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I am so brilliant! I am on hold with customer service, and she just came back to ask if I could wait a little longer. So I thought I would post, but my neck is getting sore, so I just sat the phone down on my desk and turned the speaker on. I am now listening to staticy elevator music through a cellphone speaker, but at least my neck is on straight.

I have five more topics to write about, thanks to [ profile] grain_damaged. You know the drill--ask if you want five things about which to expound.

(I am no longer on hold, because they don't want to keep me holding that long. She promises to call me right back. We'll see. By the way--this call is part of my new consumerist lifestyle. I should do a post about it at the other blog. Here's the quick summary, though: FOLLOW THROUGH. Always follow through. Write your rebates and promotions on your calendar and set it to nag you. If they don't actually give you the promotion, you didn't save any money!)

I wrote about this one for [ profile] carrieb's five things here, so I don't have a whole lot to say about this one this time. However, I could add that it's funny how the Swedish connection works. I never thought about it before I met M. There were a few references to Sweden passing through my life at various times, but nothing made me sit up and say, "hey, I think I would like it there!" And yet, I do. M and I have laughed about it on several occasions, that I am almost more Swedish in temperament than he is.

This one is a funny one because I am actually terrified of guns. I have a serious unease and distaste for them. But M ended up working for this small company that sells firearms and supplies. It's not the absolute most fantastic job that he could ever have but it's pretty nice and it pays enough to finance a stay-at-home-mom sort of lifestyle and all that. But for someone coming from Sweden, where guns are much more tightly regulated, it's pretty funny. He now has a couple of guns that he takes out and plays with at my grandfather's house sometimes. I'm not a fan but what can you do?

I used to be gung ho on wanting more anti-gun laws but I have learned a few things in the last few years of this job. One of these things is that many prospective gun laws are frighteningly stupid and basically just give people false security. Another is that the people who follow gun laws are not generally the ones we need to worry about. And also... this might make me a horrible person and all, but I have also learned that you shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you. Literally. The gun world has had their panties in a wad about the new administration and how guns! Are all going to be illegal! And sold with magically disappearing ammunition! Or whatever the paranoia is today. Thankfully, that does not appear to be so, and therefore, we still have income. Crass, but that's life.

I like nature. Really, I do. I like to go on walks and be outside.. when the weather is nice, the dirt is kept to a minimum and the bugs are nonexistent. It gets pretty hot here in the summers, and I don't like being outside then. I don't like being outside when it's cold, either. Spring and fall, really, are the best times to be outside. I dislike discomfort, basically. But in theory, I like nature! I just prefer to see it from behind glass in a climate-controlled location.

I love the idea of doing and making things yourself. It's so much more satisfying that way, and (usually) cheaper. I made all of Evelyn's last set of cloth diapers and most of her second-to-last set. It was so much more satisfying to see her wearing Mommy-made fluff than factory-made stuff. Where's the personality in mass-produced? Also, my family tends to be pretty handy about doing things themselves, so I have inherited that to some degree. If it's something that I/we *CAN* physically do ourselves, then we pretty much feel like we HAVE to.

This was an interesting topic but I'm having a hard time writing anything about it. I guess that happens sometimes.

I like coupons. ("cooop-maaaa!" in Evie-language...haha.) They are a huge pain in the rear sometimes but they are fabulous. Think about it for a second. I am handing over a piece of paper with a barcode instead of a dollar. That dollar stays with me and can go buy something else! I save fifty or sixty percent on my grocery bill these days, and spend nearly nothing on toiletries and household goods. What's not to love?

I have tried to get into using coupons in the past but it never took, and here's why: they are all but a waste of time if you are doing it on a random basis. If you buy the Sunday paper for the coupons ever so often, and then only clip the ones for products you always buy, and then stick them in your wallet and let most of them expire because you don't remember to use them... you will probably not make up the money it took to buy the paper. There's a balance to be learned--you can't buy things just because you have a coupon, but you do have to expand your horizons a little and try new things. You have to be consistent with it, organized about it, and you have to watch the sales to figure out where to spend your coupons. When I first started doing this last year, I got discouraged and skipped a couple of weeks of buying the paper before getting into it completely. Those two weeks of missing coupons haunted my deals for months. Things that would have been free remained on the store shelves because I didn't have access to those coupons. You just kind of have to stick with it. The good news is that there are several sites out there that pretty much spoon-feed you and tell you what to go buy. You can read those sites, make your lists and enhance them with your own deals, and then you walk out of Walgreens having bought two packages of Huggies and one refill package of wipes for a profit of fifty cents, like I did tonight. Easy peasy and fun, too.
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First things first, how long have you kept a Livejournal, and why did you begin it?
Since February 23, 2002, so over six and a half years. I started it because I had been reading a few other journals and blogs and I wanted to be self-indulgent and navel-gazing myself. I used to keep a paper diary but I never remembered to keep up with it regularly, and thus I have one diary spanning from ages ten through eighteen. I had also more or less lost my online "home" and was feeling adrift. That might have had something to do with it.

