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When M called me on his way home from work, I bet him $5 that I had a more unusual story to tell from the time since last we had spoken, and I so totally won. One of the guys from the Scandinavian Heritage club that we go to called for M.. which is rather something that has never happened. He wanted to know if M would be interested in being the new vice-president of the club (SHSK.. Scandinavian Heritage Society of Kentucky)... that completely came out of the blue. So, M called him back and they officially, and formally, extended vice-presidential candidacy to him. There's a business meeting tomorrow (we were already planning on going to it) and assuming that no one launches a surprise campaign of their own and vetoes him out of the position, he will be answering only to "Mr. Vice President, sir" tomorrow.

To celebrate his potential new lofty status, we went out for dinner and then spent a fortune on shoes. I have kind of sensitive feet and I hate hate hate wearing shoes that are not perfectly comfortable. I often go into shoe stores and get frustrated and leave. Tonight I bought the first pair that I picked up. What luck!

Anyway, on to the pictures:

Spring has sprung! More!
Look! Spring! I was taking pictures of something else and had no idea this was there until I almost ran into it. I thought it turned out pretty well.. although I have no idea what it actually is. They're in the front yard, anyway.
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