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Evelyn is at my parents house tonight. Since my in-laws are arriving on Wednesday, it completely messes up our normal visiting schedule. I was missing them, so we met them for dinner halfway between here and there (About 45 minutes for each of us.) My dad suggested that E bring her clothes if she wanted to come home with them, and of course she did. Staying with Granny and Grandpa is one of her favorite things. Anyway, as we got in the car to head home, we were talking about how it's not like it was, say three, four years ago. We'd get in the car and breathe a little sigh of freedom. Of course you love them dearly but a chance to pee alone for a day or two is pretty fabulous, you know. Now it was just sort of.. meh. Seven-year-old kids are not a lot of trouble and grief. I will hopefully be able to get a little more done while she's gone, though. I am so way behind on job stuff.

I am typing this while standing up. Yesterday, it hit me that I could move the printer on my desk to a little side table, and then stick my monitor and keyboard up there. I have an overturned plastic storage tub with a mousemat on top for the mouse. Unfortunately, my feet started off the standing desk experiment kind of hurting.. we've been busy with housework this weekend. It's actually a great height for it, even. I can't believe I never thought of doing this earlier.

We did have a little bit of excitement yesterday, when M went to open the windows to remove the outside panes and shattered one of the smaller inside panes in Evie's room. But, he went to Lowe's and bought glass and came home and replaced it, pronto. I think it may have been our fastest home repair ever. He also replaced brake parts on his car this weekend. I like being married to a handy person.

I am not sure I am going to be able to get over the weirdness of standing up. It has made me spend less time with my computer, though. I suspect that will be valuable on its own--I do tend to get sucked into reading stupid stuff that I don't even care about when I am just sitting at my desk. It is fairly easy to put it back, but I'm going to try to spend a majority of my time standing for a few days, at least. My tailbone is still sore.

I have started watching Orange is the New Black this weekend on Netflix and I am kind of fascinated by it. I have never had HBO or any of the other un-rated type of cable channel so I am totally not used to naked people walking around. Or people peeing on-screen. Or..other things. I have always been boring and law-abiding, so the idea of carrying drug money for my girlfriend just out of college and then going to prison for it ten years later is completely out of my realm of imagination. Am not very far into it yet but I like it so far.

I got dressed before we left for dinner and was feeling oddly constricted and uncomfortable. That is when I realized that I have not had on a bra since Monday. That is awesome.
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I'm supposed to be headed to the library for storytime, but the kiddo is sick. And speaking of sick, am I completely crazy for being annoyed that certain family members bring their sick kids down to visit at my grandfather's house? EVEN THOUGH we all decided years ago, after he had open-heart surgery, that we shouldn't come if we were sick since he is really not in the best of health? I mean, I always followed that rule, but now that I have a kid, it really pisses me off that they continue to do it because what do you know, I am the one that ends up dealing with the sick kid. Usually they'll say something like, "Oh, it's just a sinus/ear infection, it's not contagious!" (which, okay. except, you are a) self-diagnosing, so how do you know it's a sinus infection? and b) stretching the boundaries of believability by saying that someone throwing up all night long is because of an ear infection. Just an example of the kind of nonsense that they come up with, not a specific incident. Or, "you can't protect them from everything!" Or, "she just won't get around Papaw." Or, "let's just do it and not tell them that she's sick." It's really me, my mom, one aunt and one cousin who are pro-staying-home, and the other aunt and two cousins who are pro-INSANITY, so it's kind of an even mix. You know what always really boggles my mind? The other aunt is a relapsed nurse. Surely SHE knows a little something about basic disease prevention? There was a mini Facebook drama going on yesterday over it. Sometimes, though I love them dearly, my family is exhausting. :)

Let's see, how about something that is not directly child-related? We are making really good progress on the bathroom again! The walls are nearly ready for painting (lots of painful sanding/spackling/priming involved on M's part. I am lucky that he is one of those rare folks who can do drywall work. Long family joke about that being the one thing that my very handy dad can't do... with the evidence being clearly visible in my parents house! But even better... we are nearly halfway done with the floor! We went with laminate in a very light maple color and it's looking fantastic. It was driving me crazy last night because M was working on it and I had to stay away most of the time to keep E out of trouble. My parents are supposed to come over tomorrow and spend the night, and then on Saturday, M and my dad will work on getting the tub in and installed, and after that... it should all be downhill. There'll be plenty of work left to do in the painting and replacing the toilet and vanity (and I have to put a clear coat on the painted vanity before that happens, too) and installation of the light, etc, but those tasks are not going to be as hard as the work that was done so far and the work that will hopefully be taken care of this weekend. IF it happens, due to sickness. M woke up sick this morning and I'm not so sure that he'll be well enough on Saturday to get much done, and I'm not sure that my parents should come down and get sick, if they aren't already.

And, best news yet! I finally finished painting the dollhouse bookcase that we've been working since like January. It was done except for the finishing, and apparently we hate that so it just sat and languished. Until now! It's been sitting in the middle of my kitchen floor for over an entire month because I decided that it WAS getting done. The painting took so much longer than I planned, though, when I decided to do all of the rooms in different colors. Each one needed at least two coats, and two rooms had to be redone because the paint I used didn't work out as well as I had hoped, and one room had to be resanded due to an incident with gunky primer. I spent five hours on it the very first night that I started painting, and countless hours since then. (And even more countless hours ignoring the project as best as I could while skirting around the thing taking up the entire kitchen floor, propped up on three Capri-Sun boxes because I am so classy like that.) Seriously, it took SO much longer to paint than it did to build. Isn't that crazy?

You may have seen this on Facebook already, too, and you may see it elsewhere before I'm done because I AM SO HAPPY IT'S DONE!

My PLAN was to use this bookcase as a...well, bookcase. Evie's plan is to use the dollhouse as a dollhouse. This is the first day that she's had it in her room. Guess who won? :) Maybe when she gets bored with it, I can steal a few rooms for books and pretties.

A few notes on the Barbie action in the house. I tried to subtly point out that horses do not usually go IN the house, but Evie not-so-subtly pointed out that PIPPI'S horse is in the house, so that blonde Barbie therefore became Pippi.

I put the couple in the yellow room, but to get them to stand up, I fear that girl is touching her friend inappropriately. I'm sorry for ruining what should be a G-rated photo.

I gave Evie all of my Barbies from when I was little, and therefore, she has a huge collection of them... but unfortunately, most of them look as if they just stepped out of 1985. The Rockers were having a little reunion there in the pink room..

