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After three years and twenty-three issues, it is time to say goodbye to Mosaic Minds. Inspiration and interest has waned. In January, we decided to become a quarterly magazine after a hiatus to fix the last issue, with a caveat that we would re-evaluate next year. Unfortunately, as the months passed without an issue, what we--I--learned was that not stressing out over putting out a new issue every six weeks was actually quite nice. Meanwhile, the issue never did come together, and depressing, anxious emails were sent while we tried to figure out what to do. Carrie (the editor) sent out the email today to officially close the project.

I feel both sad and relieved--on one hand, it was a lot of work, but it was a pretty impressive little project, if I do say so myself, and I think everyone who was involved would agree. We started out on a whim, and kept it up for over three years. I think we all learned a lot, and best of all have been the friendships that have developed. We were friends to begin with, but I think we became quite a bit closer (you know who you are.) So now I am just reminding myself that we didn't sign up for forever, so on a personal level, this is a pretty good time to call it quits if we're going to. I am in a pretty obvious transition stage of life. I have been pretty worried about how I would be able to manage Mosaic Minds and a newborn and a full-time job.

Bye bye, MM. I'll miss you. Sort of.
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People are always asking me if I've had any morning sickness. Kind of, but the thing is, I am so over morning sickness. It just does not interest me. The medicine I've taken for my insulin resistance over the last year and a half gave me constant morning sickness equivalence. What I'm actually having trouble with is the headaches. My mom gave me a hard time for blaming my problems on her grandbaby today, but I have had a fairly serious headache at least once a week, most weeks. Migraine-style of varying intensities. Tylenol gives it a shot, but it's like sending a turtle into the rink to fight Muhammed Ali. It just can't end well, you know? The weather has been crazy this week, so I've been fighting a mild headache since Tuesday, but it's gotten bad today. I'm feeling much better at the moment, having been fed and watered and re-drugged and home for the weekend. I have always been prone to headaches, but they have gotten so much worse since I've been pregnant.

I am feeling much better with the world today. This is because it is Friday, in large part. Also because.... I can now announce to you that a new issue of Mosaic Minds is online! The theme is Dreams and Nightmares. Please someone, won't you submit a masthead for a future theme? I am worn out with the mastheads. There are some specifications here, although the available upcoming themes is out of date (that link is from a blurb on the front page of a prior issue--I should create a static masthead page sometime.) Check the sidebar on the front page for a list of themes.

Tomorrow, we are going to spend free money at Sam's Club. M's employer gives out Christmas bonuses in a sort of fun way--they give gift cards to Sam's, and what you don't spend during the alotted time period, you give back. In our case, that means $425--it's a standard $500, but it's prorated since M hasn't worked there all year. That's a lot of money! Especially since you do have to spend it all, right then. We also have to be there at eight in the morning, and it takes 45 minutes to get there, so there goes sleeping in. I think it'll be worth it. I mean, I woke up at four in the morning last week to save a few dollars and fight a gazillion people for the right to do it, so it does fit the cost-benefit analysis. Besides that, I get up that early for more absurd reasons, like going to work. We are strongly considering buying a new digital camera.. one that's small enough to take with us anywhere we go. Our camera is a little clunky, so we tend to leave it in the car. We'd like one that would at least fit easily into my purse. Or a diaper bag. Oh, goodness, did I just say that? After that.. who knows? We could buy a lot of frozen chicken because it's cheap there and.. but how much chicken do we actually need? Sam's, by the way, is a wholesale (kind of) warehouse for which you have to pay a yearly membership fee, and they are aimed at small businesses, for the most part. So, there are some limits on what they actually carry and what we can therefore spend the money on.

And that's where I put my head down on my desk and zoned out for twenty minutes. I think maybe I could stand to go to bed early. It's a little embarassing that it's only 8:30, though, on a Friday night no less.
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This evening has pretty much sucked. It had too much work in it and I have been trying not to cry because I am a great big ball of wiggling hormones and there is laundry to be done and that one thing that takes up a whole assload of time every six weeks and that I won't mention any more specifically because we're not announcing it until tomorrow because of a tiny mishap with pictures and therefore a missing item) and my computer is in very bad shape and things on my to-do list that I need to get done that all look more fun than the things that I've had to do. And I've been sitting in a freaking chair staring at a computer screen most of the time since seven this morning, and it's now nearly ten and my back hurts and the freaking fire alarm just squeaked for no apparent and I jumped three feet out of my chair. We just changed the batteries in that sucker three weeks ago and it's STILL doing it. I guess we need to replace it. We do have other alarms scattered throughout the house so at least it's not our only one.

