Mar. 18th, 2008

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I just used Facebook to tell a guy who is not my husband or relative that he is hot. M? He just laughed at me. I think that boy is a little too sure of himself. That, or he's well aware that the guy in question is gay. Eh, that makes the story less fun. I am trolling the internets for hotties!

M and I laughed ourselves silly this evening. E was in her walking, zooming around the kitchen. We don't let her in the kitchen much anymore because all she can do is get into things in every direction. Her high chair was blocking the doorway to the living room--there's a kitchen cabinet on the right side of the door, and it was pushed up against it. There was not enough room for her to pass without moving the high chair. She bumped her way against the door frame but hit the wall and high chair without success. M and I have this dorky little narration thing that we do, where we say what she is clearly thinking--our baby is mean and hateful and short, by the way, judging from what she "says'. Anyway, we are narrating as she bumps it a few times to try to dislodge the high chair from her way, and then she starts walking backwards. We make a joke about her getting a running go to try again--and before we're done talking, she is off like a shot, zooming at the doorway from halfway across the kitchen. She hits the doorway/wall with a bang, shaking the high chair and the walker and bringing it to a shudderng stop. She TOTALLY WAS trying to build up enough force to move the darned thing. It was AWESOME... such a strong part of her personality coming through all of a sudden, if you know what I mean? M called it "almost creepy" and "fantabulous" (he is also somewhat gay, as I have said before) but we laughed harder than we possibly have laughed at anything else she has done. She sort of jumped when we started laughing but then she laughed too. And yes, she did run and hit a few more things before we sent her on into the living room. I'm afraid that she now thinks that might be a good thing since Mommy and Daddy laughed so hard at it.

My niece turned thirteen yesterday, and she shares a birthday with Bisquit! I will copy Carrie here and link to the comments of Marie's last post because she was smart enough to check there--click here--and found an announcement from Marie's sister. I can't believe W is thirteen already, but at the same time, she seems like she's been around longer than that. She's an exceptionally mature kid. I'm sorry. Young adult. :) My parents are supposed to bring her down one day this week (spring break) so we can all celebrate her birthday together. I am planning on making lasagna for her because she loves it. I will not be putting spinach, peas, or any other wacky green things in it. Carrie, I'm looking at you. Beef and cheese and carbs, that's where the good stuff is! I did make an effort to do something kind of healthy, though, and I made turkey burgers last night. It's the first time I have ever used ground turkey. It was pretty good. M, a true meat-lover, actually said it was as good as beef, in a different way. That is high praise from him. I need to learn to use paragraphs effectively. This paragraph started out about my niece, sidetracked into Bisquit, went back to my niece, and then morphed into a discussion of healthy cooking and now I am talking about effective paragraph management.

M is nagging me to post so we can go to bed. Oddly, he is interrupting the nagging, and the writing of the post, to explain to me the technical details of carving archtop mandolins. It is difficult to both listen and write, and although I am wildly interested in what he is telling me, I'm sure, it is making my head spin so I need to wrap this up before he thinks of something else to add, like how he glued some wood together. Oh, wait, already talked about that. Well, you get my drift...

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