow is my anniversary and I have dinner plans, so I didn't want to have to rush to get home in time and I also didn't want to be exhausted by the time I get there. Families! My dad had a cold this weekend, though, and today I am feeling a little off, so we'll see if I get to go anyway, I guess.

I have so much of my Christmas shopping done already that I am seriously worried that it's going to ruin the Christmas preparations experience for me. I enjoy shopping when it's like this.. finding the right things for very very little money. I am really looking forward to all the decorating and baking and wrapping and Christmas cheer this year. Something about having a 2.5 year old really brings it out. :)

Okay, time to find something else to do. Maybe I will fold laundry, or prepare a healthy nourishing lunch. ;) Or maybe i will exercise! I embarked upon a Wii fitness program last week and have now worked out a whole once! Probably should get back on that if I want it to stick, huh?
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The sweetest thing ever just happened to me. I was putting Evelyn to sleep, and all was going well until I went to lay her down. When she hit the mattress, she woke up a little bit, and searched desperately for me and started kissing my arm. I was hoping she would fall back asleep after a moment, so I waited, but she started sitting up and reaching for me again, so I picked her back up. She proceeded to kiss me all over my chest. When I made it back to the couch with her and sat down, she (eyes still mostly closed) leaned up and kissed my mouth before snuggling back into my arms (kissing me a few times on her way) and then fell promptly asleep. EXCEPT! She couldn't stay asleep because she kept rousing herself every few minutes TO KISS MOMMY SOME MORE. I mean, seriously, does it get any sweeter than that? I finally had to call in M to put her down because she just kept waking up because the alluring mother unit was just too kissable to get any real rest done. (Naturally, she fell fully asleep in the time it took him to walk down the hallway and get the sunroom ready (he walks with her out there when he puts her to sleep.) but still.) How sweet. Sometimes I almost think she likes me or something.

It's probably just because I bought her crayons for her bathtub today. She thought those were grand. Well worth sixty cents, they were.

I went shopping today with my couponing friend and we had a really nice time. It's so much fun when we go together. By the end of the day, we tend to have to put some bags in the back seat because the trunk is full..hehe. I am so trying not to think about the fact that they're moving in five or six weeks. It just really stinks that I finally find a local, SAHM friend like her and she's leaving already. Anyway, I completely finished the birthday and Christmas presents for one of my cousins today. That was fun. (Total cost: $.63.) Feeling pretty confident about her liking them, too. Yay Kohl's!

Actually, the weekly shopping plan was supposed to be that I was going to meet the girls in the family tomorrow for a day of fun and visiting with cousin who's in for a visit from North Carolina. Unfortunately, said cousin woke up yesterday morning so ill that when she went to the doctor, they put her in an ambulance and sent her to the ER in the next town. (No hospital in the first town.) Apparently it was a stomach virus of some sort, but they had to give her a number of meds just to get her to stop throwing up continually. Lovely, huh? I figured that a) she is not gonna be in the mood for shopping all day by tomorrow and b) I REALLY don't want to expose any of us to a stomach bug that serious, and by Thursday, she may not be contagious anymore but you know that the rest of the family will be passing it around. So, no thank you. That actually sounds bad enough that I am seriously rethinking our plans to go up to visit this weekend..which will go over like a lead balloon but... one does what one must, I suppose. E has only had one real round of a stomach virus and she took it very hard and so did we. :) I know you can't shield yourself from everything but you CAN shield yourself from known threats, right? (I am pre-rationalizing at this point, preparing for the real event this weekend if I need to.)

