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I went in yesterday for a haircut and showed them a picture of me after my last haircut. The girl was very enthusiastic. Within three minutes of getting started, she cut her finger with her scissors and so left to get a band-aid. She returned for a few minutes and then ran off again because she had bled through the first band-aid. "I'm always cutting myself!' she says cheerfully. She returned with gloves because they were out of larger bandages. (FYI, it is really awkward when your hair stylist feels the need to assure you that she is free of infectious diseases.) She then spends a strangely long time giving me a haircut.

When she was finally done, I stood up and walked up front to pay, where my mom promptly intervened due to it being longer on one side than the other. As I started walking back to the station, people started peeling huge clumps of hair off of my back. Two other stylists jumped in with lint rollers and started rubbing them all over my clothes while the girl continued cutting my hair. I am standing in the middle of the salon with four people attending to my hair and clothes. People are staring. My mom kept pointing out yet more places with uneven hair (which I am grateful for). The girl kept cutting. I apologize, because I DON'T KNOW WHY and she says, "Oh, it's not a problem. I just got out of beauty school and I am always happy to learn more things." I am not shocked but I wish I had had this information before the cut began. I tipped her pretty well because I felt sorry for her, and spent the rest of the day itching and trying to get the hair out of my clothes--I don't know how she managed to get that much hair in my clothes since I was wearing a cape. Strangest haircut ever.

I started writing that for Facebook but it got too long and people hate posts that are too long on Facebook. It will be short for here! For me, anyway. It ended up about one very crucial inch shorter than I requested, minus the long layers that made the last one cute. It isn't horrible, I guess, but it isn't what I wanted, and one large chunk doesn't reach back into a ponytail, which was a requirement. It's a fairly classic bob, but my hair is so thick that I am rather sure that it's going to tend towards triangular without the long layers that I had asked for. I don't know, I feel like a little kid dressing up like an adult or something. But M likes it! And I don't have to look at it too much and my hair grows pretty fast. I just don't look like me. I am trying to decide whether to live with it, or go get someone else to fix it, or wait a while for it to grow out and then go get it done. It's short enough that I'm a little afraid to turn someone else loose with the scissors, plus I feel stupid about paying for two haircuts instead of one. I got it cut in my hometown and we won't be back there at a time the salon will be open for another month, so I can't go ask them to fix it. I had hopes that it'd look better today, and it does. It might grow on me. HAHA. Grow on me. Get it?

I know this post is worthless without pictures but I don't have a good picture of it and it's all rumpled now from being out all day. Mainly I just wanted to write about the weird haircut experience because I thought it was funny. :)
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Evelyn is at my parents house tonight. Since my in-laws are arriving on Wednesday, it completely messes up our normal visiting schedule. I was missing them, so we met them for dinner halfway between here and there (About 45 minutes for each of us.) My dad suggested that E bring her clothes if she wanted to come home with them, and of course she did. Staying with Granny and Grandpa is one of her favorite things. Anyway, as we got in the car to head home, we were talking about how it's not like it was, say three, four years ago. We'd get in the car and breathe a little sigh of freedom. Of course you love them dearly but a chance to pee alone for a day or two is pretty fabulous, you know. Now it was just sort of.. meh. Seven-year-old kids are not a lot of trouble and grief. I will hopefully be able to get a little more done while she's gone, though. I am so way behind on job stuff.

I am typing this while standing up. Yesterday, it hit me that I could move the printer on my desk to a little side table, and then stick my monitor and keyboard up there. I have an overturned plastic storage tub with a mousemat on top for the mouse. Unfortunately, my feet started off the standing desk experiment kind of hurting.. we've been busy with housework this weekend. It's actually a great height for it, even. I can't believe I never thought of doing this earlier.

We did have a little bit of excitement yesterday, when M went to open the windows to remove the outside panes and shattered one of the smaller inside panes in Evie's room. But, he went to Lowe's and bought glass and came home and replaced it, pronto. I think it may have been our fastest home repair ever. He also replaced brake parts on his car this weekend. I like being married to a handy person.

I am not sure I am going to be able to get over the weirdness of standing up. It has made me spend less time with my computer, though. I suspect that will be valuable on its own--I do tend to get sucked into reading stupid stuff that I don't even care about when I am just sitting at my desk. It is fairly easy to put it back, but I'm going to try to spend a majority of my time standing for a few days, at least. My tailbone is still sore.

I have started watching Orange is the New Black this weekend on Netflix and I am kind of fascinated by it. I have never had HBO or any of the other un-rated type of cable channel so I am totally not used to naked people walking around. Or people peeing on-screen. Or..other things. I have always been boring and law-abiding, so the idea of carrying drug money for my girlfriend just out of college and then going to prison for it ten years later is completely out of my realm of imagination. Am not very far into it yet but I like it so far.

I got dressed before we left for dinner and was feeling oddly constricted and uncomfortable. That is when I realized that I have not had on a bra since Monday. That is awesome.
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I haven't forgotten that I am supposed to post daily but it's hard for me to be interesting when my brain is dumb. I left work early yesterday because I had just had enough. I was only going in to work because my co-worker was out all week and there had been a LOT of stuff to do. Weirdly, she came back on Thursday and people stopped asking for a ton of stuff anyway, so I figured she'd do fine on her own. (She had kidney stone surgery on Monday.) Today has been my sickest day yet and also, now with pink eye! Fun times. I even took a very long nap this afternoon. I am hoping that today was the turn around point and I'll be feeling better tomorrow. I hope.

