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I am up past my bedtime! Again! We were up late last night for obvious reasons (11:56 - "uh.. should we go watch the ball drop or something?") Then I was able to sleep in until 9:30! That was great. Evie gets in phases where she will wake up in the middle of the night to eat for a few nights in a row. Last night was the second night that she hadn't done that, and it was so, so great to get some real sleep. I can't complain anyway because so many others have it so much worse.

My mom bought us reddish maroon sheets for Christmas. They were on sale after Thanksgiving, but all they had left was that color, and I had specifically mentioned wanting sheets. We have been having a sheet crisis. First, I left my pillow (in its case) at the hospital, so we were missing one pillowcase. Easily solved. Then the fitted sheet started developing holes all of a sudden. Then the top sheet started separating at the top seam. This all happened within a couple of weeks, and we were using an emergency mismatched set. We thought about taking them back to exchange them for a different color, because red so does not match our room, but we decided against it. When company isn't expected, we usually just have a bright blue quilt with large yellow and white flowers on the bed. I can't even begin to express how badly it clashes. It is jarring every time you walk into the room. They're great sheets, though, and at least they match themselves... unlike our old sheets... and if not anything else. You know, this story made a lot more sense in my head.

I spent a good portion of today sewing. Evelyn was greatly enjoying herself with her toys in the floor, so I had a few minutes to play too. First, I made a tremendously cute bib--which was kind of neat because I really was just playing around and then suddenly I had the thing done. I was only planning to draw out the pattern. Then I was able to start on some diapers that I've been excited about trying out. Unfortunately, I had two serious things go wrong with those today, and yet somehow, I did not get all that upset about it. The first problem is a fatal problem, total loss, but the second one is hopefully just a time-consuming seam to rip. Details not interesting, so I'll spare you. Normally, this is the sort of thing that would frustrate me to no end and I would sulk about it for days, but I just felt patient and zen about the whole thing. I hope that's something that continues through the new year--I could use a little more patience.

I would like to post about new years resolutions, but I haven't actually made any. I never stick with them any better because it's the beginning of a new year than any other time so I suppose that's okay. Wait, I have one. I am not going to talk about losing weight or anything like that, but I resolve this year to Eat More Vegetables, And Not Just Potatoes. I mean, like tonight, for instance! I sauteed an ONION to go with our bacon cheeseburgers! Onions are vegetables! ;) Clearly, I have a long way to go on this one. Did you know that bacon is really really good? I never particularly cared for bacon until I got pregnant, and then it was delicious, and I still love bacon. I am terrible at frying it, though. I am impatient and then I lose interest because it takes too long and then it burns. Every time! Bacon is not a vegetable, though, as much as I would like to believe that it is, and so I should not focus on perfecting my bacon technique. Actually, usually, I have a great technique for frying bacon. I can teach it to you. It goes like this: "M, would you please fry the bacon?" He gets to eat bacon that isn't burnt, I don't have to fry it--we all win. Except maybe for the pig, but at the point that it is bacon, the battle was already lost, I think.


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