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My daughter told me that she loves me "in a certain way". No further updates on what way that is. A casual, "maybe we'd be better off as just friends" sort of way? A "don't call me, I'll call you" sort of way? I don't know. Poor kid. She's odd and she doesn't have a single chance to outgrow her oddness, given that she lives with us.

It is a house of halfhearted sickness here. M and I both have... something. Allergies? It started with a scratchy throat and then we've had scratchy voices, and then I developed the worst cough that I've had since I was pregnant and you know, broke a rib from it.. but strangely, otherwise we're mostly not sick. No congestion, runny nose, foggy brain, body aches. It's bizarre. Evelyn is unaffected, at least, which is fantastic. We think we're improving. Maybe.

My grandfather is out of the hospital and staying with my mom while he recovers. Actually, not sure I posted about that here. They removed his pacemaker due to it getting infected.. originally, they thought it was MRSA but it turned out to be just your run-of-the-mill staph infection, which was good news, of course. Pacemakers, it turns out, are not really meant to be removed, and it was pretty scary there for a while, but it's been a couple of weeks now and he's still doing well.

Meanwhile, my niece has not applied for her passport yet and it's stressing us out. hehe. She did, however, go completely insane last week, and pierce her own ears. Twice. She added a total of four new holes in her ears. By herself. Isn't this like 2010 or something? :) The funny thing is that she told me she was going to do it when I saw her on Easter. I just didn't believe her. She said she wanted to get them done but she's not spending any money at all because she's saving up for Sweden, so she was just going to pierce them herself. I underestimated her commitment, I must say.

I have a question for my smart friends. M's best friend in Sweden is having his first baby next month. I'm making them a baby quilt, because apparently I can do that for gifts but not for my own child. (Total quilts made by me, including this one: 2. Total quilts kept by me: 0.) Should I mail it to Sweden when I'm done with it so it can get there before the baby is born or soon thereafter, or should I bring it with us when we come over at the end of June? On one hand, I'd prefer that they had it closer to the time of the baby's arrival, but on the other hand... it's just a month or two (M, being male, just knows it's sometime in May, not when.) and then I wouldn't have to box it up and spend a fortune to ship it. What would you do? I think I will just bring it, but curious what someone else would do.
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I was a little optimistic yesterday, since neither E nor I were quite out of the woods like I had hoped. I'm feeling better so far today (though still queasy, so we'll see) but E is still throwing up with wild abandon. Poor little baby. She has refused all foods, but is nursing constantly and drinking water, and she keeps it down usually for a while so.. I don't know. She doesn't seem to be dehydrated, but I'll call the doctor if she's still at it in the morning.

Speaking of nursing... I have an Official New Years Resolution, and that is to wean Evelyn this year. I am giving myself a whole year so I should have plenty of time, right? She'll be two in May and while I don't mind the extended breastfeeding thing in theory, in practicality, it's getting close to time. I am kind of ready to have my body back. I want to be able to take cold medicines again! And be able to leave her with someone for more than a few hours! I am still conflicted, though, because honestly, I do enjoy it. It's a nice bonding time. And besides, I really don't even have anyone nearby that I could leave her with, so that reason is crap anyway. My plan (once we're well) is to cut back on the daytime feedings until we're at morning, nap and bedtime, and then.. I don't know. Morning might be the easiest one after that. There will be some sleep work going on when we get to the later stages of this, since currently, she nurses to sleep. I guess we'll just have to cross that bridge when we get to it.

I had been thinking of the usual semi-resolution that we should eat better this year. I had been doing pretty badly during the holiday season and I'm pretty sure I'd gained a few pounds. I stepped on the scale this morning to see that.. if nothing else, this stupid stomach flu has gotten me off to a rousing good start on a new year's diet! Small favors. Seriously, though, we've gotten lazy lately and I intend to get us back on track. That doesn't even really merit an actual resolution, though. It's the same thing every year.

Anyway, I have a mountain of laundry to fold so I should get cracking on it while I still feel up to it.
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January 3 already?

Since I was sick, I did the responsible thing and went to bed instead of staying up to watch the ball drop. M pretend that he was going to bed, too, but he conveniently couldn't sleep and had to get up and ring in the new year all alone. Isn't that sad? M even got up with the munchkin the next day and let me sleep for another couple of hours--very much appreciated. I never get to sleep in. My parents had said that if we wanted to spend the night with them that night, they would bring me home the next day (yesterday) and we could do a little shopping. Being sick, I didn't really know if that was a good idea but it sounded fun so we ended up doing just that. It worked out fine, except my energy gave out yesterday afternoon and I was coughing like mad and had to cut the day short.

And then... it turns out that I have a stomach virus instead! I went to bed early last night, but was awaked at midnight with teh serious queasy! Just when I had finished with round one, and was thinking of heading back to bed, we heard an alarming cry from my sweet baby's room, too. When M went in to get her, he was greeted by significant pukage. (And E, girly girl that she is, was highly distressed, looking around going "Ewww! Ewww! Ewww!" She has very little experience with puking.) I will spare you the play-by-play, both because it is gross and uninteresting but also because I am more than ready to be done with the whole experience, but my wonderful, wonderful husband ended up staying up with her until after five so I could go back to bed, and then he got up with her for just a few minutes again at 6:30. I also got up several times, and had a terrible time going back to sleep in the later part of the night, so I am pretty sure that last night lasted several years of real time.