Have you stuck to one journal or had many? How many journals do you currently use?
I have stuck with one journal... mostly. I did have two short-lived forays into posting to stand-alone blogs. One was, which was going to be mostly cross-posting from here, but I abandoned because it didn't feel worth the effort. It was mostly to have a non-LJ url to use in the larger blog world. Bloggers seem to look down upon LJers, sadly. The other one was kind of a secret from everyone but M, though I think I might have referenced it ever-so-slightly once or twice since. I had an infertility blog going for a while. I just didn't post much to it because damn it all, infertility is SAD, and it takes a special kind of determination to make sad funny, and that just exhausted me. There was a total of seven posts in fourteen months. ;)

The reason behind your Username(s):
The story is in this post. It's the "room" that M wrote for us on the mud we met on, DarkScapes. Muds are text-based online games, quite similar to World of Warcraft and similar, except those are for people without imaginations who need graphics. KIDDING! Well, sorta. Kidding about the imaginations part, anyway. Oh, I miss the muds. They're sort of dead these days. ANYWAY.
The black skies above you seem cold and unfriendly, offering
no light and no points of reference, until you notice a small star,
not all that high above the horizon. Slowing your pace, you think
to yourself that this star must be seen from nearly anywhere in the
world. As you start walking in the direction of the star, you feel a bit
warmer than just before. Jamming your hands down your pockets, you
start to whistle, wondering who you might meet under this star?

As to why I used it here.. I don't know, except that I couldn't use "my" online name, which was Kadi. I think it was taken, and I was sort of bored with it anyway. M suggested it. I really didn't expect this to be an account I would still be using in six years or I might have put more thought into it.

How often are you on LJ, and how long do you spend on the site when you log in?
Often. I read friends several times per day. Each visit is rather short but it adds up.

What does your activity on LJ most consist of?
I read comments by email, reply to comments/make new comments not as often as I should and post entries, again not as much as I should. I used to be more consistent. I blame E for sapping my brain from me, but I have a hard time writing when all I really want to do is tell you how amazing my kid is, or how I scrubbed the gunk off the side of the kitchen counter, or allowed my baby to play alone in the sunroom while I cooked dinner today and that was a huge step for control freak mama. You Don't Care. I know.

What are some of your favorite aspects of Livejournal?
I love the community and the people that I meet. I don't really have many real-life friends that I do things with regularly, especially now that I quit my job.

Some of your least favorite aspects?
I have some issues with the way things are set up so that it's needlessly complicated to customize. I hate how the outside blog world thinks LJ is lame. I am still not crazy about calling them "FRIENDS" lists but I guess that one is growing on me.

Have you ever had an LJ "secret"? Such as a private journal, a separate journal with a separate friends' list, etc?
I have some filters but they are mostly not secret ones. Well. Mostly. The only one i used regularly was the infertility filter, and I opened it to whoever asked.


Have you met a fellow LJer? Who, where, and why did you meet?
I have met [ profile] carrieb and [ profile] big_bubba. We met up in Beckley, West Virginia two years ago, and then they came to visit us last November, and the "why" is because we like each other. *grin* Other than that, I have met [ profile] totte (haha), first when he came to visit in May and October 1999, March 2000, when I visited him in the summer of 2000 and then when he moved here to live with me in wedded bliss in October 2000. Why? Because he is super hot and he laughs at my jokes. Let's see, who else? [ profile] stewlis was in my wedding--we met in college. I also went to college with [ profile] starrflowerr, and then we became coworkers a few years later, and that is where I met [ profile] queen_b980.

Which five LJers would you most like to meet (those you have not had the pleasure of meeting)?
[ profile] courtesy! [ profile] blue_eyed_girl, [ profile] reebert, [ profile] e11en, [ profile] grain_damaged, [ profile] dbrus, [ profile] helloheather...I can't count. There are others I'd like to meet too but this is getting ridiculous.

The people who are most mysterious, aloof, or unknown to you on your friends' list:
[ profile] balison, [ profile] bmannfann, [ profile] mriika (none of which really post anymore so that explains it) [ profile] nana_boo (who is a new friend). There are a few others I could list but if I know where they're from or used to know them well, I didn't bother listing them.

Describe your favorite type of posts to read:
I like posts where people talk about things that they did and things that matter to them. I like pictures in moderation, stories about your kids, and happy posts. That doesn't mean I don't want people to write unhappy things, but it just makes me happy when joy radiates from the computer screen. Good news posts and funny posts and conversational posts/comments about things I'm interested in.

The posts that you generally skip or skim:
Sometimes politics, and almost all video. I just don't personally enjoy watching videos.. though I do make exceptions upon occasion, especially for your kids. I also usually have the volume turned off because I'm trying to put a baby to sleep and it riles her up when the computer makes noise. Posts with pictures of nasty spiders or bugs, and I can't believe I have to put this one on here. Posts with too many pictures. Quiz results, usually. M--I have a joke for you but I can't write it here. You know what I'm thinking about though!

Which 5 journals do you enjoy reading most? It's not a popularity contest, rather the posts that most capture your attention.
[ profile] carrieb, [ profile] courtesy, [ profile] totte, [ profile] helloheather. Still, I can't count. There are others that should be here but M has been waiting on me for an hour now to go spend a little quality time together.

This is the part of the survey where we get to be HONEST.

Are there certain friends that you never or very rarely read?

Anyone on your friends' list whose posts annoy you, or you otherwise just don't gel with?

Anyone who is so fabulous you worship them from afar?
Erm.. no.

Is your very best friend on LJ?

Have you ever kept a real-life secret from your LJ friends (such as a relationship, a child, a job, etc)?
I actually have a ten-year-old kid named Manuel. Oops, secret is out! No, I'm kidding again. I kept my pregnancy a secret from my non-infertility-filter friends until I was about thirteen weeks along. That's about as secretive as it gets around here.


