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Evelyn has just one thing to say to you...

Happy Halloween everyone!
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Pardon the shakiness of the camera because I really had no idea what she was about to do. I was taking a film clip of her playing with her stuffed animals when she decided that kisses were much more fun than dogs and cats and bears.
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I am so excited I can barely stand myself but there is no one here to get excited with! I have sent a link to M but I can't call him. She has made a step or so a couple of times in the last day or two, small enough that I couldn't even be sure that it counted, but this? It totally counts! Especially since it was like the fifth time she did it, and she did something similar (elsewhere) a few minutes before that. Not that I picked her back up and stood her at the bookcase to see if she would do it again or anything. No, no, not me. She is so proud of herself, too. It's adorable. The first steps were one of the things that I was so heartbroken that I might miss seeing when I thought I was going back to work. Then I was afraid she would do it when she was with M or someone else.


That was written this afternoon, just after the walking began. I got sidetracked (calling my mom to brag) and I didn't post this like I had planned and the excitement and home alone aspect was time-sensitive. ;) Not that I am not still excited but I have settled down.

Just before the walking incident, I had another little bit of excitement today when [ profile] carrieb called me so I could save her from a tornado. I am a superhero, saving the lives of two people from a remote location a few hundred miles away! You don't think it's too strong to say that I saved their lives just by checking and suggesting they hang out in the bathroom, do you? Just because a tornado did not, in the end, materialize in her area? No, I didn't think so. Superhero it is. We chatted for a few minutes before the phone died (which might have freaked me out had the storm not mostly blown over by then) and during the conversation, Carrie asked me if Evelyn was walking, and I said no, but she wants to really bad right now. Twenty minutes later, I took that video clip. I thought the timing was funny. I know that she is not walking super-early by any means, but I was expecting that. Ancedotal evidence shows that big babies are slower with moving around and she sure is a big baby. It really doesn't bother me at all except I feel awkward when I tell people that she isn't walking because I don't want to sound like I am defensive or concerned about it, or that I think they are judging her, because I really am not. Anyway, she still has a long way to go but it's a step in the right direction!

We made huge progress on the super-secret project tonight (again, by "we", I mean "M") and we are so close to done now! It is so awesome! I am thinking tomorrow I will be able to post pictures, unless it rains and we can't finish it up like planned. That would be unfortunate. We have been rushing this project because my parents are coming down on Friday for our yard sale on Saturday (did I mention the yard sale? We're having one. There. Mentioned.) and we haven't mentioned it to them, so we really want to get everything done. It would be pretty sad if we finished everything but the last part, which involves a coat of paint.

Evelyn threw a royal two-hour fit over going to bed, and I have this horrible feeling I'll be up in a little while with her, so I guess I should hop off to bed while I still have the chance. I'm falling asleep anyway.


Apr. 8th, 2008 10:53 pm
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I might have gotten lazy and forgotten to post this but Kirsty told me to do it now so here we go:

Ignore me sounding like a dork. Since she is only shaking her head no, then we have to ask only questions to which she will answer no. Like, "are you ready to nap?" Ha! Also, bonus footage of her eating (and dropping) cheese! Shredded mozzarella is one of her favorite foods.

We learned something that we should not have found out about today. On Tuesdays, ice cream is $1/scoop at Baskin Robbins. The weather has been lovely lately, and so we went out for ice cream after dinner. We do that occasionally because it's such a silly little luxury to go to an establishment for the sole purpose of spending too much for ice cream. We went there the night we found out that I was pregnant. :) (After M burnt his popcorn.) It was so nice! And yes, the baby enjoyed a little ice cream, too. :) She left with chocolate on her face. She's turning into such a big kid!
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M likes having a baby because it gives him someone new to instruct about all the important things in life.

(I wish I had started earlier because he had been talking non-stop for at least two or three minutes by then, and for the longest time, she was just staring at him in rapt attention. You should have heard his monthly performance review speech.)

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