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We made it back home at 6:30 this evening. We had such a good time and it was sad to say goodbye. I mean, there are only so many times you can meet up with people just like you, and get to play peek-a-boo with an extremely handsome and intelligent little boy all at the same time!

It was forcefully implied that pictures of this meeting should be provided. I hate posting pictures of myself, but I feel a little better now that [ profile] carrieb told me that I am much hotter in real life than in the pictures she has seen. Okay, what she actually said was something like "eh, I guess you're not as bad in real life as I thought you were!" but I heavily claim the right of artistic license. Also, Carrie, this sort of thing is pretty much what I meant by "I make shit up."

Carrie and Erik
This wins the prize for best photo of the weekend on our end. Aren't they cute? And look, Daddy dressed him! Notice anything.. shall we say.. unusual about his outfit? :)

Carrie, Mike, Erik and me.
This was taken while waiting for the ghost tour to begin. Had we been smart, we would have taken a slew of other pictures then, because we really neglected our cameras this weekend, and have almost no pictures to show for all the fun we had.

All of us.
There was a slightly better version of this picture but there were bunny ears involved, so I made an executive decision to go with this one instead. Fun times!
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