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M told me tonight that he had figured out my Christmas present finally, and when I asked if I would like it, he cheerfully said no, he didn't think so. He said that he had originally thought so, before the purchasing started, but since then, I had on three separate occasions, made derisive indirect comments about the item or items that the gift involved. He likened it to him purchasing Friends television season DVDs, had that been the gift (it's not) and not knowing that's what it was, I had casually mentioned that a) I don't enjoy television these days and b) Monica is really a bitch and I just cannot stand the sight of her and c) sitcoms are dead to me. I was trying desperately to think of some sort of comments that I had made about anything in the last few days that could potentially be related to a gift idea and couldn't think of a single thing.

And, for good reason, of course. He made the whole thing up. He is so silly.

E and I had a huge fight today, about (what else?) her need for a nap. She will be in my lap, signing "sleepy" furiously and repeatedly, eyes half-closed, and still she fights me. What the heck? I am perfectly aware that at a certain point, she will stop with the naps, but she is just really, really not ready. Most days she is still ready to nap in a relatively calm fashion, and when she doesn't nap at all for some reason, she is usually falling over by the end of the day from exhaustion. She is a happier baby when she takes a nap. I know that getting her to sleep is for her own good, but I feel like the worst mother in the world when she is crying and fighting and I am getting angry and frustrated too. I actually lost the battle today, but I think that she was not feeling very well... perhaps the beginnings of my cold. *sigh* We'll see.

Sunday, I was thinking about some old online friends that I don't really talk to (many of) anymore, and wondering about what they were all up to these days. Then... just the next day, out of the blue, one of them added me as a friend on Facebook. It was awesome, as far as timing goes. It is disturbing in a way, how people drift in and out and in of your life, isn't it? I think that's the appeal of Facebook--collecting them all (much like pogs or stamps or teapots or AK47s) in a set, so that you don't lose touch again... at least not superficially. I mean, there is some really quality interaction in throwing gumdrops or leprachauns at the girl who sat behind you in physics class sophomore year.... but I digress.
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