But, although I won't say anything else about said time-suck, I'm done. There will be a bit more tomorrow, I guess. I just need to work up the energy to go throw a load of clothes over into the dryer and I guess I'll be in decent shape for tonight. Or, better yet, Boyo will take care of the laundry for me because he is a much better spouse than I am.

Remember my problem with email? That was, as it turns out, not my problem, merely a symptom of the problem. My problem was that my backup? All of my files? Most of them have been corrupted. I have not only lost three years worth of email, I have lost an unknown number of my files. Including the fucking budget spreadsheet that I have been adding all of my receipts to for five months, and our meal plan for the last sixteen weeks, and my master Christmas list--shut up, you know I was bound to have one--and both of M's wishlists and certain program files and some pictures and half my mp3s and.. bloody hell. Basically, it has corrupted anything that I've opened in the last few weeks. Don't ask how it's managed to do this, but that seems to be the basic rule. SO IF I USE IT, IT'S GONE.

And here I have been, all smug because *I* make backups. Great. That has really freaking helped me out, huh? The only thing I've been lazy about is making physical copies of backups on say, CDs. And guess what I need now? You got it. Something that did not get touched by the hand of death this weekend, like my second hard drive apparently did. The last set of backup CDs I made was in January 2004.. that's how I only ended up losing three years worth of mail. I've never seen anything quite like this, and because I discovered the corruption problem, I have not had time to even examine the extent of the damage so who knows how much I've actually lost?

But. I know it's a relatively small thing. No one died, I still have a nice life and this will cease to be important fairly quickly. But right now, it sucks and I'm a little heartbroken because I keep everything, and now it's (partially) gone. And I'm tired and cranky and I wanted to write sweet things today, like about how I leaned up against the washer to reach for the fabric softener and my hard belly resisted the pressure instead of it sinking into it, and maybe how we have a bit of excitement planned for Saturday morning, when we have to get up early and be in Lexington at eight in the morning in order to spend free money, and then maybe we will go do something else fun afterwards. Maybe tomorrow I will be in a better mood and can write about fun things.
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The newest issue of Mosaic Minds is up! This issue was one interrupted by sick babies, unmotivated webmistresses, departing editors, a difficult theme and a vacationing editor. Carrie normally sends out the mailing list message and since she is MIA, I had to do it--thank heavens for Opera's Wand because it's been a very long time since I set up the mailing list program, and I hadn't the faintest idea what the password was. Luckily, it's still saved. I also discovered one pretty big bug related to the mailing list that I am totally going to pretend I didn't see, and I was also reminded that it is really time to upgrade the thing. C, please don't go away and make me do this again. It makes me have to do work, and that is Bad.

Boyo had a grumpy day and moped around the house while I worked on Mosaic Minds. I finally made him leave the house to reboot this evening.. we went out to eat and picked up some beverages. I must have been thirsty because we bought: two half-gallons of milk, three 12-packs of 7-Up, one 12-pack of club soda, two cases (24 each) of water and one large bottle of orange-pineapple juice--all for me. The club soda is intended as an experiment. M looked at me as if I had lost my mind when I picked it out. "You only use that to mix with booze!" he said, sneering. I, however, intend to mix it with juice, because here in the land of caffeine-free, I am dying of this-stuff-sucks and am hoping to create fizzy drinks with less sickeningly sweet to them. We'll see how it goes. (First experiment: eh, no. But maybe next time...) In any case, he was in a better mood by the time we came home, so that was good.

Right now, he's playing a game with unbelievably bad language. I am not one to be offended by most "dirty words" with one notable exception, the, you know, compound religious one, but this was some sort of gangster war he was in the middle of, and they were all yelling very nasty things at each other constantly. Every three seconds, there would be a variant of the same word that I happen to not mind much but my mother would freak out about, and it was getting old even for my lax standards.

K: That game is obnoxious.
Character in M's game: FUCK YOU, BITCH!

I guess he told me.


Sep. 29th, 2006 11:08 pm
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Life got a whole lot easier just now, as it was determined that what the heck were we thinking, we can't go live with the next issue of Mosaic Minds tomorrow! We have stuff missing! And I haven't started on the site! And there's a sick baby! So, it's been postponed, and I feel a little guilty about saying... I'm very happy about that.