Evelyn hasn't thrown up since 6:30 and is currently napping, on schedule, and I have been keeping the contents of my stomach where they belong since probably 1:30, so I am hoping hoping hoping that we aremoving into the clear. M... is tired and a little unsteady, and unusually sensitive to certain lingering smells, so... we're keeping our fingers crossed that he doesn't ge tit but really, I'm afraid it's only a dream (Arwen), only a dream.

But I think that our plans of getting the Christmas stuff put away and getting some shopping done will not be happening, somehow. :) Here's to a lazy weekend, at least..

some stuff

Dec. 8th, 2008 09:54 pm
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Apparently, the lure of a Kleenex box is just too much for a busy eighteen-month-old. I have been using tissues all day that have been previously appropriated as flags, balls, or confetti material. It's sobering, really, to think about your status in a world where you think it's perfectly natural to use tissues that other people have played with already.

I am suffering from a cold at the moment, but so far, I seem to be the only one who has it. I was afraid E was going to get it at first, but she had no symptoms today so I am really crossing my fingers and toes that she won't. Pretty sure I'm on the mend now, though--yesterday was the worst day. It was also the day that M had to go to a Lucia rehearsal, so even though theoretically it was nice that I was sick on a weekend when he was home to help... eh, not so much. He was also gone until quite late on Friday night with his work Christmas party, and then we had to be in Lexington (forty minutesish) at eight on Saturday for the Sam's shopping spree. Every year, his employer gives everyone a $500 shopping card at Sam's (Costco-ish, if you don't have Sam's. I think. Never been to a Costco.) with the stipulation that it be spent during the hours of eight and eleven on a particular Saturday morning. If you go over $500, you pay the rest, but if you go under, you lose the rest. We bought a new camera, and also a new monitor for M, plus a few smaller things. It is such fun, this shopping trip. It's more fun than if we just got the money. (I know this for a fact, actually, because they also do get a Christmas bonus, which he got on Friday, and while it was fun and exciting and a great addition to ye olde bank account, the Sam's trip is so much more interesting.)

M put up the Christmas lights tonight and we took the munchkin outside to see them. She was fascinated. She had that look of wonder on her face... you know the one. It's the one that you dream of, when you make the decision to have a child and you think about what Christmas with a baby will be like. It's like all the Good in the whole world is right there in front her face and YOU are the one showing it to her and YOU are the one making it happen and YOU are the best thing in her whole world for it. It was a tiny moment of unexpected awesomeness.

My desk is a huge mess, so I think I'll go try to shovel it out from a pile of papers and junk. Or maybe I'll get started on that and then end up flipping through the sales papers again. I am nearly done with my Christmas shopping. That is good in all ways except shopping is my biggest hobby these days, so it's also a disappointment that I'm running out of reasons to buy things. :) Rough life..
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Oh! Bonus LJ time! I forgot about it being 8 am PST, not EST! Excellent. LJ is an important part of checking my internety stuff in the mornings!

Now I feel pressured to write a real update. E is sitting on M's lap, pestering him while he tries to play some dorky online game that I have never really figured out the point of. He is home sick from work for the second day, but he is feeling much better today and his fever finally broke. Over three full days of fever. When he went to the doctor on Saturday morning, they gave him an antibiotic prescription and told him not to bother filling it because it was viral, most likely. We decided to be antibiotically responsible and follow those instructions, but it seems it was not viral at all and he is now taking his medicine like a good boy. He is not so keen on taking meds so I usually have to pester him. I made him take cough syrup this morning and he looked at me in utter shock and said, "that feels so much better!" I am corrupting him slowly to the ways of self-medication. I am feeling much better myself, except for a lingering cough/sore throat.

Oh, that explains it. He is feeding her potato chip fragments. He is so soft, not like Mama, who makes her eat stuff like applesauce and pasta.

In other news, today is our anniversary! We have been married eight years today. I made M promise last night that if we ever get divorced, we will get back together and remarry. He just sort of sputtered a minute and then agreed that sure, fine, whatever. Sometimes he just agrees with me because it's easier than arguing. We got married on what would have been my grandparent's 50th anniversary, so that makes it just a touch more special. I sure wish I could call and wish them a happy anniversary today.

I asked M what else I should post about, seeing as how I covered the sickness and the anniversary already, and he sounded insulted that I had not posted about the baby. I guess I did mention her anyway, but here's an Evelyn story to appease her daddy. The other night, we were watching MASH when she suddenly cried out in alarm. We looked over to find that she had gotten herself into quite the predicament. We have an end table beside our couch that has two layers to it. The second shelf is maybe eight inches below the first one and a foot and a half off the ground. Somehow, she had managed to stick BOTH of her feet into the second shelf and scoot her bottom down so that she was actually laying on that shelf, with her head popping up over the top. She was completely stuck because if she let go to try to get herself out, she would fall. I wanted a picture so bad that I could hardly stand myself but it was a bit of an urgent situation for her so it was out of the question. It was so funny. We still can't figure out exactly how she did it.