How important is it to you to receive comments on your posts? How important do you think it should be for yourself and others?
It's important because it makes me feel loved. But at the end of the day, I know that a) I don't comment as much as I should so I can't expect it of others b) I write very kid-focused posts right now, which some people just don't identify with and most of all c) my journal is largely for me so I can look back at any given time and see what I was thinking about and doing. I LOVE that about my journal.

What is your personal guideline for removing people who never (or rarely) comment on your journal? How much time should pass with one-sided or non-existent interaction?
I don't really remove people unless they remove me.. usually. It messes up the mutual friend ratio. I figure that they're just not reading, but I don't think it hurts anything to leave them on the list. You never know. I do have some friends who disappear now and then before popping up again.

In general, what is the impression you hope others receive of yourself through your journal?
I am a fairly nice person living an extremely blessed, happy life with my husband, baby, family and friends. Also, I worry. I don't really HOPE people get that impression of me because I enjoy that about myself but if they don't pick that up from my journal then there is somethng wrong with their reading skills and that would make me sad for them. ;)

What is your overall attitude toward your own journal?
Uh. Positive? I think that I've pretty much answered this in other questions.

In a nutshell, why do you keep an LJ? How has it enriched your life?
Well, here's a little story to close this extra-long post. Once upon a time, I went to college with a girl named G ([ profile] starrflowerr). G and I were a little more acquaintances than friends, but a couple of years or so after graduation, she found my journal and she emailed me to say hello and make sure it was okay that she was reading. (Is that not lovely? Don't you wish all real-life people would do that?) Time went by and one day, she emailed again to tell me about a job opening where she worked. Eight months later, I was hired. (Seriously. Eight months. Can you tell I worked for the state?) So I moved to a new town and worked for three years as a programmer. During that time, we had enough money to buy a house, and then decide to have a baby, and then pay for infertility treatments. Then the stars aligned just so, and thank God for those two miserable years of infertility because Miss Evelyn Linnea was born and I cannot express in words anything that has ever enriched my life more than she has.

And if not for this journal, I am guessing that I wouldn't have heard anything from G since college.
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I finally gave up and asked for the questions after being mentioned a couple of times. Here we go.

1. There are 30 questions.
2. Next to each number, write only the name of the person(s) who fit the question*.
3. Don't tell the questions to anyone who isn't doing the meme. If you want to know, comment and I will send the questions to you but then you have to do the meme too.*

*Sorry. Too wordy to not add occasional commentary.
**If you ask for the questions and then don't do it yourself, I am actually kind of cool with that. Shhh. They might accuse me of spoiling the game.

1. [ profile] reebert
2. [ profile] totte, [ profile] stewlis, [ profile] starrflowerr
3. [ profile] same_sky :p
4. [ profile] queensheba
5. [ profile] helloheather? I really don't think she is though.
6. [ profile] stress_kitten
7. [ profile] courtesy, [ profile] grain_damaged
8. [ profile] carrieb
9. [ profile] carrieb, [ profile] courtesy, [ profile] totte
10. [ profile] blue_eyed_girl
11. This question is a little incompatible with my current friends list
12. [ profile] ms_jacket
13. [ profile] ozswede
14. [ profile] courtesy
15. [ profile] big_bubba
16. [ profile] patsyterrell
17. [ profile] martinek ;)
18. [ profile] drottningen (formerly, of course!)
19. [ profile] e11en, [ profile] dbrus
20. [ profile] brief_therapy
21. I am really not sure what these two mean (though I have a guess), but
22. I have to say [ profile] totte for this one because it is a fun play on words
23. Evelyn doesn't have a LJ.
24. [ profile] ellyll! (just kidding!)
25. [ profile] totte - the only one I can really vouch for
26. [ profile] totte -- pretty sure on this one, actually
27. [ profile] reebert
28. I think I am too old for this question.
29. [ profile] totte again.
30. Uh...hi? This meme was hard and some of the questions were kind of mean so I hope no one takes it too seriously.
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Thought this one was kind of fun and also, I have nothing much else to say.

When you walk in your front door, which room do you enter?
Living room.

Do you have a dishwasher?
Yes, thank goodness, especially since (for the first time in our marriage) dishes are now my responsibility. We use the heck out of that thing.

Is your living room carpeted or does it have hardwood floors?
Both, mostly carpet. There's a strip of hardwood running from the front door to the kitchen. Looks better than it sounds but it's still pretty fricking weird--our plan is to replace it all and put down hardwood or laminate.

Do you keep your kitchen knives on the counter or in a drawer?
In a drawer, although it's really not terribly safe the way they're jumbled in with the spatulas.

House, apartment, duplex or trailer?
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I was tagged by [ profile] georgiamars for a meme! I am so excited that I don't have to come up with a topic of conversation for tonight! I have done this before, I think, but hey, I'll do it again. Actually, I think it was seven things the first time around. Apparently, somewhere along the line, someone got lazy...

1. programmer
2. self-employed web designer
3. middle school tutor
4. produce market worker extraordinaire

1. Dirty Dancing
2. Robin Hood, Price of Thieces
3. Ocean's Eleven
4. Lord of the Rings

1. Memphis, Tennessee
2. Columbus, Georgia
3. Augusta, Georgia
4. Detroit, Michigan

1. Veronica Mars
2. Days of our Lives. sorta.
3. Good Eats
4. Iron Chef America

1. Stockholm, Sweden
2. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
3. Gatlinburg, Tennessee
4. London, Kentucky ... which is about the size of a postage stamp. Boyo and I just wanted to go away for the night and we ended up there somehow.