I am a little frazzled by the whole world right at the moment, but it's Friday night. We ate a fabulous dinner, and I no longer have to spend all day tomorrow working on MM, and M helped me finish my extremely late article so I don't have that hanging over my head, either. I plan to sleep late tomorrow, maybe do some grocery shopping and buy some shoes--we have a new dress code at work, and to tell the truth, I'm not too bothered by the clothes themselves (yet), but I HATE fussy shoes. I have issues with my feet, and actually, I've had generalized achey feet for the last few weeks, so great timing! I have wished before that I could just be a nice girly girl with a normal shoe fetish, but noooo, I have to like expensive gadgetry and tall foreigners named M. Well, technically, I only like one of those foreigner-types but still. Maybe I'll find some shoes that don't hurt my feet. And maybe I will sprout wings and just fly in circles. One of the two.
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Every issue of Mosaic Minds has a different masthead to correspond with the theme. Over the two and a half years, we've had some excellent submissions from excellent artists, and then there were the submissions by me. ;) Anyway, I wanted to take this opportunity to solicit more beautiful headers if anyone is so inclined. We're always reminding people to submit writing, but if writing isn't your thing.. here's another chance to participate. Submit your works of art to me at

Basic Specifications
Width: 770 pixels
Height: 100 pixels
File Format: jpg or gif. (I can accept submissions in other formats if you require it.. you might want to ask first.)

Masthead Should Contain the Following Text:
Mosaic Minds
Month Year (ie, August 2006)
Theme Name (ie, Independence)

Available Upcoming Themes
A Fine Line - October 1
Dreams and Nightmares - November 15

Stylistic Choices
If possible, you should relate the masthead to the theme, although it's not 100% necessary. Colors and style are at your discretion--the main thing is that it looks good and makes sense. The page background and accent colors will be changed--by me--to suit your creation.

Credit will be given on the sidebar of the first page and on the archive page for that month, and a smaller version of the header will remain on the site permanently. (Link provided so that you can see past issues for inspiration.) You don't have to be a staff member of Mosaic Minds to submit a masthead. We reserve the right to not use your work for any reason. Denial of use doesn't mean that we don't like you or even that we don't like the header. This probably won't be a problem but I'd like it stated clearly here, just in case.

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New issue of Mosaic Minds is up! Time Warp. I totally think we should have had a time-travel based book review in this issue because what else could possibly have fit the criteria any better? (My suggestion would have been Karen Marie Moning because I love love love her books.) Even so, it looks like another great issue. :)
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You know what the problem with preparing all the content for Mosaic Minds is? It always makes me want to be more. I want to write more and read more and publish stuff and create more websites and travel and be Interesting. It's kind of enough to give one a complex. I seriously cannot believe what it has turned into by now. We are fabulous... if I do say so myself.

*Speaking of inferiority complexes.. Boyo told me yesterday that us poor Americans really should have a significant inferiority complex because we don't have a language of our own. The really really great thing about his citizenship last fall? Right then when I reminded him that he was just as much of an American as I am so shove it. ;) Then we degenerated into an argument about how he can't become president and therefore isn't "as" American as I am. Given how he made me call him"Mr. Vice President, sir" when he became an officer of the Scandinavian Heritage club... I think it's just as well that he can never actually become president...
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Having apparently not learned from the mistakes of others (DON'T DRINK AND CODE!), I required some refreshments for tonight's work in getting Mosaic Minds ready for the next issue, Truth or Consequences. Go read it; it's just as fabulous as always.

I suffer for my art.

That is a Lemon Drop Martini, lovingly prepared by my live-in maid adoring husband, a bowl of Cheetos, fetched for me by same, and the champagne is awaiting the bellini... for which there are freshly pureed peaches chilling. Damn FoodTV for putting these things in my head.

One more note about the book I ridiculed last night. Wait, two more notes. The first thing: she found out that her French lover was not who he said he was. Wouldn't you think that would be the biggest, most dramatic scene in the book, it being the plot's climax and all? No. As a matter of fact, that scene was not even in the book. It happened completely off-screen, as it were, in between chapters. She knew nothing, and then the next chapter opens with her interrogating someone about why he would do such a thing. Seriously. It was phenomenally badly done.

