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This week's big news is...

I bought a Wii!

The Wii is having a little scarcity crisis this holiday season (again) and so M and I were prepared to wait for it. You can actually buy them now online, but you have to pay $100+ more than retail, and I do not pay more than retail. I just can't, not when the alternative is that two grown-ups have to wait until after Christmas to buy an overpriced gaming console that they don't really need. We have resisted all the gaming consoles because we don't really have that much spare time... especially M, and he's the one who would most enjoy having it. The Wii just looked like so much fun, plus it has all those family-bonding qualities, and the fitness aspect of not sitting on one's ass to play it, and besides that, Evelyn can play it when she gets bigger.

So anyway, I asked Google how to buy a Wii, and finally ended up at I signed up for them to send me an email and a SMS when someone got some in stock. I didn't want to do the SMS thing at first because each message costs a dime and what if they kept spamming me with messages? Then I decided that in the context of buying something for $250, $0.10 is a ridiculous thing to worry about. ;) Anyway, two days later, I received a text message and quickly turned to the laptop located conveniently beside me on the couch and bought the thing--at Amazon, no less! With free shipping! It was THE AWESOME! I was so excited that I can not even begin to describe it. It was much more than the Wii, but the thrill of the hunt! I successfully stalked the big cool "no one has this in stock, get here when we open every day in case we get a shipment" toy of the season! And I didn't pay more than retail price! And by golly, I couldn't share it with anyone because M was at work and I can't call him at work except in an emergency and no one else would care. I would have posted about it then but I had a REALLY UNHAPPY baby at the moment because I was in the process of trying to force her to take a nap and then I temporarily abandoned the nap project in order to do my online shopping. Mother of the year, too! I mean, she didn't want to nap but she didn't want ME to not want her to nap... I guess. Babies are dopey.

Anyway, we're a little excited about it.

Yesterday, my parents, Evelyn and I descended upon the Christmas shopping with a vengeance. Or, at least, that was the plan. As it turned out, we bought almost nothing all day long, although we tried hard. I bought one(!) present, though admittedly it was the hardest one I had on my list. Technically, I bought three, but one was a shirt for Evelyn, which doesn't really count--I'm only wrapping it up because it's Christmas--and the other is a robe for my mom that she picked out and she really wants me to sell it to my cousin, who drew her name and can't figure out what to get her. That's actually okay with me I ended up buying her something else later (online), and if my cousin doesn't want to buy it from me, that's okay too because my mom's birthday is the first week of January, so extra Christmas presents for her are never bad. I had been waiting for yesterday's shopping trip before I had finished up with the online stuff, and so last night and this morning, I have really put my credit card through its paces. In two or three hours of sitting on my ass, I have finished up most of the people on my list. Why didn't I just do that to begin with? Who knows! I usually try to do my shopping online and I usually fail, because I like to look at things first. It's so hard to tell if something will look like you spent more than five bucks on it.

On the bright side, we ate really well--twice--and I finally got a haircut. I am not super thrilled with it but it's okay. It's lighter and it dried much faster this morning--as always, it looked better yesterday when she first cut it, so maybe it'll get better. And the mail next week will be super fun!

Date: 2007-12-13 03:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yay for you!! Nice work!

I think you guys will really like the Wii -- I'm amazed by how much use it gets it our house -- daily, if you can believe it -- even after more than a year. Games and gaming stuff aren't my thing, but everyone else in the house loves it.

Date: 2007-12-14 01:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yay for the Wii! I know you'll love it -- playing doubles-tennis is my favorite. We also have a few arcade-like games (like the riding cows one, lol!) that I like though I suck at ;-)

Peter is currently obsessed OBSESSED I SAY with Big Brain Academy which is a sit on the couch game but pretty good nonetheless :-)

Unfortunately, the the Wii is also having a negative impact on my TV watching! ;-)

Have fun and keep me posted on the games you get!

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