1. Baked potatoes with onions and mushrooms and cheese and butter
2. Strawberry pie
3. Chicken chiimichanga, but mainly the accompanying rice with melted cheese poured on top
4. Fried potatoes

Additional note: This was not a fair question for a heavily pregnant woman. I NEED PIE. Also, starch.

1. Walking along the beach at the ocean. Any beach. I have been jonesing for the beach for about eight years now. Don't think I even much care for the beach experience, what with the salt and the wildlife.
2. Shopping for cute little baby things.
3. In bed.
4. On vacation. Somewhere.

1. [ profile] totte
2. Whoever else wants to do this. I'm sorry. I suck at the tagging. [ profile] totte only got a mention because he told me to.
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Interview Meme Rules are as follows: You comment on this entry requesting an interview. I respond with five questions. The questions will theoretically be tailored to you based on what I know of you (or want to know). You copy and paste those questions into your own journal, and write the answers, along with these rules. Anyone wanting an interview from you continues the game by requesting an interview from you.

Questions from [ profile] e11en.

1. (Borrowing from Carrie) Did you ever consider living in Sweden instead of M moving here or would you ever consider it in the future?
Yes, we've considered it off and on. It has just always seemed more practical that we live here. I was in college when we met, and I finished my last year after we were married. I would have had to drop out to move, and that was something no one wanted. Practical considerations included the language thing, the fact that I am absurdly close to my family and just our general life plans. This is contrary to what everyone else seems to say, but I didn't want to have kids in Sweden. I know that it's a lovely place to raise children, but I really didn't want them to grow up away from my family. That doesn't mean that I think that's the choice for everyone to make, but in my situation... I am the only child that my parents have left. Moving permanently to another country and keeping them from bonding with subsequent grandkids seemed harsh. And, yes, I know that's unfair to M's parents, but you know what? I have also kind of figured out a long time ago that this whole thing about my brother? It is an unfair situation all the way around.

However, I really did want to live in Sweden for a few years. Ideally, that would have been before he moved here, but that was out. At a certain point in our marriage (a year or two) I got it into my head that perhaps we should go ahead and live there for a while, but M was against the idea, and he convinced me that he was right. My thought was that at the time, neither of us were working, or working at full capacity (so to speak) and maybe it would be better if we moved back to Sweden while we still could afford to get settled into life there. M didn't want to pay for moving our stuff again (having just done it recently) and he also pointed out that if we did that, we would establish ourselves there, and then what? We're happy and doing well and then decide to have kids--at that point, we will NOT want to drop everything and move back here with no job and no savings. And, he was right about that. It just wouldn't have worked, so we pretty much dropped everything right then. Having said that, it was pretty hard when we went back for our first visit and dropped in at his old job, and was semi-seriously asked to return. Probably harder for me than him because you know I have that M-job guilt complex.

2. If you could buy a brand new car (as in not just new to you but from the car dealer, not previously owned), what would it be?
Oh, that one's easy! I would love a brand new Volvo. M sold them here for a while (irony) and I'm a big fan of the concept of a large, safe, family car. I am just not a flashy little car person. Something new in the car situation is going to be on the horizon in the next few months, I bet, but it won't be a brand-new car, sadly. (I can't justify buying a new car, at least not at this point in my life--though I really want to at some point, practicality be damned.) My car isn't practical for a car seat, so we'll have to switch vehicles at the very least.

3. What magazines (if any) do you get?
None. I used to get Wired, but I finally got fed up with how female-exclusive they are for being such a popular and fun name in the technology market. We used up worthless airline miles for a stack of magazines at some point--there were others but I didn't enjoy them at all. I'd generally rather read books, so they sat idle and made me feel like I needed to put "read magazines" on my to-do list, which isn't exactly entertainment. M gets PC Gamer, which is not part of the question at all but I just wanted to tell everyone that he is really THAT MUCH of a dork.

4. What's your favorite movie?
Ocean's Eleven, I think. Lord of the Rings, but that doesn't count as a movie so much as a trilogy, and I can't pick out just one because they're only good as a set. Of course, my traditional answer to this is Dirty Dancing, because I will always be nine at heart.

5. Looking ahead at parenthood, are there some things you can see yourself being active in where Ducky is concerned or that you definitely don't want to do? Like girl scout leader or den mother for boy scouts, soccer leagues, etc.?
Will I get my parenthood badge taken away if I admit that I really don't want to do any of those things? ;) I am pretty uninterested in sports, so I'll definitely try to limit my involvement in those things to sitting in the bleachers. And although I haven't been to church regularly in eleven years (there is another post right there) I would like to begin again for Ducky's sake so that s/he will grow up doing the Sunday school and perhaps eventually the youth group thing. (I am not saying this because I feel that s/he should do it but I don't need to--I do, but since I know what I believe already, it's very easy for me to be lazy... but I don't want our baby to grow up with no religious background.) We will also probably continue being active in our local Scandinavian Heritage club--there are other (bi-lingual) children for her to grow up with there, and it will be good if s/he participates in cultural heritage affairs like Lucia. Other than those two things, I don't know. Oh, I do know one thing--I will NOT be active in the baby pageant circle. It kind of sucks, too, because my niece did that as a baby (I was a teenager then) and it was fun. I really did not put much thought into it at all until M finally burst out one day with "OH MY GOD I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU DO NOT FIND THIS TERRIBLY OFFENSIVE." And, I didn't, really, and so I argued the matter... but later realized that he is totally right. I DO find it terribly offensive. I had just never thought of it outside of the lens of what I grew up believing. I honestly can't believe I didn't think of it before it was pointed out to me. I am generally very vocal on the ways in which we are still a pretty sucky society as far as gender equality goes. Now? I don't so much agree with my child being judged for her beauty when in fact, I find beauty the least interesting measurement possible. And I sure don't believe that our baby girls need to be taught that their beauty is the only important thing. Sometimes I really hope Ducky is a boy, actually, when I think about the pitfalls of raising a girl.
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I said I wouldn't do this one but then I got really bored so I did anyway. This meme is SO not my style.