But my very favorite thing of the entire book is that she decided to punish him by giving him the interview he so desperately wanted. (What is WRONG WITH YOU, woman? You cannot punish a male by giving him what he wants! Didn't you learn that in Manipulation 101?) So she borrows a condo, dresses up as her radio personality and puts on her blonde wig and her blue contacts. Apparently, the non-French reporter could not tell that she had the same face under that wig, but okay. It reminded me of TV shows where they put a black bare over someone's eyes and then you magically can't tell who it is. Suspending the powers of reality again, and moving along with the story. She then decides, while giving him this interview, that she totally wants to be with him one last time, and so they begin to have tea and crumpets. (This is the phrase used for sex on some romance novel blogs, and I think it's hilarious, and will use it henceforth.) She totally does not care that he thinks he is sleeping with another woman. (I, on the other hand, think he is even more of an ass now than I did before, and I think it would be awesome if he wakes up in the morning with a missing wallet.) They proceed to have the sex. It goes on for several hours.

Her wig, it stays perfectly in place.

And all I would like to say is: If your wig doesn't fall off, you ain't doin' it right.

Thank you, and goodnight.
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A new issue of Mosaic Minds is now up. It was a wee bit behind schedule but it's an interesting issue: Never Say Never. Next issue is Anticipation. Think about submitting something.

I kind of feel like I'm forgetting something this time, so if nothing looks right, let me know. I have a few things that have to be done manually with every launch but I can't think of anything I didn't do. I'm sure someone will let me know, anyway.

My husband calls every night when he's on the way home from work. This week, he's said, "And I didn't buy any guns today!" every night. I am beginning to be alarmed at his fixation with purchasing weaponry. He's supposed to be Swedish!

Man, the jokes at this job are so easy that they almost tell themselves.

Something I hate about Fridays is that you can stay up as late as you want, but yet, you're worn out from the week and don't feel like it. Or at least, that's how I am. I'm yawning and it's not even ten yet. How pathetic.
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M finally called Robby The Loan Guy and got the amount we needed from the receptionist. (The good news is that it was over a thousand dollars less than our original estimate. I was having these fears that it would be significantly more, we weren't going to have the money and wouldn't have time to find it, because I really should not be given enough time to worry about these things. As it is, now we have enough money left to buy ramen noodles! Ahem.) We ended up only about five minutes late, which was perfectly fine because if they had actually said something about us being late, M very well might have killed them.

Anyway, the closing was.. well, I wouldn't go so far as to say that it was fun, but it was much, much better than I had pictured. The sellers were nice, and we got invited to church sometime. Our realtor was in a good mood, M and I were laughing about a number of things that most people don't laugh at. We signed our names more times than ever before in our entire lives. And then we got to the end, she piled her papers up and said, "I guess you already have the key, then?"

Umm, no.

So we bought a house for which there was no key. Great. ;) It turned out that the seller's realtor had taken the key with her when she left, but luckily, she was eating dinner (at Casa) so Roy (our realtor) went over and picked up the key from her and met us with it, so we did get to go out to the house by ourselves for the first time tonight. Fun! Fun! We walked around the house and planned where to put furniture and talked about what we needed to buy. It was great fun, and then we went to get keys made so we can both go into our house. :)

We are homeowners. Wow.

And, as tomorrow is February 1, a new issue of Mosaic Minds is up! This issue is Generation Gap, and it looks to be a good one. Go see!
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The most recent edition of Mosaic Minds is now up. Right on schedule! Sorta. For the first time, I missed my traditional deadline of the night before go-live date. I have been so busy and stressed out this week that it just wasn't going to happen for last night, but it's up now. I think it still counts since it IS December 15 today, and all. So, that was part of the stress and I'm glad to say that it's over now. Here, I'll give you an incentive to go read it: this issue contains what I find to be the most unusual article (with accompanying nearly NSFW* picture) we've published thus far. Not bad, just not exactly what we normally publish. Now, go find it and see what I'm talking about.

The weekend is nearly here and I can't wait for the chance to finally get things in order. We're currently living in a pigsty, or rather, what a pigsty would look like after a tornado went through. There are presents to wrap and piles of laundry in inconvenient places and stacks of papers and more Christmas cards to tinker with.. did I mention that I got complimented on my envelopes by two different ladies at the post office? That was nice, especially since it was a spur of the moment sort of thing.