My hubby was sweet, though, because today was his flex day, and he got up early and got E ready for school entirely on his own so I didn't have to get up. I did wind up getting out of bed before they left so I could give her a hug, etc. (Also to see what was wrong with my eye. See above re: pink eye.) He also picked her up from school and brought me a milkshake from Steak and Shake. He did not, however, bake me a cake when I asked him to. He said he would be not today. HMPH. I didn't really want a cake but it's the principle of the thing.
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Morning. Cold. 1 degree. Flat tire. Late for school. Fourth flat tire this year. Sick.

Day. Still sick. Really busy being someone else at work due to them having surgery this week, kind of fun though. Went out for Mexican for lunch. Still Cold. But food was yummy. Instagrammed it.

Evening. Sick some more. M cooked burgers for dinner. Evie talked, and talked, and talked, and sang, and then got out of the shower still covered in shampoo. Silly kid.

Night.Sleepy. More with the sick.

Still. Could be worse.
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I do not care about the Grammys. *yawn*

It does seem that there may be school tomorrow. Lots melted today. It might snow a little overnight but I am still expecting there to be school. I can't say I'm looking forward to returning to work but I can't complain. Well, that's a lie. I CAN complain. I do it all the time!

One time, back in the dinosaur days of the internet, I had a free email account at a small free mail site (that is, not yahoo or anything, and it was way before gmail.) They made some changes to their site and I couldn't log in. I kept waiting for them to fix it but they never did so I finally sent a very polite email to them and explained the problem and that I didn't want to complain about a free service, but could they possibly fix XYZ-whatever was wrong.


Okay, I win. I searched Outlook and found the email. From 2002. I am sure that is soooooo useful for something. Anyway, the guy replied and said:

> hi kisha,
> yes, we will fix it. i will have tech fix and contact you directly.
> please dont be afraid to complain its unamerican not to. happy
> holidays.

Okay, atrocious grammar for customer support and all, but something about it stuck with me and I always think of that reply when I think about complaining. See, I am not afraid of complaining because it is un-American not to!

*whine* Another snow day, please!

ni hao

Jan. 24th, 2014 11:58 pm
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I finally got out of the house! We went to have Chinese for dinner and then we walked next door to the Family Dollar. We each had two bucks to pick out an activity for Family Fun Night (Fridays evenings) but we all bought something for a dollar.

It was a fun little game. Usually we watch a movie but we are low on movies at the moment. We came home and set the crystals up and colored for a while before sticking the kidlet in bed. It was one of those evenings that are 100% unspecial but somehow pull together. We were all engaged and interacting with each other and stuff. We have had a very introverted sort of Snow Week. (We no longer speak of them as snow days.) All of us have been sort of... quietly doing our own stuff. I think that the weather has been sapping our energy even though we haven't had to go outside. Well, E and I haven't. M has had to go to work and he has complained bitterly every time the phone rang for another day off. :)

And.. I waited too late to post tonight and am getting sleepy. Best wrap it up.

p.s. My dear husband thinks he is hilarious. Earlier today, he suggested going to have Chinese tonight, which he was referring to as "ni hao", which is naturally the only takeaway from the Kai Lan phase. Then we discussed the reasons it wasn't a great idea for today and so he summed it all up by saying, by text message: So no ni hao no how. hehe. :)
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I completely forgot that I didn't finish my story about The Sims yesterday. Evie came into the kitchen, looking very concerned. M and I were both sitting at the table, and she said, "My guy didn't turn white."

Knowing that she was talking about the male half of her Sims household, we still turned to her in confusion. "What do you mean?" we asked.

"My guy. They got married but he still didn't turn white."

"Well, was he white before?" I asked, stupidly.

"No! And they got married, and he still isn't white."

At this point, M and I are looking at each other with great trepidation. "Well, that's okay," I told her. "They don't both have to be white." I am surprised at this conversation because she has previously not paid the slightest bit of attention to skin color. In fact, if we ask her what a classmate looks like, she will describe them for several minutes before thinking to add that they have brown skin. "Did you think he would turn white because they got married?"

"YES! She is white, so he should be white too!"

Seriously. No clue that my child had such strong feelings about skin color?? A bit panicked now. We have failed as parents.

"Well, skin color doesn't matter..." I began, and she cut me off, giving me a disgusted look.

"NOT his skin color. His MOOD. When they got married, her mood turned white but his didn't! He should be white, too!"

Umm. Oh.

The mood meter. It's green when they're just an everyday level of happy, but it's white when they're super-fab happy. Her woman was super-duper happy when she got married but the man was really not that thrilled, apparently, because he didn't... turn... white.

She didn't say that she thought we were morons, but I think we're supposed to infer it from the eye rolling.
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And the weather watching begins anew. When the superintendent of schools called with her recorded message on Friday morning, she sounded...terse. We've had four snow days (maybe five?) so far, which is four (maybe five?) days more than she would prefer. It's a thankless job, to be sure. No matter what they do, someone is going to be unhappy and complain about it on the internets. I can only imagine how ticked off she's going to be if she has to call in the morning. Teehee! The joys of a parent are occasionally quite dumb, did you know that?