Answer in two words or less:
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(Meme "borrowed" from [ profile] helloheather.)

[A is for age:] 27

[B is for favorite beverage:] Ale8. Pepsi. Oh, for the love of all things, please give me something with caffeine soon, because my life is startlingly dull without the liquid happiness. (I'm off caffeine for reasons of heart flutter-ations at the moment.)

[C is for career:] I'm a Cobol programmer. I had to add the Cobol since it actually does start with C.

[D is for favorite dog:] Ones that don't bite. I like doggies but they kind of scare me at first.

[E is for essential item you use everyday:] Computer. M and I spend way too much time online. Also, apparently I work, sometimes, on one.

[F is for favorite fried food:] Potatoes, of course. I love me some french fries.

[G is for favorite game:] Rook. Or maybe Zuma, at the moment. I have a love hate love hate HATE HATE HATE relationship with that game. I am obsessed with it and yet I am also bored with it.

[H is for hometown:] Morehead, the town now known as Pseudonymous Hometown. I don't know why I suddenly got paranoid on that. I need to come up with real pseudonyms, and go through my journal and change names, if I plan on keeping with that. I'm thinking it doesn't really bother me enough to get off my butt and do it, though.

[I is for instruments you play:] Trumpet. Bet that surprised someone. I haven't played regularly since seventh grade, though, so I don't really consider myself a trumpet player anymore.

[J is for favorite juice:] Orange.

[K is for kids:] Not yet!

[L is for longest trip:] Sweden, three months, summer 2000. Any of the Sweden trips count as longest in the farthest sense. I'm really adventurous.

[M is for marriage:] I'm married to [ profile] totte and it is nice. Really, really nice.

[N is for name of your favorite song:] Right now? Too hard to decide. How about This is Us, by Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris.

[O is for overnight hospital stays:] None since I came home from the hospital as a wee little one.

[P is for phobias:] Snakes, spiders, things that sting. Also insects with too many legs.

[Q is for quote:] "And reality has a well-known liberal bias." --Stephen Colbert.

[R is for biggest regret:] I have no regrets? Well. I have no regrets that I want to drag out for public consumption at the moment.

[S is for self confidence:] It's getting better.

[T is for time you wake up:] 6:00 or 6:36. (Honestly, 6:20 or 6:55 but my alarm says differently.)

[U is for unbelievable:] My husband is singing a Toby Keith song at the moment. And dancing. He is of the opinion that "meme" should be pronounced "me-me" because that's what it's all about--me me me me me me me. (That's one of my favorite songs to make fun of. Can I just digress for one minute here? Of course I can, it's my me-me. Dude. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SAY. You go on for five minutes and you don't list ONE SINGLE THING that you actually want to talk about in regard to yourself.

[V is for vegetable you love:] Have you READ this journal? Potatoes! I love the starchy white goodness of a perfect potato.

[W is for worst habit:] I smoke three packs a day. HA! No, I'm kidding, I don't. I've never smoked one cigarette, ever, actually. My worst habit is... perhaps my pop addiction? I don't feel like putting much thought into this.

[X is for x-rays you've had:] Teeth (ugly.) Neck, spine, etc (first chiropractor exam.) Foot (broken.)

[Y is for yummy food you make:] Ribs! And potatoes! And lasagna! And bacon-wrapped chicken! I make lots of yummy food and that is actually kind of inconvenient to my waistline.

[Z is for favorite zoo:] Uh. I am not such a zoo connoisseur that I need to have a zoo that is my favorite. I have been to the Cincinnati Zoo most recently. Three years ago.
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YOUR FRIENDS LIST, yanked from [ profile] mamakoolaid.

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Feb. 12th, 2006 10:05 am
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Is this trying to tell me something?

dealing with difficult people
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I almost posted earlier with a note to all the Johari memesters about how I couldn't get the site to work so I couldn't respond. But then I did, finally, so I thought I might as well post my own.

Tell me what you really think..

LJ Meme

Sep. 13th, 2005 09:39 pm
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The LiveJournal meme, yanked from [ profile] helloheather and [ profile] carrieb
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book meme

May. 13th, 2005 06:03 pm
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[ profile] carrieb tagged me, and now I have been wasting way too much time filling this out:

1)Total number of books owned?
I couldn't even begin to guess. We have three tall bookcases full, stacked at least two rows to a shelf, and a smaller bookcase that's in varying stages of fullness--the bottom shelf is full of smaller hardbacks and trade paperbacks (I think that's what they're called) that don't fit in the other bookcases, and the top two shelves I use for books I haven't yet read. Right now, those shelves are disturbingly empty--very much hoping to rectify that tomorrow at the library book sale.