My mom called me today at 4:36, or six minutes after I get off work. I had just walked in the door and was talking to M on the cell phone when I heard the home phone ringing. I told M to hold on and picked up the other line. Conversation went something like this:

K: Hello?
Mommy in an incredulous tone: You're home already?
K, exasperated: Why did you call me if you didn't think I'd be home?
Mommy: You're such a brat. Your mother should have beat you more often.**
K: Hold on a second.
*says goodbye to M on other line*
K: M says to tell you that I'm on the other line with someone important and will have to call you back.
Mommy: Tell him that's right, you are on the line with someone important and you'll talk to him when we get off the phone.

I don't know if that translated but it was very funny. One thing that my parents never, ever tolerated was us getting sassy, but we have a history of saying mean things as a joke. There were a series of commercials when I was a kid about child abuse, and the parental voiceover was saying stuff to the kid, shown in black and white, like "Moron." and "You're so stupid." and "Idiot." And believe me, it's not that child abuse is funny in the slightestbut those commercials were just so.. deserving of ridicule, so we all started calling each other morons all the time. And that was really funny until we slipped and did it in front of my dad's parents. My grandmother was horrified, I can tell you that much.

Now it's bedtime, or it will be after I go read that email that Amazon just sent to me about my order. *evil laugh* Because I save 1.57% at Amazon (which is like, a quarter of Kentucky sales tax but better than nothing, I suppose) due to their thing, M used my account to order presents for me. This is going to cause all sorts of trouble since I placed two different orders tonight myself, and now all three are going to be addressed to me. No, I'm kidding, I'm not going to read the email with a convenient list of my Christmas presents. Because I am good, and I will show restraint. Also because revenge in this case is far, far too easy.

*NSFW = not safe for work, in case anyone doesn't know the internet lingo that well

**She did not actually say this, but she was probably thinking it.
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Trick Or Treaters 2005
Total Count: 0

At least we bought candy that we like. ;)

In other news, go read Mosaic Minds, which is now at its fifteenth issue. I read less than usual this month so I don't have any specific recommendations.

The soup I made for dinner is possibly the best soup that either of us have ever had. Really, really good. (My alterations included using less mustard (and not Dijon cause we don't have any) and cayenne instead of tabasco.) I have never been a big fan of vegetable soup because I don't care too much for tomato, but basing it on chicken broth and cheese and wine, now I can get on board for that.

Cheddar Vegetable Soup )
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The next issue of Mosaic Minds goes live on November 1, which is Tuesday. Luckily, Monday is my day off, so I'll have time to get things done then. There is a bit of a process that we've developed in getting this content to the site. Every article goes through a couple of rounds of editing, and most of the html tags are added here, too. (I love you guys.) It was tricky at first, because all of the rounds of editing were being done and I didn't get much time to get the site done. There was a whole lot more to think about than we expected, that's what I'm trying to say.

One of the things that I didn't think about at first came about because I am quite strict about validation. Every (known) page at Mosaic Minds fully validates as xhtml... it's the last step in my article-adding process. (I added the "known" caveat just because hey, we're human and we do make the occasional mistake, so I might have missed a page here or there.) Pages that don't validate often look okay, but they're not RIGHT and it drives me crazy. I won't get into theory here, though. I'm basically just explaining that there are some issues that arose from this need for page validation. One of the issues is that Word and other word processors think they are so clever for turning punctuation into "smart" quotes and apostrophes and dashes. They're also known as curly quotes.. they're the ones that look different depending upon which side of the quotation they're on (beginning and ending). See, the problem with these "smart" quotes is that they don't bloody exist. Well, they obviously exist because you can see them, but they're not standard characters, and they don't, or MIGHT not display correctly on the web. They often look fine to the user, depending on the system configuration, or they might display as strange empty squares, or they might just not appear at all... but one thing that's absolutely for sure is that they don't validate.

So, every article has to have these characters converted if they haven't been removed or if the feature hasn't been turned off (most of the staff has, I think.) And so... after eight months on my To-Do list, I have finally gotten off my rump and written a program that will replace these things all in one go. It's possible in other programs, indirectly or with hassle, but this will convert exactly what I want converted with one click. It also contains a miniature web browser that loads our content site automatically so I won't have to click back and forth between windows. I am super excited. It has the basic functionality right now, but I'm planning on enhancing it eventually as my skills improve. (This is partly a learning exercise and partly just because it is so, so fun and partly because it really will be useful.) It's close enough to done that I can use it on Monday when I start formatting content, anyway, which will help me figure out what needs improvement. Yay! Fun Nerd Project!