The reindeer? It is apparently a kitchen table. Oh, to be three again!
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I'm going to try something new and actually follow through with a picture of a finished project! We bought a new flat-screen TV to hang over the fireplace and we have had a LOT of setbacks in getting it put up, but it's finished now!

M thought this picture needed annotation but I'm too lazy to write captions directly on the photo like he envisioned. I shall just direct your attention to the highlights. First, we were not actually watching South Park, just flipping through channels with the mute on (as we were listening to Nat King Cole singing about Christmas.) Just getting the important stuff out of the way. ;) The TV looks smaller than it actually is. The big electronic things in the right bookcases are the receiver, dvd player, xbox and wii, and the important thing here is that... note that you don't see any cables from those items. We're going to do a little more prettification of that area but for now--not seeing cables running in front of the bookcase is enough. :) Also, those big black things on either side are speakers. Amazingly enough, those speakers were dragged all the way from Sweden with M--so purchased long before we moved in here--and they just happened to fit the spaces in the bookcase like that. Absolutely incredible...though they've been there so long now that I barely see them anymore.

And.. just a quick note on the presents on top of the bookcase. We put presents up there last year to keep them away from prying toddler fingers and then realized that it was really, really cute that way. So, there's my home decorating tip of the day--when possibly, use your wrapped presents as decoration, as it looks festive and happy and Christmasy, and it also keeps people from looking too closely at the interesting things under the tree. I do have some presents under both of the trees as well, just to keep it pretty. So far, Evelyn's been pretty good about not bothering them.. hope she keeps to that.

Now, the second thing I wanted to write about is Christmas cards. If I don't have your address and you think I should, send me an email at kisha at mosaicminds dot net. If you want to know my address, I have a contact info post here (friends only).
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I took Evelyn to her two-year pediatrician appointment yesterday. (Only two months late, not bad for a procrastinator like myself.) We saw Dr. Happy, who was.. happy. Beyond his general amusement with life, he was also happy with E's development and growth and all that, so it was good. She has always been off the top of the growth chart curve for height and weight, but she shot up even higher on height. She's almost 38 inches. This doesn't really surprise me. I honestly am beginning to have trouble carrying her around and say, putting her in shopping carts, because she is so very, very tall and I am so very, very short. She's fallen a few percentage points below the top of the chart on weight. She's a skinny little thing now, which is funny because she was a pretty chunky baby.

Anyway, she got a couple of shots, and though she seems to be tolerating it mostly well, she was up for three hours in the mdidle of the night. It was strange because she hasn't been up much at all lately and we almost didn't know what was going on when she woke up crying, and also saying, "I NEED MOMMY." Kids are a lot of work, yo. I am yawning my head off and yet, I am 98% certain that I will remain too stupid to go to bed early.

We went to Rite Aid this afternoon and we were walking down one of the aisles with medicine in it (wow, how novel--medicine in a drug store. I thought drug stores were for shampoo and toothpaste?). Evelyn looks over and sees the medicine boxes, and then we have the following conversation:

Evie: Medicine!
K: Yes, it's medicine, isn't it?
Evie: Mommy needs medicine.
K: No, baby, Mommy doesn't need any medicine.
Evie (*thinking*): Mommy feel all better?
K (*not knowing that she was feeling bad to begin with, but rolling with it*): Yes, Mommy's all better. She doesn't need medicine.
Evie (*pausing, then tilting her head to the side skeptically*): Better ask the doctor.

Baby knows best, I suppose. I am having visions of myself in a nursing home, with Evelyn bossing me around and talking to the nurses like I'm not even in the room. Who am I kidding? She already bosses me around and talks to people like I'm not even in the room.

Also of interest for today is that I met the former owner of my house! She pulled into the driveway as I was getting ready to leave since she saw me outside. Apparently, she lives just down the road half a mile. If I remember correctly, they lived here seventeen years and have been gone for nine. She was surprised that I guessed that she had two daughters, but well, they wrote their names in the basement. ;) It was sweet because the dogwood in the front yard was given to them by a friend and planted when they adopted their oldest daughter. History! She seemed really nice, and was happy that a young family had ended up in the house. I wish I had asked her if they had put in the laundry room or if that was the previous owners. I <3 love <3 my laundry room. (Our sunroom and laundry room were built after the house.) Anyway, it was pretty neat.
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Update: the keys were found, but not until after my parents drove all the way to the next town (25 minutes from here, maybe 15 from where they were) and picked up M's keys and drove them all the way out to my house. Then, they walked in and announced they were going to look for my keys. I cheerfully told them to go for it. My niece walked directly across the room and said, "Found them!" within ten seconds. Seriously. I was stilll opening the gate* to the kitchen to go check on E's lunch. They were in Evelyn's toy oven. The really annoying thing is that I looked there three times. and both M and my mom suggested it as the place to look. AND I DID. They were near the back and I guess I didn't bend over far enough to see them. Argh. Oh, well. At least we found them. That makes life easier.

(M tried to give me the "you have to keep up with your keys from now on" speech, but I may have pointed out that HE was the one watching her when she took them and hid them, as I was carrying stuff in from the car, so we were able to avoid that particular discussion at the last minute. haha. :) )

So, on to the camping. The weather is abysmal. They have a camper so we can be indoors, but... still, not what you want when you go camping. This campground is much smaller than the other ones they've had, and more cramped. I am a bit concerned about what we're going to be doing, but I suppose it'll work out. I was planning on going over first thing this morning--originally, the was even leaving here with M at seven--but on second thought, I'm letting E sleep in as long as she will. It's actually quite lovely to have a little time to myself first thing in the morning. I guess I have that to look forward to when she stops napping, huh? Maybe? She's like her parents and has never been a habitually early riser.. thank goodness. I normally wake her up at 7:30 if she's not awake already, but compared to my dear, suffering friends with 5:00 babies, we're doing pretty good.

Anyway. That's about all I've got. Would someone volunteer to take our nasty weather for the rest of the week? No?

