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I was a little optimistic yesterday, since neither E nor I were quite out of the woods like I had hoped. I'm feeling better so far today (though still queasy, so we'll see) but E is still throwing up with wild abandon. Poor little baby. She has refused all foods, but is nursing constantly and drinking water, and she keeps it down usually for a while so.. I don't know. She doesn't seem to be dehydrated, but I'll call the doctor if she's still at it in the morning.

Speaking of nursing... I have an Official New Years Resolution, and that is to wean Evelyn this year. I am giving myself a whole year so I should have plenty of time, right? She'll be two in May and while I don't mind the extended breastfeeding thing in theory, in practicality, it's getting close to time. I am kind of ready to have my body back. I want to be able to take cold medicines again! And be able to leave her with someone for more than a few hours! I am still conflicted, though, because honestly, I do enjoy it. It's a nice bonding time. And besides, I really don't even have anyone nearby that I could leave her with, so that reason is crap anyway. My plan (once we're well) is to cut back on the daytime feedings until we're at morning, nap and bedtime, and then.. I don't know. Morning might be the easiest one after that. There will be some sleep work going on when we get to the later stages of this, since currently, she nurses to sleep. I guess we'll just have to cross that bridge when we get to it.

I had been thinking of the usual semi-resolution that we should eat better this year. I had been doing pretty badly during the holiday season and I'm pretty sure I'd gained a few pounds. I stepped on the scale this morning to see that.. if nothing else, this stupid stomach flu has gotten me off to a rousing good start on a new year's diet! Small favors. Seriously, though, we've gotten lazy lately and I intend to get us back on track. That doesn't even really merit an actual resolution, though. It's the same thing every year.

Anyway, I have a mountain of laundry to fold so I should get cracking on it while I still feel up to it.
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January 3 already?

Since I was sick, I did the responsible thing and went to bed instead of staying up to watch the ball drop. M pretend that he was going to bed, too, but he conveniently couldn't sleep and had to get up and ring in the new year all alone. Isn't that sad? M even got up with the munchkin the next day and let me sleep for another couple of hours--very much appreciated. I never get to sleep in. My parents had said that if we wanted to spend the night with them that night, they would bring me home the next day (yesterday) and we could do a little shopping. Being sick, I didn't really know if that was a good idea but it sounded fun so we ended up doing just that. It worked out fine, except my energy gave out yesterday afternoon and I was coughing like mad and had to cut the day short.

And then... it turns out that I have a stomach virus instead! I went to bed early last night, but was awaked at midnight with teh serious queasy! Just when I had finished with round one, and was thinking of heading back to bed, we heard an alarming cry from my sweet baby's room, too. When M went in to get her, he was greeted by significant pukage. (And E, girly girl that she is, was highly distressed, looking around going "Ewww! Ewww! Ewww!" She has very little experience with puking.) I will spare you the play-by-play, both because it is gross and uninteresting but also because I am more than ready to be done with the whole experience, but my wonderful, wonderful husband ended up staying up with her until after five so I could go back to bed, and then he got up with her for just a few minutes again at 6:30. I also got up several times, and had a terrible time going back to sleep in the later part of the night, so I am pretty sure that last night lasted several years of real time.

Evelyn hasn't thrown up since 6:30 and is currently napping, on schedule, and I have been keeping the contents of my stomach where they belong since probably 1:30, so I am hoping hoping hoping that we aremoving into the clear. M... is tired and a little unsteady, and unusually sensitive to certain lingering smells, so... we're keeping our fingers crossed that he doesn't ge tit but really, I'm afraid it's only a dream (Arwen), only a dream.

