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Nov. 7th, 2012 01:08 pm
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Oh, how glad I am that the election is over. Yesterday, I was daydreaming about leaving Facebook entirely because I was just so darned tired of everyone thinking that they have an opinion that needs shared. Not just political opinions! It's the constant onslaught of hearing from people in such different stages of life and situations and people I know from so many different places. Family and extended family (the ones that I really wouldn't even know but for Facebook) and high school acquaintances and LiveJournal friends (you guys are among my favorite FB friends!) and a few remaining folks from the diaper sewing forum I was involved with years ago and friends from the online game that I met M on and.. you know how it goes. Usually that's what I love about Facebook, but with the election, it just went nuts. Most of my better friends (like you guys) are also flaming liberals and/or women, which means that I wasn't even being hit with too much anti-Obama stuff. It was just the sheer VOLUME of reactions that made me want to just tune out completely. I'm hoping that they will settle down again now.

I think the weirdest thing about this year's election is that for the first time ever, I was afraid to even ask my husband about his voting experience. He pretty much hates both Romney and Obama equally, and he had a pretty good reason to not want Obama to win. I won't get into the whole thing, as it's his business and not mine and I'm afraid of saying too much. But, since I honestly understood where he was coming from, I didn't even want to ask. The thing about M and me is that we're hopelessly codependent so it just felt so weird to not bring that sort of thing up when we usually talk about everything. And furthermore... it completely didn't matter who either of us voted for anyway. Kentucky is as red as they come and thanks to the electoral college system, my presidential vote never actually counts for anything anyway. (I always go, though, because I do think it's so important and I want Evie to grow up seeing us vote every time. I'm just cynically aware that it's useless to vote for the minority party in a majority state.)

Evelyn missed two hours of school today because I let her sleep in. She was up at 4:30 crying with her ear. I am so sick of the ear thing. I mean, I am not sick of her complaining about her ear, because that would be very coldhearted of me! I am sick of it constantly coming back. Every time that she gets a cold or something, she will end up with an earache a week or two later. The first time she ever got an earache, I asked Google, who told me that modern wisdom is to not treat it with antibiotics because it's usually not bacterial anyway. When it continued to hurt her, I took her to the doctor and I asked him what I should do in the future, and he told me that there was no reason to make her suffer, so I should bring her in when she gets an earache. So that's what I've done. Two or three incidents ago, I took her in because she just hadn't been acting right, hadn't been hearing well, and couldn't shake her cold for six weeks. "It's just fluid! Have some allergy meds!" and then the next day, she screamed all night long, and the next day her ear drum burst. The last time it happened, when we took her into a walk-in clinic out of town after a screaming incident, they were all, "oh! just fluid in her ears! Have some allergy meds!" I took her and her now-leaking ear into her regular doctor when we came home and he gave me the fluid story again and then started in on the Google theory of ear infections--antibiotics not required. And I'm totally against overusing antibiotics but I am also totally against further ear drum bursting incidents because if it's never happened to your kid, it's... disgusting. I've been giving her allergy medication but I may have missed a day or two. I thought it was working this time but no such luck. Anyway, I gave her tylenol and a warm rice bag and laid down with her and she finally went back to sleep, so I let her sleep in. She got up at about nine feeling fine, so I got her ready and took her to school. Today is art and I knew she'd hate to miss it. Now that I've been lectured both to bring her in with earaches and to not bring her in, I don't even know what I'm supposed to do. Ellen? I'm inclined to not take her in this time unless it happens again because it was a relatively "easy" incident. She was crying but not screaming and isn't THAT just how you want to measure how your child is feeling? Ears suck.

But, you know what's adorable? I talked to her this morning and mentioned that I wished so much that I could have made her feel better. "But you did," she said. "Giving you medicine and the boo-boo bag?" I asked, "and snuggling with you?' And my sweet sweet child said, "Yes, but mostly it was being with you." Mommies have special magical healing powers, you know. :) A couple of years ago, she went through a pretty strong phase where she only wanted Daddy and she didn't like me much, which broke my heart, so I'm really happy that she's Mommy's girl again. She's still Daddy's girl, but we get different but equal treatment now.

I make homemade pizza fairly often but time before last, I made it and it was phenomenal. M and I both craved pizza for days after that, and so I made it again last night and it was again delicious. I used Great Value shredded mozzarella and that's the difference. It's what I used to buy but now I buy name brand/competitor cheese because it's cheaper. (Sales, coupons, price matching, whatever.) I'm not sure if it's the cheese itself or if it's the coarsely shreddedness, or if I'm using more than usual because it's not as finely shredded, but it is freaking delicious. My pizza recipe does not require rising time, but I've found that it's easier to roll out if I give it just a few minutes while I prep everything else. Yesterday I had to take E to violin at 5, so I mixed the dough before I left and it got a full hour and a half of rising time and it was so light and fluffy and bubbly golden brown delicious. So, the burning question is... is it okay to put pizza on the meal plan three times a week? ;)

No cute pictures of my kid trick-or-treating this year because she didn't go. I initially asked her if I could bribe her into not going by letting her pick out a toy at the store, but she wouldn't go for that. Then she said she would like to skip trick-or-treating and go to Steak & Shake instead. So...that's what we did. On Halloween itself, though, I asked her if she would like to go out and do some trick-or-treating even though we had made that deal and she said no. It was really cold and she's sensitive to temperature, plus I think she was creeped out by some of the scary aspects of Halloween. Oh, well. My mom (and some FB friends) were feeling sorry for poor miss underprivileged Evelyn, but truthfully, she really doesn't like trick-or-treating. She doesn't see the point, since we have candy at home, and she doesn't like talking to strangers, asking people for things, walking long distances between houses, scary decorations or being outside in the dark. I mean, seriously, this holiday is not fun for her. So, I didn't feel too bad about it, which is good because I was a bit ill that day myself and didn't feel like it much, anyway.

Anyway, I have a number of paperwork-type things to take care of before it's time to go back to school. I slept in a bit, too, and between that and getting Evie off to school later, this day has completely disappeared.


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