*Speaking of our kitchen gate, I do not understand why people have such a hard time with it. It swings open, and the latch is both tricky and requires a little strength, so I DO understand why no one knows how to open it until they're shown. Most people still have a hard time with it even after they're shown how to do it. I mean, I don't have a problem with people having issues with it, I just don't get it. I mean, nine times out of ten, I just step over it anyway. It's about as tall as I could comfortably step over myself, but I am shorter than all of my adult visitors. I really love it because it's metal, and thus sturdier than any other gate that I have ever seen, much more attractive than the plastic varieties, it's taller than most (good when one has an extremely tall child) and the swinging open thing is great too. Maybe it's considered rude to step over someone else's gate? I don't know. Anyway, the one thing I don't love about it is that I have spent a year talking about how well-designed it is to prevent little fingers from getting hurt, and Evelyn found the one place where it's possible to smash a finger this weekend. Hopefully she won't lose a nail from it like we thought at first.
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Another day, more tree parts to burn. What else is new? Well, actually, one part of today's burning experience was new. We kinda caught one of the trees on fire. Oops! It was a dead limb, pretty high up in the tree. I guess a burning piece landed up there. Once M got it out, another section caught on fire too, so we had a bit of drama related to the flaming tree. It all seems to be doing well now, though. This is a spot that we've had a lot of fires in, but we've never had any trouble with the surrounding trees before. All branches are really high up over it so it was just bad luck, I guess. M stopped feeding it more branches at that point and we'll go back to the other spot we were using. It'll mean that he has to drag it all quite some distance, unfortunately, but better that than burning our tree down.

We also found out Wednesday that you're supposed to call the fire department and ask permission before starting a brush fire. Who knew? We have never done that before. Today they told us that we had to wait until six p.m. Kinda messed up our plans for the day but it worked out alright. We got to go have fun instead. We took E to the game farm near our house, and she got to walk around looking at bears and birds and cats and cows. Okay, there are no cows, but she is 22 months and unaware of the finer distinctions made between cows and elk. It was our first trip there sans stroller or mei tai. She loved walking around on her own but she was drooping by the time we were walking back inside. Poor little baby.. her heart was willing but her legs were not. She was clearly exhausted and one would have thought she would have been easy to get to sleep as a result, but she was more difficult than she's been in a while. Go figure. Just when you think you've got them figured out, they surprise you.

Given that I have been sitting here, flipping between this window and random Facebook games for the last fifteen minutes while trying to think of something else to add... I apparently have nothing else to add. Nightie night. :)
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My parents are pretty nifty. My dad works for the university and they're on spring break this week, so they came down yesterday to spend the night with their grandbaby. And us, I guess, but who really cares about us when there is THE BABY? You know, I always thought that would bother me, that people really just care about your kid and not you after you start having babies, but really.. eh. Not so much. Anyway, they came down and my dad, who has a hard time not making himself useful, got started on burning stuff in the back yard. Our yard is a disaster area because of all the ice storms and trees falling. As soon as we start getting things burnt, we have another storm. We've lost two trees this year and countless branches. M has been wanting to burn stuff for months now, but the weather hasn't been cooperative. He doesn't get much time to work on it. Anyway, we had a burn pile back there that was the size of a small house. It is now gone, as well as most of the brush from the surrounding areas. That sentence is just so inadequate to describe the amount of stuff that is gone now. The sad thing is that we still have half as much left to go on the other side of the yard, but the good news is that M can work on that on Saturday instead of the first pile. Maybe we'll even get it done sometime in the near future!

Which will be extra good because Miss Baby loves being outside and she's now big enough to realistically be outside with her while getting some stuff done on the yard. We have a to-do list a mile long. I have started raking the leaves out of the flower beds, and we saw our first Easter lily blooming yesterday. I love spring. I really really do. I remember learning about the seasons when I was little and I had a hard time imagining that anyone could ever like any season but summer the best, but spring is pretty magical now that I'm an adult.

After a busy evening spent picking up sticks for the burn pile (she did well staying out of the way, or we would have had to bring her back in), Evelyn flat-out refused to come to Mommy for bedtime. She said, "Granny rock," and that was what happened. She wouldn't even come to me for nummy nummy. I was afraid she'd wake up hungry without it so I tried to convince her to come to Mommy for just a minute and eat before going back to Granny, but the mere thought of that made her cry. So... for the first time ever, Evelyn went to bed more or less without nursing (she did eat a tiny bit when she conned her way into a trip to the potty, but very little) and in the arms of someone besides me or M. It felt weird. And I was happy that my mom got to rock her to sleep, for E is not the most affectionate child ever, and is too busy to sit still for too many hugs and kisses usually, and that she is making progress on the whole sleeping/weaning thing, but also maybe I was a little sad that she didn't want Mommy at all. She really does not care for me when my mom is around, which is a little funny, and generally I don't mind, but then again... sometimes it irritates the crap out of me. She won't let me carry her, she won't let me push the buggy in a store, she just wants my mom. Oh, well.

We spent today just sort of hanging around. We went out for lunch and to do a little shopping, but we were all too exhausted from the night before to do much good at that. I gave away a piece of furniture to my parents, which was a sudden decision but a relief because we didn't have anywhere to put it. It's a kitchen hutch type of thing that we bought for the last place we lived, and it doesn't fit in our new kitchen, so it's been floating around our house for the last three years, trying to find a sensible place to stay. Then I made dinner and they left and Evie cried.. all very much as usual. She was wore out so bedtime was pretty easy at least.

And now I am going to go think about bed for myself. Happy that tomorrow is Friday!
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I went to bed last night kind of worrying about keeping Evelyn out of the dining room in the morning until we could get her down for her nap and finish the painting up. I knew it would be a huge pain, especially since we had moved two large pieces of furniture to the middle of the room, and one of them was tall and wobbly so I was terrified it would fall over on her. M, however, had no such worries when he went to bed because he stayed up until 3:30 to put another coat of paint on both sections, AND he pulled the masking tape off, and put the outlet covers back on and rehung the dorky sconces and picked up the plastic from the floor. (He had other worries, namely: how long he would get to sleep. Answer: not much.) Isn't he wonderful? (He also did the dishes later in the day. Bonus!)

Anyway, we really love how it turned out.

dining room paint dining room paint

That table was given to us by one of M's ex-coworkers. It's a cheap table but it helped fill the space so it's fine. Anyway, this evening, we had another wild hair and disassembled it and took the top to the basement, where M put a darker stain on it. It needs another coat but I think it's going to look great. It'll be much closer to matching the room.

Our next project will be to do the living room and hallway, and if we're still feeling motivated, we might slap a coat of paint on in the kitchen, too. We're going to stay with the same two colors in the living room--it will mostly all be the lighter color, except the wall with the fireplace.