Anyway, I guess it's time to post this before LJ ceases to exist for a while. The kids are playing in the living room now and I'd better go supervise them so they don't get into too much trouble. ;)
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I have not been good at the posty lately. This is because I am just in a natural dry spell on things to talk about, but also because tonight is the first night since Evelyn got sick a week ago that she has not fought me tooth and nail (literally) over bedtime. She has been up until midnight nearly every night. It hasn't been terribly unpleasant times (except when we are in the middle of it and she is expressing her fond desire to not go to bed) but it has seriously cut into the computer time that I have at my desk. I have my laptop with me on the couch, which is great because I have plenty of time for reading random things on the internet. I don't have the hands free to type, though, except by using an on-screen keyboard. I try to limit that, as you might imagine. (However, keep it in mind, you nursing moms. It's better than the alternative of not being able to type at all!)

I am still semi-sickish, but it seems like so far, my immune system is working hard on not giving in. I worked my tushie off today because my house was a disaster, so I am clearly not at death's door. Now let's just hope that it stays that way. My sweet husband made me a cup of green tea with honey to soothe the throat this evening, and I have been slowly cleaning my desk off and playing with coupons and rebates. It's kind of silly, I know, but all the paperwork from that is so stress-relieving for me right now. How long has it been since you cut a bunch of things out? It's nice. I would like to go back to kindergarten, please. I can't wait until Evie is big enough to play with scissors and glue and construction paper. She thinks she's big enough for crayons right now. Why is it that the child who won't eat much actual food will willingly pop crayons into her mouth? (and beetles, I guess. Also, Cheerios off the floor.)

Proof that M is worse off than me, or you: he, in all seriousness, proclaimed an instance of poo "cute" this weekend. No, baby. Just... no. (I will also note that it was not a diaper that he was involved in changing, so easy for him to say in any case. HMPH.)

Evelyn has a doctor's appointment this week to celebrate her fifteenth month (or something like that). She has had a spotty vaccination record. I wouldn't let them start in the hospital with anything. She had some shots at two months and four months (I think) and at six months, she was sick so we declined. Right around then, we got a little freaked out and decided to hold off on giving her any more until we had really figured out what we wanted to do about it. They're not impressed at the pediatrician's office but they're not particularly irate about it. I haven't spent a whole heaping lot of time researching the issue, because when I try, I get really pissed off at some of the people in the non-vaccinating camp who post viciously on certain message boards. (Believe me, if you are reading this, I am NOT talking about you!) I know this is a childish reaction but the judgmental tones and accusatory language and fearmongering they spread around... well, it makes me want to vaccinate everyone I see (twice! just in case!) just so I'm not like they are. ;) I guess no one ever told them about catching more flies with honey because they scare me and not in the way they're trying to. Seriously, though, I have always been a little uncomfortable with my child being relatively safe from disease due to society at large following the mandated vaccination schedules. I don't know what I believe on the links to autism and all of that other stuff. I do know that if she died from something I could have prevented, I would never forgive myself, whereas autism (if there is a link) wouldn't kill her. So much easier to say at this point, when I have a perfectly healthy, normal kid (so far) than it was when she was littler. So I guess we're hopping back on the mainstream bandwagon. I know everyone was sitting on the edge of their seats, hoping I would put forth an opinion on this tired subject so I'm glad to put the question in your minds to rest here.

I just finished reading the first four books in a fantasy series recommended by [ profile] big_bubba (George RR Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire). My life seems strangely incomplete now that I am not lugging around a 1100 page book everywhere I go, reading about really ugly people that die a lot. I hadn't noticed this until M pointed it out (he's on book two) but the characters are mostly all hideously unattractive in their descriptions. I will spare you all any further analysis because a) I'm lazy and b) it's boring for most and c) it would be spoilery for the boyo. And now I am back to waiting, again, for yet another novel. Maybe this is why I usually stick with romance...
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Still no voice. One would think that having lost the ability to communicate in my real life, I would be brimming with things to say here, but alas, no. M woke up this morning to find that his voice is leaving, too. He can still talk... a little... but he's hoarse and his voice is now deep and also really sexy. I mean. If I noticed things like that, which of course I don't. Evelyn still seems fine (thank goodness) and both M and I are feeling quite a lot better--if not well, then at least not too sick. I will say that it makes talking on the phone rather difficult.

I sold some of Evelyn's newborn diapers yesterday. I originally wanted to hang on to them in case we have another baby, but then practicality won out. First of all, it's a little risky to indefinitely save diapers because the elastic can rot. Second of all, money is nice. Thirdly, though, and most importantly... I'll sew my own newborn diapers next time around anyway, and if I don't want to do that... then I can order more. Still, she was so cute in her little baby diapers that it hurts a little to see them go. :) Also! Benefit of cloth diapers that should not be overlooked: how much do you think I could get out of used disposable diapers in resale? ;)

I have not forgotten the "I Can't Live Like This Anymore" tub of shame! Well, I haven't forgotten about it in that I know that it's still sitting there forlornly in my dining room! Just kidding. Sort of. I have removed a receipt and cleaned up three dolls (everyone makes fun of me but I really do feel the need to clean everything before she plays with it. This sometimes creates a backlog.) At least it's something. The problem, really, is that I am spending all my naptimes, and all of my conducive-to-doing-something-else-baby-play-time sewing or planning or organizing myself to sew. I cut a dozen of her diapers out of usage a couple of weeks ago because they've been too pushing too small for ages, and so I have been doing diaper laundry every day. It is at times like this that I kind of wish I could just go order some stupid diapers like a normal person but I have to make things difficult and sew the damned things myself. Why couldn't I have found a normal hobby?