And there went the salt truck.

Since I had the day off, I made myself a big-time shopping list and went to Kroger and Joann's, where I spent a small fortune. I also realized that although I did save quite a bit of money doing my coupon magic* again, I... would have been better off paying full price and going to work. So that is kind of a downer. ;)

I made it back from shopping just in time to pick up E for dance class. The nice part about dance is that I have friends to chat with there. The bad part about dance is that I don't get home until 6:45 and that is pretty late to start on dinner. I made a pinterest recipe tonight, skillet lasagna. It was pretty good. M loved it. Evie didn't like it at all. I had mixed feelings, but that is largely because I don't prefer that strong sausage flavor. However, in addition the four-cheese ravioli, a pound of italian sausage and two kinds of cheese being kind of high on calories and fat, it also cost a million bucks to make it.

And speaking of a million bucks, I guess I lost my chance to cash in on some serious lottery winnings. I occasionally (rarely) buy all three of us an instant=win lottery ticket from a vending machine. I have been carrying around my extreme winnings for AGES and finally tried to stop and cash them in today, only to be told that the register said "No such game." when she tried to process it. Oh well. Procrastination doesn't always pay, I guess.

*Yeah. I don't do that much anymore. I miss it sometimes, like when I go out to my little storage room and THERE'S NO MORE BOY SHAMPOO, but I am also happy to have those ten or fifteen hours per week back and to not abuse my brain quite so much. Regardless of what that expletive-deleted show portrays, it is hard work to shop like that. Right now, most weeks, M even does the grocery shopping so my shopping time is drastically reduced.
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I completely lost my mind.

You know how there are projects that are well-planned, with clear-cut visions of the end goal? I am in the midst of a project that is nothing at all like that. On a whim Wednesday evening, I ripped the bedding off the queen-sized bed in the sunroom that serves as the room's... I don't know. Play area/lounging place. When we bought our new bed, we moved our old bed out there and I thought, hey, might as well make it useful. So I put a fitted sheet on it and threw some pink furry fabric that my mom gave me on top, like pink grass. Evie has a tent-like Pippi house thing that was in that room, so I tossed it up there and it's been her house on an island ever since. But, it looks.. well, like a bed with a tent on it. E has been going out there every day this week to curl up in this purple netting that I hung from a ceiling beam last weekend, so I thought maybe I could redirect the bed area to a nest instead of an island.

Really, I don't know where this whole idea came from. It just popped into my head and the next thing you know, I have everything off the bed and have located this Enormous pink and white striped fabric and started cutting on it and sewing things. I got this piece of fabric from a yard sale, I think, but it's insane. INSANE. I've never seen anything like it. It was at least six feet wide and maybe fifteen yards long. (You should have seen me trying to fold it.) It's a little sturdier than quilting cotton, but it's not as thick as most home decor fabric, I don't think. The pink stripes are really more mauve, which is a color I don't love, but I am all about using what I have, and this is something that I had no clue what I would ever use it for. It's a lot of pinning things willy nilly, sewing it together and then putting it back on perfectly and pinning another part. It will be a slipcover for the entire bed, which will cover the ugly of the whole area and yet not slide around, and yet, it is completely removable, which is important because we still want to use it as a bed upon rare occasion. I have two sides and two corners done, and it's looking rather great, if I do say so myself. But, E still refuses to let go of the broken Pippi house Of course.

You know what was nice? M woke me up at 5:00 this morning. Doesn't sound too lovely, but he wanted to tell me to turn off my alarm clock, due to it being a snow day. free day off@ Sleeping in! (nUntil eight. hardly counts.) After lunch, we all bundled up and went out to play in the snow. I almost never go out too so it was an unusual event. I even rode the boogie board down the hill in the backyard. Later, we played board games, and tonight we all watched Despicable Me 2. It's one of those days that doesn't happen very often. :) Very nice!


Jan. 13th, 2014 10:11 pm
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We had ballet tonight for the first time since well before Christmas. I can't say I missed going. It isn't too bad. Sometimes it's even fun, with the chatting in the waiting area. The part I dislike is the driving there and back in the dark. I am not a fan of the dark, especially when it rains like today.

I've got nothing. My brain is too tired to be witty. But I didn't miss today! That's something. I would totally have chalked this up to a journal entry that was not meant to be if not for my January goal. :)
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I missed a day. Darn it. I was just beyond exhausted last night, and I don't even know why. I slept late, and then we were home cleaning house and stuff, and my parents and aunt and uncle came for dinner, but it wasn't like I worked myself to death for that. I fell asleep at nine, and thus didn't get to post last night, breaking my longest journal-writing streak in years. Oh, well. My plan is to post (almost) every day in January. They say that it takes three weeks to form a habit. I am trying to reform a habit. Anyway, after going to bed at nine, I slept until after eight and got up when E did...and then fell asleep again. Then I went to wake M up so we could get ready for church, and made the tactical error of climbing back into bed. And that is why we did not make it to church. Zzzzzzz. I am afraid I am getting sick because that is just not normal. I have had a hard time staying awake all day, on top of it all.