It feels good to be getting things done again!


Feb. 21st, 2009 11:56 pm
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M was watching HGTV this morning, and he left it on while I was putting E down for her nap. Suddenly, we worked up the inspiration to actually paint something in our house! Woohoo! When we moved in, we said that the absolute first thing to go would be the pink walls in the living room, dining room and hallway. We have now lived here three years and haven't touched any of those rooms, but have redone all three bedrooms and gutted the little bathroom and redid it, but have not done a single significant home renovation project since... well. Since Evelyn was born. (When we had this conversation earlier, M paused for dramatic effect and said, "we haven't done anything to the house since... oh, how long? Evie, how old are you?" And she said, "TWO!!" And M said, "ahh, right. In two years."

Two notes. One, we've been teaching her to say that she's two so we don't have to re-teach her how old she is in May. Second, our little bathroom is so darned nice and not a single person has ever commented on it. We did more work in there than anywhere else... ripping out the vanity, refinishing the hardwood floors, putting in new cabinets and lights and mirrors and painting it all a coordinating cream color to the bedroom itself. (We. HA! I was pregnant and M did it all.) I still walk in there and think, "wow, this room looks good." When we show people around our house, hardly anyone even really looks at that bathroom. It's nice, dammit, but no one cares. Maybe we should hand out little fliers when they enter the house. "Hi and welcome to our home, please rave over our little bathroom, we're needy." I guess the after means more when you know what it looked like before. (Bad pictures but you get the idea.)

Anyway, the dining room is now drying from its first coat. There was a metric assload of masking tape to do, but we got most of it done with a tiny assistant running around with us. Then she completely refused to fall asleep. It took me an hour longer than normal, and it ain't speedy most of the time. We didn't get to start painting until ten, but it went by pretty fast. I'm pretty excited about it. I really hate the pink. This will hopefully motivate us to do the living room and hallway, too. I sure hope so. It's difficult to do these things with a kid but other people seem to get stuff done occasionally so surely we can too.

For the first time in weeks, she has started waking up in the middle of the night again, so I guess I should get myself to bed while I still have the chance.
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The weather here is miserable. We have been having an ice storm this week. It was slushy and bad yesterday, but then today, it is much worse! Woohoo! M decided to go on in to work a couple of hours late. He made it to the end of our road (four miles, maybe) before calling me to tell me he was coming home. He further said that he had never seen roads that bad, anywhere, ever. That would be one thing were it me saying that, because I make a point of not driving in snow and ice. However, M is a Swede, and Swedes know snow and ice. So we have had a nice relaxing day at home. That's pretty good because Evelyn has been a complete daddy's girl today. It's been daddy-daddy-daddy all day long.

The thing about ice storms is that everything is covered with ice. I know, I know, that sounds obvious, and maybe like it's not such a bad deal if you're staying inside. Except, except! Ice weighs a lot. Trees are not designed with weight-lifting in mind. We have a million trees in our yard. Big, big trees, with lots of branches. Or, at least, they used to have branches. We'll see what they look like when it melts.

My poor car, Lyman Zerga, got very lucky just there. It was so close to being clobbered with a giant branch.

Those would be our power lines. It is absolutely incredible that those branches have not broken yet. However, we did lose power earlier, which we thought was pretty much the end. Luckily, it came back on about fifty minutes later. Woohoo, heat and refrigeration! Also, internet. The branches are resting on the house or they probably would have broken.

So far, this is the worst financial damage that the storm has done, that we know of, except for M missing a day of work. That used to be a cute little ice cream table with a glass top. Now, it.... well. Isn't. It is an ex-table. A table that has ceased to be. Stil, that ex-table is sitting precariously close to our sunroom. When that branch came down, I was awake with Evelyn at four in the morning. It made such a loud noise that I jumped up and ran in there because I thought I could hear rain through the broken windows. Thank goodness, it had not actually demolished our sunroom.

I am beginning to have daydreams about houses without trees. They are so pretty but they're such a headache.
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I have had two pen cups on my desk since I brought my stuff home from work, September 2007, because I have been too lazy to consolidate them. It took me until today to do something about it. Better late than never?

I just did something sneaky with my Walgreens receipt that earned me $4.20. I makes me feel giddy and a tiny touch guilty, but it is not worth the trouble of explaining. I didn't break any laws or anything but I did do something that was Not Intended by Walgreens.

On a similar note, M and I taught E to do the evil laughter thing this morning. Muahahahahaha. It was so funny.

We have spent the weekend working on a computer room cleanup project. I started it a while back but this room was piled high with stuff that I couldn't decide what to do with on my own so it didn't get anywhere near done. Plus, M's desk is always the worst part of the room, so I definitely needed his help there. (That post is still one of my favorites.) Inconceivably, my desk is now the worst looking part of the room. Good thing I got started on the pencil consolidation project this afternoon!

Even though I make homemade pizza from the same simple recipe at least twice a month, I always have to have the recipe out, hanging on the fridge. I always check the measurements, too, even though I know them. I don't know why I do this but it's very important to me, apparently. I don't like to cook things without access to the recipe if it's a dish that I first made from a recipe... even though I completely know them and have made so many changes to them that the original recipe barely applies. If I make something up or learned it from someone else without a recipe, it doesn't bug me at all. I just realized that. Yay for self-awareness!

I looked back at all of my old journal entries from May 12, 2006 and before (2007 being Evelyn's birthday) and tried to imagine myself writing those entries with absolutely no clue that two, three, four, five, years from then, I would be having a wee little baby yanked from my abdomen. It feels so strange that a day that is so emblazoned on my mind now meant nothing special then. It makes me wonder if today will be something amazing (or awful but let's so not go there) in future years.

We are teaching E to play in the computer room while we do other things. It is F A N T A S T I C. Occasionally stressful but fun. The cleanup project is helping a lot, too. Also, sometimes I turn M's computer on and let her watch YouTube videos in Swedish. She likes that for up to four minutes at a time! ;)

There is pretty much nothing better than strawberries and ice cream. *nod* I just told M that since I fixed them last night, I thought he should fix them tonight. He decided that he didn't think we should eat any tonight, in that case. He is such a guy sometimes. He did actually follow through and bring me ice cream. I used to have something to the nature of "True love arrives with Ben & Jerry's" as my 'title' on the muds... also M-inspired. I do believe I will keep him.