I had chicken noodle soup at eleven. At one thirty, I was so hungry that I was trembling, so I made a quesadilla. It's now three o'clock and I am starving again. I haven't needed to eat this often since I was pregnant! Maybe ice cream would help this time. Oh, and no. I'm not.
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... because I won't be nagging him for a while! I have no voice! Somehow, I knew that it was going to be gone completely this time I was sick. I predicted it two days ago, when I was barely sick at all. M took Airborne, but I was afraid to, so he is getting better now and I am still getting worse. Yay breastfeeding! I could still talk this morning, but it disappeared this afternoon while we were visiting with my parents. We were supposed to be up all weekend, but we decided to make a day trip of it. It's no fun to spend the night away when you're sick. We re-thought that at nine this evening when we still had an hour and a half drive to go, with a bossy whiny baby (afraid of the dark) and a sick, speechless mommy in the back seat to comfort her inefficiently, but it turned out okay.

My mom made me borrow a Barney movie or three. Does it really start so very soon? ;)
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I am unwell and kind of miserable today. I seem to have come down with my very first bladder infection! It hurts! And also, it is making me achey and sore, with an added dose of back pain. I woke up with the most obvious symptoms on Saturday and have been feeling progressively worse since then. I called the obgyn office this morning and they gave me an afternoon appointment, which I was so thankful for that I didn't even argue that it was with the nurse practitioner who thought I was a hypochondriac. (And I didn't even point out to her that they made me stop working because of that non-existent hypertension, which also led to a semi-induction, after her diagnosis. I am nice.) I was fairly sure they'd make me go to my regular doctor, which I didn't want to do because there was no way I was taking Evelyn into that office full of germs, so I didn't want to press my luck by asking for someone else. The women's clinic didn't bother me because it's not full of sick people. M came home early and went with me--he was going to just stay home with the baby while I went, but we decided it would be nicer if he came. She was nice today, and I am now taking antibiotics and am oh-so-thankful to be on them. This sucks. But either it is my imagination or I am already feeling a little bit better.

I also have some buyer's remorse, because I bought a really expensive nursing bra at the hippy store on Saturday. It cost at least two and a half times more than I've ever spent on a bra in my life. Now that I'm home and wearing it, I think the band is too tight. I guess I'll buy an extender or something, but I hate it that I paid so much for something that doesn't fit. At least I supported the hippy store, though, and can stop feeling like I need to go buy something there. And I know my real bra size (plus a little bit in the band size, apparently) from getting fitted, and it is scary.

M went in to watch some television, and I went with him to sit and feel sickly on the couch, and Evelyn went to get fed. Half an hour later, I was sprawled out asleep with a sleeping baby on me and M was napping on his end of the couch. I wish someone would have been awake here to take a family picture. I bet it would have been a cute one...
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Two days ago, M decided he was going to see how much a new custom computer would cost these days "just for fun". So he entered all of his wishes and received an exorbitant quote on a brand new computer. Suddenly this evening, his computer "won't work". I wouldn't be quite so skeptical if this didn't happen every time he started talking about future replacements. Unfortunately for him, it was not his motherboard, which would have warranted a significant upgrade. His oldest, smallest hard drive (120GB.. yeah, okay, did you miss the part about us being geeks?) died a spectacular death. Too bad that was the partition with Windows on it... ;) (Actually, that's probably good but it's harder to do much with at the moment.) So anyway, we ordered a new drive (500GB) and it should be here in a few days. It does not escape my notice that he will now have significantly more storage space than he did before. It always works out well for him when he has these catastrophes... although, in this case, it will hopefully work out well for me too--his dead drive occasionally made this sound like a dying elephant. It drove me batty.

The coughing phase of my illness has now arrived, which I am dreadfully unhappy about. It hurts across my belly when I cough, and I am terrified of aggravating my rib (which feels a bit more sore than it did, maybe.) I am pretty much ready to be done with the whole thing. Right now, M is outside pulling down dead vines off the side of the house. The house sits on a slope and you can walk out of the basement in the back, so one of the sides and the back of the house is at second-story height. He was out by the window in front to begin with, but apparently he moved without me knowing. I fell into a terrible coughing fit a few minutes ago, and when it subsided, I heard my husband's disembodied voice floating outside my second-floor window, asking if I was okay. It was very weird. And also, pulling down dead vines has been on the to-do list for over a year. Yay Boyo! It made the house look really crappy on that side as you drove up the road. Apparently, our perfect-lawn neighbors agreed because the man yelled over the fence at M that he had a longer ladder if he needed it. I jest! The perfect-lawn neighbor is a nice guy.. which is good because they would hate us otherwise, as we do not quite meet their standards of lawn care by a flaming mile.

(Also, see how much more productive he is when he doesn't have a computer? I shall have to hide the laptop before he remembers that he could actually use that one.)

We also went on a little outing after dinner to Baskin Robbins and had a little overpriced ice cream. The last time we were there (I think) was September 13, and I was 3w4d pregnant. The test had just shown a second line, M had burnt his popcorn and we were freaking out and rather having a hard time going back to reading blogs and watching Mythbusters, which is what we had been doing before that. It's a pretty nice little memory.