Thanks for your input on Harry Potter. I felt sorry for her when Harry met Snape and kept going on about how he felt like Snape didn't like him and wondering WHY. Thinking that it would be years before she found out the real reason why Snape didn't like Harry, I was going to go ahead and tell her. I mean, she probably won't remember by the time she finds out the real way, so I didn't see a problem with doing it. (And I always thought it was kind of obvious, anyway.) M jumped in and totally stopped me from telling it. Hmph. Then again, I don't necessarily need to watch something unspoiled by knowing what happens. I have been known to jump to the end of the book to see what happens, or to read storyline spoilers of television shows I'm watching. (I did almost stop watching Downton Abbey when I did that, though. It killed a little joy, knowing who was going to meet a horrible fate.)

Ha! I finally remembered to search for and find a pair of earbuds for Miss E. They use them at school and she's been (*gag*) borrowing them from another kid. I'm not sure where hers went, but she told me a delightful story about this one kid in the class who recently grabbed another girl's earbuds and snipped the cord with his scissors. This is the boy who asked her repeatedly at the beginning of the year to be his girlfriend. She kept telling him no. Apparently she is a good judge of character.

Naturally, we are attempting to eat a little healthier this year. So, that is why I made a bacon and chicken cheddar beer soup tonight, with a loaf of homemade beer bread. Health food, right there. I don't generally love beer-based food, or, beer, at that, but it was a theme night, and that theme was that I do love my hubby, and he is quite fond of beer. Also, cheese, and bacon, and chicken. And bread. A lady at work brought in a loaf of beer bread for a potluck once and it was really good. She had used a mix, though, from the grocery, which doesn't appeal to me. If I'm going to bake bread, I am not going to pay five bucks for a mix first. Anyway, a little googling led me to this recipe, which actually turned out pretty well. Three cups of self-rising flour, two tablespoons of sugar and a bottle of beer. Mix. Bake. (375 for an hour.) I like things that are simple enough to remember without a recipe.

Last night when my family was down, I rolled out seven individual pizza doughs into rectangles on my baking sheets and laid out all the pizza toppings and had people fix their own pizzas. I think that went over pretty well, and it's the sort of thing that my family never does. Rolling out the dough for seven pizzas was time consuming but other than that, it wasn't too bad. Especially since I made M fry the bacon and sausage. M is a master of bacon, by the way. His bacon turns out perfectly crisp and delicious, and it even lays flat. My mom volunteered to cut my green pepper and I swear, I have never seen a more beautiful mound of tiny, uniformly chopped peppers. It took her 45 minutes but they sure were pretty. ;) We were teasing her about how long it was taking. She was just doing it because she didn't have anything else to do, i think. I made pizzas for M's parents last time and they went over really well, so I think I will add individual pizzas to the vacation meal schedule. Last night was a good trial run on that. I sent the leftovers home with each of them, in plastic baggies with their names on them, which they seemed happy enough about. Plus, I don't have a mountain of random pizza in the fridge.

Snow pants

Jan. 6th, 2014 11:48 pm
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Today was supposed to be back to work and school, but we had a light dusting of snow and subzero temperatures, so it was canceled. Tomorrow, too. I must admit that it's pretty nice to have extra time off at the end of a vacation, but I will be bummed at the loss of those random extra days off that our school district has every month. They start taking them away as soon as you miss one snow day, which I think is a bit harsh.

And now I have spent an unbelievable amount of time trying to get this picture to work, so I don't have much time left to write stuff. Here we go:

My snow pants! I used this tutorial from Sew Can Do, and I also made matching mittens, also from that site, to go with them. They're not pictured, as I just finished them tonight and they're not pretty enough to photograph anyway. I have not added suspenders. I'm going to try not to because they don't sound that cute to me. I might add supplemental elastic in the back if they really won't stay up. They did turn out too large in the waist--I was allowing for growth and wearing over jeans, but I got a little carried away.

(I also just cut her hair, but only in the back so you can't tell, plus it's still a little damp. It looks pretty good for a random whim though--it was getting a bit wild.)

I made both her and M a balaclava (you will have maybe have seen his on facebook today) for Christmas so she should be ready for playing in the snow if it ever gets around to snowing. It's -2 or something right now. It's supposed to be 55 on Friday. Weather is weird. She wants a "snow shirt" too, but you really have to draw the line somewhere, right? :)

Off to bed, before I turn into a pumpkin!

silly m

Jan. 4th, 2014 11:59 pm
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I went to meet my parents for lunch and shopping today, and as I was leaving, I told M that I was going to buy stuff, a lot of stuff. "I am going to party like it's 1999!" I told him, because I am a nutjob. He gave me the eyebrow look and said, "1999. So, when you were 20. You are going to buy two books made out of paper and maybe a Counting Crows CD. Alright, then."

I did not buy any of those things, but I did buy some clothes and Christmas cards, because hey, why not? I have only procrastinated my way past Christmas cards two years in a row. Next year for sure.
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Tonight, we came home from a full day (and evening last night) with my parents. It was well past Evie's bedtime, and the house was cold because we always turn it down when we're away overnight. I told her to get ready for bed and then I got a phone call, so I sat down at my desk and she came back when I was finished and climbed up into my lap. I finished my phone call while petting on her, rocking a little bit, taking her hair down, rubbing her back, etc. You know. Mom stuff. As I hung up the phone, I was thinking of what E said to my mom recently. She was riding in the car with them and the song, Children Go here I Send Thee came on, and E said, "This song makes me sad like I want to cry, because I remember my mommy used to sing that to me when I was a little. I wish that would happen again." Which, awwww! I don't sing at night anymore because she started preferring reading time. Anyway, I didn't want to just break into song randomly, because she is sensitive and probably wouldn't really have appreciated it since it would have been obvious that Granny had told me. So tonight, I sat here at my desk, rocking my baby girl and I sang that whole song, all the way up to the ten commandments, and she kept her face buried in my neck and her arms tight around my neck, and she relaxed completely and nearly fell asleep. When it was over, her daddy came and carried her off to bed, and I sat here and wondered... will that be the last time that she lets me do that?

