Jan. 24th, 2008

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The baby woke me up at six this morning, probably because she hates me. I am not a six o'clock person at the best of times but I was just completely broken this morning. My knees hurt more than they have ever hurt in my entire life, and with no real reason or explanation--it's been a week since I fell on them and they never really got sore from that, plus the bruises are even faded by now, and that's the only knee trauma I've had recently. I took some advil and sat very still as much as possible while feeding the girl. There were also neck pains and hand cramps and the myriad of lacerations on my hands (my right hand is a dry skin induced cracked and bleeding nightmare) and my continued stomach bug. I told M that I really wanted to take the day off, but sadly, Evelyn (my boss) does not understand the concept of calling in sick. Typically, I don't go back to bed when she gets up early, but I just could not take it this morning, and managed to steal another hour or so of sleep when she FINALLY went back down, and it was heavenly. It made showering with her sitting there in the highchair in the bathroom with me worthwhile. I hate doing that but sometimes you do what you must.

I went on a wild shopping spree with M's Paypal account (it's just easier to have one ebay and one paypal account so we share) this afternoon. I spent, why, close to fifty dollars in three locations. Of course, since he gets the emails, he caught me red-handed when he got home. Then he beat me. Just kidding, he already knew about it, of course. I have never understood people who lie to their spouses about money, or hide what they buy. That is so not us, in any case, but that's not the point of this. In the course of my shopping, I saw this beauty in the PayPal FAQ. I wonder how many times it's been asked so that they feel the need to write up a help document about it? Are there THAT many stupid people in the world?

Q: Do I have to have money in my bank account to add funds to my PayPal account?
A: Yes. In order to successfully add funds to your PayPal account, you must have sufficient funds in your bank account at the time of the request.

Apparently there is. That would be AWESOME, though, if you could just transfer pretend money into real PayPal money! I would start using PayPal more, I'll tell you that much.

Update on the box of melodrama--nothing much got done today, but yesterday I put away a whole lot of stuff, and cleaned both Winnie the Pooh and Elmo, and as they were the giant things taking up most of the box.. it looks almost empty! Still more to do, and need to stop putting more stuff in.

Oh, did I mention that my baby is crawling? Please, baby girl, it's really cute but please stop crawling away. Stay where you are put! She is dragging herself around with her arms at this point, but she's getting pretty fast at it. I had a few good weeks where she would play happily on her blanket, but now she wants to explore and I have ten thousand gray hairs that I did not have last month, and I hear it only gets worse from here. Yay crawling! I never did understand why I was supposed to want her to do this.

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