My feet, I do not recognize them. I should go drain them for a while before bed. By the way, I can't wear either of my rings now. I look like a dork. But I did get a dispensation on the footwear requirement at work, and it is "extremely permissible" that I wear tennis shoes for the next couple of months. Yay!
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I was halfway through a boring post when I got fed up, sleepy and grumpy and went to bed last night. It wasn't a literary work of genius anyway, so I guess that's okay. I just hate seeing blank numbers in the calendar.

After our busy, busy day on Friday, we have had a pretty low-key weekend. We have gotten some things done, but nothing too intense. I am still sick. This sickness thing seems to be of a specific type--it comes on suddenly, you feel pretty crappy, and then you sort of get better (brain not too cloudy and muscles not too achey) and sort of linger in that coughing/congested/runny nose period. As far as I can tell, you stay there for the rest of your life. I guess it's just harder to accept than usual since I can't medicate myself like I normally would. Theoretically, I can take Sudafed but it scares me, and Benadryl knocks me out for eighteen hours. The good news is that so far, my rib is doing okay. If it breaks again at this stage, I think I might as well resign myself to a c-section and I don't wanna.

The nursery is coming along now--it's nearly ready! We are stuck on the dresser drawers. It's really funny and kind of messed up, how we operate. See, we made this vow that the nursery would be ready by the end of this weekend. To that end, M bought the equipment to fix the dresser drawers, all three of which had broken slidey bits. He put the first one on, and it didn't work with our dresser. While trying to decide what to do to make it work, he started talking about smelling cigarette smoke in the drawers. I hadn't smelled smoke when I cleaned them out a couple of weeks ago, so there is some chance that the smell is in the inside, non-drawer parts that got dislodged. However, I can't smell anything right now, so he just put everything aside and has been waiting on me to be able to smell again so I can decide what to do--continue fixing or buy a new dresser because of the smell. I was unaware of what the plan was there, so I finally asked him this morning, and then pointed out that even if we couldn't use the dresser, we could put the furniture in the right spot, and assemble the remaining pieces of the room, put away some of the laundry (which has all of our laundry baskets tied up and me therefore unable to do much laundry this week) and put away some of the gifts. He just sort of looked at me and then said, "Well, I guess we could." That's M-speak for "Damn, I hate it when you're right. Did you not hear my plan that involved not having to do any work at all right now? Was it not fine?" And I said, "Yeah, I think we should," which is K-speak for "Of course I'm right and did you know that we have LESS THAN SIX WEEKS LEFT TO GO? So let's get moving on this stupid room!" So, we did, and it is beginning to look very, very cute. We have the closet cleaned out fully and dedicated to Ducky stuff, and I have clothes on hangers and the pink-lined baskets on top of the desk and the changing mat on top of the dresser, and stuff put away in the desk.

It was very nice to have a three-day weekend with M. I have lots of three-day weekends but usually I spend the last day by myself... which is okay (better than the alternative) but I'm glad M gets a chance to relax with me today. We didn't get as much done as we'd like, or have as much fun as would warrant not getting enough done, but we did get to rest. As he pointed out, there aren't that many more weekends of completely free time left for us, so we might as well enjoy them while we can. I just wish I hadn't been sick. M, though, got so jealous of my cold that he's trying to steal it from me. How rude!
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I am home from work, of course, because doesn't that just figure? I'll try to go in for at least half a day tomorrow unless I'm dying, because I have something I need to do. I have a bit of a rule set for today, though, and that is that if I am sleepy, I must go to bed. I slept nine hours (ha! if you could call it sleeping for nine hours when you're awake half the time to go to the bathroom or because your hip hurts or because you're hot or uncomfortable. Carrie warned me that the sleep thing was awful, and I love her dearly and all but geez, couldn't she have been right about something ELSE?) and then I slept for over an hour this morning. I am hoping that all the sleep will hasten getting well.

But, since I'm home, I'm planning on making the best of it with those little things on my to-do list that require nothing much more strenuous than sitting at my desk. Updating the budget, working on a website that really has to be done by Saturday-I've only had a whole year *blush*--and paperwork and lists. Of course, by now I have fiddled away most of the day, which is also okay. I had good intentions, after all. :) Right now I also have my first load of baby laundry in, and I have to admit that I giggled the entire time I was moving ridiculously small items from the washer to the dryer. Have I ever mentioned that I love doing laundry? I mean, I don't love it in the way that I want to do it above all else, but it's by far my favorite household chore. I think that might be why the concept of cloth diapers doesn't terrify me. There's just something satisfying about the whole process.

I am also a very bad girl because I had a caffeine overdose at lunch. I gave it up last week again because of the swelling. Didn't seem to do anything and I was Weak. Very weak. You know what the worst part of the swollen feet is? I can feel it jiggle on top of my foot when I walk. It's creepy. I may not be that slender of a person but I've always had relatively nice looking feet, as far as feet go (as long as I keep my toenails painted. Speaking of which, [ profile] totte, love, I have a job for you... Remind me!)

Remember I talked about nesting? My desk sits under a window, and just on the window sill, there is a robin's nest with three perfect eggs in it. We have the blinds closed so I can barely see her at this angle--we would have opened them for our watching pleasure but we were afraid of scaring her off. She's sitting on her birdlings right now, looking a bit bored. I am enjoying the notion of nesting three feet away from a literal nest. It's spring! There are babies here!