I just informed him of my plans to buy another twenty bags of frozen vegetables. He informed me that the basement freezer is getting really full by now. I think I shall have to plan some vegetable-type meals again. I just bought twenty .50 coupons that will double and make them free this week at Kroger. Spending three bucks for the coupons equals fifteen cents per bag. I love my new coupon hobby, really I do.
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My husband is teh awesome!

Our living room had this extremely ugly light fixture over the doorway, which is in front of a closet so is sort of a hallway in itself, and no other source of light. We had a standing lamp with five bulbs and an uplight, and then we would always turn on the lights in the connected dining room. It drove us crazy because there was no actual source of light in the room. We have talked many, many times about putting ceiling lights in there but honestly, it was just one of those things I knew would never get done.

Enter Evelyn, who finally broke that lamp she's been working on for so long. It was the main source of light in the room, but after a year of her pulling on it, she worked the wires free inside it and it was deemed unsafe for further usage by the resident electrical specialist (ie, M.) So, when our choices became buying another light or getting around to actually putting in a lamp.... M decided he was going to Get It Done. I must confess that I was skeptical, and also initiated a trip down the lamp aisle at Walmart while plans were still being made, but he stuck with it. He was up in the attic first thing this morning for a recon mission, and then went off to pick up supplies in the afternoon. He didn't get started on the actual installation until five, and he finished it up at about eleven, taking a break for dinner and then again while I put the baby to bed. We have a pretty new light over the door, and a ceiling fan with light in the living room. All by himself! (Or, with minimal assistance from me, mostly consisting of entertaining the wee one and adding input now and then. However, I had to keep Evie out of the living room most of that time, and she was both sick and immensely sleepy and therefore high maintenance, so I think I worked at least as hard as he did..hehe.)

The second best part was that he took Evie with him to Lowe's, leaving me home alone to get some things done in blessed solitude. Heaven!

Of course, we didn't have the type of light bulbs that the stupid thing required, so we still actually don't have any light in the room, but those should be easily obtained. :) We were able to test it with borrowed-from-another-place bulbs, at least. I can't believe that we finally have a ceiling light in that room! It's so great. I hate sitting in the dark.

Now it is past our bedtime but we are ignoring the clocks in favor of some blissful lounging time. Random story here.. I showed E a picture of the [ profile] helloheater family the other day and named all the people in it. Today, she saw the picture again and so we were looking at it together again and I asked her, "Where's Nathan?" and she pointed right at him. And I am all, "oooh, my kid is so smart!!" So I asked her where Heather was...... and she pointed right at Nathan again, and said, "Baby." So, umm, maybe sometimes it is just a coincidence, when she does something amazing and clever. Rarely, to be sure.

Cute and clever and non-coincidental happenings of late: pointing at the chimney in her little house and saying "HO HO HO!", sitting down with a bottle of play nail polish a few minutes after being shown how to "paint' her fingernails and ripping her socks off to paint her toenails and... why is it so hard to think of these things on demand? She is cute a lot, that's all I'm saying. Oh, and she finally has enough hair and enough patience for me to put it up in a ponytail or even pigtails! Super Girly Girl Mommy is happy about that.

Okay. I guess I should give up and go to bed. I let M spend an exorbitant amount of money in a home store today and I see him shopping online right now so I'd better hustle him into bed before he does more damage to the checkbook. :)
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This weekend did not go as expected.

First, we had two things planned. One: mow lawn. Two: take pictures of baby. Then my parents called on Saturday morning and wanted us to come meet them for lunch in Lexington, which is about foty minutes from here. It was their anniversary and we thought, hey, might as well because after all, who cares about the gas prices*! M went out and mowed the lawn before we left, but we thought we'd save the pictures for Sunday. The lawn would be freshly mowed and it was supposed to be cooler. We thought that would work out well! We've been meaning to take "serious" pictures of Evie for weeks and months now but it somehow always gets put off because of weather or other plans or laziness or whatever. It was totally Going To Happen this time though!

(And, not a one of you are expecting to see 16-month pictures of my kid at the end of this post, are you? Ha!)

So, yes. We had a nice time, but there were no pictures taken Saturday. We did, however, finally get around to getting our eyes checked at McVisionsRUs. It's been way too long for both of us. I have been holding out because I wanted to go to my real eye doctor in my hometown but it is a bit much to schedule an appointment with a baby and make two separate trips up there just to pay more for the service, wait longer and also, factor in the cost of gas for the trips. When I was about eight, I got glasses for the first time, and I saw a different doctor for the first couple of visits. He made me cry. I am still leery of eye doctors and I barely even remember the first guy. M has been trying to convince me that I am an adult now and I can probably deal with someone else examining my eyes and so I finally decided to go with it. (Having said that, I was so anxious about it in the waiting room that I was sitting there seriously thinking that I'd probably rather be having a pap smear than see this new doctor and that is seriously messed up. Of course, I have also never been to any doctor where half of the exam is conducted in the waiting room in front of the other patients being herded like cattle through the office but still. WTF, btw?) But yay for new glasses! And they were to be ready on Sunday at four! Wow! But wait, that means we need to drive to Lexington again. Crap. Ahh, well, we'll still have plenty of time for pictures in the morning at least.

Except, I rarely take my toddler outside to play during the remnants of hurricanes. It didn't rain, though it was cloudy, but the wind was fierce. We puttered around the house, put the baby down for her nap and then decided to tackle our little storage room/closet. It gets super messy sometimes and just now it was stacked with my free stuff. We're organizing, getting stuff done. The little room is off the sunroom, so we are noting the windy conditions often. I am walking through the sunroom while M is in a different room when I hear a loud creaking sound and see something moving from the corner of my eye. TIMBER!

My husband, as is so often the case, is much more succinct than I am: clicky clicky linky linky with pictures.

So, that was special. We are SO LUCKY. It could have hit the house. It could have hit US, or our sweet little baby. It is mere feet from our computer room, where we would have been lounging had we not been taken by a fit of productivity. That tree is (well, WAS) freaking huge. There's a somewhat smaller chunk that fell towards the back of our property, which took out another tree. We also lost a huge branch in the front and there are gigantic limbs laying around in the branches like ticking bombs. As it is, the only damage other than to the trees themselves? Two sections of that lovely horse fence on our neighbor's property. (We walked over this evening to talk to him about it, which was much appreciated. He's a sweet older man who brings us organic vegetables in the summer and hangs them on our door handle so as not to 'bother' us. We met his daughter and granddaughter, who were just leaving, and she told us that her dad had said something about how he knew we'd be over to talk to them about it. I laughed later and said that it was really sweet because we have never once been over in the past, though he has walked over to talk to us, so it was sweet that he had such faith in us. M pointed out that we had never broken his fence before. Point taken.)