I didn't even know that I missed it yet.
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I post all the time in my head. Then I look at the calendar and realize that posting on your head is not actually enough. I wish I had started nanoblmo. Is that what the bloggy one is called? Alas, I did not think of it in time and of course you can't start late with some completely arbitrary project like that, you know.

Sitting in my car in the pickup line, as always. I guess I am used to it now but I still don't love it. Evelyn's teacher says it's about child safety in the parking lot. I don't know. What I know is that it's so so much less efficient than last year's methods of walking inside to collect the kids the gym, but I guess if you have too much time in your day, it'd be great. At least it's not 95 degrees anymore.

So, general update. Nothing has changed, really. Evie has a lot fewer teeth. :) she is still doing violin and we are not arguing about it anymore. She's made a lot of progress lately, which is lovely. The thing I love is when she uses her violin skills to pick up M's mandolin and pick out very recognizable songs. She's a very musical kid. She did not get this from me. I am teaching her to sew, which is a lot of fun some days and then others, I tear out her hair in frustration. (Why tear out my own? That would hurt..) (Kidding!) She's just six. We are not getting too advanced, but it's something that we do together, which a big deal to her.

I am still working part time at M's job and he has been at mine for over four months now. He likes it. I am usually pretty happy at work, too. And when I am not... I can go home. Of course I don't get paid if I do that but you can't have everything. I occasionally work from home, too, which is nice.

Seven weeks ago, I woke up with a sore neck. Really super sore. It has lingered off and on since then, but was finally almost better when I woke up with it again today. It sounds a little crazy but I think it was caused by a virus of some kind. Several people have had similar symptoms. I convinced myself once that I had meningitis. I don't knew what it is but I wish it would finally go away. Yes, probably I should go to the doctor but... Meh.

It has taken multiple days to write this, and I am in the car again. The line is moving so I should post this and be done with it. How are you, internets?
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I don't want my kid to spout off with offensive language, but I also haven't been too vigilant about protecting her from ever hearing it. I kinda figure she's got to be a resident in the world the way it is, to some degree, and she needs to know that some words are not for children. How will she learn what those words are if she never heard them?

So, yeah. On the way to violin last night, we are listening to music and she says, "what does that mean? Four more years til my girl's all grown and the bitch gonna have to leave me alone"?

So, yes, that is how I ended up explaining bad words, where not to use them in particular (not that she can use them anywhere but especially not church and school, you know?) because they're not for kids. Then I had to explain what exactly a bitch is, and then where the word came from. Then I got back to the original question and realized... She doesn't know what divorce is. I made an executive decision not to go into the whole idea that they may not have been married at all. Then I had to explain how the children of divorced parents usually live most of the time with one parent or another and how they still need to discuss things and interact with the other parent since they still have a child together. And child support. And how when the child is an adult, he is hoping that he won't have to deal with her anymore.

That is... Kind of a big conversation for a six year old. Lol. Bless her lucky little heart, that she is as old as she is and not even aware of the possibility that parents can decide not to live together anymore.

In related news, the girl can read now so M and I were very excited to let her play The Sims (2) finally. She is loving it. Too bad we didn't remember that they want things in this game--things like having a baby. Adopting did not satisfy. To get pregnant, you have to get them relaxing in bed and then choose to try for baby. There's a cut scene and everything. Awkward. I sent her off to play her violin while I "tried to fix it" without telling her what I was doing. I think she missed most of it.

And now it's about time to leave for a library program. The child had not stopped talking in the hour she's been home from school so I'm not sure the library is really the BEST place for her today, but oh well.
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So I have joined the early 2000s and finally have a smart phone. That means that I am sitting outside of Evie's violin lesson and I am looking for an excuse to play with my phone. Umm.. I mean, I am excited about posting to my journal while I am away from home. Yeah. No, but seriously, I am kinda loving my new phone. It is a Samsung Galaxy S4 and it is my new Life Companion. (At least, that's what it calls itself....) M is a little jealous because he believes that he previously held that position.

Summer is flying by much as usual. Next week we are camping again, next weekend we have Swedes visiting and the Wednesday after that, Evie starts school. First grade! Pretty sure she was just born a few months ago. Or a lifetime ago, I can never decide. The school makes finding out who your teacher is this bigger super secret, for whatever reason, so we won't be even know who it will be until the Monday before it starts. I hate that. Not that it really matters anyway because I don't particularly know any of the 1st grade teachers. You know what else I really dislike? "Community supplies." Don't put your child's name on anything! Ugh. Way to steal all the joy of of school supply shopping. Really, I think that is just code for "buy the cheapest crap you can get by with cause your kid won't use it anyway". Our maybe that's just me. Maybe I should be more zen and consider it an investment in today's youth beyond my own front door. But... No. Fifty cent scissors it is. Her scissors from last year, after all, had her name on them. And also, why on earth does the teacher need 25 pairs of scissors per year in that case? Where do they go? Do they send a random pair home with each kid at the end of the year?

