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Is it really necessary to run promos for the season finale of Jon & Kate Plus 8 during the season finale? Sixteen times? Also, goodness gracious with the blatant advertisement for Allstate. I watch re-runs sometimes but I don't usually follow it regularly when it comes on, but I wanted to know what the big drama was going to be so I turned it on. As expected, not what they lead you to believe.

I told Evelyn this morning that we were going to clean house today, and she spent the whole day walking around talking about "clean house". So cute. She did not, in fact, actually allow me to do a whole lot of cleaning, but I did do the dishes and fold most of a gigantic mountain of laundry, so I am considering it a good day anyway.

After dinner, we took her to the playground for the first time this year. She *LOVED* it. Guess what she loved the most? The slides? Oh no no. The gunga (swing)? A close second, but the best part was obviously the mulch. She kept picking it all up, turning it over in her hands, throwing it up the slide, showing it to us and chatting about the wood. All wood belongs to Daddy. It's a valid assumption, really, since we've been working outside with the sticks and the burning and the trees PLUS he has heaps of lumber and mandolins in progress laying around in the basement and garage. For his part, he was probably just relieved that she wasn't calling them sticks, which is what she is usually saying about either wood or sticks. She has a bit of a problem saying stick, and it comes out as "dick". Sooo... she spends a lot of time when we're outside talking about "Daddy dick! Daddy dick!" It's really funny. It was even funnier when she saw him carrying a really big stick the other day and narrated that at the top of her lungs. It's a good thing our neighbors don't live close enough to have heard that little gem.

I am not a big comic person but I now have two that I read. I pester M with the very best of XKCD. (Order of the Stick being the other one that I read, at M's original urging.) Anyway, some of the XKCD comics are really brilliant. This one made M laugh tonight. I expect to see it in my near future in one of our conversations. Some of you are also wordy nerds so I thought you might enjoy it too. Also, I am out of things to say again so I might as well close this with a laugh.

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