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Jan. 24th, 2014 11:58 pm
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I finally got out of the house! We went to have Chinese for dinner and then we walked next door to the Family Dollar. We each had two bucks to pick out an activity for Family Fun Night (Fridays evenings) but we all bought something for a dollar.

It was a fun little game. Usually we watch a movie but we are low on movies at the moment. We came home and set the crystals up and colored for a while before sticking the kidlet in bed. It was one of those evenings that are 100% unspecial but somehow pull together. We were all engaged and interacting with each other and stuff. We have had a very introverted sort of Snow Week. (We no longer speak of them as snow days.) All of us have been sort of... quietly doing our own stuff. I think that the weather has been sapping our energy even though we haven't had to go outside. Well, E and I haven't. M has had to go to work and he has complained bitterly every time the phone rang for another day off. :)

And.. I waited too late to post tonight and am getting sleepy. Best wrap it up.

p.s. My dear husband thinks he is hilarious. Earlier today, he suggested going to have Chinese tonight, which he was referring to as "ni hao", which is naturally the only takeaway from the Kai Lan phase. Then we discussed the reasons it wasn't a great idea for today and so he summed it all up by saying, by text message: So no ni hao no how. hehe. :)
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