I hear them winding down the lesson so I probably shouldn't write much else since this is taking a while to type as it is. Everything is pretty good here. How are you?
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You guys, I have unearthed a piece of our internet history. I went looking for a specific post and found this: post about Facebook in November 2007. I wrote some funny things and then received funny replies from [ profile] carrieb and [ profile] lizardek and [ profile] reebert and [ profile] e11en and [ profile] ms_jacket and [ profile] ozswede and [ profile] ellyll and [ profile] geeklibrarian. We seem to feel a little differently, five years later.

I have had a long, long day. I went to the eye doctor, which is always just loads of fun. I took Evelyn to this doctor for her kindergarten exam and liked her, so I made an appointment. When I was looking up her phone number, I stumbled upon some reviews of her online and one of them said something along the lines that they felt like they were being examined by Alanis Morrissette and they actually still wasn't sure that it wasn't her. And, it's funny because... yeah. She really does look like Alanis. I had a hard time keeping a straight face when I looked at her, sometimes, because I kept thinking about that review. Anyway, she was nicer than Alanis probably would have been. I had been thinking that it was vaguely odd that it was a rainy miserable day both when I took Evelyn and when I took myself, and then I realized that rainy miserable days are the absolute best time to go for an eye exam because you don't have to worry about walking outside into bight sunlight with dilated eyes. Lemons, lemonade.

Internet ratings seem to suggest that Spy Kids 2 is comparable in enjoyment ratings as Spy Kids. This is a vicious lie. It is also six hours long, I am pretty sure. It also kept breaking up when trying to watch it via Netflix. It wasn't the most enthralling Family Movie Night that we've ever had. We do FMN every Friday night, on a fuzzy hot pink blanket on the living room floor, and we eat dinner while watching the movie. Almost every week, anyway... unless something special comes up. It's a good tradition. We like it. Running out of movies that we all can agree on, though. We started out eating finger foods for dinner. Cheese, crackers, grapes, ham, apples, strawberries, pepperoni, carrots/celery with ranch, wthaver I had in the fridge that week. I hit upon a peperjack cheese and cracker and fiery-spicy-death potato chip combo that I started focusing on, and M started wrapping things in tortillas, and that was the next stage of movie night dinner. I started making a Thing most weeks, just for fun. I made pizza muffin type things one week, and zucchini "tater tots" in the oven, and then I made mini-calzones. I got the idea online but I'm not sure where. You take Rhodes frozen rolls and defrost them and then roll each one out and fill with pizza stuff. In our case, shredded mozzarrella cheese, a tiny dollop of tomato sauce and three pepperoni. (We also did ham and swiss, once, which was also good.) They're really good. However, there's really good and then there is obsessive. My husband is completely obsessed witht hese mini-pizzas, as he calls them. It made me realize that I honestly don't remember the last time that he specifically requested that I cook something. These, he nags me every week about until I start defrostin. Remembe! Deforost the bread!It's strangely endearng. Such a smilye thing.

Apparently I am tired because I started falling asleeo there. Good night!


Nov. 7th, 2012 01:08 pm
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Oh, how glad I am that the election is over. Yesterday, I was daydreaming about leaving Facebook entirely because I was just so darned tired of everyone thinking that they have an opinion that needs shared. Not just political opinions! It's the constant onslaught of hearing from people in such different stages of life and situations and people I know from so many different places. Family and extended family (the ones that I really wouldn't even know but for Facebook) and high school acquaintances and LiveJournal friends (you guys are among my favorite FB friends!) and a few remaining folks from the diaper sewing forum I was involved with years ago and friends from the online game that I met M on and.. you know how it goes. Usually that's what I love about Facebook, but with the election, it just went nuts. Most of my better friends (like you guys) are also flaming liberals and/or women, which means that I wasn't even being hit with too much anti-Obama stuff. It was just the sheer VOLUME of reactions that made me want to just tune out completely. I'm hoping that they will settle down again now.

I think the weirdest thing about this year's election is that for the first time ever, I was afraid to even ask my husband about his voting experience. He pretty much hates both Romney and Obama equally, and he had a pretty good reason to not want Obama to win. I won't get into the whole thing, as it's his business and not mine and I'm afraid of saying too much. But, since I honestly understood where he was coming from, I didn't even want to ask. The thing about M and me is that we're hopelessly codependent so it just felt so weird to not bring that sort of thing up when we usually talk about everything. And furthermore... it completely didn't matter who either of us voted for anyway. Kentucky is as red as they come and thanks to the electoral college system, my presidential vote never actually counts for anything anyway. (I always go, though, because I do think it's so important and I want Evie to grow up seeing us vote every time. I'm just cynically aware that it's useless to vote for the minority party in a majority state.)