But I think that our plans of getting the Christmas stuff put away and getting some shopping done will not be happening, somehow. :) Here's to a lazy weekend, at least..

sick baby

Sep. 24th, 2008 02:08 pm
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My poor baby is sick again. We were visiting with lots of people and kids this weekend, and my mom took her to the nursery at church, so I guess it's not too surprising. She had a hard time falling asleep Monday night, and was cranky, with odd naps, yesterday, but it wasn't until evening that she suddenly started feeling really obviously bad, and then she felt horrible all of a sudden. It's so weird with kids because it comes out of the blue. I guess with an adult, you get warning. A throat tickle, some sneezing, congested feeling.. by the time M is officially sick, I've been aware of the possibility on the horizon for a couple of days at least. It gives you time to prepare.

So, it was midnight before I finally got her to stay asleep, and twenty minutes later, just as I was falling asleep, she woke up. M got up with her (bless his heart) and then I was up with her twenty minutes after he put her down and all told, it was two before I really was able to do any serious sleeping. She slept through til morning, which surprised the heck out of both of us, but even then, she cried out quite a bit and tossed and turned and sniffled. M, who is such a sweet daddy, ran in before I put her down last night to reattach the sensor pad under the mattress, and prop one side up so she could breathe a little easier. A few weeks ago, we finally removed the sensor that monitors movement in her crib, seeing as how she is well over a year old and chances are much reduced that she will stop breathing at night. He was worried about her since she was coughing. :) I love him. He asked me if I "would mind" that he did that. hehehe. And you guys thought I was the only one who ever worried in this household.

Anyway, she is napping now and I have just spent a good part of another naptime (yesterday too) in the laundry room, trying to get rid of my pile of "projects" that have been stacking up out there. Handwashing, yard sale item cleanup, etc. I think one more nap and I'll be done, woohoo! I love my laundry room, I really do. I almost don't even mind how much time I spend out there. ;) Almost. I think I will go sew some elastic into some stuff now, though, if she will stay asleep a little bit longer. I have been majorly stressed out lately about all the THINGS that I don't have time to do, so I am making more of an effort (again) to actually do some of these things because apparently, gnomes will NOT come in the middle of the night to do these things so that leaves me to do them. I guess that's okay because I think it would be majorly creepy if there really were gnomes running around my house all night long. Well. It would be creepy unless they also do dishes because in that case, I'm all for it.
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Yesterday, I was musing about how I just couldn't imagine doing the puking baby thing that parents are always talking about. Nighttime wakings, throwing up. I don't mind poo and I can deal with wiping snot but throwing up is just not for me. And.. do you really need to ask where this is going.. last night, I got a heaping dose of baby puke. Twice. All over me. And my glasses. And saints preserve us, but I think my mouth may have been open a little but let's not even go there.

Dear Husband,

I love you dearly, beyond words, but if I shriek and call for you, saying that Evelyn has puked... the appropriate response is not, "I'll be there in a minute, just let me go pee." Because you do not need to go that badly.

I might let him live that one down in a few years.

Anyway, so Evelyn has been sick this week. It came on Tuesday night, and she has been pretty miserable. I was fairly sure that I was going to be up holding her all night long one night, but thankfully, she finally fell asleep and stayed in bed, so I can't complain much. M and I are both exhausted, which is lovely because we also both have sore throats as of this evening. We are living with a miniature germ factory. :) This is just the third time she's been sick, though. Not too bad for being fifteen months old, I think. The first two times were at three and six months (I think) and one big difference this time is that she can talk. It sounds so funny to hear her talk through her stuffy nose. Of course, she sounds funny when she talks most of the time anyway. That's what it's like to be one. ;)

Did I mention that I got called for jury duty? I have sent in my form and letter asking to be excused. I used to kind of wish to be summoned because it sounded sort of fun, but at this point, it would be extremely inconvenient due to my nursing toddler and the lack of childcare. Surprisingly, Kentucky actually does have a specific exclusion for nursing (or pumping) moms, so I am not expecting a whole lot of hassle in getting out of it. I hope. I am just hoping I don't get commentary about her age. Sometimes it is shocking to me that most people have weaned their kids for several months by now. She still gets probably ninety percent of her nutrition from me. Of course, that percentage is not taking her beetle intake into consideration...