For no particular reason, I will leave you with a recipe. I've amended the original recipe I have, which is supposedly the Hard Rock baked potato soup, and two of M's coworkers asked for the recipe because it smells so darned good when he takes it to work. I had it for lunch--it freezes extraordinarily well, which surprises me because it shouldn't (too much dairy). This is probably the best baked potato soup that I've ever had, and it's less work than the old recipe I had. Having said that, I hope I remembered everything I changed about it. I usually cook it through to the end and then we stand around tasting it and throwing in more spices and cheese (the original recipe called for one cup. Hardly.) until it tastes right. You should try it.

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Sick. My head started feeling funny yesterday following a headache. I was hoping it was a migraine sort of funny, but it was not to be--the throat started hurting today and now I've got a runny nose and other assorted aches and pains. I am posting now because I fully intend to be in bed in one hour and fifteen minutes. It pains me because I hate losing my at-home time, but it's necessary. I have been making jokes about my pregnancy narcolepsy but it's not really all that funny anymore because I am trying desperately to stay awake at certain times of the day and failing.

[ profile] ellen, you will be glad to know that we have now talked to daycares and verified that we can come in on Friday. M made some calls during his lunch break, and we were very pleased to hear that the daycare associated with the church across from our house does accept babies! Their old website (now down) said that they didn't, so we called expecting to hear them say no. The actual daycare is about an eighth of a mile from our house! That would be about seven minutes from my job (though we also have a plan to see one even closer.) M had a very positive phone call with the place, too, so here's hoping that it's as nice as it sounds. I would really hate to show up at a daycare sick, though, for obvious reasons. I'm hoping for a quickie illness if I have to have one. At the moment it seems to be moving pretty fast, so maybe I'll be well enough by Friday for it not to be an issue. We're going to see at least those two places and hopefully three--the director wasn't available at the third place. Most of the rest of them are inconveniently located so I hope that one of these three will be what we're looking for. If not, I guess we'll try to expand our search into geographically less desirable locations. I don't want to think about that, though.

Insert conclusion here.
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I am sick of myself, too, don't worry, but... I am now breaking out in round little patches just below my elbows, both arms, about half an inch in diameter. Nowhere else, and they don't seem to be spreading after an hour of watching them. WTF?

Naturally, I picked up the phone to call my mom. "I'd better call Mom and let her know what she's supposed to be worrying about now."

"Yeah, because it'd be just awful if someone was sitting around assuming everything was just fine," M said snarkily, and then he bit my ear off for kicks.

Okay, he didn't do that but I needed to convey somehow just how MEAN he is, being the acclaimed King of Sarcasm. Except he isn't really mean. Did I tell you that he leaped out of bed last night while I was trying to lay down without sobbing, fetched me a heating pad and then zoomed off to WalMart at ten o'clock to buy cough syrup? AND he bought batteries for my calculator while he was at it since I had mentioned they were low. He is nice, really. I like him.
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I feel like I have been vaccinated with a Victrola needle, as my dad would say. I have not shut up today. Many interesting things! Many of which I can't write about here or you won't think are interesting! Well, M found them interesting, anyway, or maybe he just lied. i don't know. In any case, I'll just write about the medical drama for now and leave everything else for later.

When last we left the saga of the sick, I had developed a cold. I came home from work yesterday because I felt like crap and my coughing had left me with a sharp, stabbing pain in my ribs in my left side. I called the obgyn's office. The nurse called me back and told me not to worry about the rib, and told me what medications to take. I took a nap and she called back, woke me up and told me that she had talked about it with a doctor, and he wanted me to "follow up" with my general practitioner. So I called them, and made an appointment for today.

Meanwhile, I am feeling much better, and although last night was miserable, given that I can't lay on my left side due to the searing pain there, and the right side causes it to stretch the left side, and I can't lay on my back or stomach, I did get some sleep (right side, laying very still, and also periodically on my back to stretch.) I went in anyway, since they wanted me to. Verdict: lungs seem relatively clear. Rib could possibly be fractured, but he ain't orderin' no x-ray since I'm pregnant, so who knows? We did agree that since said rib feels better today, it's unlikely that it actually is fractured. He used a big word here about the rib, but basically, it's inflamed. He gave me a prescription for another antibiotic, and told me to start taking it tomorrow if I'm not feeling better, that the last antibiotic would not have done anything for a particular type of infection that he named but I can't remember. And then he took my blood pressure again, because the reading the nurse got was abnormally high. Unfortunately, it was still high (same) when he took it at 155/88.... so he wanted me to follow up with my obgyn.

So I call the nurse and got to talk to her right away this time. She laughed with me when I told her that he wanted me to follow up with them because it sounds so silly, them bouncing me back and forth between them. Anyway, I told her about the blood pressure, and she put me on hold to go ask the doctor about it. I knew right then that it wasn't a good sign--they never want to put you on hold, they want to call you back. She came back with instructions from the doctor that if I had blurry vision, swelling in the extremities or a (unusual) headache that I should go straight to the ER, and otherwise, I should come in tomorrow for an appointment. I did have a lady check it again after I went back to work, and it was 146/90. Top down, but bottom up, and neither of them good. Terr-freaking-ific. Hopefully it will be down tomorrow. Please let it be down tomorrow. I had completely forgotten to worry about blood pressure lately.