And... a partridge in a pear tree.
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It has been all busy here lately. We did get our internet back. Sorta. Well, yes, clearly, we have internet at home because I am sitting here in my chair typing away on the intarwebs and all, but it is only because we are impatient and clever. They kept telling us that they were going to call us back and they didn't, and then they said they'd call us back and schedule an appointment, and they didn't. That theoretical appointment was going to be today, but (what a surprise) they didn't show up or call. Anyway, when M finally talked to the last guy who promised someone would schedule the appointment for today, he said that it was probably this strange little box that they had put in here (and replaced once already, I might add) and that it really shouldn't be used for internet and they would want to install a new outlet. So, when we finally got home that night, we re-wired the place and got rid of the box. We don't really know what the box does, but it has behaved very strangely in the past when we have disconnected it. So... now we are without television in this room due to the DIY re-wiring, which is not a big deal at all to us, but we have access to the outside world via the internets, so all is well. EXCEPT it makes me angry every time I think about it that as far as the plant board knows, we are sitting here without internet that we're paying for.

Ignore them, maybe they'll go away. Great customer service right there.

So anyway, my parents went camping at the horse park beginning on Friday, and they left Wednesday. We went out there every day, and even spent the night on Saturday. M slept on the couch and Evie and I slept on the bed that you make out of the table. (Random trivia: except for the time I was in the hospital when E was born, that was the first time we have ever slept apart since we've been married. Aww.) I wish I could say that spending the night was fun, but the truth is that it was one of the most miserable nights I've had in a while. I had a headache when I went to bed, but I couldn't find any drugs for it because we were all tiptoe-ing around because we didn't want to wake Evie up. I have never been able to sleep off a headache, so I knew I'd have to deal with it in the morning. But my darling, darling child decided to wake up and stay awake for a couple of hours, so I got to enjoy some quality time with it before she fell asleep again and it was light enough in the camper to go find my purse. Ahh, well. Other than that, we had a great time, with eating and swimming and eating and games and eating and golf cart rides and eating and did I mention eating? We mainly just go camping to eat, I think. Also, cook. We do a lot of cooking, which also means a lot of clean-up. That part isn't as much fun but it's a necessary evil.

I need more hours in the day. I'm so, so behind. I did get my house largely cleaned up yesterday (it was a disaster, what with being gone all day every day and only coming in long enough to make a mess of every room, complain about not having internet and sleep) and most of my weekly shopping today, but there is always so much more that needs done. People think stay at home moms have lots of time on their hands. HA! I used to whine about "only" having like, five hours to myself every night. FIVE HOURS. Do you know what I would give to have five hours to myself these days? The grass is always greener, y'all. Of course, then I didn't have small people throwing their arms around my neck and giving me butterfly kisses, either, so... maybe it isn't greener after all. :)
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Last week was so hectic, but we had a great time. Evie was just so tired every night that she could barely stand herself. No naps, plus busy busy busy, plus staying up late.. I let her sleep late in the mornings but it just didn't cut it. She really just had too much fun. The parents were camping across town, along with my niece, W, who's fourteen. We were over there all day from Wednesday through Saturday.

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Update: the keys were found, but not until after my parents drove all the way to the next town (25 minutes from here, maybe 15 from where they were) and picked up M's keys and drove them all the way out to my house. Then, they walked in and announced they were going to look for my keys. I cheerfully told them to go for it. My niece walked directly across the room and said, "Found them!" within ten seconds. Seriously. I was stilll opening the gate* to the kitchen to go check on E's lunch. They were in Evelyn's toy oven. The really annoying thing is that I looked there three times. and both M and my mom suggested it as the place to look. AND I DID. They were near the back and I guess I didn't bend over far enough to see them. Argh. Oh, well. At least we found them. That makes life easier.

(M tried to give me the "you have to keep up with your keys from now on" speech, but I may have pointed out that HE was the one watching her when she took them and hid them, as I was carrying stuff in from the car, so we were able to avoid that particular discussion at the last minute. haha. :) )

So, on to the camping. The weather is abysmal. They have a camper so we can be indoors, but... still, not what you want when you go camping. This campground is much smaller than the other ones they've had, and more cramped. I am a bit concerned about what we're going to be doing, but I suppose it'll work out. I was planning on going over first thing this morning--originally, the was even leaving here with M at seven--but on second thought, I'm letting E sleep in as long as she will. It's actually quite lovely to have a little time to myself first thing in the morning. I guess I have that to look forward to when she stops napping, huh? Maybe? She's like her parents and has never been a habitually early riser.. thank goodness. I normally wake her up at 7:30 if she's not awake already, but compared to my dear, suffering friends with 5:00 babies, we're doing pretty good.