M just informed me that my left eye is completely red. I just checked (because I didn't believe him, I guess) and it looks like I have been awake for six days and dead for two of them. Approximately. I guess that's my cue to go take a nap. I fully expect to be up again before morning.
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Can you believe my baby turns six months old tomorrow? That is unreal. M and I were telling people she was five months old for a couple of weeks before she actually was, but now that she is six months minus one day, we're still hanging desperately onto five months. Six months sounds so.. BIG! Before I quit my job, we had lots of discussions about life and the future and our work goals and all of that, and we said once that we would like for me to be home at least for the first two years. I am a quarter of the way through that now! That particular goal doesn't really mean anything, of course, but it does remind me that life is slipping by faster than I could ever have imagined. You'd think that time would move slowly, now that I am home all day every day with a little one demanding all of my time, but it's almost like I go to bed at night and then wake up a week later. It's incredible.

So the Possum family headed off to their next destination, and I believe their plan is to start traveling home tomorrow morning. They said they were going to leave at 9:30 on Friday morning. At 8:00, I was sitting in my kitchen having cereal with Carrie. Neither of them had even started getting ready to go, and I thought.. yeah, right. Sure. 9:30, no way. But then they started getting their stuff together and themselves ready to go, and suddenly they were leaving almost on time, and that "almost" was my fault because I came up with a last-minute plan to swap pictures before they left. I was impressed with how quickly they gathered all of their stuff and their baby (who is even cuter in real life, by the way) and headed out. It takes me almost that long to get my baby ready to go to WalMart. Okay, not really, but I was heartened to see that it really is easier to take a two-year-old places than a six-month-old. Duh.

Poor Evelyn did not have long to rest, though, as she was struck by a cold that evening, and we have spent the weekend fussing over our sick baby. She kept us up pretty much all night on Friday. She's completely miserable, and M is now coming down with it. She has her six month checkup on Tuesday morning so that's convenient--hopefully she'll be well by then, but if not, they can check her out. She's supposed to get some vaccines, though--will they give those if she's sick? I guess I should call tomorrow and find out. I don't want to go twice. Dr. Google said they probably would.

Anyway, I think it's time to fall into bed and sleep for just as long as my tiny sick baby will allow. Hopefully my two sick babies will be feeling better tomorrow. And also, that those little noises I hear over the monitor are NOT tiny sick baby A waking up already. Argh.
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I just had to create a sick baby tag. :( I hope I don't have to use it much! Poor Miss E is feeling so little and sad and she has no idea what's going on, which just makes it sadder. I feel like a horrible mother. I know that it's not my fault that my kid is sick but I can't help but feel like it's my job to make sure she doesn't get sick, so I failed. M just snorted and said that I was totally right, we might as well have just started taking her to daycare after all, and I can just go ahead and call my job and say I've changed my mind. Which, I've just found out that they have posted my job now and I am no longer qualified for it. This makes me laugh.

Anyway, the ped office said to give her saline drops and come in on Friday if her cough isn't better. Of course I had to call but I was pretty sure they wouldn't want me to bring her in. As for me, the allergist gave me a prescription for a cream that I actually have from last time he prescribed it--I just didn't know if it was safe for me to use it while breastfeeding. He also gave Evelyn a Nasonex bumblebee. He is such an odd duck. He tried to give me samples for things I didn't need and I said no. After I left, I wished that I had taken them because I do have a friend who might have been able to use them. We'll see how it goes.. I am sick to death of the stupid itchies.

My cousin and I made a pact that we would never be with men who played guitar, ever ever. Her fiance, the father of her child? Plays guitar. And what is my husband doing right at this moment? Tuning a freaking guitar. Luckily, he is not intending to pick up playing. He just built it for his sister for her thirtieth birthday--he strung it up last night.. kind of a big deal for him. He needs to add the finish and he'll be done--hopefully he'll have it finished before his parents get here next month so they can take it to her. M is kind of an interesting person. :)

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