So, there's my medical drama for the day. Right now I am so sleepy that I feel like I could sleep for a week, but if I go to bed before eight o'clock, I'll probably be wide awake in a few hours and unable to sleep. So, off I go to kill an hour or two before bed. Or wash my face and curl up on the couch and accidentally fall asleep. One of the two...
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Because I am in need of something else to take up my time--I don't foresee myself having much going on this year as far as keeping busy goes--I have decided to take up a new hobby. Sewing, in fact. This is completely the fault of the diapers. I don't have time to get into all of that because M is nagging me about bedtime, but I have been busy this weekend creating knock-offs of the taggie toys. ( - no direct link because I'd rather them not see this referring post in their logs, but what can you expect when you're selling the simplest toys ever for $20 each?) You can find the pattern that I used here.

pink tag toy with matching ball   pink tag toy   blue tag toy

The pink toy and ball are for Miss Ducky. The blue one (sans ball, because I ran out of time) is for my cousin's newborn baby. I have seen this online in a few places recently, and so when I found the pattern I thought.. that looks like fun! I can see a baby fascinated by the tags. They like weird things. I also sewed a little bib that matches the pink toys, but let's just say that I am not going to quit my day job over that one. It's cute but it has a few issues, and also--it's tiny. I can't imagine what the point of it would be. I don't know why I didn't get a picture of it during all of the day's photo sessions.

Sewing has not been the only thing we've done! We also Bought Something... something which has been on my mind since I was fourteen weeks pregnant.

blue tag toy

I cannot believe that we have a car seat in our house. Like, for a baby. I've been told that the car seat is the big thing that we have to have because they won't let you take your baby home without one. We are at least semi-prepared now! We have a car seat and four and a half bibs! (We also caved on a duck-related spontaneous bib purchase while buying the car seat. I would call us suckers but since I'm almost in the third trimester and this is the first purchase that we've really made, then I guess we're not doing too badly.)

In other news, I seem to be coming down with a cold now. The problem with me and getting sick is that when it rains, it freaking pours. Sinus infection - cold - cold, all within two weeks. I think the first cold was just the end of the sinus infection. M, however, was diagnosed with a cold when he was at the doctor for his finger on Thursday, so I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop since then. I am still on antibiotics from the first thing! I shouldn't get sick again while taking pills for being sick! I know that antibiotics are not useful against viruses, such as a cold, but it still feels wrong. And it also means that we may not be going to visit family after all tomorrow, because I remember that it's not nice to spread illness to elderly post-heart-bypass family members and small children even if no one else does.. Anyway, I would prefer that I wake up well so this whole conversation is moot. Let's pretend that's going to happen, okay?


Feb. 12th, 2007 09:15 pm
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Excitement! I just transferred the last of my "maternity leave" money into our savings account! When I fell pregnant*, I started thinking about how much money I would need to replace my salary for up to twelve weeks of unpaid time off, and we came up with a nice round amount that is (almost) three months of my salary. It's almost three months of salary because we never did the formal math until just now and I have already gotten excited about meeting our goal so we will not be officially changing it. Having said that, I have an automatic transfer set up to transfer money (umm.. 17.5%, my lovely calculator says) out of each of my paychecks, so it should actually be officially correct by the time Ducky gets here. I might also point out that twelve weeks is not actually three months, and we don't spend my entire paycheck in one pay period, so our original number was just fine, now that I think about it. I'm really happy about accomplishing that goal now, as opposed to doing it at the last minute, because my plan all along has been to pretty much ignore it until the time comes to use it, and pretend that we can only buy stuff if we have the money in our checking account. That's one big reason I haven't wanted to start buying things for the baby--it just makes it difficult to gauge how much we can spend and still follow my artificial rules on how much money we have.

You know what I love? I love reading about budgets and money and frugality. I have learned a lot of stuff since I started lurking in personal finance blog land, though I don't read them regularly, for the most part. I adore random people blog posts about how they're saving money on this or that, or where they draw the line on being frugal. There was one thread on a forum that I have read infrequently about how often people shower as a result of their frugal lifestyle, and I have to say that showering? That is where I draw a pretty permanent line. I do not consider bathing to be an optional item in my budget. How much could the extra water actually cost? It can be a difficult subject to write about--I hardly ever talk about money issues even though I like to because it's hard to be vague enough for privacy's sake and specific enough to warrant conversation. But I love it when people do!

I also looked over my budget spreadsheet tonight, where I have logged all of our money going out for eight months now. It's now actually useful information, and I can do things like come up with an estimate of just how much we spend on utilities per year (too much) or what categories we consistently spend more than budgeted. Food, if you're curious. We have been over budget every single month that we've tracked in both the Groceries and the Dining Out categories. I haven't really been using the budgeted feature that much, especially in the beginning when I was just trying to get numbers in so we could work on them. This month, we are already over our dining out budget, but I have decided that it's time to stop accumulating numbers and start acting on them. Our grocery budget is more than reasonable for two people, yet we've never hit it. (We were pretty close the first few months, which is how the number got set.) So, we have two and a half weeks left in the month and two thirds of the budgeted amount left. I think we're actually in pretty good shape as long as we stay with it. Coincidentally, I'd also like to eat a bunch of the stuff we have lingering in the pantry, so I'm now planning on making a lot of very strange little meals out of what we have on hand, and accomplishing two goals at once. That can be pretty fun if you have the right mindset. It would probably help if I started making meal plans, too. ;)

Anyway, I'll stop blathering on about budgets. I am feeling better today, I think. In utter desperation, I sent M out for Benadryl last night. I am absurdly sensitive to the stuff, so I will only take it as a last resort. I had perhaps the worst runny nose and sneezing I can remember yesterday, though, and I was beginning to wonder about the logistics of sleeping without drowning. I slept like a dead log, and it was actually pretty fabulous, since I haven't been sleeping terribly well anyway. On the downside, I was feeling actively drugged and half-asleep until about noon today, and dazed and dehydrated beyond belief the rest of the day. Still, I felt better than yesterday so here's hoping that I'm on the mend. Poor M developed a quick-onslaught illness yesterday afternoon that has left him feeling pretty miserable already today. I guess it was too much to hope for that he would pass up my germs this time around.