2) The last book I bought?
I bought two at the same time. Heart of the Sea, by Nora Roberts and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evie, by Marianne Stillings.

3) The last book I read?
Umm. I don't remember. I think I finished at least one book between the two above and the one I'm reading now, but I can't remember what it was. Like I said, I'm very low on books so I'm reading the dregs--if I find used books for sale, especially if they're very cheap, I buy a lot of them since I read so much and so fast. (Do you hear the defensiveness? I just feel a tiny little bit guilty about buying used books because the author doesn't see a profit from it--didn't bother me until I started contemplating a writing career.) Anyway. When I have a huge stack of books, I'll pick out the ones I'm most interested in first, and by the time there are just a few sitting there on the shelf, what's left is the stuff that I might not have bought if I'd looked at it a little more closely, or that just sucks beyond words (someone WAS selling it, after all!) The one I'm reading right now is called Bouquet by Shirle Henke, and I almost stopped twenty pages into it--I DID throw it across the room, but later picked it back up--because the man was unloading hay from a truck with "a youth from Kentucky", and when the youth began speaking ("aw, looks like yore rope sure am a tetch better 'an yore truck" or the like) I induldged in a fit of outrage. I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT.

4) 5 books that mean a lot to me?
  1. Ordinary People, Judith Guest. Although I haven't been able to reread it as a grown-up, even though I did get it for Christmas three years ago, because it upsets me.
  2. Wheel of Time, I guess. Techincally a series. I listened to my exbf and one of my good friends extoll upon the wonders of Robert Jordan for countless hours in high school. I hated even thinking about it. But when I started mudding, the mud I started on (Hysteria) happened to be based on WoT. I bought myself the first book as an early Christmas present for getting my shopping done. Anyway, if I hadn't stuck with the muds, I wouldn't have ended up on DarkScapes, and I wouldn't have met M. I got M into it, too--though he has boycotted the series until RJ gets the damned things done.
  3. Knight in Shining Armor, by Jude Deveraux. I have read this a thousand times and it still makes me cry. Perhaps I am in love with the idea of a love that lasts throughout the centuries. Also, it's a time travel romance with a bit of an unusual ending.
  4. What It's Like to Have a Tail, by one Magnus C. Yayer (coming soon to a retailer near you, I'm sure.)
  5. Please don't make me come up with another one. Okay, how's this for a lame, corny and cheating answer: the book (books) I haven't read means a lot to me because I relish the idea that there will always be something new to read.

5) Tag 5 people and have them fill this out on their LJs:
[ profile] totte, [ profile] courtesy, [ profile] stewlis, [ profile] paradisecowgirl, [ profile] tarynfogle


Mar. 21st, 2005 08:21 pm
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My M is a sucker for the year memes. I tend to not do them but today I will, just for M. Cause I love him.

20 years ago I... (1985)
1. was five years old (ALMOST SIX!) and in Miss Debbie's kindergarten glass.
2. was in a beauty pageant--I lost. Better known as "the time I curtsied backwards".
3. was in love with a little boy in my class whom my brother made fun of endlessly.

10 years ago I... (1995)
1. had a brand-new baby niece, Miss Whitley, who was less than a week old.
2. was less than two months shy of the absolute worst day of my life
3. was a sophomore in high school, and was very bitter about how people change when they start dating someone.

5 years ago I... (2000)
1. was very very happy because M was here on a three-week visit after the longest separation we'd had (five months)
2. was planning on getting married in order to import my Swede, but somehow it NEGLECTED TO OCCUR TO ME to have that Swede sign the darned immigration papers before he left
3. spent the summer in Stockholm and became engaged to my soulmate (*GAG*)

3 years ago I... (2002)
1. started a journal here
2. finally received the money owed to us by Wilson, a moving company based in Atlanta that handled the US portion of M's move. Yes, over a year later.
3. went to Sweden with M in May for the first and only time so far since he's lived here.

1 year ago I... (2004)
1. had had the first of two interviews at my (now) job
2. was a little listless and depressed, but enjoying spending lots of time with the unemployed husband
3. was preparing for a visit from M's friend, Blatt.

So far this year I... (2005)
1. have been sick three times. THREE! It's not even April yet!
2. won second place in two Rook tournaments
3. have kept an unusual number of secrets

Yesterday I...
1. slept late
2. played a lot of computer games
3. felt a lot better, finally

Today I...
1. went to work, for a change
2. made cheeseburger meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner (which made M very happy)
3. filled out a really long meme to please my husband.

Tomorrow I will...
1. go to work unless I can help it
2. probably not figure out what's wrong with the thing I'm working on (yes, deliberate attempt at an anti-jinx)
3. possibly have pizza for dinner.

In the next year I will...
1. fall in love with my husband every day
2. try to spend as much time with my family as I can
3. try to reduce the clutter in my house


Apr. 2nd, 2004 01:09 am
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Happy International Tatting Day to me! Why can't I convince anyone that today was a gift-giving holiday for me? I didn't get so much as a ball of pearle cotton! How sad life is.

I do have one thing to be grateful about today--I am apparently a Grammar God ).

But really, what good is that, anyway?