Anyway. So the wind died down and we decided to go on to Lexington to pick up our glasses. We walk in and they say, "oh, we tried to call you..." and that is when we knew that it wasn't going to end well. [Also, it helps, when you 'try to call someone' if you call the right number...] Apparently a computer system went down because the other store lost its power, and they were not able to finish the glasses. Haha, we were actually working on this pair but it's only half done! Too bad! But here, we did finish this first pair! So M, my darling sweet husband who I love beyond reason, received his glasses while I merely got a glimpse of my sadly gigantic lenses pre-framing (which just depressed me). M has terrible vision, yo. He has been complaining about needing new glasses for two years. Turns out that with his old glasses, he could only see with 20/20 vision! OMG, how awful! Spoiled brat. I sadly do not have any sympathy for his vision needs because some of us cannot even see that there are actually letters up on the screen without glasses. ;)

Oh well. Disappointing but no big deal, really, because they'll mail them to me (hopefully to receive tomorrow) and it's not like I can't see from the glasses I have. We have a nice little excursion, stopping in for Mexican in a newish restaurant which Evelyn LOVED for some reason. All was well and good until we got home and realized that our electricity was out. Sorta. The A/C had gone off just before we left and we assumed that we needed to go trip the breaker, but we forgot about it. When we returned, we realized that it was not just the air conditioning but half of the electricity in our house. We had power on one wall of the living room (so, the TV worked, but not the cable), in the bathroom, a light in our bedroom but not in the wall outlets... it was seriously messed up. I don't know who did our wiring but they had an interesting way of doing things. So suddenly we were in need of an electrician! Yay! Several long hours and some troubleshooting by my boyo, with assistance from my dad and grandfather, and we figure out that it was actually a problem with the electric company, so luckily we didn't end up with an expensive repair job on top of the tree expenses. The whole evening was really weird with these power issues, but we had full electricity back by eleven last night. Whee! It's a good thing, too, because otherwise, today would have been very boring. No TV, no cooking, no internet. I can't even bear to think about it.

This post has gotten much too long, but I should add one more thing. We had a storm-chasing tree service "company" come by last night and offer to give us a free estimate. They will happily do all the work for the wonderful price of $1800. We contacted other places today, including one that was recommended by a co-worker of M's, and they're going to take care of the big tree, and the dangerous limbs, for $600. So, while the whole thing sucks, it is not going to be a financial disaster like we feared at first, and since the tree turned out to be rotted in the middle... well, really, it was the best thing that could have happened that it fell down just the way it did. I did like that old tree, though. Luckily, I have six or twenty more trees to take its place in my heart...

The end. Finally.

*Some people care greatly about the gas prices. In fact, there were several incidents of fisticuffs breaking out at the gas stations in the town M works in on Friday. The cost of gas, it stinks, but you know what? As it turns out, gas prices didn't actually go through the roof like they were expecting. These shmucks got themselves arrested and assaulted over the equivalent of two dollars. The price of gas is terrible but WHY IS THERE SO MUCH HYSTERIA ABOUT TINY DIFFERENCES? Like the people who will stand in line for four hours to save ten cents per gallon and then run in and grab a carton of cigarettes or a Little Debbie. If that two dollars is so important to you, then maybe there are other areas you could consider cutting back on? Hmm?
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I am happy to announce that my manly man husband has repaired the plumbing issue with our bathtub and we now have a fully functional shower and bathtub. It's the oddest thing, you turn the water on and it comes out of the spout at the bottom! On demand! Awesome. Plumbing is completely magical and grown-up and I can't believe that I am married to someone who has enough rudimentary skills to like, apply brute force and purchase a tiny pipe. (It was distressingly simple, this particular repair. It's dreadfully embarrassing that it took us over a year to complete.)

I made another run to K-mart for the coupon doubling event today. It's the last day of said sale, but I got new coupons yesterday so I wanted to give it another go. No picture this time, but I bought free bottles of Aussie shampoo, conditioner and styling gel, more paper towels for $3 (though I meant to buy toilet paper..oops), cereal at $1.33 per box, 96 allergy pills for about $5 (I think I've paid $15 for 60 in the past, as a rough estimate) face cleaner for $1.19 and a free bottle of dishwasher rinse stuff. Also, a new coupon file for me and two Christmas presents. Whee! Fun times. My little hobby had a setback yesterday, though, and I walked out of Walgreens with no fun free stuff after talking to a cashier and two managers. I still think they're doing it wrong, but I might try it at the other store if I go over that way this week. I might just let it go, though. It was a $7 overage purchase, though, so I hate to. Anyway! We'll see.

Evelyn said the absolute funniest thing of her entire life this weekend. It's easy just now as she has thus far not cracked many jokes. ;) We went to the Scandinavian Heritage potluck event on Saturday--it was to celebrate Midsummer, oddly enough. The hosts had some health problems in June so it was postponed until now. A bit of background--she usually calls everything edible (and some things that aren't, like when she opened the box of free pantiliners I bought last week and started pulling them out in the store while talking about them loudly) a cracker. Lately, she has been talking about balls, too--otherwise known as cherry tomatoes. She loves tomatoes and it still cracks me up when she requests balls. Anyway, M was feeding her strawberries, which she enjoyed enough to christen with a brand new name. Strawberry = Crackerball! That still makes me laugh out loud when I think about it. Crackerballs. Also, I suppose that is her first compound word. Aww. I don't recall seeing an entry for "first compound word" in her baby book but then again, I have been failing miserably to update said book, so I guess it's okay.

In other news, there is no other news.


