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Evelyn woke up at 2:30 last night, crying for Daddy over and over. We always give it a minute before we go pick her up because sometimes she goes back to sleep, but it was soon clear that this was not going to be one of those times. So we go get her. Usually, M goes to pick her up and change her diaper while I use the bathroom and get ready to take her. (I am always up for at least an hour, usually more--a couple of times, it's been four hours, so it's kind of important that I get as comfortable as possible.) Anyway, M was walking with her when I came in and sat down. Evelyn was crying, and still saying Daddy Daddy Daddy, when he reached her to me. She completely freaked out, stiffening up and reaching for M and crying hysterically for her Daddy.

So, M picks her up again, and stands there patting on her back and talking soothingly to her. She's curled up like a little frog, clinging desperately to him. She seemed really scared about something, so M asked her if she had a bad dream. She nodded, so he asked her what she dreamed about.

And Evelyn said, "BUG--NO." and broke out in a fresh round of tears.

Poor little baby, dreaming about nasty bugs! I must say that she was right, though. Daddy is much better in critical bug situations than Mommy is.

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