I can't seem to get the hang of creating specific and manageable goals for myself. At the beginning of the week, we wrote a huge list of things on the whiteboard that we need to get done. Because I am somewhat anal when it comes to pens and markers, I used three different colors of markers--blue for what he needs to do, red for what I need to do, and black for what either of us or both of us need to accomplish. Well, actually, I used four--the green is for an alternate list of things to possibly do when Blatt is here. M refers to me as Monica when I do stuff like that, but I digress. The red took most of the board on Monday--on Thursday night, it's an even higher percentage. To be fair, I've added more stuff to mine whereas he has not. I tend to have more abstract things on my list.. stuff that's rather harder to accomplish. It's almost depressing by now, especially since I've erased three things and immediately filled their slots with other abstract stuff. "establish world peace" and "cure for male pattern baldness" are not quite on the list, but I wouldn't be surprised if they showed up some day. It sounds just like something I would establish for myself to do. M, on the other hand, has stuff like "buy mando strings"--now that's clear and concise. (He also had "write 100,000 words, but let's not talk about that.)

Poor Blatt. M started off telling him that all he needed to bring from Sweden was mustard. Then he needed to bring mustard and salt licorice for Jenny. Now he needs to bring beer, as he claims he hasn't had a decent beer in two years. He's going to need to bring extra luggage at this rate.

Well, he would if he brought the appropriate amount of fine Swedish beer, of course.

So anyway, I guess it's time for me to go harass M for a while and then go to bed. And accidentally erase the to-do list, of course.. cheating seems to be about the only way of clearing it. But hey, whatever works.

My Desktop

Feb. 9th, 2004 11:43 am
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[ profile] margrethe's meme, via [ profile] carrieb. Cut since it's a fairly large picture.
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To play, just take a screenshot of your desktop (that print screen button actually works--just press it, open a photo editing program, and paste it into a document), resize it smaller (this one is 600 pixels wide) and upload somewhere. I love looking at people's desktops.. it's like voyeurism.
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I just remembered that [ profile] starrflowerr sent me this last week and I completely forgot about it until just now. I'm such a sucker for this kind of thing, regardless of how many times I've answered the same questions.

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Okies, questions from [ profile] carrieb.

1. What did your family say when they learned you had an online lover boy in Sweden?
"What if he's an axe murderer or something?!" I was living at home and going to college, so we also had to clear his first visit here with them to a large degree. It would have sucked and been quite expensive to do the motel thing if we didn't have to (though we would have, if they hadn't agreed.) They were a little worried about what he'd be like, but they did agree that he could stay with us for a week to ten days or so. And they made me take [ profile] stewlis to the airport with me. I guess they figured that he would control his homicidal tendencies if there was a witness.

2. If you were captured by aliens, would you rather be in the alien zoo or the alien circus?
Definitely the alien zoo. I'm not big on travelling around and doing tricks for people.. I would much prefer the lazy life of having aliens paraded before me. Maybe they would keep me in a clone of my natural habitat. Maybe I'd even get Tivo. And broadband.

3. What do you want to name your hypothetical children? Does Magnus agree with the names?
We can only agree on one thing.. we're going to try to keep the actual names secret until after the baby is born. This isn't much of a problem in answering this question, though, because we REALLY have sucked at thinking of names we both agree on and that work in both languages and with our last name. We might have named a little boy Yancey (after his daddy! ha!) if Yancey Yayer didn't sound completely ridiculous. If it was completely up to me, we might have a boy named Tristan Cord and a girl named Sydney Chance.. those are the ones that I had in mind long before I met M. Magnus hates both of those. He also hates names that don't clearly belong to one sex or another, and I tend to really like androgynous names. He would possibly agree to let me name a boy Sydney, which I don't like at all. I was considering Kaiden, for a girl (also before I met M) but now a bunch of not-close relatives have named their boys that. I honestly can't imagine what we'll come up with.

4. Do you think you guys will ever move to Sweden or will you always stick close to Kentucky?
It's hard to say for sure, but at this point, we can't really see moving to Sweden before the age of retirement. I'm not making a prediction that we will after we retire, either, I'm just saying that it's hard to predict where we'll be then. I was rather thinking hard on it for a while, but then I realized that I didn't so much want to move abroad as I wanted to make changes in my life. (Namely, if I was going to be unemployed, it might as well be in a country where I have a valid excuse in the language.) After I figured that out, I realized that it's still not the most practical thing for us to do. I probably wouldn't enjoy it in the long term. It's not so much about the culture shock.. I would just miss my family too much. M said he'd never met a person our age that spent as much time with their family--and he said that only after I admitted to feeling guilty about not spending much time with them. ;) Also, if M could find the right job, he would be making three times as much as he would in Sweden.. based on the job that he had when he was there. Oh, and he's not homesick, either, whereas it's likely that I would be. We're not really totally against moving away from Kentucky, but it would need the right incentive. I can sort of see us in Tennesee or Georgia. Might be because I actually lived in those states for seven years. :)

5. Mike says I have to ask you a Wheel of Time question since he knows you read WoT. Hopefully it won't scare your other readers. If Perrin and Mat battled each other, who do you think would win and why?
Interesting question. I'm leaning toward Perrin, and not just because Mat annoyed the crap out of me for the first three books. Sure, Mat has all those memories from other men bouncing around in his head which would give him an edge in actual fighting, but I can't really see Perrin fighting Mat over anything less important than Faile, which is a big assumption, but I'm going with it, especially since that's the big thing with him in the last book or two. It's not like he thinks of much else these days. I know that Faile isn't a popular character, but M says that she reminds him of me, so I have to like her. Anyway. It's just unlikely that Perrin would lose at any cost with her at stake, especially given his tendencies toward occasional bouts of rage and his wolfy skills. On the other hand, Mat seems to be unable to die, so what do I know? :)

Okay, now's when I ask if anyone wants me to ask them five questions. Hopefully someone who I didn't ask five questions to when we did this a while back. :)
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I just finished ironing more stuff than I believe I've ever ironed in my life--four whole shirts. ;) I'm really not the world's biggest ironer. I actually went into the kitchen to help M with the dishes. When he mentioned that he had to iron a shirt, I jumped on it and did the rest of the stuff that needed it while I was at it.