Sep. 2nd, 2008 10:17 pm
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Over a year ago, our bathtub faucet broke. It wouldn't let water come out of the tub spout, just the shower head. We have been running bath water via the shower head all this time. There are many problems with this approach, mainly relating to the speed of water delivery. It gets cold as it travels to the tub, so it's difficult to do water temperature correctly. It's slow slow slow, darn those water saving features! And it's just plain weird. But it's just one of those things we've lived with for so long that we just stopped thinking about trying to fix it, if you know what I mean. Finally, it occurs to us (and by us, I mean M) that you could like, fix it by replacing the spout doohickey. Turns out those are just like seven dollars at Lowe's, so he buys one. After it sits on the bathroom counter for a few weeks, he finally attempts to put it on yesterday to find that it didn't fit the pipe and he didn't have the correct tools. But the good news is that the old one might be fixable because it appears to be related to gunky build-up! So he soaks it in vinegar and after the proper application of a little elbow grease, all is well, and we finally had a working tub last night! We were both watching the thing dispense water from the appropriate spot this evening with glee and fascination. I might have gone so far as to call it sexy. We usually take a bath with Evelyn in the evening and then hand her off to the other parent and stand up for a quickie shower (just in case she has peed in the water, you know.) Tonight was Mommy bath, and as I stood up and flipped the doodad that switches between tub and shower.... the gasket broke.

Now we don't have a working shower at all.

Easy come, easy go.

I hope she didn't pee.

(p.s. We do have a second shower in the house, though I have never actually even used it. I guess it's a good thing that M wouldn't let me turn that tiny little shower into additional closet space last year via the installation of a clothes rod in the shower itself...)
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When we bought this house, it was in the process of being taken back by mother nature. Trees and vines and algae and even the flowers moved out from where they were supposed to be. We've been doing a lot of work this year, and M finally won me over to buying a pressure washer. Did you know that pressure washers are the coolest things ever invented? It's true! They are awesome. M has worked his cute tail off this weekend, cleaning the outside of the house. I am hard pressed to even tell you what the biggest improvement was because ALL of it looks so much better. It took off the vine residue that was all over two sides, the black staining from the vines, the algae growing on the wall in the back, the dark gray color of the back patio, and yes, it even took the paint off the shutters and trim. Okay, that last part is not so good but we have to do a second coat on the porch railings anyway so we can just touch up paint then. A brief cost-benefit analysis showed that it was in our best interest to clean it rather than save the paint. The house looks so much crisper. It's a weird wording but it's all I can think of. We have been bad with the before/after pictures lately but here are a couple I took while M was working on the back patio.

pressure washing picture pressure washing picture

So that was pretty awesome. This is the first year it feels like we're making progress on the outside. We were too focused on the inside on the first year, and on babyshmoo the second.

Speaking of babyshmoo, I am happy to report that she is now actually eating stuff! She has been markedly uninterested in food until say, Thursday. Now she wants crak-kuhs at all times. She even requested crak-kuhs instead of milk just after her nap yesterday, which was shocking. She has always treated food as a pleasant diversion, but it didn't count as something to fill her belly with. Only milk does that. ;) Crak-kuhs, by the way, refer not only to crackers but to any and all dry foods that we offer her (fruit puffs, cheerios, crackers, etc). Everything but cheese, basically, which she will say upon occasion but mainly she signs.

Oob. It's past midnight. Dorko baby refused to sleep (again) until after eleven so I am running late this evening. It's past bedtime now, though, so I will have to save the scintillating discussion about the price of cheese for another time. Too bad!
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We were up pretty early on Sunday morning because Evelyn decided that she had really had enough sleep, thank you. Instead of lazing the day away, I pestered M into getting up immediately and heading off to home improvement stores to get materials for one of our most recent obsession project plans. We make a lot of plans, the two of us, but usually we neglect to carry through with them until we lose the motivation to get started. Admittedly, we have a lot of other stuff going on (yard sale prep!) this week so it really wasn't the best time for it, but we are sort of fickle and cannot stay committed to only one crazy project.
This is VERY image heavy. )
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M and I have apparently decided to rejoin Life After Baby. I know plenty of people rejoin much sooner than one year, and are out doing plenty of inconvenient fun things, but we have been lazy and sluggish. Well, that's not entirely true. M also works two jobs, and works in a neighboring town, and we're out of town every third weekend, so we don't have oodles of free time to spare, but we have had our share of laziness, too. We bought this house two and a half years ago--doesn't seem that long, does it?--and the yard was a disaster. I mean, really, a disaster. We have a LOT of trees. Big, beautiful, old trees. I don't think you can possibly understand what having big, beautiful, old trees does to your properties unless you have had a yard full of them. We love the trees but they are a lot of work. Limbs fall down with every storm, roots come up from the ground, birds congregate and leave delightful berry-tinged surprises on your white car. The first year, we didn't do a whole lot of work because we had other projects going on inside (like those three months we spent "working" on tearing the wallpaper in the bedroom down while we slept in the dining room. Good times!) We also didn't really know what was going to be coming up, or what was a weed and what was going to be a real plant, so we conveniently decided to work on the outside the next year. But then Ducky came along! I was excused from all manual labor for reasons of pregnancy and M was relocated to the nursery-building projects. (You know what's funny? I still haven't posted pictures of E's room. I meant to, before she was born, and I never got around to it. Hehe.) Then we had a newborn, and summer yard work was all about keeping the lawn mowed relatively often and whatever else HAD to be done. I don't think we mulched until about August, and that only because M's parents were coming over. All of this to say... this year, we are feeling very motivated to finally get these things done that we've been talking about for two years, AND we're actually doing it. We have this tendency to make big plans and then not follow through.

Anyway, we worked on a lot of stuff on Monday this week, and today was another long, busy day involving much yard work. I can't even tell you everything we did because we are working on a super-secret project! It's not really super-secret but I will write more about it when I can do it justice, and post pictures, which will be sometime this week... if all goes to plan. It's a lot of fun because M and I work really well togethe, and I have really missed that. We are still trying to juggle working together with taking care of the little one. It's very difficult. When all else fails, I have been putting her in a mei tai and just ambling around the yard with him, which makes it easier for him to go outside (he doesn't like to leave us when he gets so little time with us per day) and it makes it less stressful for me (by the time he gets home, I am tired of watching her play). Or, we drag the playpen outside in the yard, which she likes because she loves it outside. Also, she goes to bed somewhere around eight now, and the days are longer so he can theoretically get some stuff done outside then if he wants. (The yard is really his domain. I do some light assisting at BEST most of the time. Mainly I just look pretty and occasionally bring him a bottle of water, and praise him exuberantly. It's best that way.)

