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I had the one of the strangest things ever happen to me last night. I mean, it's not significant, in the general scheme of things, but it was just so freaking weird that I can't get over it.

First (because it's me) here's the extended set-up. We went up to spend the weekend with my parents. They also threw me a little birthday party on Saturday, which was nice. Ribs and strawberry pie and presents, what more can you ask for? :) I get strawberry pie instead of cake because my mommy loves me. Right. So anyway, it occurred to me that I was going to be spending my actual birthday at home alone so I kind of encouraged my mom to come visit me today, with the option of doing some out-of-town shopping. But then we ended up deciding to spend one more night with my parents, and M would drive directly to work, and my mom would bring Evie and me home and we would do some shopping on the way. It was a good plan, in part because Evelyn was so worn out yesterday that I just could not imagine strapping her into a car seat for ninety minutes at that time of day and having good things come of it.

But since it was Sunday night by now, around eight o'clock, I had to pick up a couple of newspapers for the coupons because I wouldn't be in town to get them here. I prefer the Louisville paper because the Lexington paper's coupons suck balls, but it isn't carried in my parents' town anywhere that I have yet found. However, I've found that the Ashland paper is better than the Lexington so I had to find a gas station that carried them. I struck out at the first one, but then they had a box outside at the second. I dutifully fed it $1.50 (after having to go inside to get change) but then I didn't get my paper. It wouldn't open. I thought I had tried to open it too soon and M pointed out that since I was buying two anyway, I might as well feed it another $1.50 and grab two papers that time. Great! So, that's what I did. Only, it still didn't work. M was with my by now because of all the hassles I was having, and I went inside to tell them that it took my money. Unconcerned Teenage Girls just looked like deer in the headlights and said that they had no control over the newspaper boxes. Some old guy standing around kind of took charge--not sure who he was but he was sort of bossing them around (but wearing a uniform from the local car dealer mechanic shop so I don't think he was the owner) and told me to write my name down on a piece of paper and the guy would leave me my money or my paper. So I wrote a little note, adding my phone number, explaining what happened, and requested that he leave two papers for me to pick up in the morning.

When I got back to the car, my dad suggested that we just find another machine, feed it the money for a third newspaper, take three and then forget the whole thing. The money would work out when the guy (who my dad possibly knows, if it's the guy he's thinking of) did his accounting for the town. It's a small town, there really won't be multiple people delivering papers here. Good idea, right? M got drafted into ThirdPaper duty, which started at a local grocery store down the street. He had to go inside to get more change, and then walk to the corner of the store outside and put the money in.... and guess what? It wouldn't dispense a paper either. It, however, at least gave us the money back. Did I mention it was raining? So we head towards the house but stop at one more gas station to give ThirdPaper another try. It worked this time, and M grabbed three papers and all was well. He also found a stack of coupony papers at the bottom of the pile, which was kind of cool--they turned out to be from two different recent weeks. I was just happy to get my papers and not have to worry with the papers that would possibly be left for me at the first gas station. I have no longer paid for those, after all.

Okay, now we are getting to the weird part. Were you wondering what was weird about that story except for a car full of folks scouring one small town for a couple of newspapers and then thinking it was worth blogging about? We come home and get the baby to bed and then we go to bed.

At 2:51 this morning, my phone rings.

It's the newspaper guy.

He wants to let me know that he has left me two newspapers at the BP station, to pick up in the morning.

What. The. Hell.

Who in their right mind would call someone at three in the morning to tell them something like that??? It is insane. I mean, really. I cannot get over it. I was so confused when it happened that all I could do was say okay. First of all, I just got a new phone Saturday afternoon and this was the first call I've really ever gotten except for test calls, so I didn't even know what that noise was at first. Second of all, I was asleep and third--you just don't get business phone calls in the middle of the freaking night! I was so tempted to call him back at around ten this morning and ask him what he was thinking and explain to him that people really do not appreciate telephone calls at that hour. (I figure that since he works at night, he is likely to be home and asleep by ten.. perfect timing.) I don't like calling people after nine, much less three. I am guessing that he was peeved that I put him to all this trouble over three dollars and wanted a little revenge? That's the only thing I can think of. Oh, and don't forget that my notoriously difficult sleeping baby was asleep in the same room. She didn't wake up, thank goodness.