Evelyn missed two hours of school today because I let her sleep in. She was up at 4:30 crying with her ear. I am so sick of the ear thing. I mean, I am not sick of her complaining about her ear, because that would be very coldhearted of me! I am sick of it constantly coming back. Every time that she gets a cold or something, she will end up with an earache a week or two later. The first time she ever got an earache, I asked Google, who told me that modern wisdom is to not treat it with antibiotics because it's usually not bacterial anyway. When it continued to hurt her, I took her to the doctor and I asked him what I should do in the future, and he told me that there was no reason to make her suffer, so I should bring her in when she gets an earache. So that's what I've done. Two or three incidents ago, I took her in because she just hadn't been acting right, hadn't been hearing well, and couldn't shake her cold for six weeks. "It's just fluid! Have some allergy meds!" and then the next day, she screamed all night long, and the next day her ear drum burst. The last time it happened, when we took her into a walk-in clinic out of town after a screaming incident, they were all, "oh! just fluid in her ears! Have some allergy meds!" I took her and her now-leaking ear into her regular doctor when we came home and he gave me the fluid story again and then started in on the Google theory of ear infections--antibiotics not required. And I'm totally against overusing antibiotics but I am also totally against further ear drum bursting incidents because if it's never happened to your kid, it's... disgusting. I've been giving her allergy medication but I may have missed a day or two. I thought it was working this time but no such luck. Anyway, I gave her tylenol and a warm rice bag and laid down with her and she finally went back to sleep, so I let her sleep in. She got up at about nine feeling fine, so I got her ready and took her to school. Today is art and I knew she'd hate to miss it. Now that I've been lectured both to bring her in with earaches and to not bring her in, I don't even know what I'm supposed to do. Ellen? I'm inclined to not take her in this time unless it happens again because it was a relatively "easy" incident. She was crying but not screaming and isn't THAT just how you want to measure how your child is feeling? Ears suck.

But, you know what's adorable? I talked to her this morning and mentioned that I wished so much that I could have made her feel better. "But you did," she said. "Giving you medicine and the boo-boo bag?" I asked, "and snuggling with you?' And my sweet sweet child said, "Yes, but mostly it was being with you." Mommies have special magical healing powers, you know. :) A couple of years ago, she went through a pretty strong phase where she only wanted Daddy and she didn't like me much, which broke my heart, so I'm really happy that she's Mommy's girl again. She's still Daddy's girl, but we get different but equal treatment now.

I make homemade pizza fairly often but time before last, I made it and it was phenomenal. M and I both craved pizza for days after that, and so I made it again last night and it was again delicious. I used Great Value shredded mozzarella and that's the difference. It's what I used to buy but now I buy name brand/competitor cheese because it's cheaper. (Sales, coupons, price matching, whatever.) I'm not sure if it's the cheese itself or if it's the coarsely shreddedness, or if I'm using more than usual because it's not as finely shredded, but it is freaking delicious. My pizza recipe does not require rising time, but I've found that it's easier to roll out if I give it just a few minutes while I prep everything else. Yesterday I had to take E to violin at 5, so I mixed the dough before I left and it got a full hour and a half of rising time and it was so light and fluffy and bubbly golden brown delicious. So, the burning question is... is it okay to put pizza on the meal plan three times a week? ;)

No cute pictures of my kid trick-or-treating this year because she didn't go. I initially asked her if I could bribe her into not going by letting her pick out a toy at the store, but she wouldn't go for that. Then she said she would like to skip trick-or-treating and go to Steak & Shake instead. So...that's what we did. On Halloween itself, though, I asked her if she would like to go out and do some trick-or-treating even though we had made that deal and she said no. It was really cold and she's sensitive to temperature, plus I think she was creeped out by some of the scary aspects of Halloween. Oh, well. My mom (and some FB friends) were feeling sorry for poor miss underprivileged Evelyn, but truthfully, she really doesn't like trick-or-treating. She doesn't see the point, since we have candy at home, and she doesn't like talking to strangers, asking people for things, walking long distances between houses, scary decorations or being outside in the dark. I mean, seriously, this holiday is not fun for her. So, I didn't feel too bad about it, which is good because I was a bit ill that day myself and didn't feel like it much, anyway.

Anyway, I have a number of paperwork-type things to take care of before it's time to go back to school. I slept in a bit, too, and between that and getting Evie off to school later, this day has completely disappeared.
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"I am sick" posts are the second worst posts ever (the first being "Let me tell you about the dream I had last night...") so I have been trying to spare everyone from hearing it. Yes. That's why I haven't posted anything in a month. I am THAT generous, people. And now we are segueing neatly into the third worst posts, which are, "It's been so long since I last posted! Here are all my excuses...."

(But seriously, the sick has been obnoxious because it's lasted SO LONG, and keeps getting better and then getting worse and after the first few days, it's never been completely terrible, just annoying to have no energy, so I keep not going to the doctor because I'm never THAT sick. I thought I really was getting better this weekend because my cough is finally mostly gone. Now I am getting a cold, I think. I'm close to five weeks into this. Lots of fun, and what do you know, there we are back at the second worst kind of post. Moving right along.)

Last week was fall break, which was pretty fun. Evie went to my parents on Thursday and got to spend a few nights with them, the last of which we were there too. She used to get to spend the night with Granny and Grandpa relatively often, but school pretty much put an end to that, so I think they were all pretty ready for a little time together. We also spent a day shopping, and Evie had a "date" with her daddy one night, and there were two days of lazing around the house. I bought a bunch of pairs of free jeans at Meijer's with a fun little promotion they had running. I now have two partial Christmas gifts, two pairs of jeans in E's current size and next size, and one pair in the size after that. I love free, as you are perfectly well aware.