Okay. Once again, I went into more detail than necessary. But.. that's not surprising. Let's see.. what else can I talk about? Tomorrow is the Spindletop dinner thingiemabob with the Scandinavian club. It kind of kills me when I think of that whole "we paid $50 to go to a fancy dinner that probably won't even be that good" thing, but I'm trying not to think about it too much. It really is a nice event. And, maybe M will iron my dressy khakis for me. I love wearing them but they need ironed every time, and I don't iron if I can help it AT ALL. But.. I hate to ask M to do it too often because I don't want to wear him out on it.

Oh, and we just did the math on M's paycheck and now I am depressed and need to take to my bed. I work 37.5 hours a week. (Which is technically true and totally false--I actually work 35 hours one week and 40 the next but okay.) That means that in three weeks, I work 112.5 hours. M? He worked 110 hours... in the last TWO weeks. And in that two weeks, he spent over thirteen hours driving to and from work. I guess plenty of people work that much and more, but his wife doesn't care much for it. (Even though fifteen hours weekly of overtime is kind of nice when it comes payday.)
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I proudly present to you the most recent issue of Mosaic Minds! The theme this time is "Just a Little".. enjoy! (I love love love the masthead, created by Secret Agent Josephine.)

This has been, by far, the least stressful Mosaic Minds experience of our almost-two-year history. I don't think it shows on the outside, but we often have a bit of a panic over something on the day or two preceding an issue launch.. something is always missing. Everything is in this time, and it took me a completely acceptable amount of time to get it all taken care of. It can take me all day if I'm not in the mood for it, but I bet this issue has taken up maybe four hours of web work. That's SIX hours less than the time I logged it. If it still took ten hours with the whole job thing, I can't say for sure I'd still be doing it. But when it goes off like this, I am just so proud of everyone and excited about the whole thing. Although I wouldn't have [ profile] carrieb's job for the world. I think some feel the same about mine, though, so I guess we're even. :)

Other than that, nothing much happening chez yayer. M's music selection is passable tonight, for once. He claims it's random but I think he has a secret setting that plays crap when he's annoyed with me for something. I wouldn't put it past him.

I sent M an email yesterday and added a P.S. of "Jag hatar havet* (or, it could be worse.)" It made me smile with nostalgia because that was about the fourth sentence that M taught me, as it was something that we said quite a bit at the time. My point was, of course, that no matter what kind of a bad day you're having (well, as long as it's a bad day and not something tragic) it could be worse.. we could be on different continents still. That's a particular level of suckage that I wouldn't wish on anyone. And suckage it was, but still, we had a few things that were really, really cute that I would miss if it wasn't for the horribleness of the rest of it.

*(I hate the ocean.)


Sep. 12th, 2005 08:08 pm
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I am proud of myself because I have spent the evening, thus far, working on Mosaic Minds. The content-fixing kind of crept up on me this time around, and I hadn't even started it. I usually try to get most of it done during the weekend preceeding the launch, but I didn't do it this time. Now I just have four random articles to go, and the poetry section, which I have put off for last because (no offense, [ profile] lizardek) I really, really hate doing it. Too fiddly. Btw, have you ever noticed how much I use the word "fiddly"? Or maybe I don't, here. I do in the real world though.

Other completely random thoughts:

I have a major weakness for 1px solid black borders. I <3 CSS.

My car keys still won't work in the front door, no matter how many times I try.

I moved desks at work on Friday.. I have a window now. Unless you want to hear about Medicare, that's the most exciting news available on the work front. Actually, scratch that. Even if you DO want to hear about Medicare (and you don't) it's still the most exciting work news. Nothing exciting about Medicare, I gotta say.

The boy listens to the most awful music imaginable. Believe I might have mentioned that, but OH MY GOODNESS I wish someone would make it stop.

