Dec. 3rd, 2007

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This past weekend was ridiculously busy. I can't even put it into words but you just know that isn't going to stop me.

Saturday morning, we were up at six to make it to Sam's by eight. Okay, we were up at six thirty to make it there by eight fifteen but we have a baby and things just take longer than they're supposed to sometimes. It was a little harder to spend the money than last year. We had Miss Baby to look after while shopping and so many decisions! But there were no Wiis (of course) and another expensive item that we were planning on buying was more expensive than it should have been (gift, shouldn't say, just in case) so we passed on that, and we ended up walking around desparately trying to figure out what to spend money on. It was, in short, great fun. We bought a pressure washer for M, a new computer chair for me, a toy for Evelyn, and a bunch of random stuff, like a set of new saute pans and cheese and a DVD burner and a spare battery charger. We ended up with only eleven minutes to spare. There were a couple of things that we bought just to spend the money on, but we mostly did really well. And it was so much fun!

After that, we were off to J&A's house to go for lunch. We forgot my phone so I couldn't call them (M didn't have the number) to warn them we were on the way and so I felt a bit bad. We had fun, but then we had to zoom off to my parents for the rest of the weekend. Very nice famly bonding time, nothing much to write about in particular.

Sunday morning, though, there was a bit of drama and for once, we were at the heart of it! Except, it wasn't our fault! We were perfectly innocent! I'm still not really sure why this became such a big deal but anyway. My grandfather lives half an hour from my parents and they go to church in the town he lives in. I didn't really feel like going to church yesterday because it's a giant pain to get us all ready in time and I usually end up taking Evelyn out anyway because she's fussing and I refuse to let her make noise through a sermon. (My parents think I need to not worry about it that much because she's not that loud but it's me we're talking about, and so I do.) Anyway, my mom decided to miss church as well, and so my dad went on alone, and my mom was going to ride up with us once we were all ready. Unfortunately, we were having one of those days when everything takes forever. My aunt showed up for 45 minutes to play with the baby, and we had to finish decorating the Christmas tree--which, that one we probably should have skipped but there was other stuff going on then too so it wouldn't have saved us THAT much time. Then we tried to figure out what we'd have for lunch, so Mom called my cousin to plan, and it was determined that we would need to stop at the store before we came. Then we had to take my niece home, across town in the opposite direction, and she wanted us to see her bedroom, so we went in, and then we were talking to her family, and by the time we came out, it was already one and Mom had two missed calls on her phone. She calls to see what they wanted, only to be jumped all over for scaring everyone. Where were we! Why didn't she answer her phone! Why aren't we there! My dad has freaked out and has started driving home to find us! Mom can hear her dad and her sister in the background, worrying loudly. We had talked to one of them less than an hour previously, told them we were late and why, and furthermore, if we had left right that minute and just dropped off the niece and ran into the store as quick as lightning, we still wouldn't have had time to make it up there yet! Apparently there was a wreck and they started worrying but we still don't really understand what they were all thinking. It worked out okay in the end, but we were very confused for a little while. My family cannot live without drama, apparently. Mom might have left her phone in the car, but M had his with him and they didn't call him at all.

You all think my family is crazy, I'm sure, so I should stop telling stories before you get the wrong idea. Or the right one. Whichever.

If you are the type to send out email forwards, does it offend you to receive a snopes link in return? I had several conversations last year with a third party about a clearly-untrue myth where finally the other person was all "why do you think something you find on the computer is right and someone else's is wrong? and why does it matter to you anyway if something isn't true?" I mean, there is the obvious knee-jerk reaction I have to someone spreading stories that are clearly untrue, but I also have their best interests at heart. I have to assume they believe this outlandish stuff. They're my family/friends! I don't want them worrying about buying Coke products because of terrorists or going to public restrooms alone or flashing their lights at cars or whatever else is new this week. I want to help them! Part of me feels obnoxious but honestly, if their reaction is to stop sending me shit, then I guess I will have to suck it up and live with it, tragedy though it would be...


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