The PTA is begging for money so they've been doing lots of STUFF..last night was dinner at McDonald's (they got 25% of the profit) and it was a freaking madhouse with no tables available and people in line five deep at four or five registers plus the two drive-through lanes being full. I wasn't going to go, but Evelyn and I had such a fantastic afternoon and she asked about it without me mentioning it when we were on our way home from violin, so we stopped in but alas, won no door prizes. There's a fall festival on Friday (which they are soliciting donations for both a basket that will be auctioned off AND either cupcakes or cookies for the cakewalk) and of course, a fundraiser package came home yesterday. I am not totally opposed to fundraisers, except I dislike feeling like I need to buy things I don't want when others are selling. I had decided that I'd put up with enough of them from others that I would at least take them up to my grandfather's house one day and see if anyone was interested. Baby's first school fundraiser is the absolute dumbest fundraiser that I have ever seen. Seriously. SpiritCups. For only $15, you can get four ugly cheap plastic cups with your favorite sports team/military branch on them! Some or all of them have exclusive 3D animations! Graphics change when the cup moves! HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Seriously. $15 worth of plastic cups? Who is going to buy this? Who is the target audience? Preteen boys? Who don't have $15 or the desire to buy drinkware?

You all want one, don't you? If you can't resist, I guess I will take your money and order it for you, but I will ridicule you behind your back. Sorry. This reminds me so much of the time that I made fun, on LJ, of a certain style of purse that was really popular one fall.The phrase "diseased testicle" was used. The next day, [ profile] queen_b980 showed me her diseased testicle purse at work. You're all going to love the Spirit Cups, aren't you? It would be my luck.

I... am not sure that this subject warranted QUITE as much venom as it received.

I spent all day yesterday working on a pumpkin for Evelyn's school's pumpkin contest. The little kids were allowed to submit "family" pumpkins, and they're supposed to be about book characters. Evie is going to be Pippi for Halloween, so it was a natural choice. We ended up doing a pumpkin that turned out really well, if I do say so myself. M constructed the wooden parts and I did the detailed drawing and painting and hair, but Evelyn did her part in the pumpkin face and coloring in most of the clothes and other parts--I did the face and hair. Most of you have seen this on Facebook, but if you haven't:

(I made the FB album public but am linking from there, so I hope that it worked and the image shows up for you. If we're not Facebook friends and you want to be.. I am here: FB. All LJ friends welcome. :) )

I am so happy with how it turned out. And, to copy/paste part of what I wrote on Facebook about it today:

I'm so happy we followed through on this idea. The extra parental involvement could very well be a strike against her in the contest, but mostly, I just don't care. Evie was our creative supervisor and made several decisions about how she wanted it done, plus she did the pumpkin itself (minus the hair) and some of the painting and drawing on the girl--she's excellent at things like that when she chooses to be. I don't know how much of her involvement will be obvious, but that's okay. We know how much she helped, and I made sure she knew that chances of winning were slim (competing against four grades as she is) but the joy of the project was just that--the joy of putting something like this together. She was absolutely thrilled with all parts of it--from the creative aspect of doing something a little different than the other kids to the built-by-Daddy pedestal and the drawn-by-Mommy Pippi, but the best part was the hours we spent working together yesterday afternoon on it and the spontaneous kisses she kept giving me because she knew we had done far more than we had to on this.

And she thinks we're just fishin'.
That last part is a line from a country song that I heard for the first time last year in the middle of a sermon. (Youtube or lyrics if you're not familiar with it.) The pastor stopped what he was saying, picked up his guitar and sang the whole thing. He has given many sermons that we have greatly enjoyed but this one was my personal favorite. I condensed the point down into a couple of sentences but I think it lost the elegance of what he was saying so I'm erasing it. He is brilliant at tying things together. I'll just say that it means something to me, that song, beyond just the sheer truth to parents. The joy of life with kids is in the little moments with them, where you know that they are happy, and that they are likely to remember this moment *rightnow* forever.

Anyway. I have procrastinated on the two quilts that I wanted to make for my friend's babies, of course, and now the shower is next Saturday and I had pretty much nothing done. I spent the afternoon cutting fabric, and the first quilt is now fully laid out on my sunroom floor. The first of seven rows have been sewn. I chose the pattern based on my assumption that it would go together quickly, and so far so good. As long as I keep moving, I don't really see a problem finishing it. The second quilt, though...probably not going to happen, sadly. I did buy fabric for it. We'll see how it goes but most likely, it'll be just the one quilt, plus maybe a couple bibs that use fabric from the quilt. If only they didn't require quilting, these quilts, I'd be set. I mentioned the concept before. I ended up deciding to use the same pattern for both quilts but different color combinations. The one in progress is purple and orange/yellow (with white) and the other one was going to be pink and yellow/green (and white). I have a few minutes right now..maybe I'll head out and sew another row. Or maybe I'll have a snack. It occurs to me that I have not had dinner, although I did make M some pinteresty BLTs. (Cut bacon in half. Create a 3x3 woven grid of bacon on wire rack on a baking tray and bake. You get flat, perfectly even bacon squares. It was cool.)

Oh wait. I think maybe "what I had for dinner" might be somewhere on that list of "worst posts ever". Fourth? :) Better stop writing before I hit another snoozer topic.

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