Anyway. That's about all I've got. Would someone volunteer to take our nasty weather for the rest of the week? No?

*Speaking of our kitchen gate, I do not understand why people have such a hard time with it. It swings open, and the latch is both tricky and requires a little strength, so I DO understand why no one knows how to open it until they're shown. Most people still have a hard time with it even after they're shown how to do it. I mean, I don't have a problem with people having issues with it, I just don't get it. I mean, nine times out of ten, I just step over it anyway. It's about as tall as I could comfortably step over myself, but I am shorter than all of my adult visitors. I really love it because it's metal, and thus sturdier than any other gate that I have ever seen, much more attractive than the plastic varieties, it's taller than most (good when one has an extremely tall child) and the swinging open thing is great too. Maybe it's considered rude to step over someone else's gate? I don't know. Anyway, the one thing I don't love about it is that I have spent a year talking about how well-designed it is to prevent little fingers from getting hurt, and Evelyn found the one place where it's possible to smash a finger this weekend. Hopefully she won't lose a nail from it like we thought at first.
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I had the one of the strangest things ever happen to me last night. I mean, it's not significant, in the general scheme of things, but it was just so freaking weird that I can't get over it.

First (because it's me) here's the extended set-up. We went up to spend the weekend with my parents. They also threw me a little birthday party on Saturday, which was nice. Ribs and strawberry pie and presents, what more can you ask for? :) I get strawberry pie instead of cake because my mommy loves me. Right. So anyway, it occurred to me that I was going to be spending my actual birthday at home alone so I kind of encouraged my mom to come visit me today, with the option of doing some out-of-town shopping. But then we ended up deciding to spend one more night with my parents, and M would drive directly to work, and my mom would bring Evie and me home and we would do some shopping on the way. It was a good plan, in part because Evelyn was so worn out yesterday that I just could not imagine strapping her into a car seat for ninety minutes at that time of day and having good things come of it.

But since it was Sunday night by now, around eight o'clock, I had to pick up a couple of newspapers for the coupons because I wouldn't be in town to get them here. I prefer the Louisville paper because the Lexington paper's coupons suck balls, but it isn't carried in my parents' town anywhere that I have yet found. However, I've found that the Ashland paper is better than the Lexington so I had to find a gas station that carried them. I struck out at the first one, but then they had a box outside at the second. I dutifully fed it $1.50 (after having to go inside to get change) but then I didn't get my paper. It wouldn't open. I thought I had tried to open it too soon and M pointed out that since I was buying two anyway, I might as well feed it another $1.50 and grab two papers that time. Great! So, that's what I did. Only, it still didn't work. M was with my by now because of all the hassles I was having, and I went inside to tell them that it took my money. Unconcerned Teenage Girls just looked like deer in the headlights and said that they had no control over the newspaper boxes. Some old guy standing around kind of took charge--not sure who he was but he was sort of bossing them around (but wearing a uniform from the local car dealer mechanic shop so I don't think he was the owner) and told me to write my name down on a piece of paper and the guy would leave me my money or my paper. So I wrote a little note, adding my phone number, explaining what happened, and requested that he leave two papers for me to pick up in the morning.

When I got back to the car, my dad suggested that we just find another machine, feed it the money for a third newspaper, take three and then forget the whole thing. The money would work out when the guy (who my dad possibly knows, if it's the guy he's thinking of) did his accounting for the town. It's a small town, there really won't be multiple people delivering papers here. Good idea, right? M got drafted into ThirdPaper duty, which started at a local grocery store down the street. He had to go inside to get more change, and then walk to the corner of the store outside and put the money in.... and guess what? It wouldn't dispense a paper either. It, however, at least gave us the money back. Did I mention it was raining? So we head towards the house but stop at one more gas station to give ThirdPaper another try. It worked this time, and M grabbed three papers and all was well. He also found a stack of coupony papers at the bottom of the pile, which was kind of cool--they turned out to be from two different recent weeks. I was just happy to get my papers and not have to worry with the papers that would possibly be left for me at the first gas station. I have no longer paid for those, after all.