Anyway. At least it gave me something to talk about. Oh! And also, a bonus bit of awesomeness is that we went to Red Lobster for lunch. Before we left this morning, I rifled through said coupon inserts to see if there happened to be a coupon for there in them, though I didn't think there would be. There was not. However, on a whim, I checked the extra pages that M grabbed and it actually worked! It was like a sign that it was going to be a good day. $3 off, yay! :)

Other than that rude beginning (also, it took me two hours to go back to sleep, just laying there worrying about those stupid newspaper) it was a nice birthday. Mom, Evie and I had a "girl day". I kept telling E that it was a girl day because it was so cute when she would say it. It was also cute because I asked her who she wanted to come with us on our next girl day. I was leading up to suggesting Sissy (my niece) should come, but Evelyn responded immediately that she wanted Daddy to come. So there you have it. Daddy is an integral part of Girl Day... or at least, he should be. :) We didn't buy a whole lot but we did get the plates and napkins and stuff for her birthday party this weekend.

My husband has promised me a full body massage and pedicure for my birthday and yet he is all "oh, you don't want it tonight because it's already ten o'clock!" And I do not entirely understand this logic. But, I am looking forward to it immensely. :)

Also, we ordered a new camera and it was on our doorstep when we made it home this evening.Yay new gadgetry! New phone + new camera = happiness + love. Hopefully we'll like it. This one and this one, if you're curious.)
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Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl who were true nerds. They spent lots of time using their computers (because who could stand to share something like a computer? Gross. It's worse than sharing toothbrushes) but it had been five whole years since they had bought shiny new computers. The boy's machine kept crashing at very inopportune moments, like when he had been playing The Sims 2 for two hours and had just gotten to the top of his career without saving, and maybe some other times when it was less important (like when working on his second job stuff.) The girl's machine was doing okay but it was showing its age in other ways, but not so much that she couldn't use it.

One day, the girl decided that perhaps ...

oh, for pete's sake, even I am sick of this.

So M's computer has been sucking lately, and I told him that we could possibly replace it if he wanted to, given the tax rebate and all. He spent a while doing his research, and settled on a few different systems over the course of a couple of weeks. Finally, he found a Gateway with the approximate same specifications as some other systems we had been thinking about, only more than two hundred dollars cheaper, so Tuesday night, we bit the bullet and bought... two. ;) All along, we had just been talking about buying him one. When we found these at this price, we started talking about replacing mine as well--I am behind on Easter, birthday and Mother's Day gifts, plus I got some money from those holidays from my family. After we decided to go with it, I was all bouncing around because I wasn't expecting to get a new computer so it hadn't been that immediately exciting for me, but M finally admitted that he had been planning on buying me one all along. He's a nice boy. :) He had to drive to Circuit City yesterday during his lunch break to pick them up. Yay for new hardware! I would link to the ones we bought, but strangely, yesterday they were gone from the website, JUST after we had ordered them. Lucky us, just in time! For once.

Vista is awfully pretty, but we'll see how we like it long-term. We are curmudgeons who resist change.

So, that is the news in our little world. Evelyn was unimpressed, except by the boxes. She thought they were fun to sit on, and since she knew Mama was itching to go play with her new toy, she refused to go to bed until hours later than usual. Little bratsy.

Oh, speaking of Evelyn, she learned a new trick this weekend. She learned that she can just lift Mama's shirt right up if she wants to eat. Woohoo! Actually, it's really cute but only because she hasn't done it in public. I think she is drunk on the independence of it all because she has done it every five minutes since then, but she doesn't really want to eat once she's succeeded in getting to her goal. I guess she is officially at that age where the naysayers would make nasty comments if they ever saw her do it. Since the child does not actually eat real food (seriously, she cares so little for solid food that I am beginning to worry) I can't even imagine weaning her anytime in the near future, so those imaginary naysayers can just go jump off a cliff for all I care.

Let's see... oh, and I won something! I entered a contest at Stop, Drog and Blog recently, and I won a 4GB flash drive! How awesome is that? :) I never win anything so it was pretty exciting. :) I have decided to make entering contests my life's work. What? They say that lightning never strikes twice? Hmm.. aah, well.
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when nerds clean.

Vacuuming the computers was actually on our to-do list. It has actually been discussed that we add it to Outlook for scheduled reminders. Dust, bad. Nerds, good.

And yes, both of us consider "cleaning up the start menu" to be a valid way to begin cleaning the house.

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