You know what's ridiculous? We bought ergonomic desks this spring. My monitor is at the perfect height in front of me now, my mouse is right where it's supposed to be.. and I sit cross-legged, the keyboard out on the left side, facing the spot where my monitor used to be. Six months ago. I never did get really used to this desk, btw. It's alright, I guess, but I still miss the old one. I guess I resist change.

I've decided I'm going to have to be bossy about M's mandolin. He practices a few songs and plays most every day, but he doesn't practice like he should. So I'm making him practice his scales tonight for at least seven minutes. Yes, yes, several hours a day is better, but my sanity doesn't permit that sort of mandolin exercise. ;)

I got sunburnt yesterday, and it looks completely stupid. I have this necklace.. actually, it's the necklace that M sent me for Christmas before we were really a couple.. sending that gift also made us much more "real" as an idea, so it's somewhat of a favorite of mine. It's quite large, really.. a silver circle with a rounded piece of amber set into it. I wore it yesterday with a button-up shirt, top two buttons undone. The funny thing is that you can clearly see a big white circle in the middle of my sunburnt chest. It's screamingly obvious. I had to wear the necklace again today just so it wouldn't look dumb. Somehow, M took this sunburn pattern to mean that I'm the head of the gay population, come to lead my people out of prime-time and into the White House. *laugh* That's what it's like to live here, folks. 100% nutso, 100% of the time.

So. This weekend has been extremely good. We've been much busier and more active than normal.. there tends to be a lot going on at this time of year. Friday night we went to the Harvest Festival in town. It pretty much sucked. No, it really severely sucked, no two ways about it. We didn't buy a single thing and we certainly didn't get on any of the rickety rides. We ate at Hardee's (I really don't understand why M loves that place) but he made up for it by pulling into Shoney's on the way home and running in to get me a slice of french silk pie. I thought about you, chick.. it was very good. We watched Groundhog Day again that night and I fell asleep on the couch, as usual. :) We did get a little dressed up and made it into a date, which was fun. Saturday was Poppy Mountain, which I wrote about already, though not as much as I would have liked. I might go into more detail this week when I get around to playing with pictures and stuff.

Oh! There was a tent set up yesterday from a smokeless tobacco company. You could register to win a John Deere Gator thing. During the dinner break, we were walking around with the parents and decided to go register for it. We started walking into the tent... and the dork at the entrance stopped me and asked for ID. I wasn't carrying my purse so I didn't have it.. and he made me stand outside! I'm 24 and can't pass for 18! Argh! They were giving away free samples, which I didn't want anyway. I suspect it'll be a while before I hear the end of that.

Today, we went to the grandfather's house and ended up going over to watch a cousin (first cousin, once removed, if you want the details) make sorghum. They'd been at it since 6:30 this morning, crushing the stalks and boiling the juice.. it was quite fascinating, really. I mean, I've seen them do it before, at festivals, but this was a little more real.. it's an extremely labor-intensive process and people nowadays don't really go to that much trouble all that often. I poked my head in and asked enough questions to get a basic understanding of how it worked, which was neat. I would definitely not be interested in making my own, though.. we're talking about a huge table full of boiling sugar in the middle of the afternoon. Think it was a wee bit warm? :) And of course, there were canes laying around to chew the juice out of and we got to taste the foamy finished product. Very cool. Next week there's a festival in West Liberty.. I really want to make it over there for at least a little while. Last year, we went and we saw a lady with a booth full of framed tatted doilies and stuff. It was then that I decided to try to teach myself to tat.. I really hope she's there again this year. It sounds silly, but I feel quite strongly about this hobby of mine. It fits me. I feel like I was meant to do it. And as such, I'd like to pop in and say "hey, you changed my life, lady-I-don't-know!" I probably won't use those words, of course. :) Also, I'm extremely interested in seeing her work now that I know what I'm looking at. :)

This week, I'm going to try to get some things done while I'm still not working (I'm a little afraid I'll have to go back soon.. the smell in there on Friday was less than the week before, at least.) And of course, I have to clean the house up.. we actually have guests planned for the weekend. Jenny and Andy are tentatively coming up this weekend. Speaking of which.. you know what's funny? We have three friends-type couples (well, three sets that this works for.) Check it out. Lisa and Andy and Andy and Jenny and Jenny and Jon. Now we need a Jon and Lisa couple for it to make a funny little circle to prove to the world that we're dorky beyond all hope. :)

Okay, one more thing before I head off to bed. [ profile] courtesy requested wisdom last week, as her own was failing her. *tease* No, I'm kidding, she was looking for a list of things that people have learned in their lifetime. I thought I'd repost my list here, and issue the same invitation, as I thought it was quite a worthwhile kind of exercise. Feel free to post your own list, if you feel so inclined. :) She hasn't had much luck with hers yet, except for my response ([ profile] totte has one started; I've read it so I know that it exists, but it's not done.) so I'm not expecting the floodgates of wisdom to open here or anything. But it'd be neat. :)

Ten Things I've Learned.. )

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