Okay, now we are getting to the weird part. Were you wondering what was weird about that story except for a car full of folks scouring one small town for a couple of newspapers and then thinking it was worth blogging about? We come home and get the baby to bed and then we go to bed.

At 2:51 this morning, my phone rings.

It's the newspaper guy.

He wants to let me know that he has left me two newspapers at the BP station, to pick up in the morning.

What. The. Hell.

Who in their right mind would call someone at three in the morning to tell them something like that??? It is insane. I mean, really. I cannot get over it. I was so confused when it happened that all I could do was say okay. First of all, I just got a new phone Saturday afternoon and this was the first call I've really ever gotten except for test calls, so I didn't even know what that noise was at first. Second of all, I was asleep and third--you just don't get business phone calls in the middle of the freaking night! I was so tempted to call him back at around ten this morning and ask him what he was thinking and explain to him that people really do not appreciate telephone calls at that hour. (I figure that since he works at night, he is likely to be home and asleep by ten.. perfect timing.) I don't like calling people after nine, much less three. I am guessing that he was peeved that I put him to all this trouble over three dollars and wanted a little revenge? That's the only thing I can think of. Oh, and don't forget that my notoriously difficult sleeping baby was asleep in the same room. She didn't wake up, thank goodness.

Anyway. At least it gave me something to talk about. Oh! And also, a bonus bit of awesomeness is that we went to Red Lobster for lunch. Before we left this morning, I rifled through said coupon inserts to see if there happened to be a coupon for there in them, though I didn't think there would be. There was not. However, on a whim, I checked the extra pages that M grabbed and it actually worked! It was like a sign that it was going to be a good day. $3 off, yay! :)

Other than that rude beginning (also, it took me two hours to go back to sleep, just laying there worrying about those stupid newspaper) it was a nice birthday. Mom, Evie and I had a "girl day". I kept telling E that it was a girl day because it was so cute when she would say it. It was also cute because I asked her who she wanted to come with us on our next girl day. I was leading up to suggesting Sissy (my niece) should come, but Evelyn responded immediately that she wanted Daddy to come. So there you have it. Daddy is an integral part of Girl Day... or at least, he should be. :) We didn't buy a whole lot but we did get the plates and napkins and stuff for her birthday party this weekend.

My husband has promised me a full body massage and pedicure for my birthday and yet he is all "oh, you don't want it tonight because it's already ten o'clock!" And I do not entirely understand this logic. But, I am looking forward to it immensely. :)

Also, we ordered a new camera and it was on our doorstep when we made it home this evening.Yay new gadgetry! New phone + new camera = happiness + love. Hopefully we'll like it. This one and this one, if you're curious.)
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I told myself that I would do dishes today while Evelyn takes a nap but so far it hasn't happened. Surprise, surprise! I also told myself I would post last night before I went to bed but we all see how that turned out, don't we? I am just so behind on everything. I needed to do pictures last night but then I fell asleep in my chair and M sent me to bed. Ahh well. It happens, right?

Now, for some Easterage. Evelyn had a wonderful time at Easter. I mean, it was really and truly something she loved. Being outside, picking up eggs, carrying around a basket, attention from big people, playing with the other kids--what's not to love?! These pictures are a little larger than usual (clicked the wrong box when I uploaded them and there's no way I'm going to sit here and fix them ) so I'll put them all behind the cut.
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Apr. 7th, 2009 11:30 pm
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My mom came down yesterday to spend the day with her girls. I promptly put her to work in my little storage room. We did a whole lot of organizational stuff, which is something she's also really good at. I have so much free space in there! The only ones of you who have actually seen this room, besides M, is Carrie and Mike. It was so cluttered in there when they were here that you actually could not walk into the room. (Part of that was just shoving things we didn't know what to do with in there while cleaning, I must confess.) They are probably shaking their heads in skepticism now but really. The floor is completely clear and there is bare shelf space. M installed a new shelf for me on Sunday, and will install another one when we time for it. It's lovely! Also, it's lovely to be married to someone as handy as he is. :) Now if only my handy husband model came with the "enough free time" upgrade, we'd be in business.