*I have always wanted to say that. Sounds so posh and British.
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Responsible Girl (that's me) called this morning to get herself a doctor appointment, which was at 9:15. I would normally not have gone to the doctor with these symptoms, I would have waited until I was half dead and then went in, but the pregnant part of me thought it'd be a good idea to get checked out. I have a sinus infection. YAY! Okay, no yay, but it DID make me glad that I went ahead and made an appointment this morning. I don't know if I have ever been so sick in my entire life as on the memorable occasions that I had sinus infections in the past, and if I can avoid getting that bad off, I'm thankful. She gave me an antibiotic, which I pestered both her and the pharmacist about to make sure it was safe for pregnancy, and then I came home and asked Dr. Google just to make sure. (Part of what I was asking Dr. Google was whether or not it was related to the one that I'm dreadfully allergic to, because.. even though I did ask the doctor to make sure, there is no way I want to take a chance on a rash like that again.)

So, now I have a day at home in the middle of the week and that is nice, except I feel a little guilty about it (especially since who knows how I'll be feeling tomorrow?) It wouldn't bother me as much except that I have next Thursday off, too. Hopefully I can get some paperwork and some napping done, though, and perhaps even some trashy television. All in all, I'd rather be at work than sick, but at least I like it here at home and that helps make up for it a little.

The most disturbing symptom of my illness is that I have absolutely no appetite. After several months of extreme hunger, it is disconcerting to realize that it's after twelve and I have little desire for lunch. I always like lunch...
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No, it doesn't appear that I got out of The Sick this time. I have a terrible cough, a (slight) fever, sore throat and general muscle aches. Yay! I dutifully went to work but felt dull and sketchy all day until late afternoon, when I was feeling a bit better. That didn't last, of course, and now I feel crummy. M listened to me cough my lungs out in the living room while he painted in the bedroom for a while before coming out to inform me that if I wasn't feeling quite a lot better in the morning that I am staying home from work tomorrow. I have been trying hard not to use superfluous days off, but he is of the opinion that sick pregnant women should be able to rest, since that's what sick leave is for and all. We'll see how I feel in the morning, but I seem to be still in a state of decline so I don't know if I feel too hopeful. I have actually not been sick in almost two years, so I guess it's due. (As incredible as that is, given how very much I was sick that year.) And hey, I'd rather be sick now than in May if I were to get to choose!

Other than that, nothing is new. M was foiled at most every turn with his renovation project tonight, but he did put up the cabinet over the toilet and it looks so nice! It seems to match our floors beautifully, and it looks very nice against the off-white paint we chose. I hope the floor-matching turns out to be a good thing.. we had thought there would be more contrast. We bought the wrong size quarter-round trim, though, so he couldn't fix the missing spots and then paint the trim as he had planned. We bought the wrong size of trim, of course, because every other room in this house uses a different size (the one we bought) than the little bathroom does. The people who put the stuff in the bathroom, though, couldn't reach far enough to put up trim everywhere it needed to be, so they just.. left it. Didn't even paint the baseboards where they couldn't reach. Granted, that area was in a narrow space beside the bathroom counter, but still. It's not like it was invisible, just not extremely noticeable. We also may experience more trouble than we expected when hooking up the sink, since the instructions apparently say something like: 1. Unpack cabinet. 2. Install plumbing. Helpful. But he hasn't really looked at it yet to know if that will be a problem, and if it is, my dad may be coming down on Saturday and he'll have some input on how to do it even if he has to make it up. No, I'm kidding. My dad is kind of bossy, but he is extremely handy so he probably will know what "Install" refers to. We can't move the thing in until Friday anyway because of the drying floors.

Ducky Content: The baby seemed to have moved about a week ago so that she was no longer kicking my cervix and pummeling at my belly. I didn't have a camera aimed at her to be able to tell for sure, of course, but it seemed like she twisted into a new position so that most of her movements just felt tumbly and shifty, not like kicking or punching--I could still feel her, just not as hard and not quite as often. The cervix thing was never my favorite, but the other felt very sweet. This afternoon, she apparently moved back, announced it with a few swift cervix jabs and has been poking me all afternoon to make up for lost time. Hi, little girl! I missed you!

Ooh! We just hooked up my computer to the new cable internet connection. It works! It's fast! It's (so far) three times as fast as our crappy DSL! It's three-quarters of the advertised speed! (Which is really not too bad considering what percentage of speed-to-advertised we had before.) It's not technically supposed to work until next Thursday. I wonder about how they're going to charge for this.. based on sign-up date (considering that they make you wait a week and a half for installation) or on installation (considering that it actually already works). Either way, it is delightful to have something fast. I think I shall go download something large to celebrate.

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