You know how the gas prices are reaching four dollars a gallon? Most people are doing things like driving less, or changing their vehicles in for fuel-efficient ones, or at least talking about how they need to mortgage their kidneys or something in order to fill up. Not us! HA! We LAUGH in the face of fuel economy! For example, this morning? We drove to town in TWO CARS. Muahaha! And then! We came home, and later, I went back to the store (that we drove right by, in the parking lot, earlier!) again! I am not afraid of you, you gas-guzzling lifestyle! Oi. The errand this morning needed the trunk space of the car that does not have a car seat, and potentially needed the trunk space of the other car as well (it did not, but it might have, had we found everything we needed. We're looking for one more rhododendron bush--found it, but will not pay forty bucks for one--to balance out the other two we have, and a lilac bush because that is the deal I struck with M--he can chop ours down (it's dying a slow, ugly death) if he will plant me another one where the tree he chopped down was at. Maybe we're a little late, since both of those things are already blooming. Maybe people don't typically want to buy things after they bloom? Dunno.) It felt a little ridiculous, though.

Because I am clearly insane, and drunk with the power of getting things done, I came home from my second shopping trip of the day and decided to wash the car. I strapped Evelyn to my back and went to work. It was a great idea, and it worked... sorta. It is difficult to do a lot of squatting and bending, and there was more of that involved than I really had considered. My white car, though, was nasty dirty and I just couldn't stand it any longer. Also, I am trying to consider babywearing as an additional way to burn calories, so it works out. It would have been fine on a moderately dirty vehicle, one that didn't require real scrubbing. I do have a picture of this but I have found that pictures of her on my back = soft-core pr0n. Well-endowed nursing moms and light bondage. ;)

Also, in the midst of all this work, we blew up her little inflatable pool and let her play in it. She *loved* it. Despite adding a lot of hot tap water to the water from the hose, it was still pretty chilly. She finally decided she had had enough of the cold and wanted out. Then she cried. I don't think she had really thought it through, that getting out meant no more fun. We have really wonderful pictures of this, but we are just not cool with posting pictures of my naked baby online. Just take my word for it, they are really cute.

Oh, and since I am on the topic of my kid, I would also like to say that she was fantastic this weekend. We went to a wedding yesterday, and she didn't make a peep even though the wedding was scheduled for naptime. We took her to visit friends, and it was really, really warm, and she didn't fuss. She sat with us on the couch without even really trying to get down. She missed her nap and she was STILL in a good mood. Today, she has let us drag her around while working, and she took a nice long nap, and was so good in the car that I kind of forgot that she was even back there. I think she is trying to make it up to us for last Monday, when she was really terrible. :) I just cannot believe how good she was. We couldn't really have asked for more, unless she had wanted to fix us lunch after sleeping in until noon, of course. :)
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M and I did not quite get as much done this weekend and we wanted because we spent most of the time undoing what we had done already. We decided to babyproof the dining room, block it off and give it over to Evelyn to play in as she liked. As a trial run, we blocked the large entrance to the living room (nine feet) with the couch and a plastic tub, and we left three bookcases in there. We put her in there, and she was happy for five minutes playing with the vent in the floor, which was the only other thing in the room she wasn't supposed to play with. Then she stood up at the blocked entrance to the kitchen and yelled at us. We sat with her and she ran off to pull all the books off the bottom shelves. No other toy in the room tempted her for the rest of the trial period, so we spent today moving everything back the way it was and moving the bookcases out of that room. We're still in the middle of that project because for once, I refused to just pull all the books off the shelf willynilly. I am the keeper of the books and it takes ages to get them all put back together properly. No, wait, that's not why we're still in the middle of that project. We need to anchor them to the wall since the sproglet might start climbing things in the near future. Whatever, it's still not done, and I will have a fun time tomorrow keeping her out of mischief until it's all put away properly.

I haven't posted much of substance this week and that is because my baby has decided to be unhappy. You know how they say when mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy? That is a total lie because the truth is, it's when baby ain't happy that nobody is happy. She slept badly, she shrieked at me for hours, her belly hurt, her teeth hurt... maybe. The truth is we have no idea what's been wrong with her. Friday she seemed to do better, and she's been in mostly better spirits this weekend so I am hoping that this week will be better than last week. We usually have a nice little routine in our days, and she plays a lot in the floor, but when she isn't feeling great, she is much worse to crawl off and get into things she's not supposed to get into. She really doesn't prefer that I sit and play with her directly--she'd really rather I be sitting there watching her play alone, and participate occasionally, but she always knows when I'm not paying attention to her. This week it was necessary to do a whole lot of paying attention to her and only her and nothing but her, or she would crawl away. Of course, she would crawl away anyway and I would have to get up off the floor to go drag her back and then she'd get mad, but she crawled away slightly less than if I was trying to do something else. I have felt like a crummy parent, a little bit, because I am TIRED of sitting there playing with her all day long. I don't like sitting in the floor for hours. The clock, it moves slowly when you are handing her toys one at a time. I do enjoy it, really. I would just enjoy a little less of it and so I am hoping she is over her funk and is willing to let Mama relax a little this week.


Feb. 18th, 2008 09:06 am
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M left for work this morning and promptly returned with foul tidings. Being us, we have photographic evidence.

Stupid stupid kids )
[Cut for a photo with potentially offensive language and "artwork" (for lack of a better word) I would still call it safe for work, though, but if you work in a really conservative place, be warned, etc.]

So M was late for work because he came in to find his gun call the cops. They came out pretty promptly, which was nice because you could hardly call this an emergency.. though I guess most criminals are still sleeping at eight AM. ;) We were gone this weekend--we left Saturday at one or so and got back late last night. We're pretty sure it happened while we were gone because for one thing, there was a broken egg under the car we were gone in--oh, they also egged our garage door. It seems to be chocolate pudding from snack cups dumped on top of the car, as judging from the empty snack cups littering the bushes beside the car. M pointed that out to the cop and suggested that when the full CSI team came out, they might want to start there, but he got barely a chuckle in return. Of course they can't do anything, but at least we called them and can get a police report on the incident if we need it. (FYI: police reports cost $2 to pick up. Is that not why I pay taxes? To pay for the administrative work of public officials?)

Fun! At least it is clearly the work of stupid kids and not the real criminal element. And at least I do not have to drive the pussymobile (as I am now referring to it) anywhere today. M will be bringing home paint thinner in an attempt to remove it... And let's just hope that he never finds the kids who did it because I can laugh about it already but he is still flying pissed, and when he starts talking about WinXP-powered robotic firearms, it is a little scary. (Although not as scary as finding out that there are such devices being used in Iraq. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?)

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