Many bouncy birthday wishes to [ profile] queen_b980 (whom I work with and might or might not have referred to as D in the past) and [ profile] e11en!
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[ profile] courtesy made me laugh this morning by pointing out that I'm not homeless, what with Mosaic Minds and all, I'm in a long-term mortgage on a mansion. (Which, aside from the fact that I'm only a joint name on the account, is only partially true--the house owns me much more than I own it) She reminds me of M sometimes in that she has a bit of a talent for making me take myself less seriously. *grin* Also because she's hot. *tease*

Ha! Random ICQ message from old mud friend. (Meta. I feel like I have to say who since there are a couple of mudders on my friends list, but that means nothing to most of you anyway. Maybe not even to them, I don't know.) Isn't it funny how things happen sometimes? I start pining for the mud's glory days, and then, what do you know? Someone I haven't talked to in years says hello. It's just funny. I am embracing my inner psychic, or something.

I'm sure you folks are all tired of my whining. I should write about something more entertaining than conversations that I have had. I could write about something that really pissed me off today, but I don't feel like going into it. I could write about this stupid pain left over from the shoulder issue this weekend, but no one wants to hear that, either, and I'm pretty sure it qualifies as whining. I could write about how I worked on my book today but that would be a total lie. I am having motivational problems again. :)

Is it Friday yet?
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Short by necessity.. somehow bedtime approaches again before I am ready.

  • Mosaic Minds has released its newest issue, Independence. I might point your attention to my own favorite, a piece of fiction called Hello, Carl. I am a close, personal friend of the author, actually, but of course that's not why I like it. I think I should probably shut up now.
  • I just found out that the reason why Kentucky is known for its horses is because it is full of horse mines. Naturally, you didn't think horses grew on farms, did you? No, no, the boy assures me that all these caves around here are from the horse mines. He also informed me that he used to work in a horse mine, and it really sucked. And I didn't say anything, but I thought, "I am totally telling the Internets about this."
  • I married someone who is a tad bit off his rocker, but he is *censored* nice so I keep him around.
  • I made the beef thing for dinner.. it was... not quite like it was when we made it in Sweden, but similar. Part of it was that we decided to go for improving upon the basic idea, and used pepperjack cheese. Also, we used funny pasta, which kind of wasn't good.
  • Also, we have decided that we are going to start eating many rice/sauteed vegetables/non-milk-based sauce meals, inspired by our Saturday night visit to the Thai restaraunt. If anyone has any good sauces for that sort of thing, toss them my way, would you?
  • Because I totally need to work on increasing my carb consumption. Oi.
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Every issue of Mosaic Minds has a different masthead to correspond with the theme. Over the last year and a half, we've had some excellent submissions from excellent artists. I just wanted to take this opportunity to solicit more beautiful headers if anyone is so inclined. We're always reminding people to submit writing, but if writing isn't your thing.. here's another chance to participate. Submit your works of art to me at

Basic Specifications
Width: 770 pixels
Height: 100 pixels
File Format: jpg or gif. (I can accept submissions in other formats if you require it.. you might want to ask first.)

Masthead Should Contain the Following Text:
Mosaic Minds
Month Year (ie, August 2005)
Theme Name (ie, Independence)

Available Upcoming Themes
Independence - August 1
Just a Little... - September 15
Yes/No/Maybe - November 1
Turning Points - December 15

Stylistic Choices
If possible, you should relate the masthead to the theme, although it's not 100% necessary. Colors and style are at your discretion--the main thing is that it looks good, makes sense and doesn't completely clash with the logo (see icon.) The page background and accent colors will be changed--by me--to suit your creation.

Credit will be given on the sidebar of the first page and on the archive page for that month, and a smaller version of the header will remain on the site permanently. (Link provided so that you can see past issues for inspiration.) You don't have to be a staff member of Mosaic Minds to submit a masthead. We reserve the right to not use your work for any reason. Denial of use doesn't mean that we don't like you or even that we don't like the header. This probably won't be a problem but I'd like it stated clearly here, just in case.

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I am more pleased than you know to announce that the June issue of Mosaic Minds is ready.

Mosaic Minds

I also finished (pending approval) another project tonight that has been stressing me out to no end. And I "turned in" my first assignment to [ profile] paradisecowgirl.. we set a deadline of Monday or Tuesday and what do you know, I didn't finish until Tuesday. The assignment deals with writing stuff in Swedish. I think that it is extremely hard and also really good for me. I just really, really hate doing stuff wrong. But that's moodiness for another day. Tonight, I just want to be happy that I have the big stress over with.

Anyway, what are you waiting for? Go read Mosaic Minds already! I would give recommendations like I've been doing for the last few issues, but.. well, to be honest, I haven't read a single word this time. So, now I have something to look forward to! ;)

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