My husband is funny. He is playing a stupid computer game and he just went into a five minute rant about how the controls are the worst controls he has ever seen on a computer game ever. He has seen a lot of computer games. He has even played Final Fantasy 8! ;) (Nerd joke about bad controls. I thought that one was pretty awful myself.) He was complaining about how the controls made it actually impossible to finish the mission. Ten minutes later, I look over and what is he doing? Still playing the impossible-to-win, un-fun bad controls game. He has been trying to get his little dude to climb up a ravine by jumping from side to side for well longer than the amount of time it's taken me to write this paragraph. Give up, man! It isn't worth it! I think maybe I need to go stage an intervention..
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My parents are pretty nifty. My dad works for the university and they're on spring break this week, so they came down yesterday to spend the night with their grandbaby. And us, I guess, but who really cares about us when there is THE BABY? You know, I always thought that would bother me, that people really just care about your kid and not you after you start having babies, but really.. eh. Not so much. Anyway, they came down and my dad, who has a hard time not making himself useful, got started on burning stuff in the back yard. Our yard is a disaster area because of all the ice storms and trees falling. As soon as we start getting things burnt, we have another storm. We've lost two trees this year and countless branches. M has been wanting to burn stuff for months now, but the weather hasn't been cooperative. He doesn't get much time to work on it. Anyway, we had a burn pile back there that was the size of a small house. It is now gone, as well as most of the brush from the surrounding areas. That sentence is just so inadequate to describe the amount of stuff that is gone now. The sad thing is that we still have half as much left to go on the other side of the yard, but the good news is that M can work on that on Saturday instead of the first pile. Maybe we'll even get it done sometime in the near future!

Which will be extra good because Miss Baby loves being outside and she's now big enough to realistically be outside with her while getting some stuff done on the yard. We have a to-do list a mile long. I have started raking the leaves out of the flower beds, and we saw our first Easter lily blooming yesterday. I love spring. I really really do. I remember learning about the seasons when I was little and I had a hard time imagining that anyone could ever like any season but summer the best, but spring is pretty magical now that I'm an adult.

After a busy evening spent picking up sticks for the burn pile (she did well staying out of the way, or we would have had to bring her back in), Evelyn flat-out refused to come to Mommy for bedtime. She said, "Granny rock," and that was what happened. She wouldn't even come to me for nummy nummy. I was afraid she'd wake up hungry without it so I tried to convince her to come to Mommy for just a minute and eat before going back to Granny, but the mere thought of that made her cry. So... for the first time ever, Evelyn went to bed more or less without nursing (she did eat a tiny bit when she conned her way into a trip to the potty, but very little) and in the arms of someone besides me or M. It felt weird. And I was happy that my mom got to rock her to sleep, for E is not the most affectionate child ever, and is too busy to sit still for too many hugs and kisses usually, and that she is making progress on the whole sleeping/weaning thing, but also maybe I was a little sad that she didn't want Mommy at all. She really does not care for me when my mom is around, which is a little funny, and generally I don't mind, but then again... sometimes it irritates the crap out of me. She won't let me carry her, she won't let me push the buggy in a store, she just wants my mom. Oh, well.

We spent today just sort of hanging around. We went out for lunch and to do a little shopping, but we were all too exhausted from the night before to do much good at that. I gave away a piece of furniture to my parents, which was a sudden decision but a relief because we didn't have anywhere to put it. It's a kitchen hutch type of thing that we bought for the last place we lived, and it doesn't fit in our new kitchen, so it's been floating around our house for the last three years, trying to find a sensible place to stay. Then I made dinner and they left and Evie cried.. all very much as usual. She was wore out so bedtime was pretty easy at least.

And now I am going to go think about bed for myself. Happy that tomorrow is Friday!

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